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Friday, 17 November


My Week in Hobart "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Ten years ago, or even five years ago, Im sure I could have been tempted to top off the evening with a nightcap at the nearby whiskey bar. But after a long day at work, several courses of food at []


1) Commentary: Recent Gun Contact in West Papua Challenges Jokowis Development Approach "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Note. Lots of media coverage around this so called hostage crisis .
The OPM has pointed out a number of times the people were not held hostage 
and in fact the local people remained in their villages because it was their home 
and also  of their fear of military sweeps. 
1) Commentary: Recent Gun Contact in West Papua Challenges Jokowis Development Approach
2) Hundreds of residents escorted out of besieged Papuan villages
3) Indonesia says Papua villages in standoff with rebels secure
4) Civilian hostages being used as human shields: Human rights activist
5) Joint security team takes control of Kimbeli, Banti villages
6) Police, TNI Evacuate Hundreds of Papuans from Captivity

1) Commentary: Recent Gun Contact in West Papua Challenges Jokowis Development Approach
By : Petrus K. Farneubun | on 2:45 PM November 17, 2017


Not more about lerps! "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Psyllids are tiny winged insects that look like small cicadas. In fact both psyllids and cicadas are Hemipterans meaning that they are characterised by sucking mouthparts. Adult and nymph psyllids suck the sap of plants. The psyllid nymph extrudes a mix of wax and sugar-rich honeydew from which it constructs a shelter under which it []


The Chillie Group, Neutral Bay, Sydney How The Chillie Group treat their staff and clients with usury, deception and contempt "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A Paul Kelly Design designed interior installed by The Chillie Group wall fabric designed by the iconic Australian designer Florence Broadhurst long deceased since the 70s, but whose art and designs live on in her wallpaper and fabric designs.

Im a builder project manager with 45 years construction experience. Ive did a three month stint recently for The Chillie Group based in Neutral Bay, Sydney, Australia.

Firstly, let me clarify, The Chillie Group comprises two men Graham Wem and Paul Milton. There is one part-time mother, Bec, who helps out with administrative duties. I was the only experienced full-time project manager and builder working there and since I left there is no full-time support staff.

Graham Wem is an interior designer by background a failed architect and Paul Milton is a trade carpenter. Despite their lack of building qualifications and management experience, these two Sydney men have combined to do well, on a very limited scale, in the Sydney pub and club industry.

Being a two-man band with two full-time carpenters, they have very limited reach, low level management and personnel skills and experience, and should only be trusted with small projects to say $1.5 to $2 million contract value. Th...


Aussie Hockey Players Shoot Nude Calendar To Fight Homophobia "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Some of Australias top hockey players have joined with Western Australias LGBTI-inclusive hockey team the Perth Pythons to shoot a nude calendar. The initiative is to fundraise for their efforts to combat homophobia in the sport, the team says. Growing up, I would hear a lot of homophobic slurs thrown around the hockey field, Perth ...

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Quotes of the Week "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Not sure if this has been posted but Jesus, this is wrong on levels yet to be described by science.  [Jeremy Parkinson writing in Facebook on 9 November 2017 with regard to a US newspaper opinion piece describing New Zealand as being in the grip of the far right]

The number of MPs and senators suspected of failing to obey the Constitutions requirements on dual citizenship is now 28 to 30 by some counts, and only the High Court can rule on their status.
 [journalist Malcolm Farr in, 10 November 2017]

"What is #absurd is people who under our constitution are illegitimately elected to parliament think that the problem is with the constitution" ...


Some questions for Amy MacMahon #qldvotes "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

As part of the Westenders election coverage, we have sent each candidate a list of questions regarding their policies, philosophy and voting intentions. Here is the response of Amy MacMahon, candidate for The Greens. What do you think makes you personally qualified to represent the residents of the South Brisbane electorate? I dont have the []

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RSL helping Australian troops in the Middle East "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

FOSTER Sub Branch RSL has taken up a project called Care Packs, to help our military service personnel posted overseas. Welfare officer Brian Mellor is leading the local effort, which []

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Foster Pool Warmed By Energy Co-op Support "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Foster Swimming Pool Associations project to warm their pool with solar heating will be completed before this summer, with assistance from Energy Innovation Co-ops Southern CORE (Community Owned Renewable Energy) []

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Torres Strait Air Pilatus Britten-Norman BN-2A Islanders VH-TRS & VH-URJ Ferry North & South via Rockhampton Airport This Week "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

It was interesting to note that on Friday 17 November, Torres Strait Air Pilatus Britten-Norman BN-2A-27 Islander VH-TRS flew North from Archerfield and called into both Rockhampton and Mackay Airports.  It is due to continue to Cairns and Horn Island on Saturday 18 November.

VH-TRS has been at Archerfield undergoing planned maintenance since arriving from Cairns via Emerald Airport in late October.

It was also interesting to note that on Wednesday 15 November, fellow Torres Strait Air Pilatus Britten-Norman BN2A-21 Islander VH-URJ was noted ferrying ferried South to Archerfield from Cairns via Rockhampton Airport.  It appears that it will now undergo planned maintenance also at Archerfield.

Finally, escaping our immediate attention but also calling into Rockhampton Airport in the wee small hours of Tuesday 14 November was the LifeFlight (Aeromed) LearJet 45 bizjet VH-VVI "Ambulance 451" which arrived from Townsville and later departed to Brisbane on a med-evac flight.


Alison Lester launches her new book THE VERY NOISY BABY In Fish Creek "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

THE launch of much loved childrens author and illustrator, Alison Lesters new book, The Very Noisy Baby will take place at her Fish Creek Bookshop & Gallery this Sunday, November []

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Armidale, Australia : Shopping Center Intervention in Solidarity with Refugees on Manus Island "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

November 13th: People in So-Called Armidale, NSW, staged interventions in the towns commercial hubs during peak afternoon shopping hours, using a megaphone to project statements and extracts of articles from Iranian refugee, Behrouz Boochani, who has been detained on Manus Island since 2014.

While hundreds of men are facing starvation, thirst and threats of violence on Manus Island, the interventions disrupted the everyday monotony and insulation of our daily routines. These actions aimed to amplify the voices of refugees that are silenced, distorted and disregarded in our society.

In solidarity with refugees in their fight for total freedom.

In German


1) Some 346 civilian hostages in Papua released amid crossfire "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

2) Indonesia evacuates villagers after shootings near Freeport mine
3) Some flee Papua villages in standoff with Indonesia forces
4) Papua police demand release of 1,300 civilian hostages
5) Renewed Papuan independence call amid alleged hostage standoff


Note comment from Press Council re reporting on so called hostage crises.

The Press Council was asked to investigate media hostage reporting hostage taking in Papua

Civil Society Organizations and Individuals who joined the Gema Demokrasi (GEDOR) through the release received editorial Jubi, Wednesday (15/11/2017) said since the circulation of information took place around 1,300 villagers Kimbely and Banti Village by armed groups (KKB) Mimika Police Chief AKBP Victor Dean Mackbon interviewed by journalist on November 9, 2017, has clarified that there is actually no hostage against the villagers of Kimbely and Banti.
"We see that a number of major media such as television, online / digital, and print still often declare the event is a hostage," said Ade Wahyudin of LBH Press in the press release.

He continued, the hostage phrase used by some of the media against the above events is excessive and can lead to new conflicts. The word meaning of hostage taking...


MACKAY Alleged: Mackay man accessed 1000s of child porn images "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

MACKAY November 17, 2017 at 04:45AM ,

Alleged: Mackay man accessed 1000s of child porn images

November 17, 2017 at 04:45AM ,

Terrence Bell, 68, remains on bail after fronting Mackay Magistrates Court on Thursday, unrepresented by a lawyer. Hes been charged with

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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MACKAY Special delivery: Mackay woman caught posting drugs to ex "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

MACKAY November 17, 2017 at 08:52AM ,

Special delivery: Mackay woman caught posting drugs to ex

November 17, 2017 at 08:52AM ,

Day, 21, faced Magistrate Damien Dwyer in Mackay Magistrates Court on Wednesday, pleading guilty to supplying drugs on May 22. Day had no prior

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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MACKAY Burglar, car thief didnt feel safe in home after break-in "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

MACKAY November 17, 2017 at 07:33AM ,

Burglar, car thief didnt feel safe in home after break-in

November 17, 2017 at 07:33AM ,

Mitchell Francis Callaghan, 22, from Mackay faced Mackay Magistrates Court on Wednesday, pleading guilty to two counts of car theft, stealing and

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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Rocky Road to Heavens Gate "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

And its oh, what a beautiful,        
Oh, Oh Lord, what a beautiful city
Twelve gates to the city, hallelujah!
Reverend Gary Davis

We all have a city or, if we are fortunate, cities of our heart. A place you see for the first time and say I am home.  It is intangible a feeling, a sense of you belonging to it, and it belonging to you. You might call it a spirit of place. And whenever you return to your city of the heart, you feel that youve never been gone, that the years that have passed since your last visit, and the changes time has wrought on it and on yourself mean nought.

I felt this spirit the first time entered London with a bunch of Birmingham school mates on a spree. When I first saw Paris. And when I first crossed the Jebal ash-Sharqi from Lebanon and descended to the oasis that was Damascus.

And so too when first I set eyes on the Old City of Jerusalem, and walked through the Damascus Gate. This ancient gate was the portal to a city that has forever danced on the edge of my consciousness (for that it what these cities do).

Back in the day, I would roll down from Ramallah or Mount Scopus to Jerusalem and stand before its faux mediaeval walls. I would walk through the Damascus Gate into the Old City, grab a felafel sandwich, some figs, or a plate of kanafah, depending on the time of day, and amble contentedly through the alleyways and souks down to the Via Dolarosa, and then up Daoud Street to Omar Ibn al Khatab Square and the Jaffa Gate beyond. Traveling back from West Jerusalem, I would retrace my steps, and always with the same sense of wonder and delight.

It was a journey of the senses the call of the muezzin and the peal of church bells, the cacophony of the hustle and bustle of the marketplace, the colours of the markets and shops, the aromas of spices, sweets, and cooking meats, the infinite variety of dress and custom of the many faiths, tribes and communities that dwelt therein or, like me, were passing through. If I had time on my hands, I would sit for a while in the gardens atop the Haram ash-Sharif, or wander into the Dome of the Rock or al Aqsa to sit and ponder awhile, or else progress through ecstatic clamour of the Escher edifice that is the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

The Occupation was relatively new then. I was not oblivious to it, but rather, very aware of its manifestations. I had crossed from Jordan, via the famous Allenby Bridge, and had watched my fellow bus passengers, Palestinians, endure the humiliating searches and questions  of the border police, whilst armed military patrols were commonplace. No...


Sparty McSpartyface "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The NSW Government has decided to name the newest member of its ferry fleet Ferry Mcferryface.  This is not a joke.  Apparently.

In homage to this wise and considered decision, for the coming week, your humble commentator will write under the nom de guerre of Sparty McSpartyface.  I suspect that 1 week will be about how long it will take for this decision to be reversed.

Catallaxy McCatallacyface comments are invited.


The Dao of Dylan "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Following a sellout debut tour earlier this year, Monique diMattina and Rebecca Barnard present the Dao of Dylan.


Recently awarded the Nobel Prize for literature, Bob Dylan is arguably the most important songwriter of our time.

In this historic collaboration, Monique and Rebecca combine their considerable blues/jazz/rock/roots forces drawing from Rebeccas royal jazz heritage and rock stardom as leader of Rebeccas Empire, and Moniques unlimited piano skills and songstress powers honed through years treading the boards in New York City to thrill fans of Dylan and the art of song.

Hear well known chapters from the Book of Bob soulfully re-interpreted, while these two celebrated songwriters tell tall and telling tales on the mystic resonance of Dylans work in their lives and music.

Hear Dont Think Twice boogie thrashed, The Man in the Long Black Coat re-worked to Twin Peaks eeriness and ALL the Dylan songs that start with the line Early in the Morning.. who stole from who (Dylan? The Beatles? The Stones? Joan Baez?) how to stay Forever Young and much much more!

Who: Monique diMattina & Rebecca Barnard

What: The Dao of Dylan

When: Thursday 23 November

Where: Django Bar

To Book Tickets Online Click Here

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Phil Pringle Head Pastor of C3 Church. False prophet of the Prosperity Gospel. Part one. Meeting Phil Pringle for the first time in 1982 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Dr Phil Pringle of C3 Church Eric Clapton hair cut or is it a topaz? And 70s glasses dont believe a word Doctor Phil Pringle says Like Brian Houston of Hillsong, its all spin and con


The first time I met Doctor Phil Pringle was in 1982.

I was a builder working at Christian Life Centre Darlinghurst, Sydney, Australia CLC Darlo for short. CLC Darlinghurst was the second location and second name for Hillsong Global Church.

The lifelong secret pedophile and child rapist Pastor Frank Houston, the founder of  Hillsong Global Church was showing Phil Pringle my handiwork. This is before he acquired his doctorate from an unknown theological college overseas in the early 1990s and announced to his C3 staff and the world, Call me Dr Phil Pringle from now on.

I still remember the day very clearly when I first met Phil.

The party of pastors arrived with a young Phil Pringle boasting to his spiritual father, the lifelong secret pedophile and child rapist Pastor Frank Houston, the founder of Hillsong Global Church, about his amazing vision for the lost of Sydney and how he was going to build a mighty church in Sydneys Northern Beaches with a massive Bible College etc etc.

I was watching and listening and thought this guy is full of himself.





Its a win that will place them in the NSW Tourism Hall of Fame. For the third year in a row Bluesfest Byron Bay has won Best Major Festival & Event at the NSW Tourism Awards. The competition was particularly fierce in 2017 with Vivid Sydney, 2017 Tamworth Country Music Festival and The Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras all in contention for the title.

Bluesfest Executive Director Peter Noble comments on the win:

Pinch me Im dreaming, we just won Best Major Festival and Event at the NSW tourism awards for the third year in a row. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this would happen. I would like to thank everyone associated with presenting the event for their incredible dedication and professionalism.

Bluesfest is proud to be a major driver of tourism to the Northern Rivers region, bringing $107 million and 32,000 visitors in 2017.

Music lovers from across Australia will visit the beautiful Tyagarah Tea Tree Farm, just outside Byron Bay over the Easter long weekend (Thursday 29th March to Monday 2nd of April 2018) for the 29th Annual Bluesfest. During the Festival they will enjoy 12 hours of music each day on multiple stages, incredible food and market stalls and on-site camping in a range of accommodation options. Artists announced for 2018 include Lionel Richie, Robert Plant, John Butler Trio, Youssou Ndour, Tash Sultana, Seal, Jackson Browne, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Gomez, The New Power Generation, Jos Gonzalez, Jimmy Cliff, Chic featuring Nile Rodger, Canned Heat plus many more with further announcements to come.

Bluesfest asks media to stay tuned for another exciting award announcement early next week.

Further info + tickets at



Thank Folk Its Friday 17th November "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

This Week in Folk All the News From The Week That Was The National Folk Festival dropped a huge lineup in their first major announcement for 2018 including Breabach, Lindsay Lou, Steve Poltz, Cara, Ten Strings and A Goat Skin, Gina Williams, Amistat, Bush Gothic, Cat and Clint, Chaika, Charm of Finches, Chordwainers, Chris []


Theres a Resounding Silence Over the Paradise Papers Revelations "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

By Paul Gregoire and Ugur Nedim The largest leak of financial information in history was made globally last week and the reaction has been lacklustre. The 13.4 million files that make up the Paradise Papers uncover the financial dealings of the ultra-rich and major corporations in offshore tax havens. Most of the documents were derived

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Queensland Police Under Attack "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

By Paul Gregoire and Ugur Nedim The Queensland Police Union has called for an audit into security at police facilities across the state, after a spate of attacks on stations, officers and even their homes. The Courier Mail reported on November 7 that a series of Queensland police service reports suggest that members of the

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Trevor Evans Wants To Share A Special Christmas Present "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Few would argue with Trevor Evans notion that the resounding Yes vote for marriage equality is a national watershed moment. As with the entire LGBT community, Evans (pictured), Queenslands first openly gay Member of Parliament, wants a special Christmas present this year. This is national watershed moment, he told Fairfax Media, applauding the 80 per ...

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Some questions for Frank Jordan #qldvotes "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

As part of the Westenders election coverage, we have sent each candidate a list of questions regarding their policies, philosophy and voting intentions. Here is the response of Independent Candidate Frank Jordan. What do you think makes you personally qualified to represent the residents of the South Brisbane electorate? I have spent most of my []

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Adrian Jackson in characteristic pose at the mic, introducing a band.

Adrian Jackson in characteristic pose at the mic, introducing a band.


Give Adrian a Shout:
Adrian Jacksons Jazz benefit, The Jazzlab, November 19, 2017

Adrian Jackson was whispering when I spoke to him at Wangaratta Festival of Jazz and Blues recently. We are all hoping that before long hell be back to his usual volume and fully capable of giving us a shout in all senses of the word.

On Sunday at 7pm at The Jazzlab, Melbourne Jazz Co-operative will stage a jazz benefit for Adrian, well known for his key roles as, for 27 years, founding artistic director at Wangarattas jazz and blues festival (as well as those at Melbourne and Stonnington).

Many will be aware that Adrian is at present unemployed, and has needed surgery so that he can talk above a whisper and get back to work. But some of us were unaware of the extent of the difficulties he has had to face in the past two years.

Readers of Martin Jacksons MJC newsletter will have seen Adrians account of his situation, but with his permission I reproduce it here for any who missed seeing it:

It is in some ways embarrassing to be seeking financial assistance as a 60-year-old. Although my situa...


Why there should be no room in the law for celebrants to discriminate on same-sex marriage "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

By Becky Batagol

File 20171115 19806 1ywdqzy.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1Celebrants should not be free to discriminate against couples who ask them to perform a marriage ceremony.
AAP/Alan Porritt

The process of legislating for marriage equality is underway. Marriage celebrants are looking forward to Australias busiest-ever wedding season. However, with the proposed laws now on the table, not all marriages will be equal.

The private members bill sponsored by Liberal Dean Smith is being debated today in the Senate. Attorney-General George Brandis has said he wants to amend the bill to extend religious protections to civil celebrants.

If it goes through, the amendment would permit civil celebrants to refuse to conduct a marriage ceremony because of their conscientious or religious beliefs (as another marriage amendment bill did earlier this year).

Permitting non-religious, civil marriage celebrants to discriminate is a bad idea. This goes far beyond protecting religious freedom.

My research into Australias marriage laws and civil marriage celebrants leads me to believe that Brandis proposed changes will undermine Australias flourishing civil marriage system by sanctioning discrimination against LGTBIQ clients. They will weaken marriage equality and will permit humiliating, unnecessary discrimination.

Providing the right to refuse to solemnise marriages to civil marriage celebrants undermines the aims and nature of Australias world-leading civil marriage celebrant program. It also compromises Australias long-established pluralistic system of marriage, as inherited from England.

Unique weddings and quirky celebrants: Australias contribution to the world

To understand the marriage equality law, it is helpful to know a little about the history of marriage in Australia.

Until 1973, when Australias world-first civil celebrant program was created, most civil wedding ceremonies were dry, brief and formal procedures conducted by state officials in registry offices.

The civil celebrancy program was initially set up by the Whitlam-era attorney-general, Lionel Murphy. It went under the publicity radar, unlike the...


Businesses Prepare For Predicted Same-Sex Wedding Boom "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Australian small businesses are set to share in a multi-million dollar same-sex wedding boom, an economist says. ANZ senior economist Cherelle Murphy said the economic benefits of marriage equality related to weddings alone could be $650 million in the first 12 months. According to the 2016 Census, there were nearly 47,000 same-sex couples living together ...

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Westall, the Department of Supply and Mr 'X' - a short part two "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


In a previous post I discussed what we know of a tantilising story from the son and daughter of a high official in the former Australian Department of Supply, in relation to his knowledge of the 6 April 1966 Westall incident.

New material

Over my years of searching government archive material held by such agencies as the National Archives of Australia (NAA) and the National Library of Australia (NLA) I have learnt that these organisations are constantly making new material available. I thought it would be worth my while, spending some time, doing yet another search for any further material on Mr 'X.' This search proved to be very fruitful.

I now have found new material which:

1. Provides his University results from the years 1930-1934, when he attended University in Sydney and completed both a Bachelor's degree in Engineering (1st class honours) and a Bachelor of Science degree (2nd class honours.)

2. Gives a photograph of him in 1935. I have used a number of web based reverse image sites to check if it is possible to determine the source of this image and thus reveal his identity. I was unable to find Mr X's real name from this image, and this is why I provide the photograph here. If you use "copy image address" you will only get "Capture_Photo_1935.JPG."

3. Advises that he was appointed as an Engineer in the Postmaster General's Department in 1937.

4. Shows that he moved to the Department of Civil Aviation in 1946, and became a Senior Airways Engineer.

All of this is consistent with the account of his career as conveyed in 2010 by his daughter.

5. I have also found some leads concerning positions within the general area of what became the Aircraft, Guided Weapons and Electronics area of the Department of Supply in 1967. In 1963 it appears to have been titled Aircraft and Guided Weapons Supply Branch, Department of Supply. Unfortunately, the archive material for this era, is currently not yet available. I have submitted a request to be advised when this material becomes publicly available. Hopefully, this will conf...


MONA FOR MERMAID! A Hecke of a challenge for Shakin' Ray Stevens "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

MONA FOR MERMAID! A Hecke of a challenge for Shakin' Ray StevensShakin' Ray Stevens may be in trouble in Mermaid Beach, with a credible Independent candidate, Mona Hecke, challenging him at the 25 November Queensland State election. This is Mona's story. read now...


Bruce of Newcastle: Shy Voters "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has provided good breakdowns of the SSM data by electorate, so I asked myself a question: was the turnout correlated with the % Yes vote?

Ive used the NSW data only since it has been reported that of the 17 No voting electorates 12 of them are in western and southwestern Sydney.  Furthermore SBS reports this:

The nine seats that voted No by the biggest margins are all controlled by the Labor party, with the seven biggest all located in west and south-west Sydney.

Here is what I find:

Ive highlighted those seven highest No voting seats which SBS says are Labor held.

Fairly clearly from the data there is a correlation between turnout and the percentage of Yes votes.  Furthermore the seven Labor seats with the highest No votes also have some of the lowest turnouts.

This suggests a couple of things:

  • That shy or disillusioned voters failed to put in their forms
  • That certain ethnic groups had both a low response rate and a high propensity to vote No

The first point suggests that the real proportion of voters who favour Yes to same-sex marriage is lower than the headline number of 61.6%. A cohort of as many as 10% of voters in low turnout electorates, who probably would choose No, in the end did not vote.  Whether this was because of fear of backlash, concern about confidentiality or other reasons is not clear.  But it does seem clear that the total Yes vote has been biased upwards somewhat by these shy voters.

I will leave to readers to draw their own conclusion about the second point.


Jonathan R Wain Chairman Dilworth School, Auckland, New Zealand and barrister in Brisbane, Australia part two Jonathans estrangement from his mother and his father issues "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Jonathan R Wain as I knew him in the 1970s Jonathan pushed his mum too far about the reasons for her divorce from his father in the late 1979s, and his mother disinherited him.


Jonathan R Wain was raised by his mother in Te Atatu, Auckland, New Zealand. Mrs Wain was estranged from Jonathans father.

Mrs Wain was a pleasant laconic woman, who was always welcoming and friendly to me. Jonathan has a younger sister Lindsey, and an older sister whose name I cant recall. His older sister in 1974 when I met Jonathan, was estranged from her mother, primarily due to her involvement in a Christian cult it may have been the Children of God I cant recall. It wasnt the Moonies.

In 1976-77, Jonathan located and spent some time with his long-lost father. Armed with a dubious raft and bad stories about Mrs Wain from his father, and an assemblage of bitter allegations, Jonathan started to press his mother barrister-style for more information about why his parents had separated. Jonathan has always had an unnerving ability to ask people very personal questions often with hardly knowing them, and invading peoples personal space by standing too close to them invading their aura.

Mrs Wain had always blamed her former husband for the marital issues and Jonathan, being a bu...


Gallery: Newtown Festival 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Sunshine, hours of local tunes and plenty of pooches made for a pretty memorable Newtown Festival. Thousands converged on Camperdown Memorial Rest Park to raise funds for the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre.

With a musical lineup curated by Sarah Blasko, punters were treated to sets by Cody Munro Moore, The Crooked Fiddle Band, Food Court, Gauci, The Goods, I Know Leopard, Jack Colwell, Jep and Dep, Klue, Left., Mezko, Peabody, Sarah Belkner, Spit Syndicate, The Troubled Romantics and Voices of Lakemba.

All photos by Amy Hanrahan, 12 November 2017.


Use Your Fucking Words "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

"I was just thinking back to how weird it was when Rush was President of the United States of America. So odd that a prog band beloved by guitar nerds was ever president, but then again his father George H W Rush had a go so maybe it's fair enough."

Sean looked at the terrible idea and wondered where it came from. Hack Comedy Hell? Some horror realm where weak wordplay and references to total bullshit dance a nightmare waltz? His own arsehole?


The keyboard stared back at him, giving nothing away.


Solar and pumped hydro to power the north "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The worlds first integrated solar and pumped hydro hybrid project in Kidston is one step closer to being built as the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) today announced up to $5 million in funding to Genex Power Limited (Genex) to help bring the landmark project to financial close in 2018. This morning, Genex Power Limited []

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Cork & Chroma "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A night out in Melbourne just got a whole lot more colourful with the opening of Cork & Chroma in Collingwood. The paint and sip studio is already a hit in Brisbane and Sydney, and now people of Melbourne can be apart of the fun.   Having opened only a few weeks ago, the new []

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Moment of truth for refugees and asylum seekers on Manus Island "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Australia can end this human rights tragedy. Wherever they end up eventually, the Australian government needs to immediately bring these men to safety.

Human Rights Watch Australia Director Elaine Pearson interviewing Iranian refugee Behrouz Boochani on Manus Island in September 2017. 2017 Human Rights Watch SYDNEY Since October 31, hundreds of men have barricaded themselves in an abandoned complex on a naval base where security forces have previously shot at and attacked them. Exhausted, with no power and no running water in the tropical heat, they stockpiled food, dug water wells, and collected rainwater in trash cans to drink. Now, they are dehydrated, starving, and scared.

These men are not in a war zone, though many of them have fled war in places like Afghanistan, Iraq and Sudan. They are refugees and asylum seekers trapped on remote Manus Island in Papua New Guinea. They are there because of Australias harsh refugee policies.  

The UN has described the situation as an "unfolding humanitarian emergency." On October 31, the Australian and PNG governments closed the regional processing center where these men have lived for the last four years. Other less-secure facilities are available in a town a 30-minute drive from their current location. But these men, refugees and asylum seekers, refused to leave, terrified by escalating violence against them by some local residents in the town and frustrated by the lack of a long-term solution to their predicament.

Since July 2013, male asylum seekers traveling by boat to Australia have been sent to Manus Island, while men, women and children have been sent to the isolated Pacific island nation of Nauru. As Paul Tyson wrote for openDemocracy, in real terms, it is the boat people themselves the Australian government has criminalized, dehumanized and demonized, and it is agains...


The unions are in the Turnbull governments sights "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Contributed by Joe Montero

Anyone following developments can not help but be aware that a central plank of the governments agenda, is to eliminate trade unions, and if this is not possible, to render them totally ineffective.

Ever since the Howard government and the Hawke days before that,  step by step, a noose has been tightened around the Australian union movements neck.  It has fought back, but eventually compromised at each point. It now finds itself weaker, less organised,  its officials no longer have the right to visit members at the workplace and what they can be concerned with has narrowed down over time.

Arguably, there is much more than coincidence between this and the significant fall in the wages share of national income, the generally deteriorating conditions of employment and the rise of the casualised economy. Weaker unions is not the only cause. The weaker state of the economy is important. But weaker unions have ensured that the position of the worker has deteriorated more than it would otherwise have been the case.

Within the union movement has been an expectation of further blows. It is no secret that the government and employers behind it are out to do everything they can, to move as close as possible to creating an industrial relations landscape with no unions.

A worsening economy and the growing militancy of big business, shared by the Coalition, have come together to result in a series of try ons,  which have been aimed at imposing major wage cuts through further casualisation of their workforces.  Last years battle at Carlton and United in Melbourne last year marked a turning point. Although the unions won this battle, the war has continued, with other large employers taking their turn at doing the same.

This is more than separate and unlinked individual workplace battles. They make up parts of a national strategy to force a breech that can be spread across the whole of the Australian workforce, to crush it into obedience and the acceptance of less reward for work.

Despite being in a weaker position now, the unions still remain the barrier to achieving this goal. This is the reason why they are being targeted.

Employment Minister Michaelia Cash has been particularly zealous and biting at the bit for her chance at unions jugular. She is also in urgent need of a distraction from the fallout of the GetUp and Australian Workers Union fiasco. It has the potential of knocking her out of her job.

She stood with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull at a press conference a week ago, where a commitment was made to take o...


Melbourne abattoir remains open despite evidence of abuse, and more zedlines... "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Animal rights activists have released footage of Star Poultry Supply abattoir in Keysborough, Melbourne boiling chickens alive. Photo source: Flickr

The footage, obtained in March, was given to Victorias abattoir regulator, but no formal animal cruelty investigation was conducted, allowing the slaughterhouse to continue operating.

The department responsible for enforcing animal cruelty laws, Agriculture Victoria released a statement to ABCs 7.30 saying they were satisfied with the companys handling of the situation and staff were being retrained.


Bundjalung creation story inspired new dance-theatre show "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Djurra director Kirk Page talks to Mandy Nolan about the upcoming dance-theatre show at NORPA.

NORPAs 2018 season launch will be held tonight at 5.30pm at Lismore City Hall (Friday 17 November) where north coast culture lovers can get a taste for the next thrilling selection of physical theatre, dance, drama, music and cabaret works for the region.

All 2018 Season shows will go on sale tonight with an event including live performances, food and drink.

One of the biggest shows coming up is NORPAs newest work which has been years in the making and inspired by a Bundjalung Nation creation story.

Djurra is an emotive piece of dance theatre that tells the story through interwoven vignettes. Using powerful First Nation monologues and striking imagery, this new work will be an unforgettable experience. But its risky. Director Kirk Page has been brought in to get the work from development to the stage.

It started three years ago, says Page, and it was a co-artistic-led project between Rhoda Roberts and Julian Louis. Rhoda brought the story to the table and the company was interested in making a theatre work. Its taken time to work out how to do this. How do we translate this into a theatrical experience in the most respectful and creative way?

There have been a lot of elders come in and contribute, says Page, namely Roy Gordon, who is an elder and a local and an actor and language man.

The edgy aspect of this show is to tell a story of place and culture but at the same time to safeguard the cultural integrity of that story for Indigenous people for whom aspects are part of secret business.

Its about doing it in a way where you dont give away secrets, says Page, but tell stories. There are themes of family, themes of coming home. Themes of what life does to us. Those stories are universal and relatable.

The most challenging thread to the story is how do we talk about lore without sharing lore elements. This is secret mens business; there is a cultural collateral that is not open to share with everyone. How do we thread these elements for a theatrical experience so we can learn something, reflect on ourselves and create a great show, and hopefully not get our sights crossed and confuse people?

In the end, say...


Philip Pullmans Belle Sauvage "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Philip Pullman, The Book of Dust, Volume 1: La Belle Sauvage (2017)

dust1.jpegThis is the first book in a promised trilogy, which is a prequel to Philip Pullmans masterly His Dark Materials trilogy. If you havent read the earlier work I wouldnt start with this one, there is something incomparably delicious in the way the world is revealed in Northern Lights (1995), and I remember how agonising the wait was for the third volume (The Amber Spyglass) after the cosmic cliffhanger ending of the second (The Subtle Knife).

La Belle Sauvage a big thick book, but a surprisingly quick read. Lyra, the main character of earlier/later trilogy, is a baby in grave danger. There are kind nuns and mean nuns, dangerous daemons and sweet daemons (Pullmans daemons are one of the great inventions of twentieth century childrens literature), a deeply scary villain, a massive natural upheaval, a magical boat (the eponymous Belle Sauvage), and wonderfully engaging lead characters.

The second half of the book lost some of its charm for me as it turned into a kind of Odyssey-lite. But it might be more accurate to say that in the episodic second half, I became aware that Im not part of the imagined audience. Given the amount of fruity language, and a sex scene that Malcolm, the young protagonist, see...


Commbank is ditching coal "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Contributed by Ugly

A year of campaigning and more than 100,000 people signing a petition, Commbank has finally decided to phase out investment in coal and this move the bank closer to turning away from fossil  fossil fuels altogether

Protests outside branches of the bank and bad publicity had an effect.

It came to a head at the banks annual general meeting in Sydney, where the Chair, Catherine Livingstone announced the new policy. No more coal projects will be funded.

The bank has made a commitment remove its existing $6 billion investment in this carbon emission producing industry.

This is a major change for the better.

Anti-coal campaigners know that it is not enough to leave it at this and that the pressure will have to be kept on Commbank to do what it says it is going to do.

At the same time, this success will be used as leverage to induce other banks into going down the same road.

The banks are aware of how unpopular they are, and their advertising campaigns are geared around each of them telling the public that they are different to the others. They know they are vulnerable to losing customers. This is the reason why Commbank recently dropped its ATM charges and was followed by the other banks in a very short time.

The unpopularity of the banks has provided campaigners with an unusual opportunity to be effective and win significant concessions. With these under the belt, greater pressure can be put on politicians to make them act decisively, to stop support for fossil fuels and promote renewable alternatives.

Australia needs this to move towards a modern, sustainable economy.

There is still along way to go to make this a reality and it wont be easy to get there. But every win takes us another step down this road.

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Mullums youth make community proud "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Amid all the nations and worlds turmoil, we had the privilege (and extreme difficulty) of judging the Rural Youth Ambassador and Mullumbimby Showgirl Awards for the 110th Mullumbimby Show last weekend.

It was an absolute pleasure to meet 18 young people, tiny tots to young adults, who made us so proud to have them as members of our community.

Rest assured, we can have faith that our future generations are of high calibre and will serve our community very well.

Donna Jenner, Hayley Walker, Neil Farquhar, Mullumbimby

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Stars come out for carols night "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The 2017 Ocean Grove Carols in the Park promises to be bigger and better than ever.
More than 3000 locals and holiday makers attended last year, making Carols in the Park the largest annual concert gathering on the Bellarine Peninsula.
The cast includes Goanna Band and The Voice star Marcia Howard singing with another much-loved ensemble, the Geelong Symphony Orchestra.
Marcia will be joined at the Carols in the Park by the ever-popular Sarah Carroll, Perri Espinoza, Nicole Hickman, Diane Gardner, Marion Melrose, Dan Eastwood, Stewart Firth and the glorious Geelong Harmony Choir.
The Carols start at 7pm, on Sunday 10 December, with savvy families turning up early to get a good position.
Sausages, pancakes and drinks will be available.
Our Lady Star of the Sea, Surfside and Ocean Grove primary schools will be performing on stage and of course Santa will be summoned to make an appearance.
Bay FMs Mark Hyland will be Master of Ceremonies and for the little ones, there will be face painting and plenty of pre-show activities.
In a long-standing tradition, you are encouraged to place an unwrapped childrens gift under the Christmas tree on stage. The gifts go to needy Cottage by the Sea children.
Entry is by donation and the gate takings go towards the new disability special accommodation being built in Draper Street.

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French Court Finds that Sex with Child Wasnt Rape "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

In NSW, it is a crime for a person to have sexual intercourse with another who is under the age of 16-years, or 18 if there is a relationship of special care. Similar age of consent laws apply in countries like the United States and United Kingdom. However, no such age of consent applies in

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The music capital of Australia isnt a city its a country town "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Tamworth Country Music Festival isnt just about country music: its about spectacle. Across ten days over the January long weekend, every square inch of the northwest NSW town is taken over by buskers, stalls, punters and artists. Its the second-largest country music festival in the world after the iconic Nashville, with over 2,800 events, 800 artists and 120 venues, making room for everything from alt-country to yodelling.

In 2018, 50,000 punters will make their way to Tammy, placing it among the ranks of Australias other internationally-recognised regional festivals such as Byron Bays Bluesfest, Queenslands Woodford Folk Festival, and the stalwart Falls Festival. Unlike these festivals, however, TCMF is open access and family friendly with plenty of free shows, making it accessible to audiences who might not otherwise be able to afford to travel the distance to an established music festival.

Its the social aspect of it, Tamworth Country Music Festivals founding father Max Ellis recently told the Northern Daily Leader about what makes the festival so special. It seems to be improving [with] a lot more artists and a lot more fans.

The town comes to life with street buskers and poets. Huge market stalls line the Main Street and everyone is there to have a good time

Born-and-raised Tammy local and heavyweight TCMF fan, Caitlin McInerney, similarly speaks to this social aspect, noting that people come from all over Australia just to visit Tamworth for country music. All the gigs are up close and personal, and the bands and singers all have beers with the crowd after the shows.

The town comes to life with street buskers and poets. Huge market stalls line the Main Street and everyone is there to have a good time; its one of the best celebrations of country music Australia has to offer. Not to mention [there are] way too many hotties in jeans and boots a girl gets whiplash.

Theres no bigger or better celebration of music in Australia than the Tamworth Country Music Festival

The festivals DOB is often debated, but most point its inception back to January 1973, when local radio station 2TM launched the Australasian Country Music Awards, now known as The Country Music Golden Guitar Awards

While Sydneys music venues have been knocked around by the state governments lockout laws, as well as excessively expensive liquor licenses and the residential noise complaints that come with a rapidly gentrifying city, Tamworth Regional Counci...


Ballina playgrounds need more shade: Johnson "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The children's playground located at the Ballina Heights sports field.

The childrens playground located at the Ballina Heights sports field.

A Ballina Shire councillor is lobbying to have shade structures installed at childrens playgrounds in the shire, warning that exposure to the sun during childhood is a major case of skin cancers.

Cr Jeff Johnson said the recently constructed playground at the Ballina Heights Sports Fields should be considered a priority.

The childrens playground located at the Ballina Heights sports field currently has no shade structure, Cr Johnson said. This playground, which is next to a large carpark, bakes in the summer sun causing the equipment to often be too hot to use.

Whats the point with installing playground equipment if its unable to be used because the equipment is simply too hot?

Ballina Shire councillor Jeff Johnson.

Ballina Shire councillor Jeff Johnson.

Cr Johnson said the playground was very popular with  families from the Ballina Heights area as well as families that brought their children to play sport on the weekends or to train during the week.

I have long been an advocate for additional shade structures to be installed and this popular park should be seen as a high priority, he said.

The Ballina Shire has one of the highest rates of skin cancer / melanomas in the world and studies have shown that exposure during childhood is a major cause of skin cancers that appear later in life, said Cr Jeff Johnson.

Paul Hickey, Ballina Councils General Manager has advised that the value of the works is estimated at $15,000.
This is a small price to pay to ensure that our childrens playground equipment is actually able to be used during the summer months and school holidays and that protection from the sun is provided.


The post Ballina playgrounds need...


Casino man who allegedly groomed 15 year-old online for sex remains free on bail "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A Casino father who allegedly set up a Facebook account to groom a 15 year-old girl for sex is required to enter a plea when he returns to court next month.

Jacob Lee Benn was charged in June after the girl complained to police and an investigation was launched by the State Crime Commands Internet Child Exploitation Unit.

The 30 year-old father of two, who allegedly communicated with the teenger from his marital home, was charged with soliciting child pronography, grooming a teenager online for sexual activity and sending indecent material online.

Police allege between November 20, 2016, and the day before his arrest, June 14, Mr Benn sent various message via Facebook messenger to the 15-year-old girl with the intention of having sex with her.

During their communications, it is alleged Mr Benn told the girl not to reveal his identity and to keep their communications a secret.

The sender did this with the intention of making it easier to procure the recipient to engage in sexual activity with the sender, court documents stated.

The accused continued to progress this offence over a prolonged period and he instigated the use of a false profile on the social media site to perpetrate this offence.

He also asked the victim to delete and cover the use of this profile.

The brief of evidence against Mr Benn has been completed by police but he is yet to enter a plea to the allegations.

This week, Magistrate David Heilpern adjourned Mr Benns matters until December 11, for a plea to be entered and he be committed for trial or sentence, depending on his plea.

Mr Benn remains free on conditional bail until his next court appearance.

Conditions of his bail include not to contact the victim by any means, not to go to the victims school, not to access any form of social media and not to contact any person under 16 unless they are immediate family.

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Driver fled after car crashed into school bus on Tweed "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A 24-year-old was arrested after fleeing from the scene where hed crashed his car into a school bus in Tweed Heads yesterday afternoon.

Fifteen students were trapped in the bus for a short time before being released by emergency services, none seriously injured as a result of the crash at around 3.20pm in Wharf Street.

A 40-year-old female passenger in the car was trapped and later taken to Gold Coast Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The driver of the car and a male passenger reportedly fled the scene before police arrived.

A short time later, officers went to a nearby home and arrested the driver.

He was taken to Tweed Heads Hospital for mandatory blood and urine testing and is currently being questioned by police.



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Mungo Man laid to rest after 42,000 years "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The remains of Mungo Man will at last be returned to their ancestral homeland in remote western NSW.

The oldest known human being in Australia will be repatriated at a ceremony on Friday with an indigenous music festival to follow in Mildura on the weekend.

Researcher Jim Bowler first discovered remains on the shore of the ancient and long-dry Lake Mungo, 750 kilometres west of Sydney, in 1968.

He and an Australian National University team initially unearthed the remains of Mungo Lady, whod been cremated then buried more than 40,000 years ago.

Then, in 1974, Dr Bowler discovered further ochre-adorned remains from a similar period.

They become known as Mungo Man.

In 1992, after decades of campaigning by local communities, the Ladys remains were returned to Lake Mungo.

But its taken 25 years for Mungo Man, along with the remains of 100 other ice-age people removed from the land, to make the long journey from Canberra back to the lake.

The remains had been transported to Canberra following their excavation, where they were held by both the ANU and then the National Museum for study by scientists.

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Aussie arts golden boy Zavros to launch his book in Tweed "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Celebrity Australian artist Michael Zavros has chosen Tweed Regional Gallery to launch his debut book, bringing together 120 of his works. Photo Tweed Shire Council

Celebrity Australian artist Michael Zavros has chosen Tweed Regional Gallery to launch his debut book, bringing together 120 of his works. Photo Tweed Shire Council

Renowned Australian artist Michael Zavros has chosen the Tweed for the official launch next week of his debut book of his celebrated works .

As part of the launch on 23 November, Zavros will take part in a Q and A with the director of the Tweed Regional Gallery and Margaret Olley Art Centre, Susi Muddiman, discussing the book, simply titled Michael Zavros.

Ms Muddiman said the artist and the gallery had enjoyed a close relationships over the years and it was tremendously exciting that he has chosen our gallery to officially unveil his spectacular book.

Michaels work appears in the collections of major museums and private collections around the world and he is one of the true celebrities of modern Australian art, Ms Muddiman said.

He is well known for his hyper-realistic paintings and, more recently, for photography, sculpture, film and performance.

Our conversation will discuss Michaels art practice and the evolution of his exciting monograph, and he will be available to sign copies of the book.

His stunning debut monograph features more than 120 beautifully reproduced works, as well as essays from some of the art worlds leading figures, Ms Muddiman said.

The event begins at 6pm and costs $25 or $20 for Friends of the Gallery members. Numbers are limited and bookings, along with pre-purchases of the book, can be made online before 20 November at


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Wanna be startin' somethin' "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Northern Powerhouse

We all know that employment growth since the peak of the resources construction boom in 2012 has been all about Sydney and Melbourne.

Until now!

Queensland is suddenly off to the races, with trend employment growth blazing +4.62 per cent higher across the year to October, by far its strongest annual result since before the financial crisis. 

Of course, it's harder for the most populous states to record such a large percentage increase, but even so, this has suddenly become too big a move to ignore. 

Some questions we've not had to ponder too often in Queensland since 2007 include: where, why, & what are the new jobs? And will it continue?

Where? Pretty much all around the state, as I've looked at here previously (Queensland is one mainland state where employment is not excessively capital city focused). 

Queensland is also coming from a relatively low base, after a rough trot, and much of the hiring has been part time in nature. 

The likely drivers might range from Chinese visitors and the dollar-driven tourism industry, the commodity price rebound creating jobs upstate, a slew of public sector and NDIS hiring, and perhaps some spillover or multiplier from the fading residential construction boom.

Agriculture exports have been strong, so that's another possible bright spot, plus some increased aggregate demand creating services jobs as interstate migration has picked up.

Just from driving around various parts of SEQ, there are an awful lot of road projects underway right now, while there are several significant infrastructure projects underway or about to commence in Brisbane.

SEEK...& ye may find.....


British Film Festival pays homage to Eric Clapton "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Amidst the spread of cinematic delights and contemporary favourites at this years British Film Festival comes the engaging documentary, Eric Clapton: Life in 12 Bars a deeply intimate film chronicling the life of Britains most renowned blues guitarist.  This year saw a diverse list of films fast-tracked from the British Isles to Australian cinemas, []

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The Dead End Film Festival will showcase experimental films from local and international directors. As part of the festival, 8a8ysteps has commissioned local artists to build alternative seating installations for those who do not drive to the festival. The film program will be followed by live music from Sweet Whirl and Truly Holy and a slow dance in the diner with Joe from Astral Glamour (RRR).



TextaQueen turns nudes upside down "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

TextaQueen, Where we will go when the world implodes? (Taylor Mac) 2006, fibre-tipped markers on paper, Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, Victoria, Purchased from National Works on Paper, 2008. Photo supplied.

TextaQueen, Where we will go when the world implodes? (Taylor Mac) 2006, fibre-tipped markers on paper, Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, Victoria, Purchased from National Works on Paper, 2008. Photo supplied.

Armed with a felt-tipped pen, she playfully tackles complex issues of race, exoticism, gender, sexuality and identity.

TextaQueens engaging portraits are showcased in Between You and Me, the first survey exhibition of this contemporary artist, on display at Tweed Regional Gallery from 8 December 2017 25 February 2018.

The survey exhibition brings together more than 30 works, highlighting TextaQueens compelling marker works on paper, as well as a new suite of photos created during a recent placement at Mornington Shires Police Point Artist in Residency Program. 

TextaQueen, Save Yourself (self-love self-portrait) 2013, from the series Unknown Artist, fibre-tipped markers, acrylic paint and coloured pencil on paper, Corrigan Collection. Photo supplied.

TextaQueen, Save Yourself (self-love self-portrait) 2013, from the series Unknown Artist, fibre-tipped markers, acrylic paint and coloured pencil on paper, Corrigan Collection. Photo supplied.

Tweed Regi...


Elvis dead? Never! Hell be in Lismore this January "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Elvis will be taking to the stage in Lismore on January 19, 2018. Photo supplied.

Elvis will be taking to the stage in Lismore on January 19, 2018. Photo supplied.

Coming straight from his show in Las Vegas for two shows here in Australian Elvis tribute artists Jason Dale will be hitting the boards in Lismore for the show of a lifetime. He will perform one day of shows here in Lismore to raise funds for the local charity RED Inc, who work with people with disabilities in the region, to support their art program on January 19, 2018.

Jason Dale is one of Europes top Elvis Tribute Artists; we are absolutely thrilled that he has offered to come to little old Lismore to perform for us to help raise much needed funds for the REDinc. art school. He is an extraordinary performer and looks uncannily like the great man himself! said Elvis event coordinator, Josie Donnelly.

The funds from this event will go towards the famous REDinc. arts program that has transformed the lives of many local artists with a disability: with many going on to exhibit across Australia and becoming semi-professional artists in their own right. Funds raised from this show will ensure that this program will be ongoing with its usual vigor supporting local artists with a disability.

There will be two shows taking place at the Lismore workers club the first is an intimate 68 Comeback Specialfrom 2.30pm and the main show Viva Las Vegas takes off at 6.30pm.

To find out more about REDinc. Click here or book tickets online here or call 6621 7401.

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New season at Nyora is off and racing "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

By Dean Thompson, DMT Sports Media

Peter Logue from Morwell was the winner in the Wingless Sprints. Photo: Random Panda Photography.

TWO days of racing kicked off the Nyora Raceway season with important club aggregate events for the Wingless Sprintcars and features for the Standard Saloons and Sports Sedans.
These headlined a weekend that also included Open Sedans, National Junior Sedans and series rounds for the Mini Sprintcars.
Wingless Sprintcars were encouraged to come along to Nyora with a feature on both nights of racing whilst after the second nights final, a number of prizes were on offer for every driver that competed in the feature race.
On night one, Travis Millar who could almost be the King of Nyora when it comes to Wingless, picked up another feature win at the South Gippsland venue. He defeated Speedway legend Peter Logue from Morwell, Michael Skene, Todd Hobson and Scott Irons.
Night two was a night littered with Wingless machines flying through the air upside down. Marc Evans, Michael Skene and then finally Ben Grey all joined the upside down club resulting in substantial damage to their race cars. All drivers walked away from their accidents, none of them happy of course.
In night two racing Nyora racer Chris Skilton picked up a heat race victory in the first round, Logue and Millar made their intentions clear with wins before Logue also won in the second round.
Night ones Unlimited Sedan feature winner Warrick Taylor picked up a win in the qualifiers. A 30 lap feature race for the Wingless on night two began with Logue quickly assuming the lead passing one of his sons Wayne who got the better of the start.
There were a number of cautions including one with 11 laps to go for Ben Grey when his car caught the catch fence in turn three when it went flipping through the sky.
Peter Logue took the win from Wayne Logue with both racers hailing from the Morwell area. Millar was third then Hobson and Luke Schneider rounded out the top five.
Nyora Raceway also brought back the welcome return of teams racing with a two day feature for Standard Saloons.
A couple of strong combinations from Alexandra and a team from the Drouin club came to do battle with a number of Nyora combos.
Drivers had to compete over the weekend in alternative heats with drivers having three heats each if they made it right through to the end of the weekend for what would be 40 lap fea...


Local Brunswick student in state finals today "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Ruby Dokmanovic from Brunswick Heads Public School is speaking on multiculturalism in our society at tomorrow's state finals. Photo supplied.

Ruby Dokmanovic from Brunswick Heads Public School is speaking on multiculturalism in our society at tomorrows state finals. Photo supplied.

Competing agains t 1,000 other students local Brunswick Heads Public School student Ruby Dokmanovic has reached the finals for the the years five and six state final of the Multicultural Perspectives Public Speaking Competition.

Ruby is currently in Sydney with her parents getting ready for the finals of the competition today that are being held at the ABC Studios in Ultimo, Sydney.

Ruby is an outstanding school captain, sportsperson, debater and general allrounder who is a role model for positive behaviour in her school and community, said Melanie Currie, relieving principal at Brunswick Heads Public School.

She is passionate about human rights, equity and inclusion and we are very proud that she is able to represent our school at a State level in the Multicultural Public Speaking Competition.

In its twenty-second year each of the 12 state finalists will be addressing the topic of what multiculturalism means in our society.

The competition was established with the aim of heightening awareness of multicultural issues among primary school students while developing their interest in public speaking, said a spokesperson for the Multicultural Perspectives Public Speaking Competition.

Topics ranging from when a migrant becomes an Australian, online racism and the immigrant contribution to sport will be tackled.

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1) The warehouse at PT Freeport's shipping port is on fire "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

2) Fire hits Freeport Indonesia port facility in Papua - company sources

3) Firm action to be last resort in dealing with hostage-taking in Papua

4) Another Papua police death 

A google translate. Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic.
Original bahasa link at

1) The warehouse at PT Freeport's shipping port is on fire
Kamis, 16 November 2017 22:03
Papua No. 1 News Portal | Jubi,

                                             Fires in the PTFI concentration shipment warehouse - IST



West Papua taking on the world "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

West Papua taking on the world
  • By Len Garae
  • 10 hrs ago

Preliminary meeting to confirm date of meeting .Standing are Job Dalesa and Paula Makabory and Andy Ayamiseba (at right sitting)


Luggage what to check what to carry-on "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Travelling Heavy: What You Need to Know About the Items You Plan to Bring With You

Keeping up with all the different baggage rules is not easy, especially since they are constantly changing.  The sudden banning of laptops in luggage on flights from the middle east to the USA demonstrated just how quick this can happen. Apparently, its for our own safety, try telling that to parents of screaming kids who cant play Minecraft or roadblocks on a long haul flight. The same with the Samsung Note batteries after one exploded on a flight originating from Australia. The newest piece of personal equipment to come under the microscope is the e-cigarette battery. In America, its now illegal to carry the batteries in your checked luggage due to the risk of fire.

Complying with all these rules sometimes means extra baggage fees. There may be a conspiracy theory there, but thats beyond the scope of this blog. This resource is a very good one for keeping up with major airline baggage fees.

Must-Check Items

Here is a quick list of most items that are illegal to place in carry-on baggage and must therefore either be checked or left at home:

Sharp Objects: A sharp object is basically anything with a blade and at least one sharp-angle edge. The list includes the notorious boxcutter, along with knives, razor blades, and scissors with at least 4-inch blades; these items must also be wrapped in the checked luggage. Plastic or round butter knives are okay in carry-on bags.
Firearms: Anything that shoots any kind of projectile from a barrel is a firearm and must be in a checked bag. Most airlines have their own rules about ammunition, so do your research.
Self-Defense and Sporting Equipment: Mace, pepper spray, and stun guns must be checked, and pepper spray or mace containers must be safety-disabled. Baseball bats, hockey sticks, nightsticks, throwing stars, and all other such items must be checked as well.
Tools: Crowbars, wrenches, hammers, drills, screwdrivers, and all other tools must be checked if they are more than seven inches long.
Liquids: Non-flammable or non-disabling liquids are allowed in carry-on bags if they are in 3.4-ounce or smaller bottles that are inside...


It is being suggested to Lower Clarence communities that inviting the cruise ship industry into the Clarence River estuary will bring financial gain to their towns - but will it? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

At this months ordinary monthly meeting Clarence Valley Council will be considering whether or not to give in principle support to the NSW Governments proposal to designate the Port of Yamba as a cruise ship destination and possibly build a cruise ship terminal in the Clarence River estuary.

The Berejiklian Government appears to be presenting this proposal as a way to increase the annual regional income of the Clarence Valley. But is it and will it?

Nowhere have I found any mention of the business model employed by the global cruise ship industry. An industry which seeks to create demand through the judicious use of political donations and paid lobbyists.

According to  Professor Ross Klein, Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and Research, Memorial University of Newfoundland; Standing up to a cruise line can sometimes be difficult, especially given the industrys generous contributions to political campaigns, their active lobbying efforts, and their degree of influence with mass media [Klein, R. (2013) The Cruise Industrys Business Model: Implications for Ports

As an example, between 1997-2007 Cruise Line International Association spent US$10 million on lobbying the U.S Congress

In the first instance the business model used by cruise ship operators seeks to have passeng...


Global Atheist Convention cancelled for lack of interest "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A Global Atheist Convention was supposed to be held next February in Melbourne, Australia, but its been cancelled due to lack of interest. In a commentary for The Sydney Morning Herald, November 8, 2017, Dr.  Michael Jensen, rector of St Marks Anglican Continue reading


McMillan votes yes, but Russell Broadbent says no to same sex marriage "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Russell Broadbent has said he will not support a motion for marriage equality despite a majority of voters in his electorate wanting him to.


Anarchist Solidarity "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Jock Palfreeman has been in jail in Bulgaria for about 10 years. Inside the prison he set up the Bulgarian Prisoners Association and campaigns for human rights inside the countries harsh prisons. We interview two anarchists who work to support Jock and keep his case in the public eye.

Bad Cop No Donut begins with a funny issue Victorian police are having with their uniforms, and we discuss the on going situation in Australias offshore detention centre on PNGs Manus Island.

And the big announcement that we are now part of the Channel Zero Network of anarchist podcasts.

Listen Online


Download from Radio4all


Heaven 17 Fascist Groove Thing info
The Basics The Lucky Country info
Phil Monsour Who Killed Reza Berati?......


Oh dear, is the Turnbull Government asking chickens to visit the digital fox's den? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Turnbull Government has welcomed the eSafety Commissioners announcement today about the delivery of the pilot for a new national portal for reporting instances of non-consensual sharing of intimate images (colloquially known as image-based abuse or revenge pornography).  [Senator Mitch Fifield, media release,15 October 2017]

Given the dubious reputation Facebook Inc has managed to garner in relation to business ethics, transparency, consumer privacy, e-safety, data mining and data breach history, one wonders what the Minister for Communications and Liberal Senator for Victoria Mitch Fifield was thinking.

Facebook Newsroom, 9 November 2017:

Image Pilot
By Antigone Davis, Global Head of Safety

We dont want Facebook to be a...


Gauci returned for third term as Baw Baw mayor "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Joe Gauci has been chosen as Baw Baw Shire mayor for the third year running, but this time with Danny Goss as deputy.


Erica & District Fire Brigades new banner STOLEN "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A banner asking people to support the Erica & District Fire Brigade was stolen less than a week after its debut.


RepowerHour "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Newlands Community #RepowerHour

Come and connect with other locals and support a fast and fair transition to clean energy from the sun and wind!
Newlands Community House (20 Murray Rd North Coburg) 4pm Sunday 26th November for a chat and a shared BBQ. Kids very welcome. Bring a plate or something to BBQ and a gold coin donation for the use of the venue :)

This will be a short and snappy discussion of strategies - we want to shine a bright positive light on renewables in the lead up to summer and get ready to counter any scaremongering that comes from the big polluting companies and those politicians who support them. 

This event is being hosted by the Newlands Climate Action Group with support from Environment Victoria. If youd like more information please contact Nina (...


Soundvision "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Enjoy $10 community tickets for Soundvision at La Trobe Uni this Saturday. 

Just enter 'community' in the promotional code.  Kids under 18 free.


Little Place Family Daycare "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Little Place Family Day Care is seeking one new friend to play with us on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Due to gender and age if current little friends, we are hoping for a girl between 12-18 months.

Please email me at or call on 0400 483 178.

A bit more about us can be found here:


An interview with Writer Des Pensable About his Divinity Seeds Trilogy "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


copyright Des Pensable 2017

Since everyone cant attend the book release heres what you might expect if you were there.

Interviewer: Des Pensable has just published the third and final book of his Divinity Seeds trilogy, Edge of Chaos. Were going to find out a little about him and his story.

Interviewer: Is Des Pensable your real name?

Des Pensable: No. I learnt many years ago that people judge others by the origin of their name. I wanted people to judge me only on the quality of what I write. So I chose a pen name.

The word pensable comes from the French meaning thoughtful. The word dispensable generally is taken to mean something that can be discarded. So Des Pensable is a play on thoughts and concepts that can be used or discarded if you dont like them.

Interviewer: Can you tell us a little about yourself.

Des Pensable: I was born in Sydney Australia and have lived there for most of my life. I was married and have two children and four grandchildren. I went to a public high school; I am a scientist. Ive worked in a range of science jobs in private enterprise and government; Ive travelled extensively around the world and spent considerable time camping and walking in wilderness areas.

Interviewer: You write on a wide range of topics. What is your favourite?

Des Pensable: I have written a lot on the issues surrounding Global Warming lately as I see it as the largest and most serious threat that our civilisation has ever faced. I have researched the data thoroughly and believe the science is correct. Im convinced that if we continue as normal our civilisation will collapse and the survivors will live in a very inhospitable world for centuries to come.

I was pretty fired up on the subject a couple of years ago so I went to Canada and did one of Al Gores Climate Change leadership courses. It was a lot of fun and I met some great people. Since then Ive concentrated on writing short stories, poems and satire about fracking, coal mining, climate change activism, protests and of course global warming politics.

However, my favorite project has been my epic fantasy trilogy Divinity Seeds which has been an epic journey in itself. Its about half a million words long and was written over several years. The third part of the story has just been published.

Interviewer: What inspired you to write an epic fantasy?

Des Pe...


Have you seen this bird in Newstead? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Im conscious that Im skating on thin ice with this post.

Natural Newstead has a strict 15 km rule which means that natural history events that fall outside this range, no matter how fascinating, are essentially out of bounds. The interpretation of the rule is of course at the discretion of the editor!

This spring has seen an influx of Scarlet Honeyeaters into parts of Victoria where this beautiful bird is rarely seen, even prompting a recent article in the Melbourne Age. Locally, at least to my knowledge, they have been reported in Maldon, Campbells Creek, Fryerstown and Castlemaine. Last weekend I heard one singing magnificently in the centre of Castlemaine outside the IGA!

The bird pictured below was photographed late this afternoon in a wonderful native garden in Castlemaine. Frustratingly, and somewhat surprisingly, they dont seem to have made it to Newstead yet Id love to hear if anyone has seen one inside the circle.

Male Scarlet Honeyeater, Ca...


Social Cohesion: My Faith, My Business "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Cultural competence and understanding the other are key issues in building strong, effective workplaces with diversity among the workforce. Much understanding and trust are needed for all to accomplish their goals giving of goods and services, return on investment of time, talents and resources, and satisfaction with the goals of the work enterprise. In ... Read more...


Citizenship and Values "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

How do changes to government policy impact new arrivals communities and the celebration of people becoming citizens? This presentation by Chris Hazelman will explore the processes to become an Australian citizen, the complexity of citizenship laws in the context of individual experiences of new arrivals and the governments proposed changes to the Australian Citizenship Test. ... Read more...


Sport as a Social Connection Tool "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Sport lends itself to community building and resilient communities. Sport gives individuals a sense of worth, belonging, participation and achievement. In this session, Sam Atukorala AFL Diversity Program Ambassador, and Community Ambassador for Cricket Australia gives an overview of how Cricket and Football build strong individuals, strong communities.   Recently, the Victorian Government pivoted ... Read more...


Future Voices: building young peoples skills, aspirations and connection to community "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Future Voices Incorporated is a not for profit charity established in 2016, working with the diverse communities in Shepparton, Victoria to meet an identified need voiced by the newly arrived African refugee community. Research tells us that most extensive types of volunteer work conducted by refugees and humanitarian entrants involve helping with the settlement of ... Read more...


Marriage Equality results response "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Thursday 16th November, 2017

Multicultural communities hold diverse views, just as other communities do

The Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria (ECCV) acknowledge that the people of Australia have spoken on the issue of marriage equality. Yesterday, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) delivered a resounding 61.6% for the yes vote.

ECCV welcomes and accepts views on both sides of the debate and encourages respectful dialogue among all communities including the multi-faith and multilingual communities in Victoria. On this mornings radio program, Mornings with Jon Faine on ABC Radio Melbourne, ECCV Chair Eddie Micallef explained (the results of the vote) shows us that there are differing views within the community overall but within the multicultural community there is a sizeable component of conservative views in relation to issues like same-sex marriageother moral issues.  

The ECCV accepts that same-sex relationships are a part of Australias diverse society. The view of the ECCV Board of Directors is that all Victorian and Australian citizens should have equal civic rights and the freedom to practice and express faith.   

Major groups like FECCA and the Victorian Minister for Multicultural Affairs launched The YES Alliance on the steps of Victorias Parliament House on September 20th, 2017. The YES Alliance is a group of Australian community members from multicultural and multi-faith backgrounds that supported a yes vote. Voters were then encouraged to consider diversity in the context of human rights.   

The marriage equality plebiscite has been a divisive time in Australian history and as a result it placed a spotlight on a challenging intersection of civic freedoms and religious beliefs. ECCV understands that some ethnic communities have strong religious ties and accept Australians differing views.

For more information and/or media comment, please contact Leenie Fabri, Communications & Media Officer, / 0422 480 319



Activewear Summer "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

So it's looking like I'll be having an active wear summer. Kmart active wear. 100% polyester, made in a Bangladesh sweatshop, normal father on a budget, active wear. I'm talking shorts with a special pocket just for my phone, mesh inserts, T-shirts and singlets that are extremely breathable, very practical fucking average person active wear.

The shit is fucking comfortable.

My uniform is jeans and black T-shirt, but a cotton T-shirt does not have the breathability I crave. Regular exercise has done this to me. Now I get it, I know why people who always wear active wear, always wear active wear.

There are no active wear pants for men that are suitable for just being though. No. And men who wear those tights, without shorts to protect human eyeballs from contact with your package, you need to take a hard look at yourself, because we certainly are, you filthy stinkboy.

I will be having an active wear summer, but I will not be a filthy stinkboy.    


2017 Social Cohesion Conference Welcome "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

On September 27, 2017 La Trobe University, partnering with the Shepparton Interfaith Network and the Ethnic Council of Shepparton and District, presented Social Cohesion in the Goulburn Valley: Looking Back, Looking Forward, a conference to revisit the issues explored in the 2007 Conference and to consider the issues facing us today going forward as a ... Read more...


Conference Welcome Mayor of City of Greater Shepparton "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Cr. Dinny Adem, Mayor of Greater Shepparton opened the 2017 Conference Social Cohesion in the Goulburn Valley: Looking Back, Looking Forward. We bring you his opening remarks.   We, Greater Shepparton City Council, acknowledge the traditional owners of the land which now comprises Greater Shepparton. We pay respect to their tribal elders, we celebrate their ... Read more...


Inclusion, Diversity, Globalisation and Talent: a new perspective "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

One of the key issues of this conference were the emerging challenges due to factors that have largely remained unaddressed (eg employment, gender issues, religious, ideological or cultural beliefs and values which underpin some of the tensions), and to their likely impact on a socially cohesive Goulburn Valley in the future. Employment was the front ... Read more...


Hazeldenes: The Multicultural Workforce "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Hazeldenes is the biggest private employer in Bendigo with more than 900 employees and contractors, most of whom come from the area. This family business, which produces chickens for market from breeding to plate, has been operating for more than 60 years. It processes up to 680,000 chickens a week at Lockwood, with breeding and ... Read more...


McMillan says yes, but Russell Broadbent wont support same sex marriage "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Russell Broadbent has said he will not support a motion for marriage equality despite a majority of voters in his electorate wanting him to.


YES vote wins in Australia "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A little birdy would like to tell the world that the Australian public has voted YES for marriage equality


In which the pond will have its savvy Savva, no matter the hour of the day ... "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Dammit, just because the Oreo is handy for everything, including scientific observations of the universe, the pond almost gave up doing its savvy Savva Thursday ...

The Oreo's almost as pervasive as the aquatic weeds in Ballarat's Lake Wendouree the pond decided it would send in the chopper so it could enjoy some quality time with the Savva, herself beset by saucy fears and doubts this day ...

Note the subtle way that the lizard sub altered the google text of Malware being bolstered by the 'yes' vote for the battles ahead to a simple fear-mongering PM faces perils ahead ...

Perhaps the Savva had a moan because in later copy the sub pulled a ninja trick ...

Kung fu eastern suburbs harbourside ma...


Hijackd "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Betul Tuna participated in the afternoon Panel Discussion: Employment enterprises whats successful? The following is a photo narrative which captures the spontaneity, vivacity and fun that Betul Tuna shared in her presentation on Hijackd, a local small-business which builds on social cohesion with younger people in the community. The motto: Hijackd, Nourish the Conversation. ... Read more...


Warragul CFAs 2017 open day will be HUGE "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Warragul Fire Brigade's open day is set to be huge, with demos, free food and coffee, a new tanker, and more!


Overview of Social Cohesion "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The United Nations defines a socially cohesive society where all groups have a sense of belonging, participation, inclusion, recognition and legitimacy. The most significant piece of work in Australia on social cohesion is conducted by the Scanlon Foundation. On September 27, 2017, La Trobe University partnering with the Shepparton Interfaith Network and the Ethnic ... Read more...


Fabric from The Black Seeds is Eastside Radios Album Of The Week (16 Nov-22 Nov) "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


The NZ reggae outfits sixth studio album, Fabric, is Eastside Radios Album Of The Week. One of the finest modern reggae bands in the live format, the 8 piece from Wellington bring us twelve new tracks spanning dub, soul, funk and electronica. Heres one of the albums singles Back To You:

And Lightning Strikes is one of the new records more electronic cuts:

You can purchase the album from various retailers at the Black Seeds website, connect with the band on Facebook here, and stream the album on Spotify here.

Well be bringing you selections from Fabric all this week on Eastside Radio.

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2017 Social Cohesion Conference "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

In 2007, the Shepparton Interfaith Network in conjunction with Latrobe University and the Ethnic Council of Shepparton and District conducted a seminal conference with the title, Cultural Diversity and Social Harmony The Goulburn Valley Experience at Eastbank Centre, Shepparton. On September 27, 2017 ten years to the day of the 2007 Conference, La ... Read more...


Stop the Forced Sterilisation of Females with Disabilities "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Australia won a seat on the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) on October 17. The Australian campaign for a position on the leading human rights body consisted of five pillars. These included a pledge to promote gender equality, as well as addressing human rights violations and abuses. On the following day, the UNHRC win, the

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These Two Gay Elders Are Planning To Finally Marry After Yes Vote "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

An Sydney octogenerian couple have spoken of their plans to finally marry after Wednesdays yes result. John Challis and Arthur Cheeseman, aged 89 and 85, have been together for five decades and said theyre planning a low-key ceremony for the new year. Without any fuss, just very quietly, he told ABC Radio. Well probably go ...

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The Friendliest Cities in the World "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The worlds destinations have been ranked according levels of happiness, friendliness, safety and treatment of tourists with some unexpected cities topping the list.

In a list released by holiday website Travelbird, Australia has been poorly represented with only Sydney and Melbourne recognised in the top 100.

Australians are renowned worldwide for their friendliness and jovial nature but it seems tourists arent impressed with the land Down Under when it comes to safety and welcoming travellers with open arms.

Travel experts and tourists who have jetted around the world were quizzed on their perceptions of each city they visited, and Australian destinations were harshly ranked by overseas holidaymakers.

Both Sydney and Melbourne were evenly matched in the overall happiness of citizens both scoring a pleasant nine out of 10 but it was the Nordic city of Oslo which took out the number one spot as happiest destination in the world with a perfect 10 score.

Trailing close behind Oslo on the happiness scale is Copenhagen in Denmark, while Reykjavik in Iceland made third place and three consecutive Swiss cities held down places four, five and six.

Buy Silver at Discounted Prices

European and Scandinavian cities dominated the top 10 happiest locations in the world but right behind Toronto, Canada, was Auckland at number 11 and Melbourne and Sydney tying at 9/10 for happiness too.

The cities with the unhappiest locals were found to be Kiev in Ukraine, Phnom Penh in Cambodia and New Delhi in India.

The next category each city was ranked in was safety sourced from United Nations data which investigated the perception of security and how safe people feel.

An unexpected winner of this department was the UAE city of Abu Dhabi with a perfect score, while Melbourne sat at 49th place and Sydney at 58th, likely because of the thre...


Smart Arts 16 November 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Festival director Wesley Enoch joins Richard to chat about the 2018 Sydney Festival program; Artist Liza McCosh pops by to talk about the abstract work Liminal at 45 Downstairs, and performer Faustina Agolley talks about their debut in MTCs The Father.


Book for a festive flavour treat "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Blue Mountain Indian restaurant is now taking bookings for Christmas and New Year.
Whether you are having a holiday office party, or a family celebration, the team are there to meet your needs.
Take an extra 15 per cent off when you book before 1 December.
Upstairs at the police station end of The Terrace, Blue Mountain specialises in tantalising Indian food and also includes halal dining options.
Host John Yonzon has years of experience as a chef and will make sure each meal is cooked to perfection. John has been in the industry for almost 25 years.
When asked what brought him to Ocean Grove, John simply pointed out the window of the restaurant to the amazing view of Bass Strait and the beach.
Blue Mountain serves all the usual delicious Indian fare including beef, chicken, seafood and lamb.
Order dinner online from 4.30pm seven days a week and the restaurant is open for dinner seven days a week for dining in. Its also open for lunch Wednesday to Sunday.
The banquets are among the most popular items on the menu and includes a kids banquet which is customised especially for hungry little ones.
Oh, and dont forget the yummy desserts and vegetarian options.
Blue Mountain is at Shop 9/62 The Terrace Ocean Grove, open seven days for dinner including home delivery, Wednesday to Sunday for lunch.
Orders can be placed at

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I Believe Magda Szubanski Should Be Australian Of The Year "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Beloved comedian and one of the most high-profile yes campaigners, Magda Szubanski, has spoken of her joy at the overwhelming result in favour of marriage equality on Wednesday. We know Im the crybaby of the campaign, she joked to Channel Tens The Project on Wednesday evening. Its been joyous, and really just a moment of ...

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Pierce Brothers Announce New EP My Tired Mind "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Image Courtesy of Pierce Brothers Melbourne based folk-pop duo Pierce Brothers have somehow managed to find some time out from their never-ending worldwide tour to write and record their brand new EP My Tired Mind. Due for release this Friday 17th November, the EP was recorded over the last two years. The first single from []


All set for tinsel town "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

By Justin Flynn

The Terrace will again be closed to vehicular traffic to accommodate the third annual Christmas in the Grove event.
The popular shopping extravaganza and street festival, run by Ocean Grove Business Association, will be held on 6 December.
The festival, which encourages locals to shop local in the lead up to Christmas, was a huge success last year and OGBA president Ty Simons said he was hoping for similar numbers.
We had around 1500 people last year, he said.
It was a great family night. Were hoping everyone opens up and that it will remind people to spend their money locally. If we get a few or the same numbers as last year, well be happy.
Traders will spill their wares out onto The Terrace from 5pm to 8pm and the street will be closed to vehicles, allowing festival goers to wander the usually busy street.
Madeley Street traders will also be in on the action with a special place set aside on The Terrace for them.
The street festival will feature a jumping castle, kids actiivities, food and drink and Santa Claus, who will make an appearance on a specially built chair from Ocean Grove Mens Shed.
Ocean Grove Barwon Heads Lions Club will again be doing their popular sausage sizzle and selling Christmas cakes and puddings.

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Community Billboard 15th November 22nd November "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


This weekly community billboard is proudly sponsored by the City of Sydneys Plan for the

future  Sydney 2030  making our city more green, global and connected.

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Exclusive: First listen of HTMLFlowers debut album Chrome Halo "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Premiering on FBi Radio, Melbournes HTMLFlowers (aka Grant Gronewold) is finally ready to unleash his new album Chrome Halo.

A collection of eleven strong and stirring tracks created in and out of hospital beds, the album dissects sacrifice, frustration, love and living with a disability. Ahead of its release this Friday, HTMLFlowers takes us through the record track by track, featuring the likes of Oscar Key Sung, Banoffee, Sui Zhen and more.



I never really rapped much before this album, this is the first fight song. Its about feeling born a thousand times. Wanting to die but being so strong you cant. The world is just a dream to you. Disableds live a life in stealth, whether or not we want to. No one sees you and thats your power, I remind people of death, they treat me like death and so I learnt all of Deaths tricks.

A disabled never dies cause a disabled is never allowed to live, we just shed bodies like the cicada.

I very strongly felt the album should start with the phrase Shut the fuck up, lemme finish cause I always talk too much.



Inspired by the HABITS lyrics toxic angels, we wake up wheezing, Mo and Maia made me think about being an enemy of god, a wrong angel, powerful and hated. Whether its being queer or disabled or non- normative in any way, you are seen as a wrong angel beautiful to some, but never allowed to be accepted in the eyes of God, tradition, society or whatever. Gods approval is cancelled.

This song is revenge.

The disabled are haunted by religious organisations who want to save our souls so that they can feel better about us existing at all. I reject your god, I hunt your god, I eat your god. I sampled horror movies for the beat. In horror films, 9 times out of 10 the threat in the film is illness or death and the villain is disabled or deformed. Thats mine now. Disableds own horror motifs, sorry, not sorry.



Introducing John Pilger into the Melbourne Press Club Hall of Fame "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Melbourne Press Club periodically inducts journalists into its Hall of Fame.

I was asked to write the profile and be interviewed about John Pilger, one of Australias most famous journalistic exports:

During his acceptance speech for the Sydney Peace Prize in 2009, Australian journalist, author and film-maker John Pilger articulated a worldview that he has vociferously opposed during a career spanning more than 50 years. Democracy has become a business plan, he said, with a bottom line for every human activity, every dream, every decency, every hope. The main parliamentary parties are now devoted to the same economic policies socialism for the rich, capitalism for the poor and the same foreign policy of servility to endless war.

Pilgers decades-long work in print and television has transformed him into one of the most successful and awarded Australian journalists in the modern era, yet this has not brought him universal praise from his media colleagues or a profession that often prefers safe insiders and embedded realities. Pilger is too confrontational towards state power and his industry to be widely adored and he embraces being the eternal dissident.

In the introduction to a 2004 collection of fine investigative journalism from around the world, Tell Me No Lies, edited by Pilger, he warned that the proliferation of public relations forced reporters to take an even more adversarial position towards governments and corporate power. Political and historical context is everything and Pilger rightly demanded more discussion about the hundreds of illegal [American] covert operations, many of them bloody that have denied political and economic self-determination to much of the world.

Pilger has spent years visiting the sites of these often silent wars, genocides and occupations from East Timor to Palestine and Australia to Vietnam. He has never been a cheerleader for our side and his journalism is stronger because of it.

In his classic 1986 book, Heroes, Pilger wrote that he had grown up in one of the most fortunate cities on earth. Born in Sydney in 1939 to socialist parents Elsie and Claude, he was brought up in Bondi and developed a love of swimming that continued his entire life. With a working class background, his journalism career began as a copy boy on the now defunct Sydney Sun newspaper.

As a cadet on Sydneys Daily Telegraph, Pilger soon discovered what he viewed as the dark heart of modern journalism. Writing in Heroes, he explained that writing one thing and believing another was the way the system worked and to do otherwise was....


HOLY HOLY SHOW # 2 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"






One of the countrys best bands



A flagstone for all forms of musical artistry



A band that is at the top of their game.



One of Australias finest bands.



With a huge sold-out national headline tour earlier this year performing their biggest venues to date, HOLY HOLY has today announced the Love Is For Amateurs Tour alongside a series of festival dates. Bringing big riffs, even bigger hooks and a few surprises, this will be the last chance to catch HOLY HOLY before they take a break from touring to return to the studio. To celebrate the announcement, HOLY HOLY has also revealed the visuals for new single Amateurs.


The video highlights the high energy and artful stylings of their live show. Filmed at Yours & Owls Festival last month, Amateurs is the final single from the critically acclaimed ARIA top 10 album Paint.  A daring and diverse album brimming with ideas, Paint is proof of a fearless approach from one of Australias most revered voices. To experience that voice first hand, you can tune into triple j Live At The Wireless, which airs this...


Bushfire north west of Noojee; crews responding "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Emergency services have advised there is a bushfire seven kilometres north west of Noojee.


Vanessa Berrys Mirror Sydney: An Atlas of Reflections "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

In this book we are shown perspectives of lesser-known places on Sydneys suburban fringes such as Hornsby, Warragamba and Turramurra; sleepy shopping arcades in Penrith; an abandoned theme park in Lansvale and a 1970s floating restaurant slowly disintegrating in Snails Bay. What emerges in these deftly observed urban essays is far more than a simple description of urban space and reminiscence.


In which the pond learns to like an Oreo a day, while a bonus bromancer never goes astray ... "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

There was no way that the pond could walk around it, though the thought of an Oreo on a Thursday, in company of the bromancer, was vaguely sick-inducing ...

An Oreo a day? Where would it end?

Say what?

Damn you Oreo, damn you to hell ... let the real Oreo stand up ...

Back, and as barking mad as usual ...

Who else but the Oreo could scribble "The freedom of the political right is distinctive. It is not anarchy. It is the form of freedom that provides the spiritual, social, economic and political foundations for the flourishing of Western civilisation ..."

Or perhaps the flourishing....


Fair effort gets good results "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

St Peters Anglican Church held its annual fair with a huge turn out.
Several thousand fair goers enjoyed the stalls, kids activities, food and drink with the weather being very kind on the day.
Children were allowed unlimited time on the free jumping castle and joined in on the free painting and colouring activities. There was the usual assortment of lucky dips, toy stall and balloons.
Adults browsed the plant stalls and snapped up everything from flowers, cakes, preserves and jams, bric-a-brac, jewellery, jigsaws and books.

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Rethink your rubbish trail, Captains orders "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Captain Trash hits the streets of Ocean Grove on Remembrance Day weekend to help spread the message of plastic pollution.
Captain Trash is the alter ego of Port Phillip Baykeeper Neil Blake. Neil has over three decades in environmental management and was the feature in the award-winning documentary Baykeepers.
Through his persona as Captain Trash, Neil uses music and humour to teach the five ARRRGHS: Refuse, Reduce, Re-use, Recycle and Remove and is passionate about spreading the message to leave only footprints on the sand.
Ocean Grove Coastcare hosted a breakfast with Captain Trash at Driftwood Cafe and then he roamed The Terrace meeting with local shoppers.

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No Campaigner Lyle Shelton Vows To Keep Fighting Marriage Equality For Decades "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Prominent no campaigner and head of the Australian Christian Lobby Lyle Shelton has said he accepts Australias yes vote but has vowed to keep fighting against marriage equality for years or decades. He told Fairfax Media that he accepted the decision but in a democracy no question is ever completely closed. He said the no ...

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Local growers to benefit from protocol signing "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Local growers to benefit from protocol signing

FRUITFUL OPPORTUNITIES From left, local grower, Rocky Varapodio and Greater Shepparton City Council Mayor, Cr Dinny Adem are pleased that a protocol signed between China and Australia will open export opportunities for local stone fruit growers. Photo: Supplied.

THE signing of a protocol between China and Australia last week opened the export opportunity for Australian plums, peaches and apricots into China, and is welcomed news for Australian stone fruit growers.

The protocol will enable exporters to present a full range of stone fruit to the growing Chinese retail sector.

The announcement follows on from previous access gained allowing Australian nectarines into China, as well as building on the momentum generated through the Free Trade Agreement between China and Australia.

Greater Shepparton City Council Mayor, Cr Dinny Adem said, This announcement is especially satisfying as council, along with State and Federal Governments, have been working diligently in advocating to both the Australian and Chinese authorities to prioritise stone fruit export protocols as a matter of urgency.

Whilst we were encouraged that these conversations were positive, this announcement has come ahead of our expectations and has the ability to initiate a major boom for the Goulburn Valley fruit industry and our entire regional economy.

Within the Goulburn Valley we produce 70 percent of the national peach crop, 49 percent of the national plum crop and 43 percent of the national apricot crop. This announcement will no doubt deliver enormous benefits to our stone fruit growers, and with the stone fruit season fast approaching it is perfect timing for the region, Cr Adem said.

Local grower, Rocky Varapodio said, This is great news because it gives us access to one of the biggest markets in the world.

Its going to be fantastic for this region because we have a lot of apricot, plum and peach growers in this area who will benefit from this.

If we can get it right and service this market properly, there is enormous opportunity for growers to grow their business and plant products specifically for that market.


Experience a taste of Sri Lankan culture "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Experience a taste of Sri Lankan culture

CULTURE, TRADITION AND FAMILY FUN From left, Sri Lankan Association of Goulburn Valley Inc. assistant secretary, Mewan Dissanayake, president, Dr Suresh Jayasundera and committee members, Dilrukshi Peiris, Panchani Jayatilake, Dileepa Liyanage and Dalston De Rozairo are inviting the community to enjoy the culture, traditions, dance, music and food of the Sri Lankan culture at the upcoming Sri Lankan Night. Photo: David Lee.

THE local community will have the chance to get a taste of the excitingly exotic Sri Lankan culture, traditions, dance, music and food at the upcoming Sri Lankan Night.

Organised by the Sri Lankan Association of Goulburn Valley Inc. and running on Saturday, November 18, the evening will showcase a family friendly environment and display the best of Sri Lankan culture, followed by a traditional Sri Lankan dinner.

Sri Lankan Association of Goulburn Valley Inc. assistant secretary, Mewan Dissanayake said, This event is all about promoting Sri Lankan culture to the Goulburn Valley community.

There will be many family friendly activities running throughout the evening and we encourage everybody to come and enjoy themselves.

Sri Lankan Association of Goulburn Valley Inc. president, Dr Suresh Jayasundera said, We are inviting the whole community to come along. This is all about promoting harmony in the community.

The event will run from 3:30pm onwards at the Sir Ian McLennan Sports Centre in Mooroopna with the all inclusive tickets coming to a cost of $20 for adults with children under 15 free. Reservations for the event can be made through

For further information, phone 0423 257 736 or 0470 506 356.


Giving Indigenous and recreational fishers more say "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

LEGISLATION improving the capacity for recreational and Indigenous fishers to have greater input on the management of commonwealth fisheries passed parliament recently.

Assistant Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, Senator Anne Ruston said the government is dedicated to the long-term sustainable use and development of Australias fisheries resources for all users whether they are commercial, recreational and Indigenous.

The Turnbull Government has strengthened Indigenous and recreational fishers interests in the management of Commonwealth fisheries, Minister Ruston said.

Changes to the Fisheries Management Act 1991 and the Fisheries Administration Act 1991 are taking into account the changing realities of use and access of commonwealth fisheries, including greater access by recreational fishers.

These changes will allow the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) to tap into the expertise of indigenous and recreational fishing groups.

It will improve the transparency of arrangements for AFMA, taking into account the interests of indigenous and recreational fishers in its decision-making processes.


Rail heat-related speeds revised "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

WITH the summer heat approaching generally comes the cancellation of rail services or at the very least a reduction in speed on certain lines. This year, V/Line has eased the speed restrictions imposed on the freight network during times of extreme heat allowing for more freight trains to run more often this summer.

Local lines that will be affected include the Echuca-Deniliquin line where at 33C and above the speed will be reduced to 30km/h, whereas last summer temperatures reaching 36C and above saw rail services cancelled. This year, along the Shepparton-Tocumwal line, 33C and above will see speeds reduced to 40km/h, compared with last summer which had restrictions in place that saw rail services cancelled at 36C and above. The Toolamba-Echuca line will this year have no services run between 12pm and 8pm on days where the temperature reaches 33C and above, whereas last year rail services were cancelled between 10am and 10pm on days where the temperature reached 33C and above.

V/Line CEO, James Pinder said, Our track team has been hard at work completing maintenance and upgrades on the freight network ahead of the warmer months, and weve been able to make the changes to the allowable train speed in some sections of the network.

Weve communicated the changes to freight train operators, so they can manage their operations and well continue to be in constant contact throughout the summer, Mr Pinder said.

We put the restrictions in place last summer as a safety precaution because safety is our number one consideration.

We havent had a heat-related derailment on the freight network for almost two years and this is something we want to continue.


The birth of a miracle "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The birth of a miracle

REMARKABLE STORY OF MIRACLE TWINS The incredible story of the birth of twins, Leo and Olivia Condello is one of the most remarkable moments in time experienced by former local, Adriana Condello (Grasso) and husband, Mark. Photo: David Lee.

Former local falls pregnant while already pregnant

FORMER local, Adriana Condello (Grasso) has already featured in local media for many remarkable reasons through her battle with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), but this story is by far the most incredible yet; Adriana fell pregnant while already pregnant and now has two beautiful miracle children.

This miracle wasnt without its troubled times though. Following her wedding to now husband, Mark in 2014, the two made the decision to try for a family. The risks involved Adriana having to stop her MS medication while trying and while pregnant, but as Adriana said, it was worth the risk.

A year after beginning to try to conceive, Adriana fell pregnant and both her and her husband were thrilled. Tragically though, she suffered a miscarriage, with more heartache following when the two lost another three babies. In 2016, they made the decision to try IVF to help speed the process along as Adriana was in danger of relapse, but disappointment struck when their first attempt failed. Last October, with just one embryo remaining, Adriana and Mark were encouraged to continue trying naturally in the event the last IVF treatment didnt work and six weeks later her scans showed she was pregnant. At eight weeks the pair attended another ultrasound, where they discovered that they were having twins.

Adriana said, When I was diagnosed with MS the first question I asked the doctors was could I have a baby. They told me that MS shouldnt cause any issues with fertility and that it can actually help with symptoms.

It was quite emotionally challenging and physically and mentally draining.

I tried to remain positive and keep on top of my health throughout it all. As bad as I got I still tried to stay as healthy as I could.

We were so happy to find out we were pregnant with twins. When we went in at eight weeks, I thought there may have been something wrong, but it turned out we were having not one, but two little miracle babies.

We were told that the embryo didnt split, so one baby was conceived through IVF and o...


I led an active life   now thats all changed "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

I led an active life   now thats all changed

SHARING HIS STORY Local resident, Chris Williams will be sharing his story about an accident that has changed his life forever at the upcoming CoolHeads Young Driver Program. Photo: David Lee.

AN ACCIDENT that took place on May 10 last year changed the life of local resident, Chris Williams forever, and he will be sharing his story at the upcoming CoolHeads Young Driver Program.

On the day of the accident, Chris was driving an elevated work platform truck as part of his role with Greater Shepparton City Council and was following behind his co-workers in a wood chipping truck. The weather hadnt been favourable and as the trucks rounded a bend in the road, the wood chipper put its brakes on. Chris applied his brakes but due to the wet conditions, the wheels locked up and he collided with the rear of the wood chipper truck.

Chris said, Before the accident, I led an active life outside of work. I enjoyed camping, fishing, riding motorcycles, and now thats all changed.

When I was injured it all happened in seconds.

I spent four months in hospital and a further six months recovering at home. I have now been back at work for nine months on light duties.

My surgeon says that I will not go back to my hands-on tools due to my injuries.

It will now take me years to be somewhat close to what I was, but I will never be the same.

Regardless of whether you are an experienced or in-experienced driver, being in the wrong place at the wrong time can change your life and the lives of your partner, family and all those in your life. It affects everyone.

Even if you dont think it will happen to you, or you think that you have it under control, I challenge you to come see what might happen at the CoolHeads program.

Greater Shepparton Police Service Area crime prevention officer, Leading Senior Constable Glenn Gibson said, We want people to stop and think for a moment and realise that they are not bulletproof. This could happen to you and thats what the CoolHeads Young Driver Program helps to show.

Every time you get behind the wheel, you need to think about what you can do to reduce any distractions.

The CoolHeads Young Driver Program will run on Wednesday, November 22 at the GOTAFE Harder Auditorium, Fryers Street, S...


Give space and slow down for cyclists "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A NEW Transport Accident Commission (TAC) campaign is calling on Victorian drivers to ensure the safety of cyclists on the road by slowing down and allowing enough space when passing.

The campaign urges drivers to give the space to ride safe, recommending at least a 1m safety zone when passing cyclists in speed zones up to 60km/h, and at least 1.5m at higher speeds.

Central to the campaign is a new television ad that depicts three scenarios where cyclists are being passed by vehicles in different road environments.

The ad provides visual cues to show a safe passing distance, with each rider spreading their arms between the end of their bikes handlebars and the passing vehicles side mirror.

According to the latest TAC figures, cyclists are 34 times more likely to be seriously injured than vehicle occupants, and 4.5 times more likely to be killed in a crash.

Last year, eight cyclists died in crashes on Victorian roads while 421 riders were hospitalised with injuries.

TAC road safety lead director, Samantha Cockfield said, This public education campaign is designed to help drivers of cars and heavy vehicles to understand the minimum space to leave when passing a person riding a push bike.

The vast majority of drivers do willingly give space when they pass a cyclist, but people can be unsure of the guidelines on just how much distance they should leave between their vehicle and a rider.

It is also important that motorists slow down when passing someone on a bike, while its equally important that riders ensure they are highly visible, predictable and wearing good protective gear, Ms Cockfield said.


Pizza with a purpose adding to $34M new aged care facility "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Pizza with a purpose adding to $34M new aged care facility

A DELICIOUS DONATION Kruz Patel of Shepparton Pizzas with Shepparton Villages CEO, Kerri Rivett. The Pizza with a Purpose promotion raised money for Shepparton Villages new $34M, 120 bed facility as part of the Giving Tree promotion. Photo: Supplied.

WHEN Kruz Patel took over the old Eagle Boys Pizza franchise in Shepparton, he saw the opportunity to donate some of his profits to local charities.

For the month of October, Shepparton Pizzas ran a promotion for Shepparton Villages where every specially printed voucher redeemed at Shepparton Pizzas ensure a percentage of the sale went back to Shepparton Villages.

Shepparton Villages CEO, Kerri Rivett said, We are very grateful to Kruz and the team at Shepparton Pizzas. Every single cent we receive from the smallest of donation through to the more significant helps us to provide amazing infrastructure and care for Sheppartons aged.

Kruz said the promotional takings for October were around $1,500 and he was on hand to donate 10 percent of that back to Shepparton Villages this week.


Community Connect "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"



THE TATURA COMMUNITY MARKET will run on Saturday, November 25 from 9am to 1pm and will feature special guest star, Anthony Lucas who will perform in the centre of town at St Marys Hall in Hogan Street.


COMMUNITY CHRISTMAS Fest will run on Saturday, December 2 at the Mooroopna Anglican Church, (The Canteen), Young Street Mooroopna from 10am to 6pm. Come and enjoy the display of Christmas trees decorated by community groups, live music, kids Christmas crafts, nativity photo booth, story time, face painting and Christmas crafts display. Invite a friend and have a coffee and Christmas cake together in our Christmas caf. Entry is free and caf and kids crafts are available for a gold coin donation. For further information, contact Ingrid on 5825 4001.


SHEPPARTON POLIO SUPPORT GROUP will be holding its Christmas meeting 2017 on Monday, December 11 from 11:30am to 1:30pm at the multi-purpose room, Community Health @ GV Health, 121-135 Corio Street, Shepparton. A light lunch will be provided. Instead of Kris Kringle please bring a gift (child or adult) or a grocery item to be donated to the Familycare Christmas Appeal. RSVP by Monday, November 27 to Rhonda White, GV Health Rural Allied Health Team on 1800 222 582.


GIRGARRE RSL with funding from the Australian Government under the Anzac Centenary Local Grants Program will be unveiling information panels recording the Closer and World War I Soldier Settlers in Stanhope North and Girgarre and are seeking descendants and members of the public to attend on Sunday, February 25, 2018 from 1:30pm. Enquiries to John Crilly on 0437 438 077 or to




GV CHRONIC PAIN Support Group meets on the third Wednesday of every month from 1pm to 2:30pm at Primary Care Connect, 399 Wyndham Street, Shepparton. Come along and share in support. For more information, email or phone 0458 510 416 between 10am and 4pm.


FREE BREAKFAST FOR EVERYONE at St Georges Road Post Office and Milkbar, 102 St Georges Road, Shepparton from Monday to Friday from 7am to 9am.


SHEPPARTON CHESS CLUB Inc. meet at Shepparton Access, 227 Wyndham Street Shepparton every Saturday at 1pm. Entry only through back door. New members are welcome. Adults $3 per day, juniors $1.50. Tea and coffee is provided.


GET ACTIVE SHEPPARTON provides free exercise classes for all ages and levels of fitness every Sunday m...


Mental and physical health is closely connected "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Mental and physical health is closely connected

EXERCISE IMPROVING MENTAL AND PHYSICAL HEALTH Queensland Fernwood Fitness centre, 2017, 12 Week Challenge winner Louise Brett lost 22kgs. Photo: Supplied.

RECOGNISED world wide as affective in fighting depression, exercise has been a huge help for Fernwood Fitness gym member Louise Brett.  Louise was the winner of the 2017, 12 Week Challenge, losing a total of 22kg at her local Fernwood Fitness centre in Queensland.

Louise said, Prior to starting the challenge I had severe depression, high anxiety and I was in a very dark and lonely place. Physically I was an overweight wreck and I had a lot of spinal issues, really poor mobility and a nearly debilitating level of poor physical fitness.

Mid December I had a light bulb moment where I thought to myself, If I can get through everything that life has thrown at me and I am still here, then I am stronger than I think. So I went back to the gym.

Fernwood Fitness Shepparton franchise partner,Danni Whitaker said, We want to help other women in the community suffering from mental illness through exercise and by providing a place within the community to work with others. We understand exercise is an important part of womens mental health and our team are here to help women get started, feel better and embrace life.

Louise said, A lot of people see the external transformation, but for me the biggest change is what people dont see. I lost my mother and a close friend to depression and I know first hand how debilitating it is. Depression doesnt want you to exercise, to eat healthy or to socialise, it robs you of your confidence and your self-worth. Fast forward 12 weeks and I am loving life, I have so much more confidence, I am happy and I am doing and saying yes to things that I would never have even contemplated before and smashing goals!

Drop into Fernwood Fitness Shepparton at 290 High Street, Shepparton or phone 5821 2405 to discuss how we can help you.


Teachers to get 'back to basics' and more headlines. "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

All new teachers in Queensland will undergo basic testing themselves before they are allowed to hit the classroom. (Sourced Pixabay)

As part of the LNPs election plan, teachers in waiting would undergo literacy and numeracy testing before being given a class of their own.

The plan also includes adding 1,000 new teacher mentors and 80 new paid internships to get more into the high-demand areas like special education, maths, and science.

LNP vows to tackle 'young thugs' with new detention centers

Two new youth detention centers would be built in Queensland under an LNP government.

The "medium security" centers would hold 17 to 25-year-olds at a cost of $40 million.


Immaculately Manicured Woman has no Time to Exercise "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


A Sydney woman known for her elaborate hair styles, make-up, nail art and clothing has defended her obese status, explaining that she simply has no time for exercise.

I put a lot of time and money into my appearance, but you cant do everything and exercise is hard, she said. Im not saying all the self-maintenance I do is easy, but at least I can do most of it sitting down.

The woman admitted to spending an average of four hours and $1,000 a day maintaining her looks, ignoring advice from doctors who have suggested she could achieve a 2,000 per cent increase in attractiveness by simply eating some vegetables and going for short daily walks.

Doctors are unhealthily fat-shaming people, the woman said. Men are so dazzled by my beautiful hair, nails, clothes and make-up they dont notice that I have six chins and my belly rolls have belly rolls.


Stingers out in the surf "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Beachgoers have been urged to be on the lookout for bluebottles.
Reports of bluebottles on Surf Coast beaches last week and several sightings near Ocean Grove mean beachgoers should be on the lookout.
Bluebottles are frequently seen along the east coast of Australia during summer months although are not usually as common in southern and western Victoria
The sudden appearance of large numbers of bluebottles are a consequence of prevailing winds and currents over previous days and weeks pushing these animals through the water, some of which wash up on beaches.
Bluebottles can deliver a painful sting even when washed up dead on the beach.
Bluebottle tentacles will cause a sharp, painful sting if they are touched, which is aggravated by rubbing the area.
If stinging occurs, leave the water immediately. Wash off any adherent tentacles with salt water.

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Senator Dean Smith initiates same-sex debate in Parliament and more Zedlines "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

West Australian Liberal Senator Dean Smith has delivered an emotional second-reading speech in parliament this morning. Image source: Wikipedia Commons/JJ Harrison

Senator Smiths address is the first to accompany his bill to the floor of Parliament that seeks to legislate yesterdays Yes vote on the marriage equality postal survey.

Debate continues as Labor Senator Penny Wong and Greens Senator Janet Rice also speak to the Senate in favour of the bill.

Man finds enormous gold nugget in North Queensland

A lucky Townsville man has found a huge nugget of gold buried in the Queensland bush.

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The Road To Same-Sex Marriage Has Been Long, And The Fights Not Over Yet "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

By Scott McKinnon, University of Wollongong Yesterdays same-sex marriage survey results represent a moment of extraordinary change. It is well within living memory that homosexuality in Australia was considered a crime, a sickness and a threat to the nation itself. The final Australian state to decriminalise male homosexuality was Tasmania, as recently as 1997. Plenty ...

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Pacific Highway boss rejects animal carnage claims "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

RMS Pacific Highway general manager Bob Higgins. Photo Andrew Jennings

RMS Pacific Highway general manager Bob Higgins. Photo Andrew Jennings

Pacific Highway general manager Bob Higgins has said the strict conditions governing the highway upgrade ensure that environmental impacts are being kept to a minimum.

Were under scrutiny by a number of government agencies such as the Environmental Protection Authority, and the federal and state approval bodies, he said.

They make suggestions. We take that on board. Generally we are complying with requirements.

If we find sick animals we have a rescue plan in place and we work very closely with Friends of the Koala on how that animal should be treated.

There is no suggestion that were trying to hide dead animals.

Theres no doubt there are a number of people who dont want the highway built and were trying to work with people to let them know in advance what we are doing.

Mr Higgins defended the route chosen saying we believe this is the best one.

If you look at the route quite a lot of it goes through cleared farmland. Yes there are pockets of vegetation but we looked at the route east of the highway and the issues were soft soil and how you get through Wardell we came to the conclusion that this route was the best for the highway, he said.

There are very tight controls for this section. Much more than many other projects along the highway.

As part of those approvals were being watched very closely by the EPA and we have to produce various reports.


Despite those assurances, Shadow Environment Minister Penny Sharpe has today presented a motion to the NSW Parliament condemning the failure of the Berejiklian Government to implement proper protections for the koala population impacted by the Woolgoolga to Ballina Pacific Highway Upgrade project.

Ms Sharpe used the motion to outline serious concerns for koalas following a recent severe and extensive wildfire in the area in September, shortly after koala exclusion fencing was installed in July.

Reports indicate that the fire burned 320 hectares of native vegetation over two days on 4 and 5 September 2017, including up to the south-eastern edge of the fencing, resulting in extensive loss of koala habitat while the fencing may have trappe...


Closing Pine Gap: Activists on trial in Alice Springs "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Andy Paine from Brisbane, supporter Peri Coleman, Jim Dowling and Margaret Pestorius, from Cairns. Photo supplied.

Andy Paine from Brisbane, supporter Peri Coleman, Jim Dowling and Margaret Pestorius, from Cairns. Photo supplied.

A strong contingent of people from the northern rivers joined hundreds of other Australians near Alice Springs last year, to mark 50 years since the establishment of the Pine Gap Joint Military Facility in the Norther Territory.

Those peaceful activists are now following the trials of six people who were arrested after entering the forbidden territory around the US/Australian signals intelligence spy base at Pine Gap.

Pine Gap is an integral part of the global US war machine and makes Australia a nuclear target. Information gathered at Pine Gap is sent to CIA headquarters in Langley, USA, is used to direct drones to bomb civilians in Pakistan, Afghanistan and the Middle East.

Six peace activists chose to trespass on the secret spy base Prohibited Area as a way to witness, pray, and play music to lament the tragedy of war, and highlight Pine Gaps role in the never ending war.

This week the activists, charged with entering a prohibited property under the Defence Special Undertakings Act, are in court in Alice Springs facing hundreds of thousands of dollars of fines, or seven years in jail.

Paul Christie of Cairns was convicted  Guilty by the jury on Wednesday 15 November for entering the base alone following a two day trial. He is yet to be sentenced.

The remaining five activists, Margaret Pestorius, from Cairns, and Jim Dowling, Andy Paine, Franz Dowling and Tim Webb from Brisbane go to court on Thursday 16 November. They entered the base together to play viola, guitar, to lament war and pray for peace.  Once this joint trial is concluded all 6 Pine Gap activists will be sentenced.

The court has refused entry to Jim Dowling because he doesnt wear shoes.

Quite how they expe...


Ageing homeless population set to soar as property prices bite "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

This article by Christopher Knaus (The Guardian 15 November 2017) is a damning piece about how older Australian are being treated by the Australian government. The number finding themselves sleeping in the street is growing.

Mission Australia calls for 60,000 additional social housing dwellings to be built for older people

Henry Wilson, 73, slept rough at Sydneys Central Station for several months. Homelessness is growing among older Australians, experts warn.

Not long ago, Henry Wilson, 73, could count his worldly possessions on both hands.

He was sleeping rough at Sydneys Central Station. With him, he had just a sleeping bag, shoes, joggers, socks, pants and a jacket.

Wilson didnt drink. He didnt gamble. He was simply forced to leave a toxic living environment, and was rendered homeless by Sydneys stratospheric property prices.

Wilson spent several months on the streets. He remembers the passersby that turned their noses up. He could hear them mutter under their breath.

It was hard, but I just sort of took it, and moved on, he said.

Wilson remembers going to sleep in a state of hypervigilance, always ready for an unpredictable threat or opportunistic theft. One night, he let his guard down. He was assaulted and robbed of his meagre possessions.

You were fighting to go to sleep because you didnt know what was going to happen. It was scary, he said.

As soon as I sensed someone was near, I used to wake up. But then one night I didnt, and my things got taken.

Henry Wilson at his new accommodation in Sydney. Wilson slept rough at Sydneys Central Station for several months.

Wilson is one of the many older Australians facing homelessness. Its a problem that will only get worse. Two distinct social trends an ageing population and rising property prices  are combining to drive concerns that more older Australians will find themselves homeless.

Mission Australia this week released a report on the issue, collating data on ageing and homelessness to paint a worrying national picture. The number of older Australians is set to double between 2010 and 2050.

The most recent census figures available on homelessness, from 2011, show....


Crocs putting the bite on nippers "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

November 16, 2017 The number of life savers available to patrol Port Douglas beaches will continue to fall because parents are no longer enrolling their children in Nipper programs for fear they will become victims of a crocodile attack.

 State KAP Leader Robbie Katter and Michael Bolt, vice president of the Port Douglas Surf Life Saving Club were united in their call for immediate action on the growing crocodile menace.

This is the tip of the iceberg of the unforeseen repercussions due to the expanding territories crocs are claiming which are impacting on North Queensland communities, Robbie said.


The runaway crocodile population in the Far North has chased lifesavers and tourists from the water. The exploding saltie population has see...

Wednesday, 15 November


Lismore is celebrating National Recycling Week with free event "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Inviting people to join them for a free community event on 24 November are Real Artworks Project Manager Sunita Bala (left) with artists Joanna Kambourian, Justin 'Julla' Livingston and Matt Daymond. Photo supplied.

Inviting people to join them for a free community event on 24 November are Real Artworks Project Manager Sunita Bala (left) with artists Joanna Kambourian, Justin Julla Livingston and Matt Daymond. Photo supplied.

Lismore City Council is inviting families to a free twilight community event with activities, food, art and fun for all ages on Friday, 24 November to celebrate National Recycling Week.

The free event will run from 5pm to 7.30pm at the Lismore Recycling & Recovery Centre, which will come alive with twilight activities for the whole family. These include:

  • Waste to Art showcase of works from community workshops
  • Waste Wise Schools Sculpture and Peoples Choice competition
  • Twilight walks through the Lismore Rainforest Botanic Gardens
  • Invisible water art and live graffiti demonstrations
  • Unveiling of the Real Artworks Overtopping installation
  • Beeswax wrap workshops with North East Waste make one to take home!
  • Bag pocket art with the local Boomerang Bags group
  • Garbage truck bin lifting for kids
  • Bike refurb activities
  • Live music
  • Giant organics/recycling board games
  • Seedlings for the kids to pot and take home
  • Gold coin donation BBQ by Lismore City Rotary

Families from near and far are encouraged to come along, get creative, see some inspiring artworks and learn more about waste and recycli...


Assisted dying supporters rally in Sydney "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Supporters of assisted dying will take their message to the steps of NSW Parliament House ahead of the opening debate. Dying with Dignity NSW and its supporters will gather at 9am on Thursday to show their support for the Draft Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill.

We are joining together in anticipation of an historic victory for compassion and recognition of the rights of the terminally ill to choose how and when they end their lives, says vice president Shayne Higson.

The bill will be debated in the states Upper House from Thursday with scores of terminally ill anxious to learn whether theyll be granted control of their own destiny.

We are pleased to see our parliamentarians engaging with this important issue, given the high levels of community support for legalisation of voluntary assisted dying, Ms Higson said in a statement on Thursday.

For many, the debate is purely political but not for Scott Riddle.

The father of three with stage four bowel cancer says the prospect of choosing how to die is calming in what is otherwise a scary scenario.

The private members bill, if passed, will provide patients 25 years or older, whose deaths are imminent and are in severe pain, a choice to end their lives.

Two doctors and a psychiatrist or psychologist would also need to determine whether theyre fit to do so.

Nationals MP Trevor Khan, who introduced the bill to parliament, says most supporters of voluntary assisted dying have seen a bad death first hand.

My father died a particularly long and difficult death over some three and a half years and theres no doubt that thats an influence, he told AAP.

While the bill has support from Liberal, National, Labor and Green MPs, the opposition is similarly diverse.

Neither Premier Gladys Berejiklian nor Opposition leader Luke Foley will support the bill if it makes it to the lower house.

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The Trans-Pacific Partnership is back: Why lobbyists are pushing "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is back: experts respond

Deborah Gleeson, La Trobe University; Belinda Townsend, Australian National University; Kimberlee Weatherall, University of Sydney; Pat Ranald, University of Sydney, and Peter Robertson, University of Western Australia

The latest incarnation of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is said to have fewer bad bits. But as our experts point out below, theres still a great deal wrong with, or missing from, the regional free trade agreement.

The new TPP is informally known as the TPP11, after the United States pulled out of the original 12-country bloc earlier this year.

While the agreement has not yet been finalised, the 11 trade ministers have released a statement saying that the core elements have been agreed.

Twenty provisions from the original TPP have been s...


Lismore man to stand trial over alleged sexual assault of his 10 year-old daughter "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A Lismore man has been ordered to stand trial in the District Court over the alleged sexual assault of his 10 year-old daughter and another seven year-old victim.

The 36 year-old appeared in Lismore Local Court this week facing four charges following his arrest in August.

The mans name has been withheld for legal reasons and to protect the identities of the alleged victims.

Following complaints from the victims, the man was arrested by detectives from the Ballina Child Abuse Squad on August 10 and interviewed.

He was charged with four offences which allegedly occurred between 2016 and 2017 at Tabulam and refused bail.

Police alleged between February and August last year, the man had sexual intercourse with his daughter, who was then aged 10.

He was also charged with assaulting the girl by bouncing her up and down on his lap when he was naked and licking various parts of her body.

Then, between July 11 and 13 this year, the man is accused of committing an act of indecency on a seven year-old.

Just 28 days after the most recent alleged incident the man was arrested and has remained in custody, on remand, since.

The man is yet to enter a plea to the charges.

This week, Magistrate David Heilpern ordered the man to stand trial in the District Court on charges of aggravated sexual intercourse with a child between 10 and 14, one count of aggravated indecent assault and one count of indecent assault of a person under 16 years of age.

A second count of aggravated indecent assault was placed on a  section 166 certificate, to be considered by the judge at sentencing.

Mr Heilpern ordered the man to be arraigned in the Lismore District Court on December 13.

The man remains in custody on remand until that date.

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Lismore father pleads not guilty to alleged stabbing murder of son, 29 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A Lismore father will stand trial in the Supreme Court after pleading not guilty to the brutal stabbing murder of his son last November.

Christopher John Gibson was arraigned in the Supreme Court in Sydney earlier this months and pleaded not guilty to the murder of his son Shawn on the night of November 18.

The court previously heard emergency services were called to Barrow Lane, North Lismore, about 10.45 pm following reports of a stabbing.

When they arrived, police and paramedics found 29 year-old Shawn laying on the ground deceased, suffering multiple stab wounds to his chest, shoulder and neck.

Mr Gibson snr was arrested at the scene and after questioning he was charged the following morning.

At a Lismore Local Court appearance in July, Mr Gibsons solicitor Jim Fuggle told the court his client had asserted he was acting in self defence during a fight between the pair.

To help prove Mr Gibson snrs claim, Mr Fuggle said he would be calling two of the victims brothers to give evidence.

The accused has raised self defence in answer to the charge and has participated in an ERISP (electronic interview) with police shortly after the charged incident wherein he asserts fears of the deceased based on prior physical assaults on him by the deceased including one witnessed by (the brothers), Mr Fuggles submission said.

In a committal hearing at Lismore Local Court in September, the court heard Shawn suffered multiple stab wounds, with one penetrating the lining of his chest and severing a critical artery.

Another stab wound to the victims upper shoulder penetrated 23 mm, the court heard.

The court heard the relationship between the men was tense and the victims friends had seen previous fights between the pair.

When he was arraigned in the Supreme Court in Sydney he pleaded not guilty.

His trial, which is estimated to take four weeks, was set down to commence on July 16, 2018, before the Supreme Court in Lismore.

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Council issues $6000 fine on Goonellabah subdivision "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Illegal work carried out by Riordans Consulting Surveyors Pty Ltd who are responsible for the work. Photo supplied.

Illegal work carried out by Riordans Consulting Surveyors Pty Ltd who are responsible for the work. Photo supplied.

Lismore City Council has fined a local development company $6000 for undertaking unlawful works relating to a subdivision approved by the Land & Environment Court in 2011.

The 75-lot Ubrihien Estate subdivision at 554 Ballina Road, Goonellabah, was the subject of an appeal to the Land & Environment Court, and a number of amendments were made to the original development application to address numerous planning issues before the Court granted consent.

Construction on the subdivision commenced in early 2017, and a community complaint was received by Council in June alleging that Riordans Consulting Surveyors Pty Ltd were undertaking unlawful activities on site.

Council conducted an investigation to determine the level of compliance with the Court approval, and identified that a significant amount of unlawful works had been undertaken outside the area approved by the Court, which included the following unapproved activities:

  • construction of haulage roads;
  • clearing of vegetation;
  • removal and stockpiling of rocks;
  • construction of drainage lines;
  • construction of a large sediment pond; and
  • earthworks conducted over a Council sewer trunk main.

The unlawful works covered an area of more than two hectares outside the approved areas for subdivision work. Additional concerns were identified about the lack of adequate sediment and erosion controls within the approved work area.

Lismore City Council Compliance Coordinator Matt Kelly said the investigation results were assessed under Councils Enforcement Policy, which concluded that a number of offences had been committed against the provisions of the Environmental Planning and A...


Get set for a big weekend of music "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Mullum Music Festival parade rehearsal. Photo supplied.

Mullum Music Festival parade rehearsal. Photo supplied.

A decade! Thats how long the Mullum Music Festival has been holding street parades, mentoring young musicians and filling the towns venues and streets with vibrant music and happy punters.

The festival will again take place November 16 till 19. 

When we started, I booked the festival I wanted to go to, Glenn Wright told The Echo. 

Ten years on and its still very enjoyable, he says. Im very grateful a large part of my life is programming and dealing with musicians and the arts its been a great journey. Ten years ago, it seemed there was more generic entertainment locally; it was aimed more at a transient audience there seems much more diversity and depth now, and I believe that the festival has contributed to that.

Just a few of Glenns picks for the festival include John Cleary (US), Lindi Ortega (Can), Z-Star Delta (UK) and Gabriel Garzn-Montano (US). Newcomers to the area, Harry Angus (Cat Empire etc) and Emily Lubitz (Tinpan Orange) are also a big part of the festival. 

Locals also feature prominently Jo Jo Smith will celebrate 50 years in the business, while highly regarded local perf...


The Adani Carmichael Coal Mine: Introduction To A Special Five-Part Series "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Per head of population, Australia is already one of the worlds worst carbon polluters. Despite this, our two major political parties Labor and the Liberal-Nationals are pushing ahead with the approval of a coal mine in Queensland that will exponentially increase our carbon emissions. The Carmichael mine, proposed by Indian mining giant Adani, will be the largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere and annually produce more carbon emissions than a small country. In this special five-part New Matilda series, researchers from the University of Queensland, along with the Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners Council, and Australian Lawyers for Human Rights look at the who, what, when, where and why of the proposed Adani Carmichael coal mine, its impact on Traditional Owners, the terrible economics that surround it, and our inexplicable march towards climate oblivion. This first introductory piece the first in our series is written by University of Queensland researchers Kristen Lyons, Morgan Brigg and John Quiggin.

Shop-Sparkke_Banner_300x250The controversial proposed Adani Carmichael coalmine commands diverse media headlines, but the untold story is about Indigenous rights and, in particular, the resistance of Wangan and Jagalingou people to the expropriation of their lands.

Theres been much said about the controversial and politically divisive Adani Carmichael mine the environmental costs of this ticking carbon bomb, Adanis international track record of human rights abuses and environmental harm, lies about employment figures, the failed economics of the project, and the revolving door between Adani and government staffers and lobbyists.

Kicked off in a big way by the Newman Government, its a major headache for the Palaszczuk government whos determined backing of the project has surprised and angered many of its supporters.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk. (IMAGE: NREL, Flickr)Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk. (IMAGE: NREL, Flickr)

Labors decisive announcement, at the end of week one of the election campaign, to veto Adanis requested $1 billion loan from the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (NAIF), demonstrates the volatility of this mi...


Climate Clock Ticking: Its Time BHP Stopped Funding Deniers, Says Bill McKibben "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

As the Great Australian prepares for its AGM this morning, legendary climate activist and founder and senior adviser for Bill McKibben pens a passionate plea for the mining giant to get out of the abusive relationship its in with another not-so-great-Australian.

If BHP had a personal Facebook page, its relationship status would be its complicated.

Shop-Sparkke_Banner_300x250BHP and the Minerals Council of Australia (MCA) have been in a long-term relationship for some time, but its pretty evident to anyone watching that BHP is now on the verge of a break up. And the MCA, bitter and frustrated with BHPs growing distance and more than a passing interest in climate change action is sulking.

Years ago when they first got together, BHP and the MCA wanted the same things a glorious, shared future based on their mutual love of fossil fuels, especially coal. But the world has changed and now BHP and the MCA want different things.

The MCA is desperate to hang on to BHP, its biggest funder. Feeling threatened and jealous, the MCA is lashing out in the only way it knows how, taking out its frustration on another target the environmental groups that it worries would woo BHP away to supporting climate change action.

BHP, embarrassed by the stance of its erstwhile partner, feels held back by the relationship. Its only a matter of time before they split.


The timing is right for BHP to break from the Minerals Council pro-coal agenda and it should move swiftly. The company has already distanced itself from the lobby groups attacks on Australian charities.

This witchhunt seeks to pressure the government to legislate how charities operate, rendering many of them ineffectual. As David Crosbie, chief executive of the Community Council for Australia said recently, this would mean groups would be picking up the dead fish instead of advocating to stop the poisons going into the stream.

There is currently a six-pronged a...


Jonathan R Wain Chairman Dilworth School and Brisbane barrister part one why Im no longer friends with Jonathan Wain Jonathan R Wain was dishonest, deceptive and disloyal to me "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Jonathan R Wain a student at Dilworth School, Auckland New Zealand in the early 1970s- now a Brisbane barrister. Pictured as I knew Jonathan in the 1970s before he was corrupted and lost his Christian character

Chairman Dilworth School

Jonathan R Wain, Chairman

Dilworth Old Boy


I knew Jonathan R Wain, Chairman of Dilworth School and Brisbane barrister in the 1970s in Te Atatu in Auckland, New Zealand. I write with sadness what Im about to write, because 20 years ago Jonathan Wain behaviour led me to terminate an extremely close friendship. I have no regrets in cutting my friendship and ties with Jonathan. In 1997, I decided he is capricious, dishonest, unfaithful, an adulterer and not honest with money.

I have had no contact with Jonathan since 1997, except briefly at my son Josephs wedding 3.5 years ago, and cannot speak for his character, honesty or loyalty to friends since 1997.

In 1989, Jonathan Wain was my best man at my first wedding and soon after I was Jonathans best man at his wedding to Kaylene, his long-time wife.

I met Jonathan R Wain in 1974 at Rutherford High School in Te Atatu, Auckland, New Zealand. I was only at the oppressive, bland, boring Rutherford High School for one year. The best thing about Rutherford High School was leaving i...


Power strengthen coaching ranks "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

WONTHAGGI Power Football Club held its first meet the coaches night on Friday using the meeting to officially announce the signing of former St Kilda player Arryn Siposs as a playing assistant coach.
Siposs joins the Power with 28 games of AFL experience as well as spending the past two seasons playing for Williamstown in the VFL.
Also joining the Powers coaching staff is former Port Melbourne Development League coach Lee Rowe.
Rowe joins on as the director of coaching for season 2018, bringing a wealth of coaching experience at high levels of football.
Wonthaggi also welcome back former players Steven Scott from DWWWW and Aloysio Netto Ferreira from the Casey Scorpions in the VFL.
More signings are expected to be announced in the coming weeks with the AGM to be held Sunday, November 19 at 3pm at the rooms.

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Cannon Hill cafe offers free mental health services "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Most cafes just serve food; this caf has provided a dedicated office space to assist Brisbane locals seeking mental health support.  The Carport Caf in Brisbane is a local business stepping up to support new charity The Sunlight Centre through offering them dedicated space to start seeing clients experiencing suicide and self-harm distress. Operating in []

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Etsy Market "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Shop local at a pop up Etsy market in Melbourne this Christmas!


Clothes Swap "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Hi All.

Just a reminder about Saturday's planned Clothes Swap!

We'll be meeting at 3.00 in Cox Reserve, corner of Elizabeth and Claremont Sts.

Bring anything you'd like to swap, take as much as you like. $5.00 per family. All proceeds going to a local in need.

We don't have a backup plan in case of the rain, we haven't been rained out yet, I'll post on this blog if it's not going ahead.

Cheers, Mel.


Exercise increases the size of the hippocampus in humans "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Aerobic exercise can improve memory function and maintain brain health as we age, a new Australian-led study has found. In a first of its kind international collaboration, researchers from Australia's National Institute of Complementary Medicine at Western Sydney University and the Division of Psychology and Mental Health at the University of Manchester in the UK examined the effects of aerobic exercise on a region of the brain called the hippocampus, which is critical for memory and other brain functions. Brain health decreases with age, with the average brain shrinking by approximately five per cent per decade after the age of 40. Studies in mice and rats have consistently shown that physical exercise increases the size of the hippocampus but until now evidence in humans has been inconsistent.


Theatre "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Hi Friends, Newlanders and fellow lovers of Theatre,

It's my pleasure to invite you to Awoken which I am putting on as part of the La Mama Explorations Season - 3 days only next week. Id be grateful if you can spread the word to others who might enjoy being part of the audience.

If you plan on coming please do book soon (especially the Friday and Saturday nights) as it helps me manage the numbers, either large or small.

Cheers, Danny Diesendorf

Nicks self-contained melancholy existence is cracked open when he is asked to read stories to his niece. He finds himself encountering a malingering sultan, a swashbuckling prince and an ominous siren of the deep. The character of Nick himself suddenly seems far less fixed.  


Rally at Byrons Main Beach to end single use plastic bags "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Byron Mermaids calling for an end to plastic bags in the shire in July 2016. How many more rallies before our politicians listen? (supplied)

The Byron Mermaids calling for an end to plastic bags in the shire in July 2016. How many more rallies before our politicians listen? (supplied)

On Saturday November 18 from 9am, a gathering is planned on Byrons Main Beach to spell Ban The Bag NSW in the sand.

Co-organiser Kate Nelson from says, NSW is the only state that has not banned single- use plastic bags. 

Whales have been washing up on beaches with bellies full of plastic. Its past time to join the rest of the nation on this policy.

We need to be big in numbers, so our premier gets the message loud and clear!

Take 3 Non-Profit is hosting a rally the same day down south in Bateau Bay from 10am, while Manly will host one on Ocean Care Day later this month.

Wear Blue. Help create change. Community activism works look at the cash for containers campaign! Dont let the dolphins, whales, turtles swallow any more plastic bags coming from our beautiful coastline.

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15+ Heartwarming Celebratory Reactions as Australia Votes Yes for Same-Sex Marriage "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Embed from Getty Images

Love is love, and we were reminded of this simple fact with the recent marriage equality survey in Australia. On Wednesday, November 15, 2017, it was announced that 7.8 million Australians61.6% of its voting populationsupport same-sex marriage and its legalization.

The results were a long time coming; as early as 2007, there was polling to suggest that a majority of the country was in favor of marriage equality. But due to politics, putting public opinion into law has been a slow process thats years behind other English-speaking countries. In 2004, the then-prime minister John Howard altered the Marriage Act that clarified the definition as the union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others.

After more than a decade of activism, the issue came to vote as part of a national postal survey. Although voluntary, 79.5% of voters made their voices heard. Now, the parliament will have to debate how to turn this into the law of the land.

Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull said of the survey: They voted yes for fairness, yes for commitment, yes for love. And now it is up to us here in the parliament of Australia to get on with it, to get on with the job the Australian people asked us to do and get this done.

The result of the inquiry and its massive support is something to celebrateand many Australians did just that. See how some of them reacted (including the Sydney Opera House) in the photos below.

On Wednesday, November 15, Australia had a postal survey that voted on the issue of marriage equality.

The results were overwhelmingly in favor of it6...


Video: Brisbane musicians rework Nick Cave classic to demand he cancel Israel show "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Phil Mansour passed along this video with the note, Brisbane musicians rework Nick Caves classic ballad The Ship Song calling on him to cancel his upcoming shows in #Apartheid #Israel and respect the Palestinian picket line. #BDS


Manus Island and spiritual warfare "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Things are not going to change for the better without some sort of national repentance and the casting off of our hideous idols.

lead lead Victorian Parliamentary Secretary for Multicultural Affairs and Asia Engagement, Mr Hong Lim, meeting Malcolm Fraser in 1981 to discuss Cambodian and Vietnamese refugees arriving in Australia. He praised Mr Fraser for his humanity.As I write a horrifying humanitarian disaster, entirely made by successive Australian governments, is looming on Manus Island.

As a child I came into political awareness in the 1970s. The Fraser governments open armed response to the plight of Vietnamese boat people with the full support of the ALP is etched in my experience as a defining feature of who we then aspired to be as a people.

We were leaving the white Australia policy permanently behind. We were strongly adhering to our UNHCR obligations and had a profoundly humane and compassionate immigration policy towards boat arrival asylum seekers.

Growing up in cosmopolitan Melbourne, we were a people open to the world and most of my best friends were and remain from migrant families. What happened to those cosmopolitan, human rights upholding, warm and welcoming values? What changed to make us a people fearfully protective of our (apparently threatened) national sovereignty?

What changed?

In all the analysis of what has changed and how we should respond to this deep shift backwards towards the politics of prejudicial fear and a disregards for our UNHCR obligations, I have not seen anything written about spiritual warfare.

But I think this is central.

Spiritual warfare is the ongoing battle for communally assumed first loyalties public worship. What our highest collective object of worth is, is our god. Crudely put, our god is now the economy, stupid. Well, its not the economy actually, its the pursuit of personal wealth what the New Testament calls Mammon. The post-war boom came to an end when Nixon dropped the gold standard and sent the 1970s into a global economic tail spin. But....

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