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Saturday, 17 November


Australia: Sharia manual preaching jihad warfare and hostage taking found in airport prayer room "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

What could possibly go wrong? Its a religion of peace! It could certainly radicalise someone: Muslim imam discovers Sharia law book preaching jihad and hostage taking in Melbourne airport Islamic prayer room, by Stephen Johnson, Daily Mail Australia, November 15, 2018: A Muslim imam has discovered a Sharia law book advocating jihad and hostage taking []


US DOJ 'Mueller' Investigation: the list keeps getting bigger "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Mueller's list now includes an Australian citizen......

The Sydney Morning Herald, 16 November 2018:

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been charged under seal, prosecutors inadvertently revealed in a recently unsealed court filing  a development that could significantly advance the probe into Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election and have major implications for those who publish government secrets.

Special counsel Robert Mueller has also exploring the publication by WikiLeaks of emails from the Democratic National Committee and the account of Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta. Officials have alleged the emails were hacked by Russian spies and transferred to WikiLeaks.

Mueller has also been exploring, among other things, communications between the group and associates of President Donald Trump, including political operative Roger Stone and commentator and conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi..

And another Russian gets named....


GJD Developments' Byron DA rejected by NSW Northern Joint Regional Planning Panel as disrespecting the process "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A four-storey mixed use development covering three building lots totally 2,834m2  approx. 1km from Main Beach, comprising commercial premises, caf, child care centre, 24 shop top residential units, 26 serviced apartments and underground parking for 120 cars, has failed to gain consent.

Echo NetDaily, 14 November 2018:

A contentious application to build a four-storey residential/commercial development at the southern end of Jonson Street has been refused by the Joint Regional Planning Panel, with one panelist branding it disrespectful.

There was a burst of applause from the public gallery as the panel unanimously rejected the $21.1m development at a meeting in Mullumbimby on Wednesday afternoon.

In doing so the panel went against a recommendation from Byron Council staff that the development be approved.


Deus Ex McNeil AU Release Party Byron Bay "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

This Summer weve collaborated with iconic artist and friend, Paul McNeil, on a special collection of apparel, accessories surfboards, and skateboards, which embrace Pauls love of surfing, punk rock and everything alternative.

Deus Byron will be hosting a release party for locals to get an exclusive first peek at everything Pauls put into the Deus Ex McNeil collection, including the premiere of the THE GOOF BIKE, Paul & Jeremy Tagands collaboration Suzuki RV90-3, on display for the 1st time.

WEDNESDAY NOV 28th, Doors @ 6PM
Giveaways, in-store gallery, drinks and talks.
Deus Byron
17 Lawson St, Byron Bay

Very limited spaces. Get on the list by sending your name to


Facebook Page

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Today #ExtinctionRebellion! #London calling "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

London, UK: Thousands of concerned citizens will today block Southwark, Blackfriars, Waterloo, Westminster and Lambeth bridges to raise the alarm on the climate and ecological crisis.

Originally published by Extinction Rebellion.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

  • Thousands of concerned citizens will today block Southwark, Blackfriars, Waterloo, Westminster and Lambeth bridges to raise the alarm on the climate and ecological crisis
  • An Extinction Assembly will feature six voices from six nations affected by climate breakdown including Raki Ap of Free West Papua Campaign, Rumana Hashem of Phulbari Solidarity Group (Bangladesh) as well as representatives from Ecuador, Kenya, Ghana and Mongolia
  • Speakers and musicians include the representative for Island States in the UN Farhana Yamin, Green Party politician Jenny Jones, academic and politician Rupert Read, Molly Scott Cato MEP, the One World Choir, female-fronted funk band Psychedelephant, Georgina Duncan, Greg Sanders Ensemble jazz band, reggae music from Pedro and the Simple Revolution, poet and singer Pete the Temp and musician Katherine Abbott, Hapi and the Lost Species, plus Tina Louise Rothery from the anti-fracking Lancashire Nanas
  • Protests planned around UK include from Cambridge and Glasgow to Sheffield and Totnes, plus large and small symbolic actions around the world in Washington DC and New York (US), Vancouver and Toronto (Canada), Cork, Galway and Dublin in Ireland, Stockholm and Gothenburg in Sweden plus Melbourne, Australia. 

Rebellion Day is here. We will take the London bridges, before we all fall down. 

Rebellion D...


1) Leading West Papuan independence fighter dies "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

1) Leading West Papuan independence fighter dies
2) Jokowi Visits Planned Construction Site for Cross-border Post

RNZ Pacific

1) Leading West Papuan independence fighter dies

2:25 pm today 



Reporting on Extinction Rebellion in London 17th November "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

I will be in London on Saturday Nov 17th to film the Extinction Rebellion direct actions. The plans is to shut down London's 5 major bridges to force Government action on the climate. I will be reporting from one of these bridges.

  • Thousands of concerned citizens will today block Southwark, Blackfriars, Waterloo, Westminster and Lambeth bridges to raise the alarm on the climate and ecological crisis
  • An Extinction Assembly will feature six voices from six nations affected by climate breakdown including Raki Ap of Free West Papua Campaign, Rumana Hashem of Phulbari Solidarity Group (Bangladesh) as well as representatives from Ecuador, Kenya, Ghana and Mongolia
  • Speakers and musicians include the representative for Island States in the UN Farhana Yamin, Green Party politician Jenny Jones, academic and politician Rupert Read, Molly Scott Cato MEP, the One World Choir, female-fronted funk band Psychedelephant, Georgina Duncan, Greg Sanders Ensemble jazz band, reggae music from Pedro and the Simple Revolution, poet and singer Pete the Temp and musician Katherine Abbott, Hapi and the Lost Species, plus Tina Louise Rothery from the anti-fracking Lancashire Nanas
  • Protests planned around UK include from Cambridge and Glasgow to Sheffield and Totnes, plus large and small symbolic actions around the world in Washington DC and New York (US), Vancouver and Toronto (Canada), Cork, Galway and Dublin in Ireland, Stockholm and Gothenburg in Sweden plus Melbourne, Australia. 


NSW Police Association Demands Thousands More Officers "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

By Zeb Holmes and Ugur Nedim Earlier this year, the Police Association of NSW demanded 2,500 extra officers which it claimed was necessary to avoid an epidemic of violence. The Association says its members are at a breaking point, warning that a failure to dramatically increase police numbers will result in a police failure to

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New Music Through Old Ears: Lil Star Craigie Muse "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

New Music Through Old Ears: Lil Star Craigie MuseJohn Turnbull checks out recent releases from emo-rapper Lil Peep, stadium rockers Muse, Sydney singer-songwriter Karen Craigie and the soundtrack from A Star is Born. read now...


Australian Wedding Magazine To Close Down After Same-Sex Marriage Backlash "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The publishers of Australian bridal publication White Magazine have said they will shut it down after contributors revealed they were refusing to publish same-sex weddings and they had lost advertisers as a result. The publishers wrote in a farewell note on their website that theyd experienced a flood of judgment after contributors revealed in August ...

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Sydney's Cumberland Council - cuts to Australia Day to finance Ramadan "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Fair dinkum. Plenty of countries in the Middle East where you can go Peak-Ramadan to your heart's content.


Mullum Music Festival in pictures "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Watch the weekends fun at the Mullum Music Festival unfold here in pictures.

The post Mullum Music Festival in pictures appeared first on Echonetdaily.


IAEA sees Areas for Enhancement in Australias Nuclear and Radiation Safety "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

IAEA Mission Says Australia Committed to Strengthening Nuclear and Radiation Safety, Sees Areas for Enhancement, IAEA, 52/2018, Melbourne, Australia An International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) team of experts said Australia is committed to strengthening its regulatory framework for nuclear and radiation safety. The team also noted areas for further enhancements, including implementation of the framework in a more consistent manner across the country.

The Integrated Regulatory Review Service (IRRS) team on 16 November concluded a 12-day mission to Australia. The mission was conducted at the request of the Government of Australia and hosted by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA), the Commonwealth Government regulator. Under Australias federal system of government, ARPANSA regulates Commonwealth entities and other entities are regulated within the six states and two territories. The majority of licenced activities in Australia are carried out within states and territories. This was the third IRRS mission to Australia since 2007 and the first to include all nine jurisdictions.

..The IRRS team commended the hosts for inviting a comprehensive review involving all jurisdictions in Australia, adding that it was the first such IRRS mission. The team identified this as a good practice and a model that other federal countries may want to consider when planning for future IRRS missions. Regarding the national framework, the team noted ongoing activities to address consistency in the countrys radiation safety programmes, but said further efforts were warranted in several areas

The team provided recommendations and suggestions for further enhancements, including:

  • All relevant authorities should consider formalizing the existing elements of the framework for safety into a comprehensive national policy and strategy for safety.
  • The Commonwealth Government should make a firm commitment and take actions with specific milestones to address decommissioning of facilities and radioactive waste management.
  • The Governments of all jurisdictions should ensure that all parties responsible for the safety of facilities and regulatory activities have the necessary capabilities and human resources to carry out their responsibilities.
  • ARPANSA should establish criteria to evaluate the effectiveness of licensees emergency exercises and assign roles and responsibilities for its staff during emergency sit...


Project Sunshine tested dead babies for radioactive fallout "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Only baby bones used in nuke tests 2001-06-0 Sydney, Australia Bone samples from dead babies were shipped to the United States and Britain to be tested for radioactive fallout as part of an Australian government programme, officials said on Thursday.

The governments Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) said from 1957 to 1978 Australia operated a programme to measure levels of strontium 90 radioactive fallout in humans by testing corpses. Nuclear weapons tests were conducted in Australia and there was concern about radioactive fallout building up in the atmosphere.

In the early years of the study, known as Project Sunshine, hundreds of human bone samples from corpses of babies, children and adults aged up to 40 years were reduced to ash and sent to the United States and Britain for tests on radioactivity levels. Facilities were later constructed for the tests to be carried out in Australia.

ARPANSA chief executive officer Dr. John Loy said on Thursday that it was unlikely scientists sought consent to do the tests from relatives of the deceased.

Loy said the studies were part of an overall programme to measure the impact on Australians of atmospheric nuclear testing throughout the world.

In the 1950s and 60s there were hundreds of nuclear explosions throughout the world and this led to contamination, Loy told The Associated Press. There were measurements of activity in water, air, food and bone tissue, he said.

Loy said human bone absorbs strontium 90 from the atmosphere. So it was important to get a handle on what sort of exposure was resulting from these tests, he added.

Project Sunshine was not kept secret by the government and reports on the study were published in scientific journals, Loy said.

Interest in the project was renewed this month by media reports that the bodies of stillborn babies from Britain and Australia were also used in the research.

The reports quoted documents from a meeting of the projects scientists in 1955, during which project leader Dr Willard Libby said the supply of stillborn babies had been cut off.

If anyone knows how to do a good job of body snatching, they will really be serving their country, said Libby, a Nobel Prize laureate, according to The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper.



Holistic Therapies at the NSCF Sunday Organic Farmers Market "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Every week at the NSCF Sunday Organic Farmers Market from 6am to 11am you can find a range of fresh organic produce stalls, groceries and breakfast options. We also host an array of Holistic Health Services, from massage, tarot readings, or natural beauty treatments like eyebrow threading. The theme at the farm this month is []

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Friday, 16 November


Melaleuca abundance, Ladybird stages, Bees and a sticky end "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

We have a number of Melaleuca decussata shrubs prospering in our front yard, of hardy stock acquired from Newstead Natives. They are all at present heavy with flowers.

melaleauca decussata

Melaleuca decussata flower opening.

The profusion of flowers has attracted an abundance of insect life. Large numbers of Ladybird larvae are on both branches and flowers and look vastly different to their adult forms.

Ladybird larva

Ladybird larva on melaleuca flower.

As they start to develop into their pupal stage, they start to look a bit more reminiscent of the adults, even though they will be completely transformed within their pupal case.

Ladybird pupa

Ladybird finalising a pupa, the larva just visible at the point of attachment.

Ladybird adult

Ladybird adult on a nearby Golden Wattle

The flowers have also attracted numerous bees and other pollinators. Myriad tiny sweat bees were too fast for me to photograph, but some slightly large sweat bees tarried long enough for a picture.

Sweat bee

Sweat bee on melaleuca flower, with incoming

Other, larger bees were also visiting. I think these ones are a species of Short-tongued Bees, possibly of genus Hylaeus. Short-tongued bees are solitary and live in burrows or plant stems.



Australia: Islamic center attended by several jihad murderers and plotters plans expansion "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Mohammed Omran and his cohorts know theyre untouchable. To investigate the mosque, even with its numerous unsavory ties, much less to stop its expansion, would be Islamophobic. Islamic centre connected to terror plots plans expansion, by Liam Mannix, Brisbane Times, November 15, 2018 (thanks to The Religion of Peace): An Islamic centre in Melbournes north []


1) Inalum raises money for Freeport divestment "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

2) PNG border security a key strategic interest for Australia
3) Time Capsule Monument in Papua embodies spirit of Avengers, Jokowi says
4) President Jokowi inspects Trans-Papua road development project
1) Inalum raises money for Freeport divestment
Jakarta | Fri, November 16, 2018 | 06:26 pm
Stefanno Reinard Sulaiman The Jakarta Post
State mining holding company PT Indonesia Asahan Aluminium (Inalum) has obtained US$4 billion, part of which will be used to purchase a major stake in gold and copper miner PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI).
Inalum president director Budi Gunadi Sadikin told the press on Friday that the payment of US$3.85 billion to Freeport-McMoRan, the parent firm of PTFI, will be processed alongside the renewal of the PTFI special mining permit.
Our task is over for now and we are waiting for Freeport and the government to settle the environmental issue. And once it is settled, we will transfer the money, he said, adding that the target of divestment is no later than year-end.
When the deal is completed, Inalum...


Quote of the Week "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

"Scott Morrison is Dutton dressed up as lamb"  [Jenny Frecklington-Jones


GIF of the Week "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


MACKAY Police find miniature cannon in raid at Blacks Beach home "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

MACKAY November 16, 2018 at 06:03AM ,

Police find miniature cannon in raid at Blacks Beach home

November 16, 2018 at 06:03AM ,

Jason Stewart Furini found himself forced to appear before Mackay Magistrates Court on Wednesday. The 42-year-old man, on probation for unrelated

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


Pachelbels Chicken: Your Favorite Classical Pieces Played Masterfully on a Rubber Chicken "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Music lovers bracing against the annual onslaught of the Singing Dogs "Jingle Bells" may find their savage beasts soothed somewhat by Eddy Chens performance of Pachelbels Canon, above.

Never mind that the instrument on which he plays four different tracks is a rubber chicken or more accurately, as per Amazon, a Screaming Yellow Rubber Chicken Non Toxic Bite-resistant Squeaky Toy.

It retains its relaxing musicality. Chen, one half of Australian duo TwoSetViolin, plays that bird like the disciplined, classically-trained pro he is.

Classical chicken covers became a surprise hit for Chen and his partner, Brett Yang, veterans of the Sydney and Queensland Symphony Orchestras, whose virtually sold out world tour was the first of its kind to be entirely financed by Kickstarter donations.

The duo describes its mission as upholding the integrity of classical music while making it relevant to the modern generation through fun, humour and simplicity, noting, in a joint interview with

There are people out there who are ready to love classical music, and we have to actively find them. It is the way classical music has been presented so far that makes it so austere. We were lucky that we learned the instrument for 20 years; if we were not musicians, it would be very hard to get into.

Everyone has the potential to like it, but sometimes musicians alienate and scare potential listeners with our pride.

Back when classical music was new, it was not 'classical'; it was just music.

Today our (classical music audience) is very small, but there are many great musicians



Camping at Tin Can Bay November 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Black Bittern

An excellent haul of birds during a three-day camp-out to Tin Can Bay included Black Bittern, Radjah Shelduck, Broad-billed Sandpiper, Grey Plover, Sanderling, Eastern Ground-Parrot, Little Bronze Cuckoo and Shining Flycatcher. We camped at the Tin Can Bay Holiday Park in Trevally Street; when we were last here in 2013 we were impressed with the place. Out the back of the van we had Little Bronze Cuckoo after setting up a good start.

Little Bronze Cuckoo
In the afternoon I visited the little-known shorebird roost at high tide at Cooloola Cove, about 1km along the foreshore north of the end of Bayside Road; look for a track through fence posts inland a short distance to the tidal flats. The first bird I saw was a Broad-billed Sandpiper on the water edge. It was joined by a smattering of Red-necked Stint, Sharp-taile...


1) Jokowi Inaugurates Time Capsule Monument in Papua "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

2) President Jokowi Arrives in Merauke After Attending ASEAN Summit
3) Show Support for West Papua
1) Jokowi Inaugurates Time Capsule Monument in Papua
TEMPO.COJakarta - President Joko `Jokowi` Widodo has inaugurated Time Capsule Monument in Merauke District, Papua Province today, November 16. The monument is a storage place to deposit dreams of Indonesian children.
President, accompanied by First Lady Iriana Joko Widodo, is scheduled to witness 36 children putting the time capsule in the shell, said Bey Machmudin, head of the Protocol, Press, and Media of Presidential Secretariat, in a press release on Friday, Novemb...


Election 2018: our scorecard "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

2014-2018 has seen significant public transport investment under Labor, and they have delivered on their major promises. But as Melbourne continues to grow, and demand for regional travel increases, the challenge ahead is to build a public transport network not only copes with patronage growth, but also provides usable services into areas which currently dont have them.

So how do the parties rank?

1. Greens in some ways the Greens have the least ambitious transport plan. But its full of affordable, commonsense policies. They are the only party to commit to the Metro 2 tunnel, and to frequency upgrades across the train, tram and bus networks essential for making the public transport network vastly more usable in the short term. Accelerating the rollout of low-floor trams and implementing on-road priority, extending metro services to outer suburbs with high capacity signalling are also important initiatives. The Greens also oppose the major road projects proposed by the other parties, rightly recognising that they will simply generate more traffic.

2. Labor some ambitious plans in starting the huge Suburban Rail Loop project, alongside continuing the successful Level Crossing Removal Program, and extensive upgrades planned elsewhere around the metro and regional rail networks. They lose points for construction of three major tollways/freeways, a lack of progress on bus and tram upgrades, and for lagging on the rollout of more frequent all-day metro train services essential for a big city such as Melbourne.

3. Coalition theyve backed away from what is probably their best policy, of metro trains every 10 minutes all day, leaving commitments to build three major tollways plus other freeways, and the messy grade separation of road intersections. More positive is commitments to extend metro trains to Clyde and Baxter. Their regional high speed rail plan is ambitious, but would only speed up trains moderately, and there are doubts over whether it could really be delivered in the timeframes promised.

For more details, including a summary of minor parties, read the full report (PDF)

Keep watching for updates


Pastor Frank Houston Founder of Hillsong. Pedophile. Criminal mind. Part Four. Prophet of the Lord, Pastor Philip Powell, works hard to out the pedophile Frank Houston "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Philip Powell 1

The criminal pedophile Frank Houston, the founder of Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia in 1977, found the escape haven he sought in Sydney, Australia.

His new nest was undisturbed for a while.

The peace lasted about four years from 1977 before the prophet of the Lord, Pastor Philip Powell, found out Frank Houstons new church address and his new church office fax number.

Once the criminal pedophile Frank Houston escaped the heat and the chasers in New Zealand he settled in to a different lifestyle in Darlinghurst Sydney.

The pedophile Frank Houston the rock-spider

Ive explained in the previous three articles how pedophiles are like spiders. In fact the term rock-spider is Australian jail slang for pedophile.

Pedophiles, like spiders, build nests, cobwebs and layers and layers of complex defences and ploys.

They are amongst the most evil and cunning people on the planet.

Frank Houston was a hardened pedophile by the time he was 20.

He chose Christian ministry as a foil, disguise and cover to maintain a pedophile lifestyle, have an outwardly good and godly reputation, and have ready access to heaps of unsuspecting Christian families and their little children.

Every family has its defences to predators. Acting as a Christian pastor, the evil criminal pedophile Frank Houston was able to breach these defences and gain total trust. Nobody would have suspected an evil pedophil...


Test Pills & Save Lives: An Interview With Australian Greens Leader Richard Di Natale "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

This years music festival season began with an avoidable tragedy, as two young Australians died after taking drugs at Sydneys Defqon.1 festival in September. The saturation policing and drug detection dogs at the event failed to save their lives. A pill testing service could have. Despite it being illegal, over half a million primarily young Australians

The post Test Pills & Save Lives: An Interview With Australian Greens Leader Richard Di Natale appeared first on Sydney Criminal Lawyers.


Volunteers needed for run "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The regions newest community weekly run is seeking locals to help volunteer with the Ocean Grove parkrun.

The 5km Ocean Grove parkrun commences at 8am on Saturdays and meets at the Barwon Estuary Picnic area along Peers Crescent, which is adjacent to the Riverview Family Caravan Park.

The Ocean Grove parkrun course takes in the beautiful surrounds of the Barwon River with participants running two laps on a wide path with gravel and tarmac surfaces.

Ocean Grove parkrun celebrated its six-month anniversary in October and event co-director Graham Bignell said they were in need of more helpers for it to continue.

That is the bottom line if we dont get the volunteers we cant run it, Bignell said.

We have gone close to cancelling a couple of times you need a core set of volunteers.

The first Ocean Grove parkrun which launched in April this year attracted 247 participants.

Each week on average there are up to 70 participants per week which take part with volunteers ranging from five to 11.

The minimum team is five (volunteers) and that is without marshals on the end, he said.

Although it is better if something goes wrong you really need a marshal on the end of the course.

Seven volunteers is much better and also eight volunteers including a photographer.

Some other parkruns have their volunteer list full until the end of the year.

Bignell said the run was in need of more volunteers in December.

OCEAN Grove parkrun will take a five-week hiatus from late December and all of January due to peak summer holiday period and congestion flow around the Riverview Family Caravan Park precinct.

Bignell said the support of the Riverview Family Caravan Park helped when the Ocean Grove parkrun was launched.

They (Riverview) have been really helpful and we have talked to them, he said.

There is a couple of crossovers from the caravan park to river they have been supportive since the start.

We had a quite few people (participants) staying there on the launch date.

Ocean Groves final parkrun for 2018 is on 22 December before it resumes on 2 February in 2019.

Organisers have encouraged participants to visit nearby parkruns in the region during this time.

PARKRUN is worldwide with organised free weekly 5km timed runs taking place across Australia and around the globe.

In wider Geelong, they are weekly parkruns held on Saturday mornings at Eastern Gardens and also at Balyang Sanctuary in Geelong, Portarlington and Torquay.

For assistance in vo...


Forests Around Planned Sea To Summit Hiking Trail Must Be Protected "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Goongerah Environment Centre (GECO) and the Wilderness Society today expressed serious concerns about continued logging of old and rare forests in East Gippsland, as the Andrews government announced that if re-elected, they will commence planning for a multi-day Sea to Summit hiking trail route in far East Gippsland.


Meet Mama Arsenic, Brisbanes Beloved Drag Mother "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Brisbane supermum Marianne Bowler is better known by her name Mama Arsenic. Mama Arsenic (pictured above, right) runs a local makeup and costume business and has two of her children local drag stars Aurora Arsenic (pictured left) and Archie Arsenic to thank for introducing her to the drag world. The self-taught seamstress says ...

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Sunday afternoon cultural jam and dance party finale for Fields of Healing "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

In what is set to be an epic convergence of local and international talent and cultural leadership, the team behind Fields of Healing have pulled one last rabbit out of the hat ahead of their event November 24 and 25.

The events grand finale on Sunday afternoon will be a community celebration of song, dance and culture featuring local legends Wild Marmalade, Happy Africa, Tommy Franklin, Indigenoise, Aine Tyrrell and a ceremony by Indigenous elders from across the globe.

Event organisers have extended a warm welcome to all, to come along and join in the events closing celebrations, which will be held between 1- 4pm at North Byron Parklands (Splendour site) on Sunday November 25. Entry to the closing event is by donation with 50% of the profits to be gifted to Liberation Larder.

Across the weekend ticket holders will have the opportunity to hear from 13 Indigenous elders and wisdom carriers from all corners of the globe as they come together with Australian Indigenous elders who all share a common vision; to connect community, share knowledge and celebrate culture.

The vision for the event, explained community director Adam Collett is simply to bring people together, to inspire and connect.

Organisers anticipate the event to be the first of many and that the gathering will go on to be held annually within our region.

Everyone is welcome to attend. A full program along with artist and elder profiles and a link to purchase tickets can be found on the website,

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Vale General Bernard Mawen "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Vale General Bernard Mawen
AWPA (Sydney)

Photos by Damien Faure from when he visited the border area for footage
for his documentary West Papua (2002)



Real Estate Taxes Currency "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

COMMENT: Dear Martin,

I bought The World Real Estate Report at the end of 2016. It stated that Australian real estate was going to fall after the first quarter (March) in 2016. The property prices in Melbourne (where I live) continued to rise in April 2016 so I sent an email to Socrates Support asking them when real estate should peak. I received the reply below, which stated that the peak was either in for global real estate or the latest by the end of the first quarter 2017.

Anyway, since I owned a tiny house in Melbourne, I was facing a difficult decision if I should sell or not since it would be impossible to buy back in if the prices continued to go up.

I have been reading your blog daily since 2012, and I have read all of your forecasts being correct (eg. the Dow continuing to go up, US Index going up, Brexit, Trump winning). I also bought your Gold report in 2014 and watched gold bottom (Dec 2015) correctly for the date and price on the first benchmark, truly an unbelievable forecast.

Based on your track record I decided to sell my property at the end of the first quarter (March 2017), for which I received a fantastic price.

Im happy to inform you that prices have been falling since the 3rd quarter of 2017.

I just wanted to congratulate you on another correct forecast.

REPLY: We all need a place to live. Governments are attacking real estate thinking it is too high and they need to make it more affordable for others to buy. They fail to understand that when they do that, the wipe out the savings dor retirement for others. Raising taxes to support government pensions is morally wrong and economically a disaster. There really should be some qualification to be a politician who them plays with peoples lives.


Australian police offer reward for information about murder of ex-KGB colonel "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Police in the Australian state of Queensland have offered a $250,000 (US $182,000) reward for information that can help solve the murder of a former Soviet KGB colonel 18 years ago. The victim, Gennadi Bernovski, worked in the domestic wing of the Soviet KGB, until his retirement, which coincided with the dissolution of the USSR. In 1996, he moved to Australia with his family and bought a house in Benowa Waters, a luxury suburb of Gold Coast, a city located south of Brisbane on the countrys east coast. But on the evening of July 24, 2000, Bernovski was shot to death outside his home by what witnesses said were two men in combat diver suits.


OPINION: Marriage Has Changed Throughout History But Gender Inequalities Remain "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

By Michelle Brady, University of Queensland and Belinda Hewitt, University of Melbourne One year ago, Australians were asked Should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry?. The answer was a resounding yes more than 60% of those who expressed a view backed marriage equality. The anniversary of this historic moment offers ...

The post OPINION: Marriage Has Changed Throughout History But Gender Inequalities Remain appeared first on QNews Magazine.


Man Stabbed While Allegedly Saving 7-Year Old Girl from Sexual Assault "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

It has been reported that a 46-year old man was stabbed in the abdomen and neck during an altercation which ensued when he allegedly confronted a 54-year old man who was attempting to sexually assault a 7-year old girl in a toilet block underneath a dance studio on Railway Road in Kogarah just before 8pm last

The post Man Stabbed While Allegedly Saving 7-Year Old Girl from Sexual Assault appeared first on Sydney Criminal Lawyers.


Supermarkets of Mystery - Indo Mie Salted Egg Curly Fried Noodle "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Indo Mie gets into the Salted Egg flavour craze, turning a cheap packet of instant noodles into an expensive packet of instant noodles. Marketing wins again! Salted egg flavoured chips, croissants filled with salted egg sauce and ice creams made with the rich sauce have been taking off in Singapore for some time and the rich, duck yolk flavour is a favourite in Malaysia, Indonesia and China


RocKwiz Revue is touring Australia now "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

In case you missed it, the RocKwiz team are hitting the road for a national tour. Hosts Julia Zemiro and Brian Nankervis will be joined by the RocKwiz Orchestra as they travel around Australian cities and regional areas. The team will be tackling venues in Canberra, Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne, Bendigo, Fremantle and The Gold Coast. For more information, check out the video below.

Watch: RocKwiz Revue Is Back On The Road

RocKwiz Revue
2018 Australian Tour

NOV 16
Newcastle, Civic Theatre

NOV 17
Thirroul, Anitas Theatre

NOV 18
Thirroul, Anitas Theatre

NOV 19
Canberra, Canberra Theatre

NOV 20
Sydney, The Enmore Theatre

NOV 22 Adelaide,
Thebarton Theatre

NOV 23
Melbourne, Palais Theatre

NOV 24
Geelong, Costa Hall

NOV 25
Bendigo, Ulumbarra Theatre


WATCH: Powerful Short Film Highlights The Struggles Faced By Transgender Youth "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

UK actor, director and trans activist Jake Graf has released a powerful short film that hes hoping will shine a light on the struggles faced by young transgender people. Released during Transgender Awareness Week this week, the short film Listen shares the inner thoughts of a group of transgender teens as they face bullying and ...

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Thank Folk Its Friday 16th November "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

This Week in Folk All the News From The Week That Was Releases This Week Boxing Day Drive Mick Thomas and The Roving Commission Bandcamp Delta Mumford & Sons iTunes Live From Telluride The Infamous Stringdusters iTunes Live at Red Rocks Amphitheatre Vance Joy iTunes Timber and Steel Recommends Go []


Tanzania Loses Millions Of Dollars In Aid After Gay Crackdown Comments "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Denmark are withholding 65m krone ($AU13.5 million) in aid to Tanzania after unacceptable homophobic comments from a senior politician, a Danish minister has said. Late last month, Paul Makonda, commissioner for populous city Dar es Salaam, announced plans to form a taskforce to hunt down LGBTIQ people, urging the public to pass the names of ...

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Saffin declares support for rail trail "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Labor candidate for Lismore Janelle Saffin has come out in support of building a rail trail.

The Rail Trail Project is one that will be of benefit to the local communities right across the Lismore electorate, said Ms Saffin.

The wonderful group of volunteers who are working to make the Rail Trail a reality, need to know that all state candidates are backing them.

The statement is bound to cause controversy with a number of groups who are vocal about retaining the rail corridors for possible reinstatement of trains.

However, Ms Saffin has countered their objections saying The Rail Trail community is unequivocal in its support for the retention of the rail corridors to leave open all options for future transport development.

I stand with them on that and previously acted to stop our rail corridors being sold off. I secured thousands of signatures from the local community that successfully put pressure on the state government and helped this happen.

When I was first approached by the inaugural Rail Trail Team, I told them that I was in strong support as long as they backed in the retention of the rail corridor. They did then and they do now, she said.

The Rail Trail Project sits comfortably with the development of a Regional Integrated Public Transport Plan that we desperately need in our region and one that I have and shall continue to advocate strongly for.

At Labors recent NSW Country Conference, I was successful in gaining unanimous support for the Regional Integrated Public Transport Plan motion, put forward by our Lismore Labor Branch.

Ms Saffin concluded, As the Country Labor candidate for the state seat of Lismore, I have promoted both the Rail Trail Project and the Regional Integrated Public Transport Plan, to the Labor Leadership.

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Local environment provides the face of 2018 Black Gully Festival "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A stylised lizard is the face of this years Black Gully Festival an annual celebration that brings people together to enjoy music, art, the environment and our community. Designed by local artist Simon Mellor, this years logo makes a creative mark while representing many elements of what the Black Gully Festival is all about. Black [...] full article 


UNE Tamworth Practical Solutions for Reversing Climate Change "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

[ Tuesday, 20 Nov; 5:30 pm; ] Based on the book "Drawdown The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming" This event aims to educate and inspire individuals and businesses in practical ways we can reverse climate change locally. The night will consist of guest speakers and a Q & A section + light refreshments On Tuesday 20 November 2018 at [...] full article 


Latham's 8-Point Plan to stop overpopulation in Sydney "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Ex Labor leader, Mark Latham, recently joined Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party and will be running for the NSW legislative council at the next state election. Here is his 8-Point Plan to "save Sydney suffocating from overpopulation and overdevelopment."

Latham's 8-Point Plan

1. Our immigration program must be framed in the interest of the people who live here now. This is especially true of policies impacting on an over-crowded, increasingly dysfunctional city like Sydney.

2. Permanent immigration numbers should be slashed, bringing them closer to their 20th Century average of 70,000 per annum (down from 190,000 currently). Temporary visas must also be cut back.

3. NSW should not take any more special refugee intakes, given the mismanagement of Syrian refugee settlement by the Baird Government.

4. Sydneys planning laws must be overhauled to make the city more efficient and sustainable. An urban containment strategy is needed. For existing suburbs, One Nation supports development and density restrictions in under-serviced, over-crowded LGAs. The Government should publish a comprehensive report identifying these suburbs (most likely, most of the city).

5. The release of greenfields residential land also needs to be limited to prevent further urban sprawl. Priority should be given to the development of employment land in Sydney to reduce commuter-travelling times, especially in the citys outer suburbs.

6. The Greater Sydney Commission should be disbanded (at an annual cost saving of $18 million) as it has become a mouthpiece for Big Australia immigration and unlimited population growth in Sydney. Political appointments and unrealistic planning strategies have dominated the Commissions work.

7. The Greater Sydney Commissions excessive housing and population growth targets should also be abandoned. NSW Planning should be given the task of containing the citys growth to reasonable lifestyle, infrastructure and environmental limits. Local Councils, as the level of government closest to the people, also have a critical role to play in limiting densities and development in line with local infrastructure/service capacity. One Nation respects this vital local government urban planning role.

8. The State Government should scale back the responsibilities of the so-called W...


Mullum sculpture park creates a special sense of place "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Circulate by Ellen Ferrier and Bree Cribbin. Photo Aslan Shand.

Palm Park in Mullum is always a lovely spot to enjoy a moment of quiet reflection but over this weekend it has taken on a whole new atmosphere. It isnt just the palms and the goannas that you get to commune with  this weekend you can also enjoy the beautiful sculptures that are scattered throughout the park.

The inaugural Mullumbimby sculpture festival, Ingenuity, opened on Wednesday evening and is displaying the work of 26 local artists the are placed in the park from the Scout Hall (behind the post office) around to Federation Bridge.

During the first half of Thursday morning they had around 250 people who had strolled through the park admiring the artworks.

It has been absolutely fantastic, said curator Gabrielle Dalton.

There has been wonderful response from everyone who has come through and it is a fantastic way to really honour this park.

Germination by Jason Morning was the winner of the acquisition prize and will be found a permanent home in the Byron Shire. Photo Aslan Shand.

Acquisition prize

An anonymous donor has provided $5,000 for the acquisition of one of the sculptures that was won by Jason Morning. His sculpture Germination is now set to be placed on permanent display, in a position that is yet to be announced, somewhere in the shire.

The donor wants...


Book Launch: Locked On! "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

[ Friday, 7 Dec; 5:30 pm; ] Friday 7th December, 5.30 pm Readers Companion, 149 Beardy St Mall This event launches Marty Branagans illustrated novel Locked On! The Seventh and Most Illegal in the Hitchhikers Guide Trilogy. Its a fictionalised account of the Leard Forest blockade against coal mining on the Liverpool Plains, and the blockade against coal seam gas on farmland at Bentley, [...] full article 


Now is your last chance to go solar before RECs reduce again on 1 January 2019 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The uptake of solar power across Australia continues to be one of the shining lights for sustainability, particularly against the backdrop of drought, deepening climate change and losses to biodiversity. The financial benefits of going solar are as significant for most people as these environmental reasons. St Vincent de Pauls recent annual electricity report (see Sydney Morning [...] full article 


John Pilger Film Festival Opens Soon "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A film festival celebrating the work of documentarians and curated by one of the most internationally renowned of them all, John Pilger will open in Sydney at the end of the month.

The Power of the Documentary is a collaboration between the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) and the Riverside Theatres, Parramatta.

The festival presents 26 landmark documentaries selected by Pilger, including a retrospective of his own work.

At a time of information onslaught, much of it repetitive, said Pilger, the documentary remains a powerful way of making sense of the world, of connecting the past with the present and breaking the silence that is so often truth.

The programme runs from November 28 to December 9 and includes the long banned War Game by Peter Watkins, Edward Murrows Harvest of Shame and Peter Daviss Hearts and Minds.

Tickets are available here.

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Sydney Police Officer Pleads Guilty to Vile, Cowardly and Intolerable Threats "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

By Sonia Hickey and Ugur Nedim Senior Constable Sean Daniel Murphy, a 57-year-old officer with 30 years in the NSW Police Force and two awards for bravery to his name, has pleaded guilty to using a carriage service to menace, harass or offend after calling federal Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Youngs office and making threats towards

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02:20 crowdfunding film: Accelerate "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

This is what it would take to fund the transition to a new world. All of Australia could be converted to renewable energy for 7.7% of the money in the super funds in this country which is how we know 100% renewable energy is 100% doable. Thats one of the messages in the Accelerate film, the [...] full article 


Nature Conservation Council Top 20 NSW deforestation hotspots exposed "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A few hours ago, I was in NSW Parliament to launch a new report on deforestation in NSW. Weve exposed the top 20 deforestation hotspots in NSW. Shockingly, 17 of the 20 hotspots are home to koala habitat that is now at risk of land clearing under NSWs new deforestation laws. With fewer than 21,000 koalas [...] full article 


War Movies "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Hurt Locker. A man who doesn't like feeling extremely alive is trapped in a supermarket.

Zero Dark Thirty. Jessica Chastain is so driven a man's head explodes.

Saving Private Ryan. Every American is murdered on a beach.

American Sniper. An American sniper struggles to build a new life for himself in Iraq.

Fury. Brad Pitt absorbs five hand grenades with his balls and then you can see a flag and it's the Stars'n'Stripey.

12 strong. A war movie is terrible but people who want to join up won't notice.

Lone Survivor. The ex-serviceman who killed 13 college kids gave it five stars.


Mullum Music Festival opens up "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Lior was one of the great acts that opened the Mullum Music Festival last night. Photo Jeff Dawson.

The Mullum Music Festival has officially launched to a full house by a great range of performances last night at the Mullumbimby Civic Hall.

William Crighton performs at the Mullum Music Festival. Photo Jeff Dawson.

Winner of the Under 15 category, 11-year-old Murwillumbah schoolgirl Emmagen Rain wowed the audience with her performance and in the words of MC Mandy Nolan There are not many people who can do Adele well Emmagen did it better.

Emmagen is being mentored by William Crighton who also performed along with artists Hat Fitz & Cara, Geordie Lane, Husky GAwenda & Gideon Preiss, China Bowls and Dao of Dylan.


Koala extinction by-product of logging "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

An image from the media campaign that is blitzing the North Coast. Photo supplied.

Koala numbers have plummeted by 33 per cent over the last twenty years and experts are now warning that they are likely to be driven to extinction. In NSW the decline of koalas and other native wildlife is being driven by inadequate state laws regulating both private land clearing and logging.

The National Parks Association of NSW (NPA) is calling on the NSW government to abandon its draconian logging plans and chart an exit out of native forest logging, and for the federal government to rethink its commitment to signing new Regional Forest Agreements (RFAs), said Ms Alix Goodwin, NPA CEO.

Theyve based their call on the recent study by three University of Canberra academics for Forest & Wood Products Australia (FWPA) reported recently in the Sydney Morning Herald that showed a strong majority of people oppose native forest logging. 

The study found that urban and rural votes broadly share the same strong disapproval of logging putting the lie to claims that only urban dwellers care about the environment and that logging is unpopular even where the remnants of the industry persist, said Ms Goodwin. 

The results are in line with polling conducted in the NSW electorates of Lismore and Ballina in December 2017 that showed 90 per cent support for protecting forests for wildlife, water, carbon stores and recreation.

This is the latest piece of evidence that clearly demonstrates how far the NSW governments...


APRadio podcast 16-11-2018 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Australian Patriot Radio

Fellow Mushrooms

Harry and Mike Holt present their weekly OZ CHAT program, this week exposing the overkill of Australian Federal security agencies numbering 20 providing spooks under the bed to our 24 million people far exceeding anything like this in the USA. Victorian election and Bourke Street terrorist killings being dismissed AGAIN by politicians..We apologise for some of the audio being being of reduced quality due to internet connection problems.



Byron Councillors make second push to end nude bathing at Tyagarah "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Paul Bibby

A group of Byron Shire councillors will attempt to reverse the recent decision to keep Tyagarah Beach clothes optional when the council has its full meeting next week.

The councillors, including Mayor Simon Richardson (Greens), have put forward two motions which, if passed, would put an end to nude bathing at Tyagarah.

Instead, a 12-month clothes optional trial would be introduced on a stretch of beach in Byron Bay.

The proposed recision motion continues the ongoing saga over Tyagarah Beach, which has seen a long-running battle between naturists and a group of residents who are concerned about the ongoing instances of anti-social and illegal behaviour there.

At the last full council meeting on October 19 a motion to keep Tyagarah clothes optional was narrowly passed by five votes to three.

The motion included a plan to install up to 20 cameras to record vehicle registration and personal behaviour in the Tyagarah reserve.

Cr Richardson and councillors Paul Spooner (Labor) and Jan Hackett (Labor) are now attempting to overturn that decision.

If they are successful in that first step, the councillors will put forward a second motion to outlaw nude bathing at Tyagarah, and to introduce a 12-month trial of nude bathing on a stretch of beach in Byron Bay from The Wreck to Beaumonts Beach House.

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Australian premiere of The Sky Piercer "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The North Face presents the Australian premiere of the film The Sky Piercer, with screenings happening in Sydney and Melbourne, which will include a Q&A with athletes Sam Smoothy and Fraser McDougall, alongside director Jase Hancox.

Anyone who has climbed in New Zealand/ Aotearoa will know what a daunting mountain Aoraki is. To plan to climb it and then ski it is taking things to another level.

The idea: 

The team hit the road with the objective to climb and ski the East Face of Aoraki Mt Cook, New Zealands highest mountain. They are being beaten down by the weather with the likelihood of meeting the objective looking less and less within the time allocated for the project. They embrace the Kiwi road trip with the hope of a weather window.

You can watch the trailer here.

There are two shows in Australia.

SYDNEY 28 Nov Find the Facebook event here.

MELBOURNE 29 Nov Find the Facebook event here.

You can read a Q&A with director Jase Hancox here.



Rewriting her story "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Edgars Mission - lamb, Lucille

Little Lucille Lamb managed to out fox a fox, but she couldnt out fox kindness. It was a kind heart who brought Lucille to Edgars Mission after a predator attack inflicted multiple wounds over her body, where infection had set in. Not long after her arrival, we realised it would take our very best efforts to pull her through.

Edgars Mission - lamb, Lucille-2

Lucille has undergone a procedure to debride the severely infected wound claiming a large portion of her hindquarters and x-rays have been taken to determine the extent of damage to her front leg. With a splint applied to straighten the limb, it is our hope Lucille will regain use of it once more and be able to run, skip and jump as all lambs should.

With her delicate long lashes and soul-searching eyes, Lucilles beauty, strength and resilience have well and truly captured not only our hearts but also our respect. As twice-daily bandage changes, laser therapy, medications and regular veterinary check-ups continue, we are utilising all we have in our arsenal to ensure Lucille has many more years of love, care and kindness ahead of her. Stay tuned as we continue to rewrite the chapters of Lucilles life. Her story has only just begun.


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IndyWatch All AU Local News Feed Today.

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Thursday, 15 November


Malcolm Turnbull to star at Australian Bar Association conference tonight "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The preeminent legal conference of 2018 rise2018 relevant/resilient/respected is a prestigious two-day conference to be held at the International Convention Centre Sydney. The conference boasts an impressive speaker line-up that will highlight and profile the excellence of the Australian legal profession with a focus on national and international legal...


How Australias NRA-inspired gun lobby is trying to chip away at gun control laws, state by state "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


How Australias NRA-inspired gun lobby is trying to chip away at gun control laws, state by state

File 20181114 194500 wwi1je.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1The SIFA gun lobby is running ads in Victoria targeting Labor in the hopes it can get more pro-gun independent MPs elected.
Dean Lewins/AAP

George Rennie, University of Melbourne

One of the more noticeable ad campaigns in the upcoming Victoria state election comes from a seemingly unlikely source. The Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia (SIFA) seeks to unwind Australias gun regulations, and knows that state governments are as good a place as any to start.

SIFA is a key part of Australias gun lobby, and uses the same tactics as its American equivalent, the National Rifle Association (NRA). Like the NRA, SIFA seeks to co-opt democratic norms to force change, even when it is directly at odds with overwhelming public opinion.

SIFAs Not Happy Dan television ad.

The NRA playbook

A common misconception about the NRA is that its a grass-roots organisation. This implies that policy comes from its many paid members,...


Diary of Death 16 23 November "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A life threatening list of imminent events happening in Sydney and surrounds, selected weekly by Jack Shit.

Jack Off with Jack Shit airs Saturday arvos between 3 and 5PM



Beau Wanzer (US), Ptwiggs, Lucy Cliche, WRX, Equalizer 24k, Low Flung, Debris Warehouse venue
Remi and Raiza Biza Lansdowne
Wreckless Eris (UK), Natalie de Silver Petersham Bowling Club
Mutants: B.I.N.T, Defeatist Sprawl, Passenger of Shit, DJ Portaloo Valve Bar 10PM til 3AM
The Nature Strip, Peabody Coogee Diggers EP launch and final gig before indefinite hiatus FREE
Culture: MCs Peter, Spvrrow, Johnny (from the burbs), Lauren, RBT; DJs Aldrin, Watermellow, Julian, Mike, Renee The Imperial, Rooty Hill
Jack Shit Palmer & Co 5 til 8PM FREE
Lume Etiquette, East Denistone, Plastic Jack Time and Tide Hotel, Dee Why
Wharves, Teenage Dads Chippo Hotel
Paces The Lair
Holy Holy, Clews, San Mei The Beery, Terrigal
Johnny Hunter Rad, Wollongong



  Mezko, Vowws (US/AUS) Gaelic Club
Wreckless Eris (UK); DJ Rusty Hopkinson Hardys Bay Club


Will robots bring us utopia? An end-of-year debate! "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

6 pm Friday 7 December The Toff in Town, 252 Swanston Street, Melbourne Overland and the National Union of Workers are hosting a lively end-of-year debate on the topic of automation and what it will mean for workers and labour.


Politics in the Pub wraps 2018 with activist panel "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Storyteller, educator, artist and activist Jenni Cargill-Strong.

A host of regional activists have been assembled for the final Politics in the Pub of 2018.

Organisers say, Well hear what they have achieved, but more importantly what they see as the challenges ahead and how we might address them.

Speakers include: enviro-community activist Annie Kia; activist, educator, academic and writer Aidan Ricketts; editor of The Echo Hans Lovejoy; passionate re-localiser Sasha Mainsbridge; storyteller, educator, artist and activist Jenni Cargill-Strong; writer, enviro-activist Dr Liz Elliott;  young enviro-activist Kate Montford and filmmaker and activist Michael Balson.

Organisers say, You dont have to go traipsing across the globe to find great political activists; theyre right here in our region. And weve got the evidence to prove it.

Just look at the success of rolling back CSG, pushing for energy democracy and alternatives to fossil fuels, agitation against waste and pollution, opposition to the anti-protest laws

The event takes place November 28, 6.30pm till 8.30, at the Court House Hotel, Mullumbimby.

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Nationals Matthew Fraser running for the third time for Richmond "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Matthew Fraser has bee preselected by the National Party to run against Labors Justine Elliot for the third time. Photo Twitter

Matthew Fraser has once again been preselected as the National Party candidate for Richmond to run against Labors Justine Elliot. This follows two previous attempts to win the seat in 2013 and 2016.

A small business owner, Mr Fraser says he is keen to restore strong representation to the region.

The people of Richmond deserve better than a career politician, they deserve someone with vision, ethics and a commitment to the community, he said. Returning Richmond back to the Nationals has been and is a long process; this election will be the toughest battle yet and the gloves are off. The Nationals have successfully represented this region for decades and I intend to give the people strong and effective representation.

Gloves off

Sitting member Justine Elliot has been quick to respond to the announcement of Mr Frasers preselection saying that there are three major reasons why Scott Morrisons National Party candidate for Richmond, Matthew Fraser, does not deserve your vote.

Ms Elliot says that Mr Fraser referred to members of the Richmond electorate as the great unwashed in a video he posted on Facebook 5 October 2018 and calls his comments a disrespectful and arrogant attack on our community [that] is unforgivable.

Supporting harsh aged pension cuts put forward in Tony Abbotts 2014 budget (Tweed Daily News14 May 2014) and support for reducing penalty rates in 2015 (Tweed Sun 27 August 2015) were also cited as reasons not to support Mr Frasers bid for the seat.

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Santos Organics on the lookout for not-for-profit organisations "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

With a sackful of cash, Santos Organics are asking the public to nominate a local not-for-profit organisation who are doing great things for the planet and people in our community.

Organisers say, Every week, many of the Santos Organics team salary sacrifice one per cent of their wage to help local not-for-profit organisations. 

The next Santos Organics team grant sees $13,650 in wages being more than matched by Santos Organics to total a whopping $30,000 soon to be donated to great causes!

To nominate your chosen environmental or social not-for-profit organisation, visit Nominations close 5pm November 16.

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Teachers for Refugees "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


To all Newlands Parents. 

I write to you as a parent and a teacher to tell you about a strike that is happening on Tuesday November 20 on Universal Children's Day. 

Teachers across Victoria will be walking off the job and heading into the city to primarily show our opposition to keeping young children locked up but also protesting about the horror and human rights abuse that is detention. 

The rally starts at 2.30 and the AEU have approved the action and the Department of Education have left it up to schools to manage independently. Every teacher that is striking will be taking a half day of unpaid leave.


For Sale "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


For sale!
TXT: 0425 828 701

Off cuts and used sheets of corrugated iron.

1.9-2.9 meters suitable for cladding or chook shed.

$5-10 a sheet or make us an offer for the lot.

Steel Cargo Carrier - as is $50.00 130cm by 110cm.


1) Palm oil supplier to PepsiCo, Mars, and Hershey resumes deforesting in Indonesia "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

2) Trans-border link will unlock North Fly

1) Palm oil supplier to PepsiCo, Mars, and Hershey resumes deforesting in Indonesia
Mongabay Series:
by  on 15 November 2018



Elderly man falls from roof at Blue Knob "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Westpac Rescue Helicopter was tasked with flying a 71 year old man to the Prince Alfred Hospital in Brisbane. Photo supplied.

A 71 year old man fell from a roof on a property at Blue Knob near Nimbin yesterday. The man was treated at the site for spinal injuries by emergency services. He was then flown by the Westpac Life  Saver Rescue Helicopter to the Prince Alfred Hospital in Brisbane for further treatment.

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137 personal bests at Wonthaggi Little Aths "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Finish of the Under 10 800 metres at Wonthaggi Little Athletics last Saturday.

LAST Saturday, the weather was kind to us at Wonthaggi Little Aths with the sun shining and only a light wind.
The athletes at the Wonthaggi Little Athletics Club were out in force, pushing themselves to run faster, throw further and jump longer or higher in the case of our athletes competing in the high jump.
A total of 85 athletes competed on Saturday with 59 athletes achieving 137 personal best scores between them; a great effort. Ten athletes scored 4 PBs out of 5 events.
They are: Jake Marotta: Jav, LJ, 60mH, 70m; Riley Rutland: Jav, LJ, 60mH, 70m; Oscar Shumack: Jav, LJ, 60mH, 70m; Hayden Purton: Sp, 60mH, 70m, HJ; Qiarshi Adams: Jav, LJ, 60mH, 70m; Mackenzie Wain: SP, HJ, 200m, 80mH; Aidan Smyth: TJ, 60mH, Disc, 70m; Lucy Thompson: SP, HJ, 60mH 70m; Rosinda Charlton: LJ, 60mH, 70m, 50m; and Ailish Flynn: Jav, LJ, 60mH, 70m.
Well done everyone! A reminder to parents that this months committee meeting will be held at the Wonthaggi Workmans Club on Tuesday, November 13 at 6pm. We look forward to seeing some new faces.

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River + summer = colour "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Sacred Kingfisher, Loddon River @ Newstead, 14th November 2018


612 ABC Brisbane radio interview on Qld having nations highest unemployment rate "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Yesterday I had an enjoyable chat with Steve Austin on his 612 ABC Brisbane Drive program about the latest ABS Labour Force estimates, which, as I reported in yesterdays post, revealed Queensland is the only state with an unemployment rate of 6% or more.  You can hear our discussion, in which I comment on various regulatory and policy settings, as well as the loss in the 2000s of Queenslands previous status as the low tax state, from 2:02:55:

Drive Thursday 15 November 2018

While Queenslands unemployment rate is typically higher than the national rate (see chart below), the current 1.1 percentage point difference between the rates is currently above the 40-year average of 0.4 percentage points. If the current difference were due solely to a surge in workforce participation related to strong jobs growth I wouldnt be concerned. Alas, it isnt. Queenslands rate of jobs growth is less than half the national average. The Queensland economy continues to under-perform.



Fields of Healing fest launch kids program "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Dirtgirl will make an appearance during the Fields of Healing festival kids program. Photo supplied.

The first Fields of Healing festival, to be held November 24 and 25 at North Byron Parklands, will welcome Indigenous elders, peacemakers, musicians, artists and more from all over the world. 

A kids program has been added to the bill, and will feature the gumboot-wearing, planet-loving Dirtgirl, who will be bringing her grubby fun and joy to the stage at 3pm on Saturday.

Organisers say there will also be natural and recycled craft activities operated by The Family Centre, Native American Dancing, Indigenous weaving and yoga, mindful meditation for kids and more. Kids 15 and under are free. For more info visit

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Grandparents day a hit at Hinterland Christian College "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Enjoying Grandparents Day at Hinterland Christian College. Photo supplied

Kym Thompson 

Sunday October 28 was National Grandparents Day in Australia, and to celebrate, Hinterland Christian College invited grandparents and grandfriends for morning tea and a time of fun activities.

It was a big hit students and grandparents enjoyed a memorable day as they made the most of morning tea together. Principal Karlene Grinham said the school was delighted with the response from families.

We have held Grandparents Day in the past, she said. Its great to see families taking such an interest in the next generation. I was thrilled that even the secondary school grandparents attended and we are keen to do it again in the future.

Our grandparents and grandfriends toured the classrooms, looked at childrens work, participated in activities and observed games in the classroom and playground.

The students thoroughly enjoyed hosting the event for their grandparents and the grandfriends relished the time spent together.

The event was a success owing to the efforts of the entire school years nine and ten Food Technology students baked homemade scones, years seven and eight prepared and served the food and drink. 

Kym Thompson teaches Kindergarten to grade 2.

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MACKAY Menacing phone calls, texts land South Mackay miner in hot water "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

MACKAY November 14, 2018 at 02:42PM ,

Menacing phone calls, texts land South Mackay miner in hot water

November 14, 2018 at 02:42PM ,

Joshua James Mackenzie, 23, appeared before Mackay Magistrates Court, pleading guilty to using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


Emma and the Book Group "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Jane Austen, Emma (1815) Before the meeting: Im not much of a rereader, so reading Emma for the second time for the Book Group is a bit of an event. Please indulge me in some autobiographical reflection. I first read Jane Austen Continue reading


5 great gift ideas for Christmas 2019. "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"



A gift of experiences and memories is a truly unique gift to give a person. Something that wont soon be forgotten or tossed aside. Tinggly makes this even more adventurous by offering the recipient a range of choices they can choose from. Booking.coms recent customer survey found that Almost two thirds of travellers (60%) value experiences higher than material possessions. With this in mind you just need to go to and choose a package of your choice to give as a gift.

Tinggly have a whole range of experience collections including

  • The Bucket List 600+ experiences in over 100countries
  • Best Helicopter Rides
  • Best Balloon rides
  • Time Together for 1-2 people with 440 plus experiences

Tinggly really has something for everyone and you will find everything from getaways for 2 in capital cities to
exploring islands in Thailand. The person that you have gifted the voucher to or if you have received one yourself, they will then have a whole 2 years to apply for a travel experience out of hundreds of choices that theyll be given.
Once you have picked the experience you wish to do you can have the experience voucher delivered straight to your inbox or mailbox, it is completely up to you, you can choose what is convenient for you.

Check out Tinggly today!


Tello Drone

The Tello is a great introduction for a first-time drone users. The Tello is a small and inexpensive drone that is
easy to use. Coming at around the $160 AUD or 99USD it is an affordable Christmas present option. You will get a drone powered by DJI intelligence and DJI the market leader in drones worldwide. The Tello is controlled by a specially built
app on your phone that you can download. The Tello, much like it is much more expensive cou...


People See A Scared Little Animal Stuck At The Bottom Of A Mineshaft "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Manfred Zabinskas, cofounder of Five Freedoms Animal Rescue (FFAR), is rather accustomed to rescuing animals from strange situations

Just recently, Zabinskas went down into a mineshaft because a little face was peering up out of it. He managed to sedate and carry a kangaroo back onto solid ground.

Credit: FFAR

And so when another call came in earlier this month about an animal stuck at the bottom of another mineshaft, Zabinskas expected he would have to go it alone.

Thankfully, this time was a bit different. 

Credit: FFAR

When Zabinskas arrived at the mineshaft in Invermay, Victoria, Australia, he had help. And the small wallaby stuck down at the bottom needed all the help he could get. 

Six firemen and emergency services workers were there to help the little guy, who came to be named Louie.

Credit: FFAR

"A host of personnel from Creswick and Ballarat took charge of the incident and conducted the rescue of the animal with military precision," Zabinskas wrote on the FFAR...


Whale carcass at Collendina "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) officers are responding to a dead whale that washed up on the beach at Collendina.

Members of the public reported seeing a whale carcass in shallow water this morning.

DELWP Regional Agency Commander Aimee Haywood said: Early indications suggest it is a humpback whale in an advanced state of decomposition.

Specialist DELWP personnel are on-site to assess the situation.

Our primary concern for public safety is around an expected increase in shark activity in the area.

Sharks are attracted to any site where there are decomposing carcasses, which poses a safety risk for anyone entering the water.

We strongly advise members of the public to avoid swimming in the area.

As this beach is also a popular site for dog walking, were reminding owners to keep their dogs on-lead and under control at all times.

Signage will be in place to warn of the hazards in the area.

Whale remains are protected by law and must not be interfered with.

We ask any beach goers to please keep their distance as the carcass is badly deteriorated and may be emitting harmful pathogens and a strong smell.

Water quality impacts due to the whales decomposition are unlikely.

An exclusion zone will be established around the carcass as wildlife officers determine if it is able to be moved.

For up to date advice and warnings please visit

Any sightings of whales in distress should be reported to the whale and dolphin emergency hotline on 1300 136 017.  

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Click go the shears "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Four Ocean Grove Primary School students took part in the Worlds Greatest Shave to raise money for blood cancer.

Assisted by Park Lane Mens Hairdressing, Tyrone Brache, Miller Keck, Brodie Styles and Thomas Staehr let the clippers take control and have raised around $3000.

Cheered on by the entire school, the boys came through it with bare heads.

Someone even threw in an extra $50 is Thomas dad Clinton had his head shaved, which he duly obliged.

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Our numbers are up! "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

We are slowly working towards getting our signage needs sorted at the garden. The Give Us A Sign project, funded by Mount Alexander Shire Community Grants  aims to improve the experience for members and non members alike when they visit. Thanks to the generosity of Richard Flavell at Sandleford, we now have durable stainless steel Continue reading Our numbers are up!

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Wednesday, 14 November


Superb! "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

This Superb Fairy-wren has been parading around the front garden in recent days looking, well, superb!

Superb Fairy-wren, Wyndham Street Newstead, 11th November 2018

Tuesday, 13 November


Nightlife in the garden "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

With the warm nights, there is a lot of invertebrate activity in our bush at present. On a Silver Wattle (Acacia dealbata) a Praying Mantis nymph, all of 15mm long.

Praying Mantis nymph

Praying Mantis nymph

Nearby a slow moving ant allows the photographer a few shots. I dont know what species this one is.


Ant on a Golden Wattle (Acacia pycnantha)

Also on a Golden Wattle, a solo beetle.


Beetle #1

And a pair of beetles of a different species work towards the next generation on a Grey Box sucker.


Beetles #2

I found a few of these tiny and very cute weevils.



A katydid nymph, about 10mm long groomed itself as I took some photos. I think the miniscule claw about to scratch the head is so sweet.

Katydid nymph

Katydid nymph


Deep Trouble #8 Tim Errington "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

with Dr Mark Halloran

Or listen on iTunes, Spotify or Stitcher

In this episode we are in conversation with biologist Dr Tim Errington, Director of Metascience for the Center for Open Science (COS), which is dedicated to the replication of scientific research. First we discuss the Reproducibility Project: Psychology, which found that of the 97% of significant results published in high-ranking psychological science journals only 36% of the replications were significant. We discuss some of the post-hoc explanations provided by researchers to explain this failure of replication, as well as the funding incentive system within science which discourages reproduction of research. We follow on from this by discussing the Reproducibility Project: Cancer Biology, which aimed to reproduce medical studies that were published in top-tier journals such as Nature, Science and Cell. So far, 3 of the 5 studies they have attempted to reproduce had strikingly different results from the originals. We discuss this in terms of the extremely high failure rate of phase 2 clinical trials, and how these drugs may not make it into human trials if the pre-clinical trials were more statistically and methodologically robust. We also talk about the general statistical illiteracy in the field as well as the extreme pressure to find positive results in science which is dominated by a culture of publish or perish.

Like what you hear? Listen to all of the Deep Trouble interviews weve run to date.


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