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Monday, 18 June


MACKAY Mackay supreme court list "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

MACKAY June 18, 2018 at 04:00AM ,

Mackay supreme court list

June 18, 2018 at 04:00AM ,

S. Street Address: If you are due to appear in the Mackay Magistrates Court please District or Supreme Court depending Court is located at 12

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

MACKAY Mackay magistrate court "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

MACKAY June 18, 2018 at 02:48PM ,

Mackay magistrate court

June 18, 2018 at 02:48PM ,

Browse the latest articles, photo galleries and videos relating to mackay magistrates court. Community Service Officer, Brand Ambassador, Convenor

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user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


John Pilger: The Persecution of Julian Assange Must End + Transcript "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Dandelion Salad with John Pilger WSWS on Jun 18, 2018 Hundreds of people participated in Sundays demonstration in Sydney Town Hall Square to demand Julian Assanges safe return to Australia. The rally, organized by the Socialist Equality Party, featured speeches from SEP Australia national secretary James Cogan and independent journalist and filmmaker John Pilger. Vision []


Chinas Pacific Islands Push Has the U.S. Worried "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

In the gritty, steamy streets of Papua New Guineas capital Port Moresby, signs of Chinas push into the Pacific island nation are inescapable.

A Chinese worker stencils a logo for China Railway Group outside the new national courthouse its building; China Harbor Engineering Group laborers tar roads under the searing midday sun.

Little by little they are taking slices of our businesses, said Martyn Namorong, who campaigns to protect local jobs and communities as China ramps up infrastructure spending in the resource-rich nation, often bringing its own workforce. My people feel we cant compete.

The nation of 8 million people is the latest frontier in Beijings bid for global influence thats included building artificial reefs in the South China Sea, a military base in Africa and an ambitious trade-and-infrastructure plan spanning three continents.

Advertisement for China Construction Bank outside the airport in Port Moresby.
Photographer: Jason Scott/Bloomberg

Chinas thrust into the Pacific islands region, a collection of more than a dozen tiny nations including Fiji, Niue and Timor Leste scattered across thousands of miles of ocean, has the U.S. and its close ally Australia worried. The region played a key role in World War II and remains strategically important as Western powers seek to maintain open sea lines and stability. For Beijing, it offers raw materials, from gas to timber, and a clutch of countries who could voice support for its territorial claims.

Weve seen a huge surge in Chinas state-directed economic investment and mobilization of an enormous amount of capital in the Pacific which clearly has a strategic intent, said Eric B. Brown, a senior fellow in Asian affairs at Washington-based think tank the Hudson Institute. The sovereignty of these nations could be compromised by these p...


OUR ABC: Will voters be foolish enough to believe Turnbull Government protestations of innocence? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Liberal Party of Australia Federal Councilcomprises 14 delegates from each State and the ACT - the State / Territory President, the State / Territory Parliamentary Leader, the President of the Young Liberal Movement, the President / Chairman of the Womens Council and 10 other delegates.

More than 100 Liberal Party MPs, senators and party members were in Sydney on 16 June 2018 for the partys 60th annual federal council which is expected to be the last one before the next federal election.

Here are some of the smiling faces at the event readers might recognise.

Twitter: A bevy of Liberal ministers: Sen. Mitch Fifield, Sen. Mathias Cormann, Julie...


Worshipping Trump has a scary parallel "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

United States of America, May 2018

Deutsches Reich, also known as the Third Reich, circa 1933-1945

'Dedicated:  in unutterable thanks to the blessed parents the mother who gave birth to "Our Furhrer"' - Text of a handmade Mother's Day card sent to Adolf Hitler [Daily Beast, 12 April 2015]



Draft Community Strategic Plan a vision for the future THE Local Government Act 1993 Sections 402 and 405 provide that a council must complete a [more]

The post HUNTERS HILL HAPPENINGS with Mayor MARK BENNETT appeared first on The Weekly Times.


Con Open Academy Winter Courses In July "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Renata Arrivolo is the new tutor for the Music Foundations classes at Open Academy including Music Fundamentals, Ear Training and Sight Reading classes. We asked her a few questions about her own musical journey and her classes.

How did you first encounter music and piano? What were the steps that drew you into the world of music?

I first learnt piano at the age of seven.  My grandfather who was a professional classical clarinettist. I have fond memories of playing duets with him on bass clarinet and me on piano.  Later I was drawn to jazz as a teenager listening to a collection of Big Band recordings that I had borrowed from a neighbour, that featured Glenn Miller Artie Shaw and benny Goodman. The Open Academy got me started and I did a number of courses over the years such as Ear training and Sight Singing and Jazz Improvisation, which gradually led to the full-time course at the Conservatorium. I completed a degree in Jazz piano performance at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in 2013, and things have really taken off from there.

Youre primarily a Jazz pianist. People often think of Jazz as improvised and not a theory based discipline. How has music theory aided your improvisation and music making?

Jazz actually has quite a lot of theory behind it. Yes, jazz has an aural tradition but to be a competent jazz musician you have to understand music theory. Such as intervals, scales and chords and then be able to read music and improvise. All these things give a jazz musician a palette of colours to work with so that they can compose and improvise which is really composition in real time. You have to understand rhythm and how to play with feel and variation. Any music be it Jazz or any other popular music is very limited without theory. It opens up a world of possibilities you may not have known existed and explains what the great musicians have done in the past

What is the point of ear training and sight reading to an instrumentalist, I mean you dont have to sing to play piano right?

Well maybe not necessarily at the same time.  What singing does though is make the music internalised.  We develop the inner ear or what you hear in your head. This is a great tool as it becomes part of you and you can reproduce it and then transfer it back to your instrument.   It also gives you the ability to look at a piece of music and hear what it sounds like in your head without having to play a note. This is an excellent tool to learn pieces quicker and for memorisation. For jazz musicians and composers being able to sing what you play is almost always more musical and comes directly from you rather than just executing intellectual concepts or physical habit. Eventually the theory and ear training all come together alon...


Gang Show "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Come and support local and state wide youth members from the Victorian Scouts and Guides who have been rehearsing since February for this original family fun theatre production  

Tickets start at $23.00
Head to for all your booking details

Opens this Friday 22nd June til Saturday 30th June 2018

Venue: Besen Centre Burwood   
Address: 87/89 Station St, Burwood VIC 3125


Neighbourhood Houses "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Newlands & East Coburg
Neighbourhood Houses

Welcome to term 3! Wrap up and come on over for a cuppa and a chat about what we have on offer. Meet the neighbours and get involved in events, programs, parties, volunteering and sharing your ideas for your community.
Download our program brochure


Quick Glance

Community Lunch / Supper + Choir
East Coburg.

Something for Parents and Carers
Bring your children with you!
  • Parents Yoga (Newlands)
  • Women's Wellness Workshop (East Coburg)
  • Pare...


Movie Night "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Newlands Parents For Climate Action present a screening of Stop Adani: A Mighty Force  
at the Newlands Community House Saturday 7 July.

A family evening with food, drink, discussion, all-ages activities and fun for all!
4pm until 7.30pm  - Film begins at 4.45pm but dont miss the games and activities beforehand.

All welcome - The film is by gold coin donation but please bring some money for low priced food and drink.



Queens Cousin To Marry In First British Royal Same-Sex Wedding "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Its the royal wedding of the year. Its no longer about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who walked down the aisle on May 19 at Windsor Castle. Nor is it about the wedding of Celia McCorquodale, Harrys cousin and a niece of the late Princess Diana, who said I do to George Woodhouse at a ...

The post Queens Cousin To Marry In First British Royal Same-Sex Wedding appeared first on QNews Magazine.


Australia hit with extreme cold front as snow hits and people are warned of dangerous conditions "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

PLUMMETING temperatures have caused freezing conditions and snow across the country - and more severe weather is coming. A FREEZING cold snap has blanketed parts of the country in fluffy white snow. Australians have packed on the layers as icy chills continue to blow across southeast Australia thanks to the cold front that's been pushing through the Great Australian Bight since Wednesday. Severe weather warnings have been issued for parts of New South Wales today as strong gusty winds with cold temperatures and showers are forecast. The Bureau of Meteorology said a complex low over the Tasman Sea was directing a "vigorous westerly airstream" over NSW ahead of a south to south-westerly change which would move along the coast today. Damaging winds averaging 60 to 65km/h are predicted with peak gusts of more than 90km/h. A south to south-westerly wind change is forecast to move along the coast, reaching the Hunter coast by late morning. Showers may bring damaging wind gusts along the coastal fringe in areas including Gosford, Newcastle, Sydney and Wollongong.


Carpark with Trees "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

One more painting of the carpark next door, which I'm hoping to finish later as the trucks are parked in just the right spot today - someone over at FDC doing continuity... 


More paintings from the studio "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

 A few more mostly recent paintings from my collection

Jared Kushner

nOOOOOOO live at the Record Crate

Racy Chasy

Hairy selfie...


A new society shattering statistic "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

In 2004 I introduced a new statistic to the Australian policy debate:

In 1996/97, the top 25% of income earners paid 61% of total net tax; by 2000/01 they were paying 64% of it.

At the time this caused a huge kerfuffle. It just wasnt true, Davidson is making up statistics on the spot, the tax burden is proportional, etc. etc. etc.

Yesterday I did it again. Well to be fair, Chris Berg and I did it in our new book Against Public Broadcasting: Why and how we should privatise the ABC.  Yesterday the Outsiders on SkyNews tweeted a very specific claim we make in the book and in our The Spectator piece published last Thursday.

A 2013 survey revealed that ABC journalists are almost 5 times more likely to be Greens voters than the average voter and twice more likely to vote Greens than the average journalist.

Twitter has gone mad. Gone mad you say? Yes.  Its just not true, Davidson has made it up, why does my employer employ me, etc. etc. etc.

So here is the link to the peer reviewed research: Hanusch, F. 2013. Journalists in times of change: evidence from a new survey of Australias journalistic workforce. Australian Journalism Review, 35(1): 29 42.

Here is the plain language explanation of the peer reviewed research.

However, 41.2% of the 34 ABC journalists who declared a voting intention said they would vote for the Greens, followed by 32.4% for Labor and 14.7% for the Coalition.

In contrast, 46.5% of 86 News Limited journalists who answered this question said they would vote for Labor, 26.7% for the Coalition, and only 19.8% for the Greens. As well as The Australian, the News stable includes some of the countrys best-selling tabloids such as the Herald Sun, Daily Telegraph, Courier-Mail, Northern Territory News and the Adelaide Advertiser, and some suburban newspapers.

Among the 86 Fairfax Media journalists who responded, Labor was by far the most popular party at 54.7% support, followed by the Coalition and the Greens, both on 19.8%. The Fairfax journalists came from outlets including the Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Canberra Times, a range of regional and suburban news...


In Search of Space "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

In the introduction to In Search of Space, Journeys in Wild Places, Ross Brownscombe points out that nature writing which explores the poetry and magic of wild places has not developed into a strong tradition in Australia. Compared to North America and the UK this is certainly correct, and true writers in this genre are few and far between.

This book is a great addition to the library of nature writing that Australia has produced.

In the introduction to In Search of Space, Journeys in Wild Places, Ross Brownscombe points out that nature writing which explores the poetry and magic of wild places has not developed into a strong tradition in Australia. Compared to North America and the UK this is certainly correct, and true writers in this genre are few and far between. Some of the finest in the tradition here are probably authors of fiction rather than more conventional non-fiction nature writers, people like Richard Flannigan and Tim Winton, who develop landscape as characters in the way they develop the humans in their stories.

There are, of course, a growing number of authors from indigenous traditions who speak about and for Country. I love the quote from David Mowaljarlai, repeated by Tim Winton in Island Home, who sees the world as everything standing up alive. When Im high on a mountain looking out over country, my life force (Unggurr) flows out from inside my body and I fall open with happiness. Despite our shared love for land, their perspective is going to be different to an Anglo author. Whereas Country is peopled and storied for many Aboriginal and Islander people, us Australians of European linage often seek refuge in the blank space that wild spaces represent. We go into them to find adventure and challenge, solitude, recreation, perspective, spiritual guidance and, sometimes all these things. Our relationship is profoundly different because we must create something from what is essentially a blank canvas when it comes to culture. Trying to compare a book on nature writing by an Anglo man with an indigenous author in any meaningful way is beyond me in a short review so I wont try, beyond noting that all Australia is indigenous land, even those places that we have declared wild or wilderness, with the few exceptions of orphan country, land with no people left with connection to or responsibility for that place.



ALBUM REVIEW: Darren Watson  Too Many Millionaires "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Darren Watson is a stalwart of the New Zealand blues scene with a lineage in the bands Chicago Smoke Shop and Midge Marsden Band. Primarily hes cut his teeth as an electric guitarist and singer so this acoustic record is a departure from the template and as a result it feels like a special project.  Continue reading


Emerald Link film to be launched "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

East Gippsland is the only place on mainland Australia with continuous forests from the alps to the sea.

The vision to see the Emerald Link created seeks to protect this precious landscape and biodiversity and create a viable economic future based on nature tourism.

Last year, Goongerah Environment Centre (GECO) shot a stunning film about the proposal. Produced by award winning cinematographer David Franjic from Colour Chorus. The Emerald Link film captures the wild beauty of East Gippslands forests and the stories of the people who love it. It is being launched on July 7.

The Emerald Link will protect globally significant forests in the far east of Victoria.

The proposal will create a continuous network of protected areas from the Australian alps to the wild East Gippsland coast.

Were screening the film for the very first time on July 7 at Loop Bar at Meyers Place in Melbournes CBD.

RSVP to the offical launch of the film here 



Cape York possible coal seam gas field? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

by Gil Hanrahan

The State Government had secret plans to create a city of 60,000 people at Port Stewart, along the east coast of Cape York Peninsula, east of the township of Coen, according to a deep-state ALP source.

It also planned to mine much of Cape York, in deference to demands by the Greens and conservation bodies to nominate the Peninsula for World Heritage.

In 2003 the World Bank chartered a specially equipped aircraft from the US to survey a vast area north from Townsville to the Torres Strait for all valuable natural resources which included minerals and timber.

Subsequent research by former Senator Len Harris Mareeba office revealed the survey had calculated the value of Far North Queensland mineral reserves to be in the vicinity of half a trillion US dollars.

The worlds largest and purest resource of silica sand stretches 100 klm south from Shelburne Bay is worth an estimated $3 billion. Picture: Kerry Trapnell

Another plan according to Traditional Owners is to kick-start the National Party-era space station at former cattle properties Bromley and Shelburne Bay, on the east coast....


Activists hold jamboree to organise beyond coal and gas "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

GLW author Margaret Gleeson June 14, 2018

The burgeoning movements against coal and gas projects,
to defend the Great Barrier Reef and to conserve precious water resources
were boosted by the Beyond Coal and Gas Jamboree
held on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland over May 31 to June 3.

More than 350 activists from around Australia joined
international guests from the Pacific, the US and India
at the fourth Beyond Coal and Gas gathering.

Participants included Indigenous campaigners
against fracking in the Kimberley, Western Australia; the Northern Territory; and
against coal mining on traditional lands in the Galilee Basin, in Queensland.

All age groups were present but youth, particularly Indigenous people and women,
were well represented,

Indigenous campaigns

The opening session, Indigenous rising: protecting country and organising our people, heard how
Indigenous communities are heading up the fight to defend their lands from coal and coal seam gas mining.

Adrian Burragubba from the Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners Council (W&J) spoke
of their opposition since 2012 of the Adani Carmichael coal project in the Galilee Basin,
and the court challenges they have faced. The current challenge is
against Adanis bogus Indigenous Land Use Agreement.
The mine cannot go ahead until this issue is resolved.
If the Federal Court rules in Adanis favour, the W&J will call for a judicial review
and have pledged to take it all the way to the High Court.

Micklo Corpus a Traditional owner from Yaruru people in Broome, Western Australia,
has been campaigning since 2014 against gas company Buru Energy,
where many of the gas wells are located in wetlands.


UKE NIGHT Thu 28 June from 6:30pm FUN beginner Tunes "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

This month Miss Amber and Stukulele will presenting a UKE NIGHT for beginners.

All the songs will be easy play classics so if you havent been to UKE NIGHT because you didnt think you could keep up this night is for you.

Still only $12.50 per adult and $2.50 for kids under 16. Come and be a part of a friendly community of music lovers.

You are guaranteed to leave with a smile on your dial.

Songbooks available through

The post UKE NIGHT Thu 28 June from 6:30pm FUN beginner Tunes appeared first on Byron Bay Blog.


MACKAY Messy break-up: Man stalked ex-girlfriend with GPS tracker "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

MACKAY June 18, 2018 at 05:30AM ,

Messy break-up: Man stalked ex-girlfriend with GPS tracker

June 18, 2018 at 05:30AM ,

The 33-year-olds behaviour was blasted as disgraceful in every respect by Magistrate Mark Nolan in Mackay Magistrates Court on June 13.

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


First Transgender Youth-Specific Healthcare Guidelines Unveiled "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

By Carmen Pace, Ken Pang & Michelle Tollit Today the first guidelines specific to the health-care needs of transgender and gender diverse children and adolescents have been released in the Medical Journal of Australia. Gender identity is a persons innermost sense of who they are male, female, a blend of both or neither. Most ...

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Brekkie presentation (Brisbane) "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Ooh la la!

I'm presenting at a brekkie seminar on Thursday in Brisbane this week - come along!

I'll be discussing how the landscape has changed for mortgage lending in 2018 (and other exciting things like that!)

Details are here (or click the image below).

Includes a great breakfast and coffee at the truly outstanding Boucher restaurant in Graceville. 

Here's a photo from the last one we did.

See you down there!


Byron turns out in force to oppose mega suburb "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The crowd at Saturdays (June 16) rally against development at West Byron. Photo Jeff Dawson

Hans Lovejoy and staff reporters

With the Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPP) holding a public meeting over West Byron on Tuesday, June 18, an estimated of 800 to 1,000 locals rallied at Main Beach on Sunday before taking to the streets of the town to protest against the mega suburb proposal.

The crowd heard from deputy mayor Basil Cameron, NSW Greens MP Tamara Smith, NSW Labor candidate Asren Pugh, environmentalist Dailan Pugh, Cr Cate Coorey and was MCd by Mark Swivel.

Though there was no arrangement to do a street march, protestors had a great time heading from Apex Park down Jonson Street to the crossing near Railway Park, where they turned and headed back to Apex Park chanting West Byron No Way!

The police did not show until towards the end. Traffic was held up for around half an hour.

Continues below photo gallery


Aunty Dawn Honoured With Queens Ball Lifetime Achievement Award "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Aboriginal elder Aunty Dawn Daylight was among more than a dozen community champions to be honoured at the 57th annual Queens Ball Awards on Saturday night. The Queens Ball Awards, the longest-running LGBTIQ event in the world, recognises the outstanding achievements of individuals, organisations and groups within the local LGBTIQ community. At the ceremony at ...

The post Aunty Dawn Honoured With Queens Ball Lifetime Achievement Award appeared first on QNews Magazine.


Alpine Access Australia AST1 avalanche courses "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Alpine Access Australia is an accredited Avalanche Canada AST Provider. We run AST1 courses in NSW and Victoria. Avalanche Canada sets the global standard for providing avalanche awareness programs. Participants acquire new skills and knowledge to help them keep safe in the backcountry. Yes, avalanches do happen in Australia, and AST1 is also essential if you and your friends venture into the side or backcountry when skiing or snowboarding overseas.

Our Avalanche Canada Accredited Instructors are David Herring and Luka Szczepanik.

They are offering AST 1 courses this winter in the Snowy Mountains, Mt Hotham and Mt Stirling.

AST1 is a two day course 1 day in the classroom, and 1 day out in the backcountry.

What you will learn in an AST 1 course:

  • avalanche formation and release
  • identify avalanche terrain
  • the basics of trip planning
  • optimal use of tools and resources like the avalanche forecasts to mitigate your avalanche risk
  • use appropriate travel techniques in avalanche terrain
  • companion rescue using beacon, shovel, probe

We also incorporate into the field day of our course an emphasis on backcountry touring technique, safe touring in the Australian backcountry and touring etiquette.  The participants on our courses are always a diverse group with one main thing in common, a passion for the mountains and a desire to learn the skills and knowledge to be safe in the backcountry.  This makes for a fun, stimulating & challenging two days.

There are still spaces in the following courses:

Our AST1 courses in 2018 will be held on the following dates:

Jindabyne, NSW:

Sat-Sun 21-22 July

Sat-Sun 4-5 August COURSE FULL

Mon-Tue 13-14 August COURSE FULL

Sat-Sun 25-26 August

Wed-Thu 29-30 August

Sat-Sun 1-2 September

Sat-Sun 15-16 September COURSE FULL

Sat-Sun 22-23 September

Mt Hotham, VIC:

Sat-Sun 18-19 August COURSE FULL

Mon-Tue 20-21 August

Melbourne/Mt Buller or Mt Stirling, VIC

Theory day held in Melbourne, Backcountry day held at Mt Buller or Mt Stirling (venue tbc):

Sat-Sun 11-12 August COURSE FULL

Sat-Sun 8-9 September


The cost for the 2 day course is $300.



Nats MP defends holiday-letting rules "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

North-coast based Nationals MLC Ben Franklin.

While local Greens and ALP politicians have damned the state governments recent review of holiday letting, North Coast based Nationals MLC Ben Franklin has moved to defend it.

Greens Cr Michael Lyon led the charge in responding to the state governments response, saying, as anticipated, the State government has failed the community of Byron Shire, adding they had adopted a one-size fits all policy framework.

Asren Pugh, the Labor candidate for Ballina, echoed those sentiments, saying the new holiday letting laws dont go far enough to protect communities in tourist hotspots like Byron Bay.

But Mr Franklin, who is Parliamentary Secretary for Northern NSW, has welcomed the plan as a good first step in providing long-term certainty.

Currently this area is unregulated, so the governments reforms are a very welcome first step in this process, Mr Franklin said.

Code of conduct

A new mandatory code of conduct will be implemented, which Mr Franklin said would address potential impacts like noise levels, disruptive guests and effects on shared neighbourhood amenities.

He also defended a new dispute resolution process, which would see Fair Trading given powers to police online platforms and letting agents.

Under the two strikes and youre out policy, hosts or guests who commit two serious breaches of the code within two years will be banned for five, and be listed on an exclusion register, Mr Franklin said.

These are the toughest laws in the country and will make sure local residents are protected while ensuring that hosts who do the right thing are not penalized, he said.

180-day limit

The new laws give regional councils to limit short-term holiday letting to a maximum of 180 days.

Mr Franklin described this as a welcome move, providing Councils with more control in determining what is appropriate for their communities.

Allowing councils to limit letting to 180 days shows that the Government understands that a one size fits all approach is not appropriate as every Local Government area faces...


Brunswick Heads fire destroys campsite, bushland "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Locals with green branches attempted to put out a fire in Brunswick Heads bushland ahead of the arrival of NSW Fire & Rescue on Saturday
(June 16). Photo Sophia Marles

A quick response from some locals and NSW Fire & Rescue ensured that an escaped campfire blaze in Brunswick Heads on Saturday evening was quickly put out.

An Echo drudge reported seeing the fire take hold in bush along the Brunswick River, behind Torakina Park.

It looked to be a well established camp, she said, adding there were lots of plastic fumes.

Some quick-thinking locals contained fire with sand and quashed flames with branches of green leaves until the Fire Brigade arrived, she said.

According to NSW Fire & Rescue, two crews were on the scene at South Beach Park by around 5.15pm on Saturday evening.

Camping equipment and were bush alight, the spokesperson said.

Crews attended and extinguished the fire within an hour of arriving, he added.

Police were on the scene but there were no reports of injuries or an ambulance being required.


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First Same-Sex Marriage A Huge Event On Tiny Island Of Alderney "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

After 15 years together, Allen Jones and Dits Preece were married at their home in Platte Saline on the tiny island of Alderney on Saturday. It is the first same-sex wedding on the isle after Channel Island voted to legalise marriage equality in October last year, with that decision becoming law last week. Allen and ...

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Urban Warriors Shelley Gorman & Kylie Jackes on Crossing the Line, Tuesday 19 June "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Shelley Gorman EastsideFM

Olympian Shelley Gorman in action on the basketball court.

Triple Olympian Shelley Gorman represented Australia at the Seoul, Atlanta and Sydney Olympic Games, winning a Silver medal in Sydney and a Bronze medal in Atlanta. Shelley was inducted into the Australian Basketball Hall of Fame in 2010.

Now a personal trainer, Shelley runs body transformation specialists Urban Warriors with Kylie Jackes, fellow personal trainer and fitness model. Kylie has placed in a number of competitions, including first place for Personal Trainer for Body Transformation in the INBA Lifestyle Classic in 2010.

Shelley and Kylie are passionate about nutrition, fitness and empowering people to live their best lives. They chat to GT about Shelleys Olympic basketball career, what life as a fitness model really looks like, and how everyone can transform their lifestyle.

Shelley Gorman Kylie Jackes EastsideFM

Kylie Jackes (L) and Shelley Gorman (R) on EastsideFM.


The post Urban Warriors Shelley Gorman & Kylie Jackes on Crossing the Line, Tuesday 19 June appeared first on 89.7 Eastside FM.


More possibilities "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A few more paintings to select from for the exhibition - there's still a few more to pull down from the wall and shoot, as well as drawings to have a look through


Jack and Georgina Metallurgy

Arches in Woolloomooloo - if I get the chance I might go and retouch this one


Gargoyle "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Christopher Pyne, manager of Government Business in the Reps.

Head still a bit too fat, might trim it a bit


Master of Government Gargoyles, Chris Pyne for anyone who's wondering. MC for the sewer tour of Povo electorates over on the political geometry blog


Transcript & Video: John Pilger in Sydney defends Assange exposes his persecutors "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Good thing we transcribed the speech, because it has been removed from youtube! See below for what was in it.
John Pilger reminds us of the 'journalists' who let down Julian Assange whilst profiting from the information he released. He reminds us how far down journalism has sunk. He uses the term 'Vichy-journalism' to good effect.

Transcript of John Pilger's magnificent speech on why Julian Assange is being persecuted, who is responsible, and the mass media role

[Headings have been inserted by editor.]

JOHN PILGER: Thank you for coming for Julian. And thank you to the SEP for organising this important rally. The persecution of Julian Assange must end. Or it will end in tragedy
The Australian government of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull have a historic opportunity to decide which it will be. They can remain silent, for which history will be unforgiving. Or they can act in the interests of justice and humanity and bring this remarkable Australian citizen home. Julian does not seek special treatment. The Australian Government has clear diplomatic and moral obligations to protect its citizens abroad from gross injustice.In Julian's case, from a gross miscarriage of justice and the extreme danger that awaits him, should he walk out of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London unprotected.

We know from the Chelsea Manning case what you in can expect if a US extradition warrant is successful. The United Nations has called it torture.

I know Julian well. I regard him as a close friend, a person of extraordinary resilience and courage. I've watched the tsunami of lies and smear engulf him endlessly, predictably, perfidiously, and I know why they smear him.

Secret US Defense Department document lays out how to destroy Assange

In 2008 a plan to destroyed both WikiLeaks and Julian was laid out in a secret document dated 8th of March 2008. The authors were the cyber counterintelligence assessment branch of the US Defense Department. They described in detail how important it was to destroy - and I quote - "the feeling of trust that WikiLeaks that is WikiLeaks center-of-gravity." This would be achieved, they wrote, "with threats of exposure and criminal prosecution and an unrelenting assault on reputation."

The aim was to silence and criminalize WikiLeaks and its editor and publisher. It was as if they planned a war on a single human being and on the very principle of...


Shoes "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

That's where I'll leave this (tiny) painting - it will be appearing in my upcoming show at the Waysifde Chapel

A fridge and pile of boards appearing behind


A nice old pair of shoes that don't fit me. I left them out on a paint table in the studio in case anyone who visits wants them.  Now they have to stay put for a couple of days!

Johno by the Wayside.... I;ve got a show coming up at the Wayside Chapel in Kings Cross, for a few days opening on July 4. I'll work out the details over the next few days with Diane from the Wayside


Green Drinks in June "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Come and join us for Green Drinks in June! 


Cairns Green Drinks is an informal, monthly social event for people who care about conservation, sustainability and all things environment.

The aim of Cairns Green Drinks is to encourage networking, creativity and thought on environmental issues and projects. Green Drinks are agenda-free, non-politically aligned and everyone is welcome.

Nibbles provided. Drinks by donation.

Friday 29th June
5.30 pm 7.00 pm
At CAFNEC 27-29 Green Slopes St, North Cairns. 

We hope to see you there

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Is Catfishing Illegal? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Using the internet to meet new friends, set up potential dates, hook up sexual liaisons or seek out a life partner is a worldwide phenomenon. For the most part, users of online social platforms can rely on the profiles of others to get a rough idea of who they are and what they look like

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Whats On Splendour 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

At the very heart of Splendour lies the GLOBAL VILLAGE, an exotic oasis of hot chai, yoga flows, dance floor vibrations and wild workshops. Start your day in stillness with morning meditations, connect with the wisdom of our original custodians, get pampered by a massage therapist and top it off with a late-night jam session or a boogie in the silent disco.

Continue your sensory expedition to the TIPI FOREST! This iconic late-night institution will play host to some of the sweetest sonic selectors and best beat droppers to call Northern NSW home. As the sun sets and the bass begins to pump, acrobats and fire twirlers will come to life, back dropped by technicolour light scapes and transient art. Make friends and mingle in the tipis or meet kindred spirits on the dance floor as you groove out to the killer 2018 program.



Rob Katter Fears People Will Be Persecuted For Using Gendered Language "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Katters Australian Party leader Robbie Katter has called for legal protection for Queenslanders who refuse to use gender neutral language in workplaces and universities. Katter, who is the son of federal North Queensland MP Bob Katter, plans to introduce a He Said, She Said bill to change anti-discrimination law to ensure people are not subject ...

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Speeches at Free Julian Assange Rally - Sydney Town Hall - 17th June 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Unfortunately, these speeches seem to have been removed from you tube and facebook at some time between 10.36am and 6pm. We do not know why. See article above this one for the transcript of John Pilger's excellent speech.
RALLIES ON TUESDAY 19 JUNE IN AUSTRALIA: Melbourne - outside the British Consulate 12-2PM (British Consulate General Melbourne, 17th Floor, 90 Collins St Melbourne). Will be attended by Julian's father, John Shipton and another young member of Julian's family and Shirley Shackleton. Brisbane - Vigil 4-6PM at the Ann Street Shrine of Remembrance opposite Central Station; Perth - 12PM-2PM at Forrest Chase.

The Socialist Equity Party should be applauded for having organised and recorded the June 17th protest speeches. We should not however forget that Julian Assange's work goes wider than worker protest. It goes to preventing globalist media, corporations and governments from taking away our rights as citizens of nations. The issues go to the nation itself and to the need for solidarity and communication between citizens, always, plus the recognition that Julian is one of us. This cause should be embraced by other forces as well as the Socialist Equity Party. Anyone who supports free speech, human and civil rights, and opposes war, should attend these protests and get others to attend with leaflets, posts to social media, and calls to talk-back radio etc.


Tough New Laws Against Hate Speech "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

By Zeb Holmes and Ugur Nedim The NSW government is proposing to introduce new laws designed to crack down on hate speech and racial vilification that are intended to incite violence. Under the proposed new laws, those who incite or threaten violence against others on the grounds of race, religion, sexual orientation or HIV status

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MACKAY Cleaner grabbed meat cleaver against police "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

MACKAY June 18, 2018 at 06:50AM ,

Cleaner grabbed meat cleaver against police

June 18, 2018 at 06:50AM ,

In her latest court appearance, Bobongie pleaded guilty to 16 charges in Mackay Magistrates Court on Friday including common assault on January

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


Catholic Priests Refuse to Report Child Sexual Abuse "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

By Sonia Hickey and Ugur Nedim South Australian Catholic priests say they will defy a forthcoming state law which will require them to report information received during past or present confessions about child sex abuse. The South Australian Catholic Church has made it clear its members will be directed not adhere to the laws because

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Snowy Hydro seeks fast-tracked environmental approval for pilot works "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

We have previously reported that it appeared that Snowy Hydro 2 was seeking to avoid full scrutiny about the likely environmental impacts of the proposal to convert the Snowy Mountains Hydroelectric Scheme into a pumped hydro system.

While the concept itself is an excellent one in that it will provide a huge battery of hydro power for the eastern seaboard, it is essential the work be done in a way that minimises impacts on the environment of the Snowy Mountains. (Check here for a summary of possible impacts of the current proposal).

Recent news reports seem to confirm fears that Snowy Hydro is trying to cut corners on the approvals process in order to fast track the development.

Peter Hannam, writing in the Sydney Morning Herald reports:

Snowy Hydro, developer of the proposed multi-billion dollar pumped hydro scheme, has sought fast-tracked environmental approval for pilot works that would disturb 114 hectares of a national park and excavate about 750,000 cubic metres of rock.

The company, now fully owned by the Commonwealth, is seeking to avoid having exploratory works related to the so-called Snowy 2.0 project declared a controlled action by the federal environment department, according to its lodged claim. Controlled actions involve closer environmental scrutiny and could delay the venture.

Snowy wants to carve out 236 hectares of the Kosciuszko National Park 114 hectares of which it would disturb in order to drill to determine rock conditions for an underground power station. This stage could turn out to be one of, if not the most, challenging areas for the design of Snowy 2.0, the corporation said.

Paul Broad, Snowys chief executive, told Fairfax Media the proposed works had been designed in a way that avoids and minimises environmental impacts wherever possible.

The steps include choosing a road access route that avoided effects on identified threatened species, such as the smoky mouse. External experts believe the exploratory works avoid significant impacts to matters protected under the [Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation] Act, he said.



Lismore rate rise on the agenda "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

An extraordinary meeting of Lismore Council is being held on Tuesday June 19 and will look at approving a pegged rate rise that will take the Business Inner CBD rate up to $0.5.5040 cents in the dollar. 

This has drawn criticism from LJ Hooker agent Paul Deegan who was reported in the Northern Star saying that The reason the CBD in Lismore is being slowly strangled, is directly related to the impossible rate burden imposed by Lismore City Council.

Lismore Mayor responds

While recognising that rates in the Lismore CBD are too high Lismore Mayor Isaac Smith said that there are a lot of factors that are causing the traditional main streets to struggle across Australia.

We are only increasing with the rate peg, which I support, as our cost increases with inflation so we cant hold or reduce rates without cutting services.

Comparatively the business rate for the Byron Bay CBD is $0.4730 in the dollar however, Mayor Smith said that the rate in the dollar is not a good measure of actual cost as it is linked to property values. Lismore CBD land values have not increased in the past 20 years, so the rate in the dollar looks very expensive when compared to coastal rates which have shrunk with big rises in property values.

Total rates paid are a better measure and should be linked to services provided. We need to be clearer with our businesses about what they get for their money, said Mayor Smith.

I continue to advocate for more local government independence when it comes to rates and service delivery to our community. We need to empower councils to deliver more at the grassroots to counter the inefficient bureaucracy at the state government level in Australia.

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Photos from TPP protest June 15, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Over 120 people from 20 union, church, aid and environment organisations rallied outside the Sydney public hearing of the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties concerning the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP-11). Speakers focused on the impact the TPP-11 would have on workers, temporary migrant workers and women, the cost of medicines, and the extra rights it would give investing corporations to sue the Australian government. The JSCOT and a Senate Inquiry will report back to parliament in September on whether or not the parliament should vote in favour of the legislation to implement the TPP-11. The protest movement is urging MPs to vote against the implementing legislation. See photos here.


Guess Whose Mums Got A Whirlpool? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Promoted as getting your clothes whiter than white, the hit media campaign of the 70s (yes, thats the 1970ssome of us folk are that old!) by whitegoods manufacturer, Whirlpool, saw the catchphrase Guess whose mums got a Whirlpool? enter the Australian lexicon. With the essence of family, caring and responsibility at its heart, we could think of no more fitting name than Whirlpool for a whiter-than-white little lamb who tumbled into our world one recent evening. She was found only hours earlier by kind hearts, who quickly realised that had they not intervened, Whirlpool would have tumbled from this world. With two tiny teeth threatening to erupt from her baby gums, we could safely guess this hapless lamb was but two days young.


So fragile are such orphans that handling with care is a must. But such is the fabric of our kindness, which will ensure this now lucky lamb will have a laundry list of possibilities from which she can chooseher world will be one of her making, not ours. She will never be a product, a commodity or a meal, simply a little lamb whose very presence agitates for a kinder world for all.



News, fake news, rumour "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Heres a reminder: you have two days to give an opinion on the draft plan for indigenous co management of five parks in north central Victoria.

Weve noticed a bit of negativity in some web discussion groups about this proposal, based, as far as we can see, on misconceptions, or worse. In our opinion the draft proposal is a generous effort to be inclusive of all groups in the community. An example, from the document:

Prospecting continues to be welcome in many areas of the Parks. However careful examination of the registered Aboriginal Cultural Heritage sites identified four areas with a high density of sites where prospecting is currently allowed. In addition, three small fauna refuges that include significant cultural heritage, and where prospecting is currently allowed, were identified. It is proposed to restrict prospecting in these seven areas to protect the significant heritage values.

In other words, some tweaking has been done to arrangements for this activity. Unfortunately this has been interpreted by some as follows: Dja Dja Wurrung are taking over the management and banning various user groupsprospectors would be excluded from this land grab. [Quotes are from a Castlemaine website.]

Facts are still facts. Lets judge things on that basis, and not on prejudice and rumour.


Makeshift Eurydice memorial vandalised "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Firefighters clean graffiti painted at the memorial site of murdered Melbourne comedian Eurydice Dix-on at Princess Park in Melbourne, Monday, June 18, 2018. Photo AAP Image/Ellen Smith

MELBOURNE, AAP A makeshift memorial for murdered comedian Eurydice Dixon has been vandalised with offensive graffiti ahead of Mondays planned vigil.

Police say paint markings were found at the site of the memorial in Princes Park in Carlton during routine patrols about 3.50am on Monday.

A number of items were seized from the scene and the dog squad has been through the area, with the investigation ongoing.

Fire crews used high-pressure hoses to remove the offensive graffiti, painted next to the formal tributes in the park.

Vigil organiser, Megan Bridger-Darling was at a loss for words.

There is a level of anger in this city already. And for this to happen, on the day of her memorial, is absolutely galling, and insulting and deeply, deeply offensive, she told Nine Network.

Victorian senator Derryn Hinch said the vandalism was obscene on so many different levels.

Whoever did it, I hope they are found, identified, caught, charged and sent to jail. I really feel that, he told Seven Network.

Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young said whoever did it is an idiot.

So much so, they will be bragging to their mates about it. Only morons behave like this. Responsibility needs to be taken and needs to be called out, she told the Seven Network.

It comes as thousands of men and women are due to hold vigils across the country in tribute to Ms Dixon, five days after the 22-year-olds body was discovered on Princes Park soccer field at Carlton North, prompting an outpouring of grief and anger about violence against women.

We all should be able to walk home, whenever we want, wherever we want, and assume we will make it home safe, the organisers of Monday nights Reclaim Princes Park vigil posted on Facebook.

Our bodies are not there for taking. It is not up to us to keep ourselves safe when we know its up to men to choose not to inflict violence upon us.

Vigils are expected in Melbour...


Hopes dim for fisherman missing for five days "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Missing man Kenneth Parker. Photo NSW Police

Police divers will be called in today to help locate a man who went missing about 10km north of Minnie Waters on Wednesday (June 13).

Kenneth Parker, aged 72, was staying with a friend at a home on Jetty Road, Sandon Village.

He told his friend he was heading down to Sandon River to go fishing; however, his boat is still anchored at the jetty but his fishing rod is missing.

He was last seen about 1.30pm on Wednesday at Sandon Village.

Several days of searching by police and emergency services along the beach and National Park track and Westpac Rescue helicopter sweep of the Sandon Headland has failed to find Mr Parker.

The search has also involved SES, Surf Lifesaving NSW, Maritime Services as well as a Maritime drone.

Mr Parker is described as being of Caucasian appearance, about 150cm tall, of a heavy build and balding white hair and blue eyes.

Anyone who sees him or has information about his whereabouts is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or use the Crime Stoppers online reporting page:

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June 18 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

1808 - Alexander Wilson (alias Charles Boyle) was hanged at Sydney for burglary from the house of William Moad.

1808 - John MacNeal was hanged at Sydney for burglary and robbery upon his master, having stolen two half casks and two quarter casks of gunpowder from the house of Robert Campbell.

1808 - Mary Grady was hanged at Sydney for burglary from the house of Charles Stuart at Parramatta.

1814 -  In a General Order, Governor Macquarie said he regreted the unhappy Conflicts between the natives of the Mountains and settlers at Bringelly, Airds and Appin, caused by the Aborigines helping themselves to the maize. He promised to punish anyone involved in hostilities on either side.

1827 James Stirling established a settlement at Raffles Bay.

1829 Official proclamation of the Swan River Colony.

1839 - Explorer Edward John Eyre shot through from Adelaide to explore the northern regions of SA.

1868 - An earthquake shook NSW. The quake was centred around the Hunter Valley town of Maitland. Minor damage to buildings only.

1868 - The first rowing race was held between Scotch College (originally known as the Melbourne Academy) and Church of England Grammar School on Yarra River, Melbourne, Vic

1872 - George Robert Nichols (The Parramatta River Murders) was hanged at Darlinghurst for the murder of William Percy Walker (and John Bridger) in upper Sydney Harbour.

1872 - Alfred Lester (alias Froude)(The Parramatta River Murders) was hanged at Darlinghurst for the murder of William Percy Walker (and John Bridger) in upper Sydney Harbour.

1883 - Wangabiddi was hanged at Rottnest Island for the murder of Charles Redfern at Minni-Minni on the Gascoyne River.

1883 - Guerilla was hanged at Rottnest Island for the murder of Anthony Cornish at Fitzroy River.

1881 The Art Gallery of South Australia was opened by Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence.

1901 - Victorian Parliament parked their posteriors for the first time at the Exhibition Buildings following the Commonwealth Parliaments use of Parliament House, Melbourne. State Parliament remained there until 1927.

1906 - Counting the Commonwealth
GH Knibbs was appointed head of the new Commonwealth Bureau of Census and Statistics. Some 4.5 million people were counted in the first census on 3 April 1911. Indigenous people were first included officially in the federal census in 1971 when the population was 12.8 million.

1915 - The first lock on the Murray River opened...or closed, depending on your view,  at Blanchetown, Vic.

1923 - The Temora - Roto Railway Line (NSW) was flung open from Griffith to Hillston.

1926 - T...

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Sunday, 17 June


War Crimes: creating identity "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Byron Bay High School are excited to be bringing their powerful production of Angela Betziens War Crimes to the stage. Photo Marie Rosenberger.

Year 11 drama students from Byron Bay High School (BBHS) are excited to be bringing their powerful production of Angela Betziens War Crimes to the stage next week, and warmly invite the Byron Shire community to attend one of their three evening performances.

War Crimes gives voices to five tough, poor teenage girls from Cummergunja, a forgotten coastal town with limited opportunities. They each fight their own personal battles, railing against authority and each other within a culture of masculinity and racism. We witness their individual struggles to develop a sense of identity and agency, in a community where tensions are high and powerlessness breeds hatred for the other.

The play presents important messages about youth culture, friendship, empathy, compassion, racism, belonging and identity, and draws important parallels between conflict, violence and oppression in a world at war and in the lives of small town teenagers.

Under the guidance of drama teacher Simone Museth, the students have taken on technical, design, direction and acting roles with professionalism, talent and skill some even learned their lines in Arabic! The play has been largely directed and designed by students themselves, and their creative efforts are sure to impress.

Contemporary Australian playwright Angela Betzien claims that the play was written with the intention of stirring up some big questions about our national history, identity and future and what is sacred to us as a nation.

The play will have audience thinking deeply about questions such as Who calls Australia home? and What is worth fighting for?

Tickets for this gripping drama are selling fast and seating is limited. Performances are held on 26,...


Coorabell horserider hospitalised after fall "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Westpac helicopter landed at Coorabell on Sunday (June 17) to assist a man who was injured falling from a horse. Photo supplied

The Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter was called out around 2pm on Sunday following reports that a horse rider had suffered injuries after a fall from a horse near Coorabell.

The helicopter medical team treated a 62-year-old male rider for back and chest injuries and transported him to Lismore Base Hospital in a stable condition.

Single-vehicle accident

The helicopter was called also required on Saturday night (June 16) to a single-vehicle motor accident on Blue Knob Rd north of Nimbin.

One person was treated for injuries and transported by helicopter to Gold Coast University Hospital.

The condition of patient is unknown.


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Australia: Muslim arrested for plotting jihad massacre in Bangladesh "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Police allege that Amin was stopped from traveling to Bangladesh at Sydney Airport in February 2016 after Border Force officers found itemsclothing and extremist material in electronic devicesin his luggage, indicating that he may be travelling overseas to engage in terrorist activities. He is identified in this story as a man from Sydney, but that []


Gimme shelter "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Perhaps against my better judgment I made an early morning trip today across the Moolort Plains. The temperature gauge in the car was showing 6 degrees C and with a strong southerly blowing conditions could best be described as bitter!

This gorgeous female Nankeen Kestrel was the highlight, sheltered on the lee side of a mullock heap at Baringhup West. Two further individuals were seen in close-up on my way home to cap off a worthwhile trip.

Nankeen Kestrel, Moolort Plains, 17th June 2018


Independent Artist Of The Week: Nardean "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Photo by Ryan Henwood White

Hailing from Western Sydney, Egyptian-Australian MC Nardean is a dark horse in the hip hop scene, blending rap, poetry and song.

Having never sung or written music, Nardine Gharsas musical journey began with a love for hip hop and R&B. At 21 she started writing poems and kickstarted her career as a rapper and spoken word artist. Shes a force to be reckoned with, earning the title of NSW finalist in the Australian National Poetry Slam and a spoken word residency in Banff, Canada.

Nardean began experimenting with her vocal ability and singing more, and has since combined all three elements into the songs we hear today, proving her place as a biting wordsmith whos both soulful and unapologetically feminine. Its no surprise her influences range from current cult artists like Anderson .Paak, Frank Ocean and Kendrick Lamar to hard and dirty rap dirty pleasures. Shes also inspired by the music her friends make its one thing to know and hear their songs, but another to know the stories behind them.

The St Clair artists shine is brighter than ever on her new single, Pyramids, which she wrote after hearing it in a dream. My friend Alice sung the chorus to me in a dream and I wrote the first verse as a poem in a strip club, while I was waiting for my shift to start.

Off her debut EP, Creatress, Pyramids makes a strong statement lyrically and visually. The music video sees her painted in gold to represent the commodification of the female form. A symbolic comment on the warped impact of the media on body image, trapping women in gold bodies that we thought we wanted, but actually dont.

Listen to Nardeans word slam here:

WHO: Nardean The Creatress Tour
WHERE: Leadbelly, Newtown
WHEN: 3rd August
HOW MUCH: $17.85 Tickets available here.
Listen to Up For It every Monday morning to meet your new Independent Artist of the Week!

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Anna, Kim and Stephens Monsters "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Anna Fienberg (writer), Kim Gamble and Stephen Axelsen (illustrators), Monsters (Allen & Unwin 2018) This is the final collaboration between Anna Fienberg and Kim Gamble, the creators of the wildly popular Tashi books. They began it when they both knew Kim didnt Continue reading


The gap year paedophile Richard Huckle highly likely to have had UK victims "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Please see the previous article on this site for my comparison of Richard Huckle to Frank Houston founding father of Hillsong Global Church, based in Sydney, Australia with churches in major cities throughout the world, including London.


The gap year paedophile Richard Huckle highly likely to

have had UK victims

Huckle, from Kent, was convicted of 71 offences against 23 children in 2016



Aussie troops killed Afghan amputee, drank beer from fake limb, and other questionable moral judgements "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Australia's elite Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) team has been found to have committed a string of atrocities while on mission in Afghanistan nearly a decade ago; and the "Nazi flag" incident appears to be just the tip of the iceberg. In one instance back in 2009, reported by Sydney-based Fairfax Media, which conducted a six-month investigation into alleged Australian military war crimes in Afghanistan, soldiers killed an Afghan amputee as they were raiding Urozgan province and took his artificial limb to their base to use it as a drinking vessel. Comment: The prosthetic leg was then taken as a souvenir and brought back to Perth to be used as a novelty beer drinking vessel. In another no less horrendous case, two senior soldiers first plotted and then forced a "rookie" troop to kill an unarmed elderly detainee, a Taliban suspect, thereby marking the young soldier's combat debut. According to Special Forces sources, cited by Fairfax, the victim posed no threat after being brutally knocked out. The soldiers involved in the atrocities committed on Afghan soil have not been named by the media. The hair-raising details came to light around the time when Australia's prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, blasted personnel of the same high-profile squadron who were caught on camera waving a swastika flag from their patrol vehicle.


Winter Nights "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

As we sat and waited for the performance to begin, I had little idea of what to expect. My friend invited me, on the recommendation the work had been curated by a colleague at the ABC, Daniel Browning. Daniel presents Awaye, a weekly program about Indigenous arts and culture. And one of the most awesome segments on that program is


The Australian Minister for Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs put a dog whistle to his lips and blew hard last week "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

This is Australian Minister for Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs, Liberal MP for Aston and child of British migrant parents, Alan Edward Tudge, quoted by ABC News on 14 June 2018:

The Federal Government is considering new English language requirements for anyone seeking permanent residency, with figures showing close to 1 million people in Australia cannot speak basic English.

Australia accepts up to 190,000 permanent migrants each year and while they need to prove they can understand English, their spouses, children and extended family accompanying them do not.

Multicultural Affairs Minister Alan Tudge argued this had created the "concerning situation" where "close to a million" Australians now do not speak the national language.

"That's not in the interests of those migrants but nor is it in the interests of social cohesion, because if we can't communicate with one another, it's very difficult to integrate," he said.



Madness "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Theres a saying that you dont have  to be mad, but it helpsbut at 9.30 on Sunday morning it seemed that you really did have to be mad to embark on FOBIFs June walk into the Tarilta valley. Six degrees, a fine rain and forecast of possible hail: none of this was encouraging. All the same, eleven heroes rocked up, and were rewarded with a great experience in the remote valley, one of the regions jewels. The weather turned out to be bluffing, too, obligingly moderating for morning tea and lunch breaks, with the suggestion of sunshine at regular intervals.

Our thanks to walk leader Jeremy Holland for guiding the group along a terrifically interesting route into the valley from the north; and of course the advantage of rain is that it gave a trickle of water over the areas two very picturesque waterfalls. Fungi and mosses were in abundance, and the grand Candlebarks along the valley floor seemed even more spectacular in the misty weather.

The focus of next months walk, in the Gowar Forest, will be walking with birds. Check the program for details.


MACKAY Mackay courthouse listings "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

MACKAY June 17, 2018 at 12:18PM ,

Mackay courthouse listings

June 17, 2018 at 12:18PM ,

LISTINGS ENQUIRIES Contact the Street Address: Mackay Magistrates Court, Street Address: Warrnambool courthouse at 218 Koroit

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


MACKAY Mackay court news "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

MACKAY June 17, 2018 at 01:39AM ,

Mackay court news

June 17, 2018 at 01:39AM ,

Welcome to our free online Criminal Law Directory which lists Court Lawyers that regularly appear in the Mackay Magistrates Court. Wellingtron Street

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


Australia Pioneered Drug Harm Reduction and Must Continue "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Programs, strategies and policies designed to prevent or reduce the harms associated with the use of illicit substances are collectively known as harm reduction. This approach to drug use has been a key pillar of Australias National Drug Strategy since its first iteration in 1985. With the HIV/AIDS crisis looming in the mid-80s, it became

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Western civilization and the long, dark tea-time of The Australians soul "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Take the question of whether the Australian National University should have accepted money from a private body to establish a course in Western civilization aimed at educating a new generation of potential movers and shakers in the cultural foundations of our society. This argument has swept the pages of the conservative media like a wildfire with, it must be said, more heat than light. In the outrage industry it is hard to recall an episode that has generated, well, more outrage.

Cultural commentator Peter Craven writes: Its hard to imagine the heat of the Western civilization/Ramsay Centre debate being generated in the way it has been anywhere but in this country. And it is indeed a peculiar penchant of our own predominantly white, middle aged, Anglo-Celtic cultural warriors. Nothing, it seems, stirs their blood more than an argument about academic license or press freedom if this is not favourably disposed to their side. One is tempted to ask what would these champions of political incorrectness do without academia and the ABC to rail against; although it might be observed that one persons political correctness is another persons political incorrectness.

Now, many of us share reservations about sources of university funding that may or may not have a particular political purpose, such as those directed at establishing Confucius institutes and such like, supported by Chinese government front organisations, and cash provided to the likes of the ANUs Centre for Arabic and Islamic Studies by Middle East autocracies like Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Somehow, soft power exercised through football stadiums and other bread and circuses are preferable to surreptitiously propagating favourable opinion, research, and influence in our institutions of higher learning.

In a university like the ANU, re...


Maybe we need a degree in Western Civilization after all "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Ive kept out of the latest silly culture war so far, but I couldnt resist this from Josh Frydenberg. After decrying a long march to the left in Australian universities, he says

It is absolutely critical that the next generation of students understand about where the rule of law came from, where democracy came from, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, womens suffrage

Looking through that list, it can be described as a potted summary of the long march to the left  in Britain (and by extension Australia) over the course of the long 19th century from the French and American revolutions to the outbreak of the Great War.  At the beginning of that period, Freydenbergs conservative precursors supported the rule of law, and opposed democracy, freedom of speech and religion and womens suffrage. It was only after long struggles that restrictions on freedom of speech and religion like the Six Acts and Penal Laws  were repealed. The fight for (initialy male-only) democracy and womens suffrage took even longer.

If we extended Frydenbergs list into the 20th century, wed get something like this University of Sydney course which covers

struggles over labour rights and working conditions in the 1900s, womens suffrage, Aboriginal land rights, race relations and the White Australia Policy, homelessness during the Great Depression, freedom of speech during the Cold War, the Vietnam Moratorium and sexual liberation in the 1970s, the environmental movement, refugees and asylum seekers, and LGBT rights today

Looking at this mess, I think we might need a course in the history of Western Civilisation after all. It should be provided to people like Frydenberg and dAbrera so they can decide exactly whether they want to stop the clock at 1970, 1950 or perhaps at 1900.


Royal Australian Navy (RAN) MRH-90 Multi-Role Helicopter A40-043 Pops into Rockhampton Airport off HMAS Canberra "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

During the middle part of the afternoon on Friday 15 June, Royal Australian Navy (RAN) NH Industries MRH-90 Multi-Role Helicopter A40-043 was spotted at Rockhampton Airport.

The MRH-90 had earlier arrived from the Shoalwater Bay Training Area (SWBTA) and was heard to be using the radio callsign of "Poseidon 43".

A40-043 was later spotted departing Rockhampton Airport for the Navy's Canberra-class landing helicopter dock (LHD) ship aptly named HMAS Canberra (III) which is now within the Shoalwater Bay Training Area and is one of the centre-pieces for the upcoming joint Military Exercise Hamel 2018.

Meanwhile, also on Friday 15 June, as many as five Australian Army Eurocopter (ARH) Tiger Armed Reconnaissance Helicopters were noted departing Townsville Airport destined for the Shoalwater Bay Training Area.  However, one landed at Mackay Airport for a short time to take on fuel before continuing South.



Alan Jones paedophile grooming boys? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Front page of The Daily Mirror December 6, 1988
Sydney radio station 2GBs Alan Jones sent love letters to school boys, had boys in his room late at night and perved on them in the shower when he was a teacher at The Kings School in Sydney in the early 1970s. This behaviour led to Alan Jones forced resignation in 1973.

That type of conduct would be considered grooming today and the police would be called for sure.

And if it was anyone but Alan Jones the matter of the forced resignation by The Kings School would have been given a start at the current Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

Again in 1988, only a matter of hours after getting off a Qantas plane in London, Alan Jones was arrested in a toilet for Outraging Public Decency.

Alan Jones is the lowest of the low, why has he never been charged with grooming?

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L2P "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Looking for an awesome volunteer opportunity?

Moreland L2P are seeking mentors.

Check out this video for more info......


Making Music Day "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Making Music Day June 21st, 2018 - free workshops and performances for the whole family.

The Melbourne Inner North Performing Arts Academy, a member of Community Music Victoria, in partnership with The Australian Music Association (AMA) and the Make Music Alliance will be coordinating what shapes to be the biggest community music event in Victoria OF ALL TIME! 
This will be part of the international Make Music Day 2018, on June 21st, when musicians in over 120 countries and 800 cities around the world turn public spaces into music stages. Tens of thousands of amateur and professional musicians, jazz combos, bands and orchestras and MCs come out to perform in streets, parks and public places. Schools are encouraged to showcase their music programs for the public too. 
With French origins dating back to 1982, Fete De La Musique crossed the Atlantic 11 years ago with the debut of Make Music New York. In 2018 Australia joins the party!
Please join our event here:


Refugees leave for the US, as Nauru grieves "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A bitter sweet moment on Nauru as 21 refugees leave Nauru for the United States today Sunday 17 June (photos attached), only two days after a beloved asylum seeker died in a suspected suicide.

The 21 leaving Nauru are from Myanamr, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. The group includes two families (one from Myanmar and one from Sri Lanka) of a mother and four children, four Rohingyan men and seven men from Afghanistan and Pakistan.

But as with other flights this year, there are no refugees from Iran, Somalia, Iraq, Sudan or Syria among those flying to the US today; the unofficial ban on nationalities under the Trump administrations travel ban continues.

Meanwhile Nauru still mourns the death of Farhad, the 26 year old Iranian asylum seeker, who was found dead on Friday morning in his familys tent.

A commemoration of Farhads life will be held at 7.00pm tonight (Sunday 17 May), on the soccer field inside the RPC 3, Family camp where Farhad and his family were held.

Farhads wife, his mother and younger brother have been incommunicado in RPC 1 (the detention centre administration compound) since Farhads death.

The threat level for RPC 1 and 3 is still set at 3 (probable) out of a maximum of 5. It also means that services to refugees, like provision of medications, are reduced across the island as Canstruct and other service provider staff are warned to minimise community contact. This only adds to community tension.

The Nauru community is still in shock because of Farhads death, said Ian Rintoul, Everyone is wondering who is next. With so many nationalities being denied entry to the US, many people are left thinking that there is only one way off Nauru now.

Meanwhile, an Afghan man with lung cancer is dying in RPC 1, still asking that he can spend his last days in palliative care in Australia.

Over 250 people are still living in tents in the Family camp. Around 930 people including around 140 children are still being held on Nauru.

The total accepted by the US is now 186.

For more information contact Ian Rintoul 0417 275 713

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Honour riders in Ride 4 Our Fallen event "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Riders around Australia are invited to attend the Ride 4 Our Fallen Riders event next Sunday (24 June 2018) in Brisbane or organise their own ride to honour the memory of the 211 motorbike riders killed on Australian roads in 2017.

The Brisbane ride has been organised by Nikki-Anne Mooney, whose younger brother, Timothy McKenzie, died in a motorcycle crash in September 2016.

She has also asked riders in other states to organise their own rides or at least observe a minutes silence in honour of the fallen.

Nikki-Anne hopes to make the ride a national event.Honour riders in Ride 4 Our Fallen - Nikki-Anne Mooney

The second annual Ride 4 Our Fallen Riders event starts at Pine Rivers Park, Bald Hills, at 9am and rides to Suttons Beach Redcliffe.

This day is to honour the fallen riders and give family and friends a day to honour their lost loved ones, Nikki-Anne says.Honour riders in Ride 4 Our Fallen - Nikki-Anne Mooney

We have a number of amazing guest speakers that will be covering a number of road safety issues and the effects of road fatalities.

We would love to have a minimum of 211 riders  one rider for every rider killed.

The event will include a service for the fallen riders and entertainment such as face-painting, kids dress-up competition, live band Relic and a raffle.

We would love riders and drivers to attend to show that we are all humans with families and we all need to look out for each other we all have family and friends, Nikki-Anne says.

We all de...


The OHO Act 2013 revisited is it really protecting the public? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The OHO Act 2013 revisited is it really protecting the public?Drs Leong Ng and Chandrika Barman recently painted in IA, a grim picture of health in Australia. One of them had published about the then novel OHO Act in 2013 and even chose to move away from Queensland, doing so in June 2013 and entering the permanent locum field. Here, they revisit 2013. read now...


Duttons Dog Bill is back in the Senate "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Institutionalised brutality has to be challenged. Again! Last year we thought that we had stopped Minister Duttons plans to allow the use of dogs in detention centres and for officers to have increased powers for strip searches and seizures without warrants. We thought that the Minister of Home Affairs wouldnt have the arbitrary right to decide what was to be a prohibited object in detention centres and would remain answerable to Parliament and the courts for his actions. We thought that people in immigration detention could keep their phones. But the Migration Amendment (Prohibiting items in Immigration Detention Facilities) Bill 2017 is back.  It is in the Senate to be voted on this session. Write to the Independent Members of the Senate.


Rally against mega development today "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

West Byron will be bigger and more dense than Sunrise and the Byron Arts and Industry Estate combined.

Placards, props and signs have been prepared for the West Byron protest rally that is being held from 10am, today, Sunday June 17 at Byrons Apex Park on Main Beach, to protest the meg development that is currently being put forward on a site opposite the Arts and Industry Estate on Ewingsdale Road.

In total, the proposal suggests 668 residential blocks, two business lots, two industrial lots, one recreation lot and four residue lots.

Located opposite the Arts and Industry Estate on Ewingsdale Road, up to 300,000m3 of fill will be required for the 108-hectare site, and the traffic report that accompanies the DA has no confidence that this will not result in increasing the major traffic issues for the town.

Byron Council stated that they received more than 5,000 submissions in relation to the development, mostly against.

The Byron Residents Group and the Byron Young Residents Association have combined to hold todays rally, which will be emceed by Mark Swivel.


Councils deputy mayor Basil Cameron, NSW Labor candidate Asren Pugh and NSW Greens MP Tamara Smith will speak.

Nationals MLC Ben Franklin was invited to speak, but has told The Echo he cannot attend unfortunately as I will be at the Nationals state conference in Cowra.

Its a shame I would have loved to be there.

Organisers say BYO placards.

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The Daily "Near You?" "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Thanks for stopping by!


June 17 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

1788 - The name "Sydney" was used for the first time in some new settlement in some strange, far off land where the dregs of society were, not 10 Downing St, although that sounded just as promising as Canberra....
The original name/s for Sydney are Djubuguli (Bennelong Point) and Cadi (all of Sydney Cove).

1804 - Some 300 Aboriginal people threw spears at armed Hawkesbury River settlers, who opened fire and returned to Richmond Hill with stolen goods they have retrieved. A military detachment at Windsor shot two Aboriginal people.

1826 - One bloke who does a bit of haunting is Frederick Fisher - he was done a nasty mischief on this day and his ghost has been seen, celebrated and interviewed at length ever since.

1836 - Michael Maloney was hanged at Sydney for burglary from the house of Richard Hamlyn at Goulburn.

1836 - James Hare was hanged at Sydney for burglary from the house of Richard Hamlyn at Goulburn.

1843 - Continuing the grisly theme and today saw The Wairau Massacre take place, the first deadly fight between the Maori and Europeans since the since the Treaty of Waitangi was signed.

1843 - Gov George Gipps ordered the removal from office of Justice John Walpole Willis, resident Judge in the Port Phillip District, after powerful interests in Melbourne petitioned for his recall.

1867 - One of our greatest writers, Henry Lawson, was birthed on the gold fields.

1890 - The Mansfield Railway Line (Vic) was extended a whopping 4.5 kms from Molesworth to Cathkin.

1891 The Labor party first entered the New South Wales Legislative Assembly with 35 members elected.

1893 Prospector Paddy Hannan filed a Reward Claim, announcing the discovery of gold at Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.

1906 - The highly celebrated (go on, admit you raise a glass to it every day!) Prahran to Malvern steam bus service, reputedly the first Victorian use of self propelled vehicles for public passenger traffic, was abandoned.

1911 - Suffrage in Britain
A week before the Coronation of King George V and Queen Mary, Margaret Fisher led Australian and New Zealand women in a London demonstration. Some 40,000 marched in support of a Bill granting women the right to vote. The British government did not enact the suffrage law until 1919.

1912 - William Frederick Ball was hanged at Armidale Gaol for the murder of Louisa Ball at Bingara.

1926 - The coastline of NSW was gently handwashed, rinsed and hung out to drip dry when the effects of a tsunami were felt courtesy of an earthquake in our unofficial 7th state, NZ.

1940 - The Captains Flat Railway Branch Line (NSW) was opened for train business from Bungendore Junction to Captains Flat......

Saturday, 16 June


Aussie Crypto Exchange Blockbid Partners with Risk Management Giant LexisNexis "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Melbourne-based crypto trading platform Blockbid has become the first cryptocurrency exchange in the world to introduce a new generation of risk management and identity verification technology developed in partnership with LexisNexis Risk Solutions and ThreatMetrix. The partnership combines the 1.4 billion-strong identity database owned by ThreatMetrix with the LexisNexis database of potentially high risk identities

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NSW Berejiklian Government still playing hide and seek with independent review of the out-of-home care system "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

In November 2015 the NSW Government gave retired senior public servant David Tune the task of conducting an independent review of the out-of-home care system in the state.

In August 2016 the then Baird Government Cabinet considered his report.

However, it took until 2018, on the heel of threats from the NSW Upper House, before this report was released by the Berejiklian Government.

Although details of this report have become available to mainstream media, as yet there is no complete copy on the NSW Government's Family & Community Services or "Their Futures Matter" websites.

So it was not surprising to see the responsible minister duck for cover.

The Guardian, 13 June 2018:

NSW minister for family services Pru Goward blamed the premiers department for the decision to withhold ...


Expect China and Russia To Continue To Undermine Democracies "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Riga, Latvia: Bob Posners name is perfect for who he is: a mild, middle-aged British public servant, not given to grand statements or dramatic claims.

He comes across as the sort of chap whod say things like anything for a quiet life.

But suddenly its not that quiet.

Image result for putin and Xi, photos

Posner is the director of the UK Electoral Commissions finance and regulation section. His job is to make sure, using the principle of follow the money, that elections and referendums are run lawfully.

Usually this is just going over receipts and rapping the knuckles of anyone loose in their funding declarations.

By Nick Miller
Sydney Morning Herald

But now there are a significant number of major investigations and inquiries on our books, he says. Just last week they opened another new investigation into a major campaigner in the Brexit referendum.

It does seem different and it does seem a concern, he says.

I find myself talking to my counterparts in a number of other countries about their issues. I find myself talking to security services in the UK and elsewhere, in the US in particular.

That doesnt seem normal to me. That seems very different to when I started my job four years ago. Theres been a change of some sort.

When fake news meets marketing

Earlier this year British Prime Minister Theresa May said she was deeply concerned by Russias attempts to weaponise information.

The Kremlin is seeking to undermine the international rules-based system, she said.



Surfs Up in the House "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Surfs Up in the House is a multi-day film event in conjunction with the Byron Bay Surf Festival.
Opening night party 20 June with Bay FMs The Sandpit live from the Brunswick Picture House 4:00-6:00pm. Followed by live music from 6:00-7:00pm and the first film Big Wednesday at 7:15pm.
The festival runs from 20-24 June with multi-session discounts available.
With classic surf films and new documentaries alike, there will be something for everyone. Titles like Big Wednesday, Nevertown, Take Every Wave, and Between Land & Sea will keep everyone entertained.
Dates, times, and tickets for all the films will be available on the website.

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