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Saturday, 24 March


Photos- Time to Choose rally Sydney "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Time to Choose rally Sydney 24th  March -demanding  a fresh focus on renewable energy by the state government.
Guardian report on rally



MACKAY Dogs rescued from cruelty recovered and looking for homes "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

MACKAY March 24, 2018 at 11:07AM ,

Dogs rescued from cruelty recovered and looking for homes

March 24, 2018 at 11:07AM ,

A Kuttabul man, the original owner of the dogs, was convicted on 32 counts of breaching duty of care to an animal after pleading guilty in Mackay Magistrates Court. RSPCA inspector Frank Bebernitz said the dogs were reported to be living in squalid conditions with their previous owner, including a sixth

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


APRadio weekly podcast "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Harry Palmer touches on the recent devastating bushfires at Tathra NSW and how the out of control empire builders of emergency services turf wars take precedent over what they are set in place to do under a minster who is in total denial. Mike and Harry chat about government dismissing our constitution to dictate their agenda by legislation that is illegal and how the sheeple voters keep it alive. We are pleased to announce that Peter Spencer is now on our team to bring you in coming weeks his decade+ court battles to expose and reverse your land theft by unaccountable politicians using STEALTH and stand TO PAYOUT BILLION$.Click  Here or the picture to listen


Beach Fishing/ Worming "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Hi All, I'd love to learn how to beach fish, and/or harvest worms from the sand. Are the beaches to the north (Trinity, Palm Cove) good spots for this? You always see a guy or two out there but I'm not sure of their success. The idea of a few hours chasing after some little whiting or bream sounds so appealing to me right now. Any comments or suggestions would be great. Thanks.

submitted by /u/highflyer83
[link] [comments]


Larentiinae Carpet Moths "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Larentiinae moths are a sub-family of Geometridae. They are commonly known as Carpet Moths.

Austrocidaria erasta ...


The Explosion in Fake Gold and Silver "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

In the US, fake gold is now a growing problem that is not being tackled. Congressman Alex Mooney (not Money!) has just written to the US Mint of the growing problem of high-quality counterfeits. He also wrote a letter to the Mint in November 2017 but the Mint responded that the problem was not significant. But the US Secret Service has since briefed the office of Congressman Mooney about the extent of the problem and the lack of supportive actions of other agencies. There we have it  a complacent Mint on the one hand and a Secret Service which is involved in fake gold on the other hand. So this is clearly a major problem.


Counterfeit gold coins have been around since the coinage of gold first started in the Greek city of Lydia around 600 BC. Fake gold bars and coins are ubiquitous and many owners of gold are not aware that they have fake gold. I realised the widespread presence of fake gold when I was interviewed in Sydney by an Australian television news team a few years ago. This team had just visited a gold factory in China. They had covertly filmed the manufacturing of fake bars and coins. They told me that they bought $500,000 of fake gold for $500. These were gold bars and coins with well known brands of LBMA refiners in Switzerland and Australia. For a layman it was not possible to tell that they were fake. There clearly could not have been much gold in these bars since the price was 0.1% of the value of real gold. It would probably have been enough to scratch the surface to find the tungsten which I assume was the metal inside.


Learning about fake gold factories in China gave me invaluable information of what will happen when the gold price goes up. It became very clear to me that the more gold appreciates the more fake gold we will see on the market. The natural consequence of a higher gold price will be a surge of gold factories around the world making fake gold. As gold goes to $2,000, $5,000, $10,000 and much higher when hyperinflation sets in, there will be opportunistic entrepreneurs flooding the gold market with fake bars and coins. The coming gold mania will create a massive demand for gold and desperate retail buyers will buy gold from any source, unaware if it is genuine or not. The coming shortage of gold will force buyers to obtain gold from whatever direction, whether it is Ebay or disreputable dealers.


Eventually the media will catch on to the prevalence of fake gold and tell buyers not to buy gold. Professional investors are unlikely to be affected by this but many retail buyers could be badly hurt. The consequence of the Wild West market will be a concentration of gold tra...


Submissions to the Australian Senate Inquiry on siting federal nuclear waste dump- theme for March 18 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Selection process for a national radioactive waste management facility in South Australia    thats the title of the Senate Inquiry .  Begs the question, doesnt it ?  Why does it have to be assumed that its gotta be in South Australia?

Sounds damn silly to me   toting highly radioactive trash for 1700 km pretty much involving 3 States, all the way from Lucas Heights, Sydney, where it can be relatively safely kept until decades later when they might bury it permanently near to the nuclear reactor thats producing it.

But never mind.  These uninformed Senators need your submission. Theyve already got at least 5 ...


Accomplice "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The moons on the lake, and the mists on the brae,
And the Clan has a name that is nameless by day;
Then gather

Sir Walter Scott MacGregors gathering

photo 3(1)

Both the words Southport and Burleigh have been recorded as two deliberate choices by two different survey missions (led by Pratten and Dixon) to overlook local place names from the local Aboriginal language (Yugambeh?) in favour of sentimental references to Great Britain.

Im curious about the relative absence of public commentary about the labeling of Burleigh Heads.  In the absence of real public contest or confident assertion, Burleigh provides a hospitable and inclusive space for thinking about the dangerous notion of accomplice.

The Burleigh Headland seems to have been an important location in Kombumerri Country before Robert Dixon labeled the headland, Burley Head on his map of 1842.  Many historical commentators like to assert that Dixon ignored the instructions from his superiors to utilize the words and place names from the local Aboriginal languages when labeling landforms on his maps.  They also commonly assert that Dixons Anglophile tendencies have been addressed by...


Tarra-Bulga Moths Hepialidae (Ghost Moths) "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

To date we have 5 different species of moths in the family Hepialidae recorded in Tarra-Bulga National Park.

Abantiades labyrinthicus ...


Were looking for homegrown ski and boarding films "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

As part of the Backcountry Festival being held at Falls Creek this September, we will be hosting a showing of locally made backcountry skiing and riding films. If youve produced a short film (max 7 minutes) that youd like to show to a crowd of snow enthusiasts, please get in touch.

They will be shown from 7 9.30pm on Saturday September 1, in the Falls Creek village.


Were delighted to be able to show some work from film maker Stephen Curtain, who produced the classic Australian telemark film Winter Dreaming.

.There are no guidelines for submitting films, beyond the request to keep under the maximum length. Were specifically looking for films made outside resorts, and at this point dont have any splitboarding films. They dont need to be professionally produced but need to be engaging and suitable for an all age audience. We would love to get films made by women.

The venue holds a maximum of 60 people so this will be a ticketed event. The backcountry film festival is a volunteer event and we do not have the ability to pay for films.

We would like to receive films by the end of May to allow us to advertise the full program for the evening before winter.

Please contact

[IMAGE: skier Graham Hammond. Stephen Curtain collection]




Showing the thank you card before publishing the two wedding rings "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

They are so over the moon with their wedding rings, Barbara had them sitting on two leaves on the desktop when they arrived . . . turning over a new leaf was the presentation theme. Now the rings are secreted away until after their discrete event no one knows its happening so I cant whisper a thing nor show you the pics.


Superbugs could outstrip cancer in disease-related deaths "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Antibiotic hunter Dr Mark Blaskovich says antibiotic resistance is growing faster than the research and has the potential to bring modern medicine to a halt.


Moths Part 1 Arctiidae (Footmen and Tiger Moths) "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

To date we have 17 different species of moths in the family Arctiidae recorded in Tarra-Bulga National Park.

Arctiidae is a large family of moths with around 11,000 species found all over the world. This family includes the groups commonly known as tiger moths (or tigers). Tiger moths usually have bright colours, footmen (which are usually much drabber), lichen moths and wasp moths. Many species have hairy caterpillars which are popularly known as woolly bears or woolly worms. The scientific name refers to this (Gk. = a bear).


Spilosoma canescens ...


What to look for in leather riding gear "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Do you know what you should look for in a leather jacket, pants or suit?  Were not talking about style, but protection.

Is cow or roo leather best? Should the gear have triple stitching? What do the EN numbers mean? What armour should it have? Do perforations make it weak?

We asked Brisbane leather exert Andrew Smart of Ricondi Motorcycle Apparel for his tips on what customers should look for whether they are buying a leather jacket for the road or a suit to go racing.

Ricondi recommends tight leathers Andrew Smart - what to look forAndrew Smart of Ricondi

Here are his tips:


Andrew says leather thickness does not equate to quality.

Leather hides are split into layers and the toughest is the outside layer, or top grain.

It is difficult even for some experts to tell top-grain leather from lower layers, he says.

So you may simply have to trust the label if it says top-grain leather. Typically cheap products use cheap leather.

Usually it feels more supple, has a rich natural grain ad doesnt have a plastic-sheen look.

However, Andrew warns that some manufacturers run their hides through a roller that imprints a false grain.

Both kangaroo and top-grain cow hides are good quality and many racers these days choose kangaroo.

Properly tanned roo hides are stronger at a thinner thickness which can make a garment lighter, more supple and more comfortable.


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Friday, 23 March


Retreat "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


One for the health practitioners among us! 

How is 2018 shaping up for you? Do you need to re-engage with your purpose and find new passion for your work? What is next for you? We created a little video from footage taken on the 2017 Bali practitioner retreat - I dare you to not get inspired! Ah, Bali See the video here:

Please share if you know anyone who needs this. We have some wonderful practitioners committed to joining us for this truly incredible experience in May 2018. Its going to be just what we all need!

Last chance for booking your place - applications close on Monday 26th March. 



New Police Watchdog Lacks the Funding to Investigate Complaints "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

By Paul Gregoire and Ugur Nedim The new NSW police watchdog has revealed that due to a lack of funding its had to forego monitoring a large number of already active critical incident investigations, as well as disregard more than fifty police integrity complaints. In a submission to a joint parliamentary committee on oversight published

The post New Police Watchdog Lacks the Funding to Investigate Complaints appeared first on Sydney Criminal Lawyers.


Leucaena leucocephala might be a food we should be growing locally. "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

This article will be of interest to food growers in our shire.


Caution: This blog does not take responsibility for the accuracy of the published information. Sources regarding edibility often disagree as in the case below.


'Guaje Garlic Pumpkin Seeds that are Free Food

Guaje pronounced Gwah-hee and also known as Leucaena leucocephala is a tree in the acacia family that grows all over the world. It might even be growing in your area, they grow in California, Texas, Florida, Hawaii, Brazil, Australia, Mexico, South America, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Israel, Philippines, Asia, Thailand, Laos, Burma, India, and Africa. So guaje can be found all over the world and have many health benefits. And guaje seeds are free food!



Blanket Run season begins for homeless "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Motorcycle Blanket Runs are about to start as the weather gets cooler and homeless people become vulnerable to disease and death.

We are interested in publishing details about your motorcycle clubs Blanket Run. Just send details and photos to us via email.

The first on the calendar is the annual Blanket Run for Brisbanes Homeless on Sunday, April 22, 2018, at Harrys Diner.

There is breakfast from 8am and the ride starts at 9.30am, heading to Dayboro for lunch by the local Lions and Mens Shed.

BMaDBrisbane Blanket Run for homeless

This years Blanket Run is being organised by BMaD-Bikers Making a Difference.

Spokesman Jason Hallett says BMaD consists of bikers, friends and families who meet weekly throughout South East Queensland organising events, and feeding and supporting the needy. They also work with other community groups.

Our purpose is to help those less fortunate from making a young disabled child smile to providing items and food directly to the homeless on our streets, he says.

We encourage others within the biker community to help us help others, so far the support and contributions to our group from others has been overwhelming.

2018 Blank Run



March 24 On This Day in Australian History "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

You can all begin by raising a glass to John Busby who was whelped on this day in 1765, and who began the 10 year construction of Sydney's first regular water supply known as Busby's Bore on his birthday in 1827.

1796 - Bass and Flinders did not find Lake Illawarra but instead fell over a noisy skinny dipping pool party.
They declined the invitation to join in due to their mortal fear of verdigris.

1804 - And after a plethora of names such as Mulumbinba, Coal River, Hunter's River,Coal Harbour, and King's Town they finally settled on calling the damn spot Newcastle.

1810 - David Collins dropped off the perch rather suddenly...probably been over-doing the little blue "performance" pills again, randy bugger.

1854 - An Act to Establish a Constitution in and for the Colony of Victoria or more commonly the first 'Constitution Act' was passed in the Victorian Legislative Council. This set out the principles and methods for Parliament and would comprise two houses the Legislative Council and the Legislative Assembly.

1862 - The Peeps in Power in NSW went completely nuts today when they madly threw open the Main North Railway Line from Lochinvar - Branxton.

1879 - The bridge at Murray Bridge in South Oz - as you can't have a Murray Bridge without a bridge - was opened for traffic. Playing catch up, as always, it was adapted for choo-choo's in 1886.

1883 - The Salvo's fish and chip wrapper newspaper Warcry was flogged sold for the first time in Sydney.

1890 - The train travellers were most pleased when the railway line from Burnley to Oakleigh (Vic) was flung open for intrepid tripsters.

1891 - Dr Richard Schomburgk, the Director of Adelaide's Botanic Gardens, suddenly dropped off the perch.
Read more about this former Prussian rebel who dreamt up fabulous flora for Adelaide that's still enjoyed to this day.

1891 - The peeps wot made decisions at that extinct beast Victoria Railways were sniffing some sort of adhesive when they closed the Dunkeld to Penshurst railway line.

1891 - But obviously not all of them at Victoria Railways were as high as Harry Highpants' Top Hat cos they opened the line from Fairfield Park to Riversdale.

1891 - They were on a roll when they opened the railway line from Maldon (Laanecoorie Junction) to Shelbourne (Vic).

1900 - In Queensland 1,280 acres were gazetted as an Aboriginal reserve at Barambah.

1907 - The world's first surf reel was dem...


1) Opposition denounces Fiji First govt's support for Indonesia "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

2) Indonesia: Teens Death Underscores Impunity in West Papua, Activists Say


1) Opposition denounces Fiji First govt's support for Indonesia

12:42 pm on 23 March 2018 

Fiji's Opposition Social Democratic Liberal Party said it is deeply disturbed about allegations that the Fiji First Government acted forcibly to have Indonesia admitted as an associate member of the Melanesian Spearhead Group.
In a statement today, the shadow...


Video Friday: Robot Playdate, Big Drone, and Self-Driving Car in Snow "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Your weekly selection of awesome robot videos Image: Agility Robotics via YouTube

Video Friday is your weekly selection of awesome robotics videos, collected by your Automaton bloggers. Well also be posting a weekly calendar of upcoming robotics events for the next few months; heres what we have so far (send us your events!):

US National Robotics Week  April 7-17, 2018  United States
Xconomy Robo Madness  April 12, 2018  Bedford, Mass., USA
NASA Swarmathon  April 17-19, 2018  Kennedy Space Center, Fla., USA
RoboSoft 2018  April 24-28, 2018  Livorno, Italy
ICARSC 2018  April 25-27, 2018  Torres Vedras, Portugal
NASA Robotic Mining Competition  May 14-18, 2018  Kennedy Space Center, Fla., USA
ICRA 2018  May 21-25, 2018  Brisbane, Australia

Let us know if you have suggestions for next week, and enjoy todays videos.

Agility Robotics had a good week. And heres one of their Cassies on a playdate with a four-legged friend. Aww.

Cassie had a meet-and-greet with a four-legged friend during one of our visits to Playground.

[ Agility Robotics ]

Aerones is a company that makes drones. Big drones. Really big drones.

In case you cant tell how big that drone is, here it is lifting a person out of a boat:



Rose Tremains Restoration "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Rose Tremain, Restoration (1989, Sceptre 1990)

Irestoration.jpg read this book another gift from strangers by way of our little Street Library while in London with the Moving Hearts Project, which regular readers will know involves shaping hearts from clay. It was a lovely bit of serendipity that in the first couple of pages the narrator, an anatomy student in the mid 17th century, is forced to contemplate an astounding phenomenon:

I am encircling a human heart, a living human heart with my hand. I am now, in fact, squeezing it with controlled but not negligible force.

I had been doing the same with a heart of clay just minutes before I read that.

Robert Merivel, the narratorhero, quits medicine for the pleasures and intrigues of the court of Charles II, where he sees himself as a kind of beloved fool. His fortunes rise, and fall dramatically. He finds himself working with an austere group of Quakers in an insane asylum, and again falls from grace. Merivel is his own worst enemy: his heart is in the right place but another part of his anatomy is too often in the wrong one. The book is often very funny, with moments of tenderness and heartbreak.

I havent read Pepys journals, but Im guessing that the book owes quite a lot of its tone and ambience to them. Im pretty sure that Pepys himself makes a brief unnamed appearance.

I enjoyed the book hugely. It was an extra pleasure to read it in London. I regularly walked around Lambeth and Vauxhall, where Merivel rides his horse through the woods (no woods there now), or beside the Thames as Merivel does. The echoes intensified my enjoyment of both the real and the imagined London. T...


Feb Photo Review featuring Simon Kindt & Planet Clare "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

February Photo review: WATER WATER EVERYWHERE.. featuring Simon Kindt & Planet Clare. And so the rain poured down and the Tide turned once more in the great Ebb & Flow of Life, and the Water Rats returned, to their ancestoral Continue reading


Brian Houston of Hillsong sisters Beverly Houston and Maureen Bradshaw comment on this my blog-site "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The writer Donald Elley

The writer of this blog-site Donald Elley of Bellingen, Northern Rivers, New South Wales, Australia.

The following comments were made by Beverly Houston and Maureen Bradshaw, Brian Houston the current head pastor of  Hillsongs sisters, on this, my personal blog site, on 18 and 19 September 2014.

These comments were made just prior to Brian Houston and other Hillsong and Australian Christian Churches (ACC) leaders appearing at the Royal Commission into Institutional Respines to Child Sexual Abuse in Sydney Australia in October 2014.

The Australian Christian Churches (ACC) was called the Australian Assemblies of God (AOG) until 2007, when Brian Houston renamed and reincorporated it. The Royal Commission accused Brian of doing this to try to evade paying any compensation to the boy sex abuse victims of his father Frank Houston, the lifelong secret pedophile founder of Hillsong.

Maureen Bradshaws comment on 18 September 2014 about my article, R...


The importance of the ASEAN-Australia Special Summit "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Singapores Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, left, and Australias Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull hold a joint press conference at the end of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, ASEAN, special summit, in Sydney, Sunday, March 18, 2018. Leaders attending issued a joint statement with Australia that also calls for non-militarization and a code of conduct in the contested waters of the South China Sea, where China has become increasingly assertive. AP/Rick Rycroft

Katrina Clemente-Lua ( March 23, 2018 3:06pm

On March 17 to 18, the Australian Government welcomed the leaders of the ASEAN member states for its first-ever special summit to be held in Australia. While the significance of the ASEAN-Australia Special Summit cannot be discounted, it is puzzling that the meeting was not subject of a buzz.

More so, President Rodrigo Duterte skipped the special summit to attend the Philippine Military Academy graduation on March 18. As it was an opportunity for the president to have a dialogue with aspiring military officials, it was likewise of great consequence for the president to have attended the ASEAN-Australia as an indication of the countrys commitment to further its security and diplomatic ties with Australia.

Significance of ASEAN to Australia

Australia became a dialogue partner of the ASEAN in 1974. The summit, which signified the increasingly close relations of ASEAN and Australia, was an opportunity for both parties alike to demonstrate the value of each others cooperation and engagement.

Australia is among the major powers that have engaged with ASEAN as a bloc. Undeniably and as stated in Australias 2017 Foreign Policy White Paper, the stakes of Australia in the Indo-Pacific which encompasses the member states of ASEAN, are quite high.



REVIEW: Gay Drama Love, Simon Is The Film We Need And Deserve "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

LGBTIQ audiences have seen more and more honest representation of themselves in theatrical media as of late, and with cinematic titles like Moonlight and Call Me By Your Name earning recognition outside of the community, Love, Simon arrives just in time for there to be a transition into mainstream cinema. Detailing the titular teenage Simons ...

The post REVIEW: Gay Drama Love, Simon Is The Film We Need And Deserve appeared first on QNews Magazine.


Quotes of the Week "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

"We've started off a little bit on the idealistic, and maybe naive, side ... what we've learned over time very clearly is that the most important thing always is making sure that people's data is locked down."  [Mark Zuckerberg, founder Facebook Inc, CNN interview, 22 March 2018]

"I dont know why. They trust me  dumb fucks".  [Mark Zuckerberg, founder Facebook Inc, talking about Facebook users, 2004]


Beechcraft Kingair 350 VH-ZPE departs "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Beechcraft Kingair 350 VH-ZPE departed for Brisbane this evening and will continue onto Ohakea Airbase (RNZAF) in New Zealand tomorrow after being in Cairns for several months for maintenance.

The aircraft arrived in Cairns from Bankstown on the 26/11/2017 registered at that time as N817AP, on the 17/12/2017 became VH-ZPE.
Two recent local test flights were noted on the 9th and 20th March.

VH-ZPE BE30 at Cairns.


Sexual Assault in the Greens and the left "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Recently sexual assaults within the Australian Greens have been gaining more attention. Jasmina Brankovich lives in Perth, Western Australia and has been following this issue closely.

In this interview we talk about sexual assault within the Greens and the lack of structures to deal with them.

In the second part we talk about this issue in the broader left and anarchist community.

[Part 1]

Jasmina: For the past few years especially last year I think weve had a number of allegations covering all shades I guess of a male sexual violence as I prefer to call it in the Greens, and its seemingly across all branches so I think that Ive heard about the New South Wales, Victoria, WA and at the very least those those main branches so what we had is basically a number of allegations across a number of branches portraying theres complete lack of interest in dealing with them, theres also lack of structures structure for instance a lot of branches and I know about WA one of those allegations arose do not have anything like the sexual harassment policy and processes to deal with them not-with-standing the fact that some branches and at them at the national level are developing their policy now.

These things were not in place when the allegations against the current Senator Senator Jordan Steele John published in the True Crime News Weekly so these allegations have been covered in the independent non mains stream press....


Time to step up, Arnold tells players "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

SYDNEY FC Head Coach Graham Arnold has challenged his squad to overcome any distractions threatening to derail Sydney FCs domestic dominance. The Sky Blues suffered their first Hyundai [more]

The post Time to step up, Arnold tells players appeared first on The Weekly Times.


Record number of U.S. Marines to train in Australia in symbolic challenge to China "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


SYDNEY (Reuters) The United States will deploy a record number of Marines to train in Australia, the Australian defense minister said on Friday, as Washington seeks to counter what it describes as Chinese aggression in the region.

U.S. Marine Pfc. Reuschel Ortiz (left) directs the distribution of ammunition at Freshwater Beach, Australia, during amphibious assault landing operations of Exercise Crocodile 99 on Oct. 1, 1999. Exercise Crocodile 99 is a combined U.S. and Australian military training exercise being conducted at the Shoalwater Bay Training Area in Queensland, Australia.  DoD photo by Petty Officer 1st Class Daniel E. Smith, U.S. Navy.

The U.S. military plays a vital role in underwriting security and stability across the Indo-Pacific, and the Force Posture Initiatives will be an essential component in preserving stability and security over the coming decades, Defence Minister Marise Payne said in a statement.

Payne said 1,587 U.S. Marines will spend six months training in Australias remote north, an increase of nearly 27 percent on its 2017 rotation for the program known as the Force Posture Initiatives.

The deployment, first introduced in 2011 as part of a U.S. pivot to Asia, has emerged as a key indicator of Washingtons commitment to the region under U.S. President Donald Trump and his willingness to counter Chinese influence in a region where tensions have spiked amid disputes over the South China Sea.

China claims most of the South China Sea, an important trade route that is also believed to contain large quantities of oil and natural gas, and has been building artificial islands on reefs, some with ports and air strips.

In a move likely to irk Beijing, the U.S. Marines will train with personnel from Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand, some of which also have claims in the South China Sea.

China will monitor whatever the U.S. does and it would prefer that the United States not work with the Asian countries included in these exercises, said Euan Graham, director of the international security program at Australian think tank the Lowy Institute.

Beijing would like to deal one-on-one with Southeast Asia nations that have counter claims, he said.

The U.S. Marines will also bring additional military equi...


How to save a life "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Its been four weeks since How Now arrived at Edgars Mission, dangerously thin, too weak to stand, eat or drink, yet somehow still miraculously clinging to life. During her initial veterinary exam, it soon became clear what had led to this dear girls shocking condition when x-rays revealed two metal nails inside How Nows gizzard. The gizzard is an essential component of a chickens digestive tract, where hard stones and grit reside to grind down seeds. The presence of the nails in How Nows gizzard had hindered this crucial digestive process and, even worse, one of the nails had begun to work its way through the thick muscular lining of the gizzard. The diagnosis was in- the foreign material needed to be removed and there was little time to spare.nails 20180314 how now (2)

After gaining a little strength in our care, How Now was soon in the expert hands of our trusted veterinary team, who skilfully carried out lifesaving surgery to remove the nails, along with two other pieces of metal debris that were uncovered during the procedure. With the surgery complete, we knew it was still a long road to recovery for How Now with even more questions looming before us. Could her body recover from this? Had she found her way to us too late? And did she still have it within her to keep up her fight?

nails 20180314 how now (4)

One thing certainly is not in question is the incredible...


Ai Weiwei Highlights Treatment of Global Refugees in Human Flow Documentary and Sydney Biennale Installations "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

My latest post for Global Voices:

During a visit to Australia, Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei has blitzed the media with his concerns about the global treatment of refugees.

He is the headline artist with two major installations at the Biennale of Sydney that runs until June 2018. One, called The Law of the Journey located at the Cockatoo Island, features a black rubber, inflatable boat and figures. They were made with the same material used to produce the hazardous boats that some asylum seekers and migrants travel in while attempting to cross the Mediterranean.

...Ai also spoke at the Cinema Nova for the Melbourne opening of his documentary Human Flow, which features the stories of refugees in 23 countries in 2016.

...Kon Karapanagiotidis from the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre conducted a live interview on Facebook and Twitter that has since attracted nearly 10,000 viewers.

More: From Sydney Biennale Installations to Film Screenings, Ai Weiwei Highlights Treatment of Global Refugees


start - [Talks] "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Next Meeting 26th March 2018 Note: For this month only we won't be in the 'dining room', we will be in 'the snug'. Address PlaceThe Great Northern HotelAddress 644 Rathdowne St (corner of Pigdon St), Carlton North VIC 3054 Pre-meeting 6pm dining function room


Fighting for survival "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The endangered hooded plover thrives on beaches such as Ocean Grove, but many chicks do not survive.
Disturbance by people, dogs and horses, as well as predation by silver gulls, ravens and foxes means that the hooded plover is up against the fight for survival even before they hatch.
Each year Ocean Grove has several hooded plover families that attempt to breed, only to have the chicks killed before they can fly, which is usually around five weeks after they hatch.
They are vulnerable because they nest at ground level, often above the high-tide mark on ocean beaches or among dunes.
In the meantime, they are extremely vulnerable.
One family of hooded plovers had a chick that, at the time of writing, was close to being able to fly.
The chick was given the best chance of survival thanks to a caring local community.
Exclusion zones around the hooded plovers nest has been successful and many hours of volunteering by locals ensured the chick was close to surviving.
The hooded plover roped-off area was a bigger zone than usual, as the hooded plover family were very mobile, Voice Nature Watch columnist Jen Carr said.
Hooded Plovers are a rarity along the Great Ocean Road and so the Bellarine Peninsula is the last major population of the birds until Warrnambool, making it a high priority at a national scale.
Although there are around 2000 hooded plovers in Western Australia, there are only 50 left in New South Wales, 400 to 450 in Victoria, 600 to 800 in South Australia and about 1000 in Tasmania.

The post Fighting for survival appeared first on Ocean Grove Voice.


Cutting-edge cancer facility for pets opens in Macquarie Park "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

facility was launched by Ryde MP Victor Dominello and the Deputy Mayor of Ryde, Christopher Gordon. Built by SASH, it boasts Australias first dedicated veterinary [more]

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Easter is about life after death "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Palm Sunday recalls Jesus Christs entry into Jerusalem on a donkey where he is welcomed by crowds waving palm leaves. Although both Jesus Christ himself and the prophets foretold his violent death, the crowd appears [more]

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Hard science can be undertaken on 'anomalies.' "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Dear readers,

I note that tomorrow, Sydney researcher Bill Chalker and abductee Peter Khoury are speaking in my home town of Melbourne at a VUFOA sponsored event. I am looking forward to going along as a silent observer. I am hoping that the duo may be providing some updated information about the physical evidence aspects of Peter's experiences. For readers who may be unaware of these details, which involve DNA analyses here is a link.

The 'Ata' anomaly

Coincidently, DNA analyses of an apparently anomalous skeleton, which some have suggested is extraterrestrial, features in a US CNN report dated 22 March 2018. 

A mummified skeleton was found 15 years ago in the Atacama Desert in Chile. The recent Dr Steven Greer documentary 'Sirius' which featured this skeleton, strongly proposed that the skeleton was of an extraterrestrial 'alien.' 

However, an article just published in the scientific journal 'Genome Research' reveals that this unusual skeleton is actually human, with multiple bone disease-associated mutations, thus giving it a very unusual appearance. Here is hard science at its best.

The 'Starchild' skull

A second recently published hard science analysis, including DNA work, reports on an unusual 900 year old skull found in the 1930's in Mexico. US researcher Lloyd Pye initiated work on this skull between 1999 and 2014 looking for evidence as to the possibilit...


Hot off the press: February Ecotone! "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Ecotone is our quarterly magazine. Our members receive an annual subscription to Ecotone a great way to keep up to date with the latest issues and find out about upcoming events.

Check out the latest edition:

Ecotone February 2017
Features include articles on:

The land clearing crisis in QLD, Stop Adani update, a six point plan for the Spectacled Flying Fox, Northern Bettong conservation, Boomerang Bags reviewed, and last but not least the EnvironmentFNQ Roundtable hosted by CAFNEC!

Check out the previous edition:
Ecotone November 2017
If you would like to receive Ecotone on a regular basis consider joining our EcoStar program or becoming a Member to help us continue our work in protecting one of the worlds most important natural heritage regions.
If you would like to download previous editions of Ecotone, simply select from the list below for newest issues click to last page:

Name Size ...


Aussie Director Garth Davis Talks Lion Success And New Drama Mary Magdelene "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Given that his debut feature film, 2016s biographical drama Lion, was an Oscar-nominated production, it stands to reason that Australian-born director Garth Davis earns increased interest on his profile as he gears up to deliver his sophomore project. Not the most expected subject matter, but in the current climate of #MeToo it is understandable that ...

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All-Energy Australia 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Taking place at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, this free-to-attend, business-to-business conference and exhibition is the largest of its kind in Australia.


Breakfasters - 19 - 23 March 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

GP and author Nick Martin talks about his piece in Meanjin - Diary Of A Nauru Doctor; Curator at Melbourne Museum Lena Hejil talks about the new exhibit Vikings: Beyond the Legend; Marine biologist Ricky-Lee Erickson chats about the immortal jellyfish and other marine invertebrates in "Feature Creatures"; The team talk about stuff you can buy for 50 cents, alternatives to spending time on your phone, and in "Wednesdare" Geraldine has to perform the rosary on public transport. With Sarah Smith, Jeff Sparrow, and Geraldine Hickey.


Thank Folk Its Friday 23rd March "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

This Week in Folk All the News From The Week That Was Releases This Week May Your Kindness Remain Courtney Marie Andrews iTunes Seedlings All Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker iTunes Hold On Simone & Girlfunkle iTunes Bluesfest 2018 Various Timber and Steel Recommends Go To This Gig Jason Isbell []


At the hotspot #3 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Here are the results of some armchair birdwatching at my latest hotspot. It is always a thrill to catch a glimpse of a Chestnut-rumped Hylacola and that is usually all you get. This area is one of the few reliable spots for this species in the Muckleford bush and this inquisitive male posed momentarily before running off mouse-like as is its habit.

The Rainbow Bee-eater was photographed the previous evening, one of a small flock of six hawking round the dam. I heard them again in the distance last night. Also of note was Diamond Firetail, Black-chinned Honeyeater and Tree Martins chasing insects above the water.

Eastern Yellow Robin, South German Track, 22nd March 2018


Queensland Police Service (Airwing) Cessna 560 Citation Ultra Bizjet VH-PSU Back in the Air and Spotted at Gladstone and Bundaberg Airports "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

After a much publicised emergency incident back on Australia Day - Friday 26 January - the Queensland Police Service (Airwing) (State of Queensland) Cessna 560 Citation Ultra Bizjet VH-PSU has returned to the air, and on Tuesday 20 March, it was spotted visiting a couple of Central Queensland Airports.

The incident back on Australia Day, when VH-PSU was on a flight from Brisbane to Townsville, involved the aircraft having smoke in the cockpit and, as it neared Bundaberg, making an emergency descent before returning to Brisbane.  The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) is investigating and reports that: "The aircraft was passing through flight level 320 (32000ft) on climb, when the crew observed smoke in the cabin and cockpit. The crew conducted an emergency descent to 10000 ft, and the aircraft was returned to Brisbane."

Flight tracking websites suggest that VH-PSU first returned to the air last Monday 12 March and that it was again on Saturday 17 March on a flight from Brisbane to Townsville but that it ended up returning to Brisbane soon after taking off.

VH-PSU eventually made it Townsville on Saturday, and on Tuesday 20 March, it again departed Brisbane and completed airwork - including landing for brief periods of time - at both Bundaberg and Gladstone Airports - as pictured below.



Watch out for wildlife on rural roads: WIRES "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Hiccup and Sneeze are in the care of WIRES. (supplied)

WIRES is urging drivers to take care in rural areas with thick vegetation on the sides of the roads to avoid hitting birds such as Pheasant Coucals.

Many birds and animals can dash across the road, or in the case of Pheasant Coucals, inelegantly crash, when they are disturbed, a spokesperson said.

Two such birds are in care now after being separated from their parents.

They couldnt be reunited with their parents so are being raised in captivity together until they are independent, the spokesperson said.

They are not siblings but are fortunate to have each other for company. It is important for orphan birds to have a buddy when in care as it reduces the chances of the birds becoming humanised.

These birds need to remain wild so they will be able to survive successfully when released.

The Pheasant Coucal breeds twice a year in close succession. They build
two nests, laying and incubating a second clutch while the first brood is still being fed
nearby. Their nest is made of twigs and green leaves pulled down to form a dome usually built in thick grass, reeds or small leafy bushes.

Adult Pheasant Coucals have long tails and are clumsy flyers spending most of their time on the ground feeding on small reptiles, frogs and insects.

They are commonly found in wetter coastal areas of northern and eastern Australia. They prefers dense understorey vegetation, particularly grasses, bracken and sedges, in open forests and woodlands, and around wetlands. When disturbed, coucals run rather than fly, or fly clumsily, plunging into cover.

Contact WIRES for rescues, advice or enquiries. The 24-hour hotline is for all calls to WIRES in the Northern Rivers 6628 1898.

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One Roof Byron responds to homeless crisis "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Members of One Roof Byron working on the project. Photo supplied

An emergency campground for homeless men in Byron shire where they can help build their own tiny homes on wheels is to be set up on a trial basis.

The program, called One Roof Byron, is responding to fears that homelessness in northern NSW will increase due to the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast next month.

The trial is an early intervention model for Byron men experiencing homelessness, in consultation with Byron Shire Council and local service providers.

One Roof Byron is setting up a Referral Only Emergency Campground particularly for those relatively new to rough sleeping who seek change.

A spokesperson for the program, Genevieve Lee, said figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) show the number of homeless people living in our region jumped by 44 per cent over a five-year period, with numbers in Byron Bay increasing 17 per cent.

The figures are expected by Homelessness NSW to climb even higher as the Commonwealth Games force people living rough on the Gold Coast to find alternative shelter.

Ms Lee said that according to the most recent street survey across Byron shire, 78 per cent of those sleeping rough are men and the need for a dedicated respite campground was voiced as a need council and community could help with.

A demo Leggo model of the project concept displayed at the One Roof Byron Mullum Farmers Market stall, showing tents in a campground, amenities (compost loo, shower, laundry) and a tiny home that campers have built.

Evidence shows that the needs of a person experiencing long-term homelessness is...


Duttons White Australia Policy "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Home affairs minister Peter Dutton has once again sparked a furore over his refugee policies. On March 14, the minister revealed to the Daily Telegraph that hes instructed his department to look into fast-tracking humanitarian visas for persecuted white South African farmers. The minister remarked that the farmers need help from a civilised country like

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A gift to the GAB "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

It would be tempting after 13 and a half months working on a project, to make some money from it, but two local film makers are giving away their hard earned work for free.

David Lowe and Eve Jeffery from Cloudcatcher Media are so determined that every pair of eyes in the country see their latest film Sacrifice Zone, that they have mounted it online without a ticket price. Not only that, you can download it and share it around.

The 100 minute feature documentary Sacrifice Zone, is a huge conversation between about 70 people on the hazards of drilling into the Pilliga Forest and the Great Artesian Basin (GAB), by a greedy big gas co in their quest for Coal Seam Gas (CSG).

The film is a response to South Australian mining company Santos who are seeking government approval to develop a gasfield in the Narrabri area in northwest New South Wales.

Farmers, scientists, residents and celebrities are getting on board to have their say about saving the Great Artesian Basin. Photo Tree Faerie.

In a thin-end-of-the-wedge proposal, the Narrabri Gas Project plans to start by drilling 850 gas wells into the Pilliga Forest and through the GAB. The Pilliga is the southern recharge zone for the GAB which in many cases is the only secure water supply for famers across the Liverpool Plains and beyond. If that water is contaminated by the drilling process, in the words of actor and activist Michael Caton who appears in the film: You cant unscramble the egg.

We have interviewed every expert we could find to speak about the issues surrounding this invasive mining industry, says co-producer/director Eve Jeffery. We have created a very large wall of information that will be impossible for Santos to get over, go around, or drill under.

Every conceivable argument Santos can find to get this project up and running, is answered by science and local knowledge in this film.

There have already been some great testimonials for the film. Multiple Golden Guitar winner Luke OShea says that he feels Australia is a...


Bruns scultpure walk set for triennial return "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Children admire some of the sculpture during the 2015 event.

The popular triennial Brunswick Heads Nature Sculpture Walk, along the foreshore of Brunswick Heads where the river meets the sea, returns this year over the October long weekend.

A total of 50 eye-catching sculptures from local and interstate artists will be on display in the picturesque parklands of Brunswick Heads with sculptors showcasing works that reflect and incorporate nature.

More than 10,000 visitors attended the first sculpture walk in 2015 and the events artistic director, Samantha Moss, expects an even bigger turnout this year.

The previous Nature Sculpture Walk generated a passion for outdoor art installations, it also generated a large amount of revenue for local businesses, Ms Moss said.

As a not-for-profit organisation we rely on and are seeking local businesses in the shire to support the event so we can bring local and nationally recognised artist to exhibit their work.

It presents work from the popular, to the conceptually demanding and provides much needed opportunities for regional artists.

David Walshs sculpture Oh My Cod drew many admirers at the last sculpture walk.

In addition to the interactive sculpture walk, there will also be a series of art-based workshops, for all ages, as well as artist talks, tours and performances, from 28 September to 2 October, making it an unforgettable for the entire north coast region, Ms Moss told Echonetdaily.

For more informatio...


Surfing chefs raise $150,000 at Byron dinner "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Chefs Russell Blaikie (Must Winebar), Steven Snow (Fins Kingscliff), Clayton Donovan (ABCs Wild Kitchen) and Tom Carroll taking a break from the kitchen.

Professional surfers joined a group of renowned chefs last week to deliver a sold out dinner that raised $150,000 for programs across Indonesia.

The SurfAid dinner was held at the Three Blue Ducks restaurant at the The Farm in Byron Bay, and featured SurfAid Ambassadors Tom Carroll, Occy and Felicity Palmateer swapping their surfboards for chopping boards.

The trio worked alongside renowned chefs including Darren Robertson (Three Blue Ducks, Byron Bay), Russell Blaikie (Must Winebar, Perth), Ben ODonoghue (Billykart Kitchen, Brisbane), Steven Snow (Fins, Kingscliff), Ben Devlin (Paper Daisy, Cabarita), Giles Hohnen (Sumi Open Kitchen, Noosa), Brett Cameron (Pacific Club, Bondi), David Moyle (Longsong, Melbourne), Donovan Clayton (Jaaning Tree, Nambucca Heads) and Stuart Toon (Rocker, Bondi).

The record-breaking fundraiser helped bring the total funds raised to over half a million dollars since it was started in 2011 by 2017 SurfAid Humanitarian of the Year, Russell Blaikie.

This result truly demonstrates the power of giving back. Surfing Chefs fundraisers started with a bunch of my Margaret River Chef mates banding together to cook for a crowd, raising money for the important programs SurfAid conducts across the Indonesian Archipelago, Mr Blaikie said.

Weve conducted eight events around Australia since 2011 and without a single exception, every chef involved has jumped on board with a passion and generosity that energises each event.

These chefs are at the top of their game in Australia, they are sensational cooks who love to share waves. They are so busythey really dont have the time to do these events, but they MAKE the time to be part of them, because they care.

Mr Blaikie said the team at Three Blue Ducks, led by Darren Robertson went above and beyond the call of duty and jumped in to make something very special happen.
There was no better place on the planet to host Surfing Chefs for SurfAid, he said.

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Thursday, 22 March


Where & why population growth is accelerating (& declining) "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Population growth up again

Figures out yesterday showed employment growth tracking at record levels, with a stunning +420,700 year-on-year increase in employment, including an eye-watering +166,200 increase in New South Wales.

I took a look through those numbers in a bit more detail, including at the state level, here.

Population growth tends to be pro-cyclical, and over the year to September 2017 the annual growth in Australia's estimated resident population picked up to +395,600, for the quickest annual increase since 2013 in absolute terms, if not in percentage terms.

The estimated rate of population increase through net overseas migration is a bit faster than might be implied by the issuance of permanent residency visas, with the growth international students accounting for some of the difference.

I'll take a look below through where and why that's happened in 4 short parts.

Part 1: By natural causes...

As the population grows and ages the number of deaths each year tends to climb steadily, now up to +161,100 over the year to September 2017.

The trends for births are a bit more complicated, and often vary quite significantly around the regions of Australia and by culture.

Generally speaking, we're still having babies, but on average we opt to do it later in life than was the case in preceding decades.

I'm not a bad case study myself for Australia's population trends, being a capital city immigrant to Sydney that worked in professional services, then mining, then real estate, relocated to Brisbane, and left having children about as late as nature would allow.

You might say I'm following the herd, but in actual fact, my plan has been to be ahead of the herd on all fronts, and indeed with the benefit of hindsight I probably got out of the mining industry a few years too soon (bubbles can have a second wind and run for much longer than you think they will...but you live and learn!).

Anyway, back to the demographic statistics, there was previously a bit of a blip in the births figures - the error was administrative and related to slow record-keeping rather than babies actually popping out - but the backlog now seems to be fixed and total births have stabilised at around +306,500.

Thus, the natural increase in Australia's population over the year to September was +145,500, a bit....


March 23 On This Day in Australian History "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

1789 - London: The first news from Botany Bay hit Londons newspapers the following day.

1789 - Shipping more convicts one thousand (1,000) males and  three hundred (300)  females to Australia had been held up because, not until the Prince of Wales a returning First Fleet transport reached Falmouth on 23 March 1789, could anyone in England be certain any of the  First Fleet Robinson Crusoes marooned 13,000 miles (21,000 km) from their homeland since 1788 were still alive.

1790 - Norfolk Island: HMS Sirius, had successfully discharged her evacuees and most cargo, when she ran aground. Stuck fast in pounding surf on every side Sirius broke up over a number of days; happily, however captain Hunter and every other person belonging to her were saved.

1791 -  Tahiti: Edwards reached Tahiti but by then Fletcher Christian, who always knew the Navy would come after him, had fled. Eight (8) crew members and their Tahitian wives sailed with him to Pitcairn Island where the Bounty was scuttled.
Captain Edwards arrested fourteen (14) mutineers who had settled happily on Tahiti. Some had married into local families, two (2) had fathered a child and resisted arrest. Others, among them William Morrison and midshipman Peter Heywood, surrendered willingly but Edwards treated both groups with savage brutality.

1795 - The first cargo exported from Oz to India, of cedar logs and mahogany (you can drop some off at my joint, thanks!) was launched in the bath tub today.

1803 - Patrick Gannon, Hanged at Castle Hill for rape, attempted murder and robbery.

1803 - Francis Simpson, Hanged along with Patrick Gannon at Castle Hill for robbery.

1827 - Governor Darling  posted off a few notes on a forest of paper to Under Secretary Hay dealing with several matters in The Fair Isle of Oz, one being the rumoured murder of an Aboriginal in police custody...
"The circumstance of the Native shot at Wallis's Plains... has occasioned infinite trouble , without the possibility of coining satisfactorily at the facts. The case is briefly this. A Native, who was supposed to have been concerned in the murder of a Stockman, was seized and delivered over to the Mounted Police at Wallis's Plains under Lieut. Lowe of the 40th Regt. It was rumoured that the man had been taken out and shot in cold blood. Orders were immediately sent to the Magistrates to investigate the matter. The report of their proceedings was unsatisfactory; and they were reprimanded by my directions for not having taken the necessary steps to ascertain the facts referred to them. Conceiving it would be unavailing to employ them further in this matter, the Chairman of the Quarter Sessions was directed to proceed to Wallis's Plains and pursue the enquiry. He was wrecked on the Coast, and obliged to return to Sydney. The Acting Attorney General...


Video: Lock The Gate holding massive rally in Sydney "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


In New South Wales, the Lock The Gate Alliance, Is stepping up its effort to put an end to coal seam mining in the state. To build the campaign top the next level, the alliance is holding a massive rally to be held at Martin Place in Sydney at 12pm on Saturday 24 March.

Meet the Nannas there, bring a snack, a placard, some water and your walking shoes.


No one says 'no' to their Nanna. That's just another great reason to RSVP now for the #Time2Choose rally this Saturday in Sydney. Meet the Nannas at the top of Martin Place at noon. Bring a snack, a placard, some water and your walking shoes. Cause it's #Time2Choose!

Posted by Lock The Gate Alliance on Wednesday, March 21, 2018

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#SuperGlue7 on Trial in Canberra "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


**This page will be updated as the trial progresses**

The seven members of WACA who super glued themselves to the railing of the public gallery in November 2016 will be appearing in the Canberra Supreme Court to face trial by jury beginning Tuesday the 27th March 2018.  Read our full media release.


Tim Buchannan, Jason Ray, Samantha Hawker, Hannah Grant, Phil Evans, Chamomilla Hill and Sally Hunter are facing charges of intentionally damaging commonwealth property, which carries a maximum penalty of up to 10 years in jail.


Two others, Pat Holmes and Kat Woskett, faced lesser charges from the second day of protests, when they abseiled down the front of Parliament house with a banner reading Close the Bloody Camps Now #Justice4Refugees. They were find $1500 each.


Please consider supporting them with a donation.

#SuperGlue7 on Trial in Canberra "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


**This page will be updated as the trial progresses**

The seven members of WACA who super glued themselves to the railing of the public gallery in November 2016 will be appearing in the Canberra Supreme Court to face trial by jury on the week beginning the 26th March 2018.


Tim Buchannan, Jason Ray, Samantha Hawker, Hannah Grant, Phil Evans, Chamomilla Hill and Sally Hunter are facing charges of intentionally damaging commonwealth property, which carries a maximum penalty of up to 10 years in jail.


Two others, Pat Holmes and Kat Woskett, faced lesser charges from the second day of protests, when they abseiled down the front of Parliament house with a banner reading Close the Bloody Camps Now #Justice4Refugees. They were find $1500 each.


Please consider supporting them with a donation.

Wednesday, 21 March



Following the NSW Government's latest assessment that logging is the primary initiator of Bell Miner Associated Dieback and their mapping of 46,000 hectares as badly affected north from Taree, the North East Forest Alliance (NEFA) is calling for an immediate cessation of logging of forests affected by, and susceptible to, this logging induced dieback.

"The Forestry Corporation has to stop killing our forests, they have known for over 20 years that by opening up the canopy and promoting lantana, logging is the primary cause of this dieback, and their own trials in 2005 and 2007 showed that relogging affected stands makes it dramatically worse" said NEFA spokesperson Dailan Pugh.

"This is deliberate and wanton vandalism. It is sickening to see the seas of lantana, with scattered sick and dying trees, left behind by these environmental vandals. We need to start rehabilitating these degraded forests by manually removing the lantana.


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