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Saturday, 09 December


Book Vintage "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Saturday 9th Dec, 10.00am 4.00pm, St Patrick's Cathedral

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Thursday, 23 November


Proposed changes for future development "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

THE South Gippsland Shire Council has commenced consultation for Amendment C90 to the South Gippsland Planning Scheme.
The amendment will improve the Planning Schemes guidance of development and land use over the next 20 to 30 years.
The function, size and services of South Gippslands settlements plus the capacity of the environment to sustain development have been taken into account.
The changes are based on the recommendations of the South Gippsland Housing and Settlement Strategy 2013.
Community members will have the opportunity to learn more about the amendment at the public sessions being held this November and December.
South Gippsland Shire Councils strategic planning officer Fiona Mottram said it was vital that community members considered the scheme and had their say.
Amendment C90 includes Settlement Framework Plans and Restructure Plans which determine where settlement growth would be encouraged or limited.
Community feedback is vital for this process so that we understand the implications these changes to the planning scheme may have for some owners.
We encourage community members to get in contact with us if they require any more information and highly suggest they attend a one on one meeting at the upcoming public sessions, Ms Mottram said.
For more information about Amendment C90, the public sessions and how to make a submission, visit
To book an appointment at one of the public sessions, contact the Strategic Planning team on 5662 9200 or email with your preferred session, time and contact details.

The post Proposed changes for future development appeared first on South Gippsland Sentinel-Times.


Colour and stillness "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A Red-rumped Parrot drops into the the stillness of the bush pool.

What a marvellous bird.

Red-rumped Parrot (male), Rise and Shine, 21st November 2017


Repower Hour "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Newlands Community #RepowerHour THIS SUNDAY 4pm :-)

A quick reminder if you missed the last notice. This is a relaxed social event - we will share a meal and kids are more than welcome (there will definitely be some there!).
We will have a short and snappy discussion about how we can show strong community support for a fast and fair transition to 100% clean energy from the sun and wind and we will take a group photo to share will other community groups running repower campaigns.

Newlands Community House (20 Murray Rd North Coburg) 4pm Sunday 26th November 

Bring a plate or something to BBQ  and a gold coin donation for the use of the venue :) (Also feel free to bring some beers or other beverage to have with the BBQ)

This event is being hosted by the Newlands Climate Action Group with support from Environment Victoria. If youd like more information please contact Nina ( or 0400123336). You can join our Facebook group to receive any updates


1) House Commission I Expresses Gratitude for UK Ambassadors Controversial Tweet on Papua "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

1) House Commission I Expresses Gratitude for UK Ambassadors Controversial Tweet on Papua

2) INDONESIA: Journalist in Timika, Papua brutally attacked by police officers



On Thursday November 24 a small island in the middle of the pacific made world headlines, but not because of its natural beauty.

Today PNG police and immigration stormed the Manus Regional Processing Centre and attacked refugees who were fighting for survival after being abandoned by Australian and PNG immigration.

How did they find themselves in this predicament?

A common narrative is people washing up on tropical island after their boats have become lost at sea.

The refugees on Manus Island did embark on a dangerous voyage by boat but that is not why they are now in this situation, at least not directly.

Fleeing their home countries looking for safety and freedom they arrived on Australian shores and asked for protection.

Unfortunately the Australian government had just implemented a policy to send all people who arrived by boat to offshore processing centres.

These centers are in developing nations Nauru and Papua New Guine who this colonial power can bully and bribe with money.

PNGs Manus Island fits the bill for a policy which seeks to send a message to other refugees that Australia is not a welcoming humanitarian country (as many believe).

After some three years of locking refugees in the derelict centre on Manus the PNG supreme court ruled this incarceration unconstitutional.

The centre was slated for closure, detainees were encouraged to return home some with bribes of up to $25,000.

A small number around 50 decided to settle in PNG, with some becoming homeless and trying to return to detention, one man even tried flying to Fuji and applying be protection there only to be sent back to PNG.

A number are in the East Lorengau Transit centre, some having applied to go the America under a bizarre people swap deal and others expected to settle in PNG.

Human Rights Watch have recently detailed an upsurge in violent attacks by armed locals.

This is why when the detention centre closed on October 31 around 620 men decided not to leave.

Alternative accommodation has been provided however it is closer to town, and hostile locals, and insecure.

This and a series of terrifying events have lead to the current situation where detainees feel safer in the cage they have so longed to escape from than outside.

Besides according to sources, including the UN, the new facilities are not yet ready to house the men.

This was proven when SBS flew a drone over the new centres and broadcast the footage.

Mostly the men are refusing to leave as a political statement, after 4 years on Manus they are demanding freedom.......


Girl recovering from shark attack off Melbourne Beach, Florida "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Crystal-clear water and lingering mix swell revealed some excited ocean activity in Central Florida last weekend both above and below the surface. On Saturday evening, at about an hour or two before sunset, 14-year-old surfer Kaia Anderson was bitten by what is believed to be a spinner shark off a Floridana Beach access in southern Melbourne Beach. "Kaia lives right next door to me, she's probably the nicest girl I've ever met in my entire life, and she and her sister go surfing every single day," said local pro Chauncey Robinson, who witnessed the attack. "I'd been up at the access watching the waves for 30 minutes prior and saw a shark go through a wave, but others thought it was a dolphin, since there were a few of those out, too. Then, probably ten minutes before it happened, I saw a spinner shark jump out the back and splash in front of everyone.


Can anyone believe anything Australian Human Services Minister Alan Tudge and his motley crew say? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The New Daily,  21 November 2017:

The Department of Human Services flagged the illegal sale of Medicare details on the dark web almost a fortnight before the illicit trade was exposed in a bombshell media report, The New Daily can exclusively reveal.

Internal emails, obtained under freedom of information laws, reveal that department officials discussed the security issue as early as June 22 nearly two weeks before revelations that Medicare numbers were being sold online.

On July 4, The Guardian revealed that a dark web vendor was advertising the sale of any Australians Medicare number for the bitcoin equivalent of just $22 after exploiting a government system vulnerability.

In the wake of the revelations, Human Services Minister Alan Tudge said that he and his department had only learned of the illicit trade when contacted by a Guardian journalist on July 3.

However, high-priority correspondence within DHS shows that senior officials discussed the trade on the dark net, which is only accessible through a customised browser, nearly two weeks before it made the news.

On June 22, Rhonda Morris, national manager for serious non-compliance, raised the issue with Kate Buggy, national manager for internal fraud control and investigations, and Mark Withnell, general manager of business integrity, as well as several unnamed officials.

In a later email on July 3, Mr Withnell apparently connected The Guardians inquiries to the departments earlier...


Another local speaking out against the cruise ship industry coming to the Clarence River estuary "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Clarence Valley Independent, Letter to the Editor, 14 November 2017:

It is rare for me to get so steamed up that I feel compelled to write a letter to the editor. Cruise Terminal Slated for Yamba (CVI 1/11/17). Seriously?

Oh, this will be good for business, good for economic development, good for growth! What is it about the human race that they cannot get their minds past the almighty $ sign? Why do we want growth? Yamba is beautiful as it is. The peace and tranquillity, at least partially the reason we love living here, is already under threat as the highway to Brisbane nears completion and trip times of under three hours can be anticipated.

Have we not seen what became of the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast and now, regrettably, Byron Bay? When I first visited Surfers Paradise you could count the high rise buildings on the fingers of one hand, and two or three of those were only about ten stories. It was a lovely little place. I suppose there must be some people who think its a lovely place now, but I never seem to meet them. There was a time you could have your afternoon nap in the middle of the main street of Byron Bay. These days it is a constant stream of cars driving round and round the streets desperately hoping to find a parking space before its time to go home again!

So now, in the slavish pursuit of growth and economic development, are we going to do the same thing to Yamba? The only kind of growth that would be really good is if we could actually grow the planet itself, to meet the needs and expectations of an ever growing population. As for economic growth, I imagine, if you were to ask the majority of people who live here, they would tell you they didnt come to Yamba to make their fortunes. Even those operating local businesses must surely have done the arithmetic and decided that their enterprise was never going to feature in Forbes; but it would fund the kind of lifestyle you...


Fake economics: how to make bad transport projects look good "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Victoria is spending $5.5 billion building the West Gate Tunnel, another $1 billion widening CityLink, probably $10 billion on the North East Link, $11 billion on Melbourne Metro, $8 billion removing level crossings, and, if the Coalition returns, more than $3 billion on the East West Link.

NSW is spending $16 billion on WestConnex, $14 billion on Western Harbour Tunnel Beaches Link, $9 billion on the F6 Extension, $3 billion on NorthConnex, $11 billion on Sydney Metro South West, $8 billion on Sydney Metro NorthWest, $3 billion on Parramatta Light Rail, $2 billion on Sydney Light Rail, and billions more on Sydney Metro West.

It would be nice to know it was money well spent.

There's a fiction that a benefit-cost ratio above "1" means things are OK.

Here's how it works. A consultant adds up all the costs over a period of 30 or 40 years and all the benefits. If the benefits are greater than the costs, giving a ratio of, say, 1.5, it is said to be worth doing. But if they are less, say, 0.45 (which was the ratio in the first study of in the East West Link), it is said to be a waste of money.

Often the studies are never made public, sometimes they are never conducted (as was the case with the national broadband network) and very often they are conducted as an "add-on"; financial bling to be sprinkled over the project after it has been approved and announced.

Melbourne's $5.5 billion West Gate Tunnel is a case in point. Sydney's $14 billion Western Harbour Tunnel and Beaches Link is another. Internal NSW Transport emails released to me under freedom of information show an analyst complaining that his superiors had as good as completed the business case without access to the numbers.

"How something with no, repeat, no, benefit-cost analysis or traffic numbers can be construed as 80 to 90 per cent complete is beyond me," the exasperated official wrote. "The numbers tell us if the thing makes sense."

And the numbers are sometimes rigged.

A seminar in Melbourne last month on the use and abuse of cost-benefit analysis explored the ways.

One of the easiest is to hike the traffic forecasts. On some toll roads, the number of cars predicted to use them was greater than the capacity of the roads. Out of court settlements were reached between the modellers and investors in Sydney's Lane Cove Tunnel and Brisbane's M7 Clem Jones Tunnel.

Professor Jago Dodson of the RMIT Centre for Urban Research revealed that in the queue at a conference he had met one of Australia's senior transport modellers who had worked on at least one of those tunnels.

"Myself and another col...


Cheap reef snorkel / cruise "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

I'm heading up to Cairns in a few weeks with family (5 of us), looking to do a reef cruise/ snorkel. Looks pretty pricey though, compass cruises seem alright, but still $109 each. Any good deals going? We could also depart from Townsville if that's better?

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Thoughts on a plane from Hobart to Sydney "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

As I sat and watched the singer-songwriter night at the pub last night, I felt slightly melancholic. Watching the university crowd coming in and out, watching them and their friends play, led to some middle-aged self-reflection. Im old enough to be their father, or even their grandfather, I thought to myself. Though it only seems []


Late spring. Turning of the season. "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Late spring, last light. The sky is pale but the colours havent leeched out of the land yet. The wind swirls through the trees, like a stick in muddy water, stirring languid but not yet hot air through the canopy.

Last spring was wet and we had fields of chocolate lilies. This year is drier and instead its fields of yellow everlastings. Last weeks rain is gone, tucked away into root systems and flushed down streams towards the distant sea. But the air is still sweet. Its like the plants all breathed out in relief after that last downpour.

Castlemaine is mostly Box and Peppermint country, low hill and gully country. Its hard to get a glimpse into the bigger landscape. Climb one hill and you see the next one. I walk through the open Box country, and can see how the thin soil and sandstone rocks dictate what can grow. Drop into the shallow gullies to the slightly deeper and richer alluvial soils and the yellow gums step in quickly. Back up onto the next ridge, more rocky outcrops, more understory species, a slight thinning of the trees.

IMGP3616The air is full of colour and sound. Gangs of cockatoos sweep through above the canopy, groups of young magpies stalk the stubble on the golf course, ravens call, wattlebirds, the occasional rosella, the smaller birds I dont know go abou...



Xani Kolac

Xani Kolac                   Image supplied


Melbourne Womens International Jazz Festival,November 24 to December 10, 2017

I suppose the reason why we dont have a mens international jazz festival in Melbourne or anywhere is that it would be doubling up on what we often experience at jazz gigs that is, a predominance of male performers.

So, until that changes, and we no longer need a womens festival because most gigs feature women musicians, lets celebrate the work of, and the depth of talent among, the many female practitioners of jazz or improvised music.

This year Sonja Horbelt has programmed a ripper of a festival in Melbourne with a great deal of talent from Australia and overseas, including expatriate trombonist Shannon Barnett and  internationally-acclaimed Korean musician Hyelim Kim.

Full details are available on the festival website, but heres a summary of the gigs on offer to whet your appetite. This is an inexpensive way to hear and celebrate the considerable talent of the many women musicians who compose and play jazz.

Friday, November 24, 5.30pm 6pm-8pm, Sharny Russell Quartet, $15/$10, Uptown Jazz Cafe

An Australian pianist/vocalist/composer based in Byron Bay, Sharny Russell has...


Top Tips for Visiting The Blue Lagoon "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Both the girls were keen as to visit the Blue Lagoon on our family trip to Iceland. They had both seen pictures of it on the internet when they looked up things to do in Iceland with kids. When we were planning a trip to Iceland I found there was not a lot of information out there about visiting the Blue Lagoon for families or visiting the Blue Lagoon with kids. There was plenty of information on what to do when you are an adult but not a lot that I found helpful or information that I could use for the girls. So I thought that I would put a guide together with our Top Tips for visiting the Blue Lagoon with kids on our Iceland family holiday!

 1: Conditioner in Hair

Now, this is on the list in plenty of places so I have to say that straight away. You put it in your hair before you get in the water at the Blue Lagoon as it dries it out very quickly. There are bottles of it in the change rooms and we were told by one of the bathroom attendants to put it in there before we went into the water. After we got back and I showered the girls I put what I thought was a heap in there but just keep putting it ineverytime you have to get out of the water and take one of the kids to the toilet put more in. It took us about a week to get our hair back to normal. So, GO CRAZY!

2: Floaties 

This was the one thing that put Marley off completely. It is the rules for visiting the Blue Lagoon with kids, that if you are under 9 you must wear floaties in the water. Marley is a great swimmer so she was absolutely mortified that she had to wear them. If I had have known I would have been able to warn her before we got there.

3: Extra Towels

We got three towels in the end as I thought it would be enough but we really could have done with one more. As we were staying in a Reykjavik apartment I was not comfortable taking the towels from there but if you get a chance take extra towels with you. This will help you save a little bit of money and because all of the towels are the same colour it will help you easily identify where you have put yours. It will also stop people from accidentally using yours as they are all hung in the same places and you have to remember where you hung them up.



Protesting Asylum Seekers Ordered Out of Manus Island Camp by PNG Police "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Police enter the Manus Island detention centre on Manus Island, Papua New Guinea, November 23, 2017. AAP/via Reuters

Police enter the Manus Island detention centre on Manus Island, Papua New Guinea, November 23, 2017. AAP/via Reuters

Sydney: Papua New Guinea (PNG) police sealed off an officially shuttered Australian-run detention camp on Thursday and ordered asylum seekers occupying it to leave as they confiscated food and water the men had stockpiled, asylum seekers told Reuters.

About 380 asylum seekers have shut themselves inside the Manus Island Centre for more than three weeks, defying attempts by Australia and PNG to close it in a standoff the United Nations described as a looming humanitarian crisis.

They destroyed our food and damaged our accommodation too, they destroyed our water tank, one asylum-seeker said in a mobile telephone message from the camp.

Many of the men climbed onto rooftops and hid in toilets, he said. Three other asylum seekers gave similar accounts of the police action.

A video shot by Sudanese refugee Abdul Aziz and posted o...


Threatened species protected on Toorongo Plateau "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Mt Toorongo is a magical spot: it is a mountain in the Central Highlands to the east of Melbourne. If you drive to the Baw Baw ski village from Noojee, it is the steep dark mountain that fills the skyline above you as you head through the last of the farming country at Icy Creek.

Not many people go there. Its a bit off the track, but is accessible quite easily via a number of dirt roads. As I understand the ecology of the mountain, it was burnt twice in close succession (in the 1920s and the infamous 1939 fires). So the eucalypt forest on the summit was replaced by a remarkable cloud forest of what are normally understorey species. The summit itself is a long ridge which offers wonderful views of the Baw Baw Plateau, the Latrobe Valley and distant Strzelecki Ranges to the south.

Like many forests in the region, the mountain has been relentlessly logged. Much of the cloud forest was chained down by bulldozers in the early 1990s and planted with Shining Gum (which is not actually indigenous to the area as I understand it).

But there are still pockets of cool temperate rainforest, and the forest at the treeline, composed of old wattles and myrtle beech, is a delight. It still harbours endangered animal species, too.

Recently, WOTCH (Wildlife of the Central Highlands), a volunteer group which focuses on citizens science like animal surveys, identified Leadbeaters Possums on the Toorongo Plateau, the northern slopes of the mountain. It is hard to overstate the importance of Toorongo Mountain and the plateau. Like the Errinundra Plateau, it has acted as a refugia in times of climate variation and climate change in the past, providing a place for the old Gondwanic species to retreat to when temperatures are warmer and fire regimes are stronger.

The Leadbeaters Possum was found in an area that was scheduled for logging and the discovery of the individual means that this particular section of forest will be protected. This is a great outcome, won by an inspiring group.

You can find out more about WOTCH via their facebook page.


Exploring You See Monsters: Art, Racism and Islam "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

  • Abdul-Rahman Abdullah, Cigdem Aydemir, Safdar Ahmed, Sara Mansour and Aamer Rathman :: Interview with Abdul Abdullah


You See Monsters is an upcoming SBS documentary which explores the work of a new generation of Australian Muslim artists who are fighting anti-Islamic bigotry with creativity, satire, and irreverence.

The following conversation is the first part of our three part audio series. Listen back to the Canvas: Art & Ideas interview with Canvas host, Abdul Abdullah, his brother Abdul-Rahman Abdullah (AKA the Prototype), artists Cigdem Aydemir and Safdar Ahmed, slam poet Sara Mansour and comedian Aamer Rathman. 


Abdul Abdullah: Ethnically, everyone here in the studio is from all over the place, but weve all got one thing in common which is that we identify as Muslims, or Muslims in Australia. Last year a survey was released that said half of Australia has negative or ambivalent attitudes towards Muslims. Abdul-Rahman, do you think thats true? And if so, why do you think that is?

Abdul-Rahman Abdullah: I guess its just the unfortunate state of affairs that we find ourselves in, the idea of Muslims being the bad guy is such a normal point of view, its a mainstream point of view, its a very standard one and thats reinforced from the top down.

AA: And Sara, how about you?

Sara Mansour: I think that negative or ambivalent attitudes towards Muslims comes from ignorance. I agree with Abdul-Rahman in the sense that it comes from the top down and these stereotyp...


Criminalising Sex Workers Leaves Them Vulnerable to Attack "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

At around 12.30 am on June 24, a security guard opened the door to an apartment in Enfield, north London, and a group of five men wielding knives entered the premises. Ms Maria Benito (not her real name) was taken into a room by one of the men, who demanded she give him money. The

The post Criminalising Sex Workers Leaves Them Vulnerable to Attack appeared first on Sydney Criminal Lawyers.


Queenslanders must ensure end to LNP deforestation and species extinction "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Queenslanders must ensure end to LNP deforestation and species extinctionQueenslanders have a fantastic opportunity to write a happy ending to the tragic deforestation crisis. read now...


Look & See: A Portrait of Wendell Berry Film Screening Friday 8th December (Melbourne) "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

AFSA, in conjunction with ORICoop are proud to present the heartfelt film: Look & See: A Portrait of Wendell Berry. Produced by Robert Redford, Terrence Malick, & Nick Offerman and directed by Laura Dunn (The Unforeseen), this documentary is "a beautiful and poignant portrait of the changing landscapes and shifting values of rural America in the era of industrial agriculture, as seen through the eye of American novelist, poet, and activist, Wendell Berry".

As a special guest and pre-screening event, Charles Massy will discuss his groundbreaking new book, Call of The Reed Warbler. There will be an opportunity for Q & A with Charles, and copies of the book will be available for purchase on the night.

Join us for a night of discussion, learning and reflection around farming - in the past, the present and the future.

Watch the film trailer HERE.

TICKETS: $25, (AFSA & ORICoop Members $20).

(General admission tickets listed as "ORICoop Friends FRI" and AFSA Members listed as "AFSA Members FRI").

Post-film details TBC (we will be hitting up a local pub and would love to continue discussions after the film - we hope you'll join us!)

The post Look & See: A Portrait of Wendell Berry Film Screening Friday 8th December (Melbourne) appeared first on Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance.


Peace (haiku) "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

tranquility in blue waves and rocky shore, the shimmering light


How Much Do You Know? Episode 1 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

How Much Do You Know? is a podcast series that looks at HIV in the year 2017.

Its brought to you by and produced in the studios of Eastside Radio located in Paddington Sydney in association with ViiV Healthcare.

This episode looks at modern HIV testing techniques and the easy and convenient methods in which people can now find results almost instantaneously.

Most importantly we discuss the ways in which we can now address anonymity for those at high risk yet in circumstances that require discretion.

Journalist Tim Brunero is joined by Dr Phil Reid from the Kirkton Road Centre in Kings Cross.


That was Dr Phil Reid from the Kirkton Road Centre in Kings Cross speaking with Tim Brunero.

Testing for HIV has come a long way since the 1980s. In 2017 it really is about offering the right test for the right person in the right setting and making testing as easy as possible.

Head to for a full list of sexual health clinics throughout the state and or call 1800 451 624 today.

Youve been listening to How Much Do You Know? A podcast series on HIV in 2017 that is brought to you by Eastside Radio in association with ViiV Healthcare.

The post How Much Do You Know? Episode 1 appeared first on 89.7 Eastside FM.


War, Business and Orchids the Smith Story "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

  Stanley Smith was an Australian businessman, WWII operative in China and expert horticulturalist. His life took him from a comfortable Brisbane upbringing to the danger of war and finally to a life half-way across the world. His Chinese-born wife, Continue reading


Sydney unemployment still dropping "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Sydney unemployment falling

Greater Sydney has been creating thousands of new jobs per month, and the harbour city's unemployment rate has been trending down now for 44 months, hitting an annual average of just 4.65 per cent.

Brisbane recorded a nice fall in the month, but seems to be creating a dearth of full time positions.

Sydney's monthly unemployment rate dropped to just 3.9 per cent in October.

There hasn't been a lower result since August 2005.

Sydney's labour market is tightening gradually, and there are some signs of wage pressures in the construction industry.

It now takes 14 weeks on average for Sydneysiders to find a job, down from 18 weeks three years earlier, so it's been a bit of a slow burn.

Newcastle and the Hunter Valley have also seen a fine turnaround in fortunes over the past couple of years as the state's economy accelerated away from the resources downturn, and coal prices came shooting back with a vengeance.

Queensland is now creating the most jobs, and cities such as Gold Coast are recording very low unemployment rates - at an annual average of just 4.8 per cent - with the Commonwealth Games visitor boost still to come.



Eleanor McEvoy Returns for January Tour "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Image Courtesy of Eleanor McEvoy Irish music legend Eleanor McEvoy has announced shell be back in Australia this January with a bunch of East coast dates. Having already been announced for the Woodford Folk Festival, the Cygnet Folk Festival and the Illawarra Folk Festival, Eleanor McEvoy is rounding out her visit with a bunch of []


The Echo dream bursts into being with a dash of controversy "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Thirty-one years have passed since Nicholas Shand dreamed up this newspaper and gathered a band of fellow dreamers to help him make it real.

In those 31 years The Echo has grown, like a magic beanstalk, far taller than we ever imagined, and it is now a feature of Shire life.

Our ongoing series on the history of our beloved rainbow rag continues this week, written by the newspapers longest-serving drudge, David Lovejoy.

So far in the story, Nicholas Shand has been unable to get local media to cover police hooliganism in the Main Arm Valley, and has invited David Lovejoy to join him in starting a newspaper

Your new local paper. The front cover of the first ever Echo.

Your new local paper. The front cover of the first ever Echo.

A new nest

We rented an upper-storey open-plan office in Mullumbimby, heaved my typesetting equipment up the stairs and made a darkroom out of cut-up black garbage bags. Nicholas contributed a large, horseshoe-shaped desk, which was perfect for a budding editor.

He had lined up a local printer, Andrew Bradley, whose press could print two A4 pages at once, and employed Dorothy Mullins, ex-Advocate and Northern Star, to help him sell advertising. My wife Wendy was to help me with the pre-press production and a friend of ours, Carol Page, joined us to do typing and general office work.

Masthead is made

Several brainstorming sessions fuelled by red wine provided the name for our enterprise. It was to be the grandly reverberating Brunswick Valley Echo, a name which shed some of its resonance when over the years it evolved into the Brunswick-Byron Echo and finally the Byron Shire Echo. Local artist the late Geoff Williams designed an elegant logo for the banner, which is still in use four decades on.



Local Retailers Furious Amazon Australia Launch Will Force them to Offer Fair Prices "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


The launch of Amazon Australia set for this afternoon is causing tremendous stress-anxiety-depression for local retailers, who are used to being able to rip customers off.

A spokesperson for one retail giant said board members have been burning the cocaine oil staying up all night trying to invent new ways to charge Australians heaps for products that are cheaper everywhere else in the world, a practice retailers have affectionately dubbed the Australian tax.

One of the best ideas was to pretend we care for the environment and charge a carbon footprint tax or something for postage, he said. And a cracking idea for our bricks-and-mortar stores was to open a toll booth and charge entry, then put together a marketing campaign about how were creating new jobs for the folk who have to man them all day.

Some Australian retailers have said Amazon Australia wont make any difference to their businesses as they dont sell books anyway.


Helen says Think before you vote #qldvotes "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Local Labor identity Helen Abrahams has some advice for anyone who intends to vote for the environment on Saturday. Labors election pledge to build large scale, publicly owned renewable energy will put Queensland ahead of the rest of the country, embracing our competitive advantage of world beating sunshine. While the community overwhelmingly believes electricity is []

The post Helen says Think before you vote #qldvotes appeared first on Westender - West End 4101.


Big Screen: Detroit "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Detroit starts like a fever dream, then narrows in on a single motel during the citys 1976 race riots.

Director Kathryn Bigelow deals with the big issues. Shes known for films like The Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty, having tackled the Iraq War and the hunt for Osama bin Laden with subtlety and craft. Its only natural that her next project has manifested as a powerful exploration of racial tensions in America. 

As tensions flare in the Motor City, a squad of racist cops are drawn to the Algiers Motel, where a group of bored young black men have shot a starter-pistol from a rooftop. In a city of sweltering heat and simmering animosity its the catalyst for a gruelling power play between the Detroit PD and the soon-to-be victims of police brutality.

Its a tough watch. The centrepiece of the movie is a violent interrogation by the police officers as they try to locate the gun a brutal intimidation that is drawn out in excruciating detail. Bigelow is unapologetic in her harsh depiction of the incident, capturing not just the savagery of the police, but the overwhelming fear of everyone in the scene as well.

That fear is what drives the movie. Its written on the faces of the cops and the guests of the Algiers Motel alike, but the way each person acts upon it is dramatically different. The cops attempt to excise their fear through show of force; the black hostages are simply desperate to get out alive. Throughout the film, Bigelow tries to understand what makes people behave the way they do when they feel outnumbered.



None of this is better demonstrated...


rather large GARAGE SALE "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

sun 26th nov 8am-

many stall from tenants of lot19

early birds will be charged triple (please dont come early!)



Melbourne-based developer, Pace Development Group, has unveiled its newest apartment project, Pace of Abbotsford, a 133- apartment residence designed by the highly acclaimed SJB Architects. Located at 247 Johnston Street, Abbotsford, the development will be anchored by the retained art deco faade of one of the areas most recognised architectural icons, Saint Crispin House. The []



BYE BYE PLASTIC BAGS: Education initiative comes to Byron schools "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Bye Bye Plastic Bag movement began in Bali and has had inspirational success achieving a pledge from the Balinese government to ban plastic bags in 2018. It is a youth led social initiative driven by children who care about their environment.

This week representatives from the Australian arm of the movement will be coming to Byron Shires own Coorabell Public School to spread the good word!

They will be speaking to classes for around 20-30 minutes telling the Bye Bye Plastic Bag story and speaking about youth empowerment and sustainability.

Their message is  about saying no to plastic bags and single use plastics.

Local ambassador Wendy Edlund says I am hoping that this will be an informative and positive exercise both for the presenters and the students alike.

Wendy is co-owner of Byron Hire, one of Popped Creatives major, ongoing supporters. Over the years Byron Hire has supported countless local businesses, community organisations, and projects, and has always given back to the Byron region. This is a continuation of their generosity and commitment to community.

This project is close to the heart of many Byron bay residents and is a great way of starting the conversation with our youth community, who will ultimately be leading positive change for our future generations.

More information can be found at website:...



The architectural team behind Melbournes notably popular Mr Miyagi & Yukies Snack Bar, P-E-K Studio, has collaborated with one of Melbournes emerging development groups, FHL, to deliver an unprecedented series of contemporary designed apartments in Melbournes inner north.   FHL brings together dynamic entrepreneurs Tom Howgate and Edward Love, who have united to create a []



Vegepods at City Farm Nursery "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

We are  excited to welcome the addition of Vegepods to the City Farm Nursery! Vegepods make growing food as easy as it can be. They come equipped with a water-storing reservoir at the base and an adjustable shade (and possum) cover. The additional stands and trolleys make it easier to access and maintain your veggies. []

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Thyme To Eat "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

I can feel it. I'm getting closer. Soon I will walk into Northcote Plaza and instead of walking right past Thyme To Eat while also ignoring the juice bar guy who I probably should just say hi to, or not, it's doesn't matter, probably, anyway, I will walk into Thyme To Eat and I will eat, for it will be thyme to eat. To be fair though, there is no 'walking into' Thyme To Eat, for this Northcote Plaza famous eatery simply opens out onto the air conditioned thoroughfare or whatever it's called. It is a cafe that has no view of the outside world. I assume the staff are all suicidal. One day there will be no one to pull up the roll-a-door.

How do people work all day in places that have no outside view. I mean, it's Northcote Plaza, so the view is not going to be incredible. But still. And also, how hard would it be to erect shade cloths so the carpark isn't an oven? But I can't be mad at you, Northcote Plaza, because your lack of pretension fucking heals the fuck out of me.

And how come all hairdressers shops have pun names but man hair cutting guys just call their barber type places their own name? No one cares, that's the answer. No one has ever seen the cafe called Thyme To Eat and thought, "Gee, that's clever." You have to call it something.

One day I will sit on a chair at Thyme To Eat and order something with Thyme in it and Eat it and a passerby will see me, someone I know, and we will make eye contact and they will know that I am eating in a cafe ironically and I will have completed my mission on Earth. The End.


Block Printing Workshop Ages 16 to 25 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Here at Pine Street Block Printing Workshop you can learn how to block print design suiting ages 16 to 25 years old in a 3 hour hands-on lesson to demonstrate the basics of block print designs. You will be taught by professionals working in the industry to master your skill; ready for Christmas and be able to design and carve your own block and print your own cards and paper.

Look at elements from the natural environment, native leaves, plants, seed pods & flowers. Create a unique block print design and print your own. Be inspired by Australian printmakers whilst learning a new technique. The class includes an introduction to hand colouring with watercolour. You can even print your own personalised Christmas cards! Great introduction to block print for young people. Sustainable and non-toxic printing methods.

What: Block Printing

When: Wednesday 6 December 6pm 9pm

Where: Harry Burland Activity Centre, 132-134 Shepherd Street, Darlington

To book online click here


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TODAY 5:30pm |Emergency speak out: Manus men under attack "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

When: TODAY 5:30pm 23 November Where: State Library of Victoria, 328 Swanston St, Melbourne Right now police and navy are in the compounds on #Manus pushing people to leave the centre. Reports that some men have been assaulted. Authorities are aggressive and using force but the peaceful men are resisting.   Join us for an(...)

Permanent Rainbow Roundabout Unveiled In Canberra "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Canberra has paid tribute to the citys strong yes vote in the same-sex marriage postal survey with the installation of a rainbow roundabout. The permanent artwork is on a roundabout in the inner north Canberra suburb of Braddon. ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr, the first openly gay state or territory leader, said last weekends Spring ...

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Threatened species protected on Toorongo Plateau "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Mt Toorongo is a magical spot: it is a mountain in the Central Highlands to the east of Melbourne. If you drive to the Baw Baw ski village from Noojee, it is the steep dark mountain that fills the skyline above you as you head through the last of the farming country at Icy Creek.

Not many people go there. Its a bit off the track, but is accessible quite easily via a number of dirt roads. As I understand the ecology of the mountain, it was burnt twice in close succession (in the 1920s and the infamous 1939 fires). So the eucalypt forest on the summit was replaced by a remarkable cloud forest of what are normally understorey species. The summit itself is a long ridge which offers wonderful views of the Baw Baw Plateau, the Latrobe Valley and distant Strzelecki Ranges to the south.

Like many forests in the region, the mountain has been relentlessly logged. Much of the...


Beach fun for all "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

One of the more uplifting events on the Ocean Grove calendar, Disabled Surfers, has set its 2018 dates.
People with a disability will get the chance to ride a wave on 4 February and 4 March.
The goal for Disabled Surfers is to provide an inclusive experience for all people with any disability to experience the rush of riding a wave.
Ocean Grove has world class beach facilities that help make the experience be as inclusive as possible and volunteers are always welcomed, in fact the program would not operated without them.
Facilities include: special needs changing/amenities; wheelchair ramp access from the car park all the way to the sand; specialised beach wheelchairs (to suit adults and children).
Specialised beach wheelchairs are available for use along the Bellarine and Surf coast free of charge by the community at any time by arrangement. This enables a person with special needs to experience the beach at any time with family and friends all year round.
Online registration forms for both surfers and volunteers are available at

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WOMADelaide Announces Full Lineup for 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Image Courtesy of WOMADelaide Following on from their first round announcement last month WOMADelaide have this week dropped their entire 2018 program and its absolutely huge. Joining the likes of Le Vent du Nord, Rodrigo y Gabriela and Yirrmal next year will be Scottish neo-Trad quintet Elephant Sessions, country-blues favourites Hat Fitz & Cara, roots []


Teacher Loses His Job After Telling His Boss Hes Gay "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

South Coast Baptist College has defended its decision to dismiss a relief teacher because he revealed he was in a same-sex relationship. OutinPerth revealed that Craig Campbell had lost his position at the school in Rockingham, Western Australia. Campbell had to deal with suspicion about his sexuality after colleagues and students questioned a photo on ...

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Have a beer for Poondi, Nov 24 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Poondi and Roxy. Photo supplied.

Poondi and his wife Roxy. Photo supplied.

Poondi, aka Andrew Constable, moved to Goonengerry with his family when he was ten and has continued to live in the area for 28 years with only a short eight-year sojourn to Sydney we all need a chance to spread our wings!

After marrying my beautiful wife, we moved to Sydney for eight years and had our children, Jackson and Isaac.

There came a point when we decided it was time to move back home to raise our children where we grew up, Poondi said with a quiet smile.

As a former Mullumbimby High School student who played junior league and senior football for the Mullum Giants, as well as working at the Chincogan Tavern (now known as the Court House) and the Footy Club, Poondi is known and loved by many in the area.

Unfortunately health concerns mean that Poondi had to retire recently, and his friends and work colleagues at the Mullumbimby Ex-Services Club are gathering in support to raise money to help him and his family.

They are asking you to come and join them in their fundraising endeavours this Friday November 24 from 7pm at the Mullumbimby Ex-Services Club.

The club management and staff and have been very supportive, said Poondi.

Im very grateful and humbled at the amount of support, concern and care shown by everyone towards both me and my family.

It really represents the strong essence of community in this area that we are so lucky to have.
The Have A Beer For Poondi will feature two local bands, lucky door prizes, lucky dips and raffles so that everyone can have a great time.

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Lismore police make weapons, drug arrest "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Items seized by police after a vehicle stop this morning in Lismore. (supplied)

Items seized by police after a vehicle stop this morning in Lismore. (supplied)

After wrestling him to the ground and placing him in handcuffs, police found that he had 2.4 grams of methamphetamine, about 6 grams of cannabis, scales, drug packaging and a torch.

Meanwhile, the driver of the stopped vehicle, a 42.year-old Drake man, was found to be in possession of a machete, a knife, 1.3 grams of cocaine and an ice pipe.

The 33 year old was charged with two counts of Possess Prohibited Drug, Possession of Equipment for Administering a Prohibited Drug and Resist Police. He was bail refused and will appear in Lismore Local Court today.

The 42-year-old will face Lismore Local Court in January on charges of Possess Knife in Public Place x 2, Possess Prohibited Drug and Possession of Equipment for Administering a Prohibited Drug.

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WATCH: Goggleboxs Wayne And Tom React To The Yes Vote "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The families of Gogglebox Australia share their thoughts on last weeks marriage equality result in tonights episode of the Channel Ten reality show. Gay couple Wayne and Tom are brought to tears watching The Projects coverage of the announcement that 61% of Australians had voted in favour of the reform. Im proud to be Australian ...

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Week-long festival of Indigenous rugby league to kick off 2018 season "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

THE second Festival of Indigenous Rugby League will kick off the 2018 rugby league season on February 10 with the NRL announcing a week-long celebration and matches at Sydneys Redfern Oval. The 2018 festival will follow the inaugural 2017 Newcastle festival. Six teams will play as part of the festival, with emerging mens and womens Maori teams participating for the first time. The Indigenous All Stars elements will form part of the festival, including the Youth Summit and NRL Indigenous Players Cultural Camp. The popular Interstate Challenge will take place, this time involving the Newcastle Yowies (NSW) and the Dhadin Geai Warriors, from Torres Strait. The Redfern festival also will include a womens game between the First Nation Gems and the New Zealand Maori Ferns. Indigenous All Stars coach Laurie Daley will take charge of the emerging Indigenous mens team the First Nations Goannas.


Re-float Nullum House this Saturday "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

TAFE students are raising money to re-float Nullum House. Photo supplied.

TAFE students are raising money to re-float Nullum House. Photo supplied.

Nullum House provides an essential hub in Murwillumbah for people in need and was extensively damaged during Cyclone Debbie. So this Saturday a group of local Kingscliff TAFE students are asking you to join them to raise money to help get Nullum House back up and running.

This is a chance to show everyone that community is all about sharing our resources and joining in with a helping hand and open heart, said Mya Hurst, TAFE Community Services student.

Our class came together, deciding it be an incredible idea as upcoming community service workers to make a positive impact in our local community. We all saw how devastating the Cyclone Debbie floods were to Murwillumbah, and the impact of the loss of such an essential service as Nullum House at the time when the town most needed it. Ive seen first-hand how much of a struggle its

been for the people who depended on the Nullum House for assistance, which is why as a

class we want to help to Re-float Nullum House!

Nullum House provides services to the most vulnerable in our society ensuring access to a shower and washing facilities as well as meals and mental health support and provides 12,000 incident and client responses each year.

Cyclone Debbie saw the property extensively damaged with meeting rooms, kitchen and office spaces needing to be flood proofed and refurbished.

The Council have decided to go ahead and repair the building to flood proof standard, said a spokesperson for Nullum House.

But there is a shortfall of funds to get the interiors up and running.

Currently a limited range of services are being run from the Murwillumbah Community Center such as legal aid and community volunteers have continued to provide two meals weekly in conjunction with the Hari Krishnas and as ADRA Combined Churches Meal Program. However,  many services have had to cease since the floods including.

Head along to the fundraiser this...

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Wednesday, 22 November


Shark nets are back along Ballina shire beaches "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Dean Jefferys at a protest at Coolangatta. (Facebook)

Dean Jefferys at a protest at Coolangatta. (Facebook)

A Byron shire ocean conservationist is organising a paddle out for this Saturday at Lennox Head during which conservationists plan to swim under shark nets, that have been reinstalled this morning.

Dean Jefferys, a filmmaker who captains a whale conservation yacht, Migaloo 2, has invited all interested parties to take part in the action aimed at showing that the shark nets are ineffective.

Mr Jeffery said the action on Saturday aimed to highlight the fact that the nets have killed over 150 marine creatures durring the last 6 month trial and that there are more effective non lethal alternatives.

The plan is to meet on the beach in front of Lennox Head surf club at midday ~ Saturday 25th Nov~ and spell out some large words with bodies and boards then paddle out to the Shark nets that are planned to be about 300 meters off shore, he said in a Facebook post advertising the event.

Those who feel confident and with masks and fins can then swim under the shark nets that go down about 5 meters. This will help dispel the fallacy that the nets are a total barrier and that sharks, like humans, can swim under the nets.

If humans can swim under the nets then surely sharks can, he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Jefferys has written to Ballinas mayor David Wright, councillors, and the Ballina Chamber of Commerce, requesting a meeting to explore non-lethal options.

I have heard from various spokespeople that a downturn in tourism after an unwanted shark encounter is a major concern for business people from the Ballina shire as is finding solutions to the shark issue, Mr Jefferys said.

I have been talking with other marine conservationist and have come up with a list of non lethal ideas and activities that should be capable of preventing an unwanted shark encounter and has t...


Eat the Street gets taste of success "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Harking back to when Lismore tasted its first Eat the Street now an award winning event. Photo supplied.

Harking back to when Lismore tasted its first Eat the Street now an award winning event. Photo supplied.

Lismores annual celebration of street food and culinary delights, Eat the Street, has won a silver gong at the NSW Tourism Awards.

The food festival was named second in the events category behind the Parkes Elvis Festival, which is a major tourist attraction that has been attracting thousands of fans since it began in 1993.

City Centre Manager Jason Mumford said it was one of those times when you dont mind coming second.

I cannot believe some of the competition we beat to take second it was a really amazing moment when Eat the Street was announced as the silver award recipient, Jason said.

The events success is testament to the Lismore Business Panels vision to develop a major event that activates our CBD by attracting more than 20,000 patrons. It is equally the strong community support that this event has had right from the word go that has made Eat the Street such a success.

This type of recognition is a real shot in the arm for Lismore and we should all be proud. It also inspires us to build on what we have accomplished and to make Eat the Street not just a great signature event for Lismore, but a signature event for the whole region.

Jason said the team behind Eat the Street is currently developing new additions for 2018 such as a progressive dinner and local food producer tours to build it into a three-day event.

Strap in and certainly dont eat for a week beforehand! Jason laughed.

Next year we are going to take Eat the Street to a whole new level.

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Bachelor Month "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Thomas and I had the ribtacular combo at Roddy's in West End last night. Also, the fiery chicken wings in lava sauce for starters.

We could do this because for the next three and a bit weeks we are Men Without Women. Jane and Anna are touring Italy in lieu of Schoolies Week.

I'm planning to finish The Cruel Stars and get moving for real on WW 3.1 and Girl in Time 2.

I also have to complete my second bar brown belt grading for jujitsu and get rid of all the blubber I put on comfort eating my way through the dark months after Dad passed away. Luckily I have a puppy who wakes me at 4AM every monring, without fail. That cold wet snout in my face tells me it's time to get some value out of my 24HR gym pass.

Currenlty a disgraceful 98.5 kgs.

Aiming to run a calorie deficit of at least 1000 per day. Last night I was protein-only. No carbs.

We'll see where that gets me by the time the ladies come home.


Infeasible for Qld Greens to pay for extravagant promises by only taxing property developers & big corporations "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Brisbane Times is reporting Queensland Greens, swelled by the newly enrolled, plan on doing a Northcote, and it appears that the Palaszczuk Governments star performer, Deputy Premier Jackie Trad, remains at risk of losing her seat of South Brisbane to Greens candidate Amy MacMahon. Ms MacMahon has observed:

There is a clear sense that people have had enough of the big parties.

For many people this does appear to be the case, but that does not mean the Greens are a sensible alternative. From time-to-time, I have disagreed with particular policies advanced by the major parties, but the major parties are generally wrong within normal parameters, borrowing a phrase from P.J. ORourke. The Queensland Greens have no idea what those normal parameters are.

The Queensland Greens are putting forward a policy platform that, in the extremely unlikely event it would ever be enacted, would increase State government spending by at least $8-9 billion (or 13-14%) and result in either (a) a blow out in the budget deficit and total State debt of over $100 billion or (b) massive increases in taxes and charges on ordinary Queenslanders, and not just on the property developers and big corporations the Greens would like to target (see my 12 November post). And note my previous post was written before the Greens announced a child care plan that would cost at least an additional $1 billion annually. In its media release on its utopian child care plan, the Greens again identified property developers and big corporations as candidates for higher taxes:

Our ambitious plan would cost $5.4 billion over five years. We would make property developers and big corporations pay for 200,000 Queensland kids to get access to free, universal high-quality childcare and kindergarten.

I should note the Greens child care plan amounts to $5,400 per child annually, which seems like an under-estimate of what it would cost to offer free child care to each child, even it were only 3 days per week for 3 and 4 year olds, and 1 day per week for 2 year olds, as the policy states. Assuming annual out-of-pocket child care costs of around $15,000 for child care five days per week (see this Courier-Mail article......


Listen to the New Freya Josephine Hollick Single The Pearly Gates of the Landfill "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Image Courtesy of Freya Josephine Hollick Melbourne alt-country singer-songwriter Freya Josephine Hollick has just launched her brand new single The Pearly Gates of the Landfill. The track is the singers first since the release of her EP Dont Mess With The Doyenne earlier this year. I wrote it about like always my daughters []


Plan to burn native forests for electricity sheer madness "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Activists want the NSW Environment minister to put a stop to clear felling forests on the north coast. Photo Ta Ann Truths/

Environmentalists have derided a plan by NSW DPI to burn harvested timber from state forests to generate electricity. Photo Ta Ann Truths/

Chris Dobney

A controversial plan to burn harvested sections of North Coast native forests to generate so-called renewable electricity has been widely derided by the Greens and environment groups.

The NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) revived the plan, first mooted in 2012 following the collapse of the woodchip industry, at yesterdays (November 22) Bioenergy2017 conference in Sydney.

DPI research scientist Fabiano Ximenes, who presented the findings, said the two-and-a-half-year project analysed the production forests surrounding regional hubs Grafton, Kempsey and Bulahdelah.

Untapped potential

The research showed that there are exciting opportunities in the production of biofuels and high-value chemicals, so there is significant untapped potential in NSW forests, he said.

According to the report, any potential impacts on the environment from the use of biomass can be effectively addressed by management actions; for example, via the retention of sufficient biomass in the forest to maintain biodiversity values.

Mr Ximenes said use of the biomass for bioenergy has the potential to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emission, due to the displacement of fossil fuels.

There are also additional benefits of removing the residues that would otherwise decay or burn in the forest, such as a reduction in forest management operational costs, reduced fuel loads and supporting regional development by creation of a new industry, he added.

Sheer madness: NEFA

But North East Forest Alliance (NEFA) spokesperson Dailan Pugh has described the plan as sheer madness and said it had more to do with seeking a replacement industry for woodchipping than cleaning up the forest floor.

Forests are the lungs of the earth: they take in our carbon dioxide, storing the carbon and giving us back oxygen. Left standing they are part of the solution to climate change, Mr Pugh said, but cut do...


Man who rammed police car at Lismore granted bail "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A man charged with ramming a police car at Lismore on the weekend which saw officers draw their guns in response was granted conditional bail.

Richmond Local Area police spotted a stolen black 2012 Nissan Navara they had been searching for over incidents on the preceding days at North Lismore on Saturday and pursuit was initiated.

When the Nissan that was driven by a 38 year-old North Lismore man rammed a marked police car in Winterton Lane the pursuit ended with officers drawing their guns.

No one was injured in the incident.

On November 7 police allege the 38 -year-old man assaulted another man at North Lismore.

Then on November 16, it is alleged the man had changed the number plates on the stolen Nissan Navara when he drove to a North Lismore petrol station, filled the four wheel-drive and drove off without paying.

The man was arrested on Tuesday and charged with eight offences at Lismore police station and refused bail.

He was charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm, not stopping in a police pursuit, negligent driving, driving furiously, receiving stolen property outside NSW, obtaining property by deception, using an offensive weapon to prevent lawful detention and not giving his particulars to another driver.

When he appeared in Lismore Local Court on Tuesday he was granted conditional bail to reappear on November 28.

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Man charged with historical sexual assault of four year-old girl at Casino "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A man charged with sexually assaulting a four year-old girl on more than 20 occasions until she was seven at Casino is free on conditional bail.

Cecil James Blyth was arrested by Casino detectives in November 2015 following complaints from a woman about alleged historical sexual assaults between 1977 and 1981.

The now 63 year-old was charged with 32 historic child abuse offences, with two charges relating to an unknown victim.

It is alleged Mr Blyth was aged between 23 and 26 when he sexually assaulted the girl, between the ages of four and seven, on multiple occasions.

He was charged with 14 counts of committing an act of indecency on a woman under 16 and 18 counts of assaulting a woman and committing an act of indecency.

The allegations against Mr Blyth in police facts before the court are too disturbing to print.

Since his matters progressed to the Lismore District Court in January 2016, the man, who now lives in Queensland, has been granted conditional bail.

On Tuesday Mr Blyths matters were adjourned until December 5.

He is excused from appearing on that occasion if legally represented.


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Australias reputation faces serious risks if Adani loan goes ahead "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Peter Hannam reports (Sydney Morning Herald 19 November 2017) that the former executive secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, has condemned the prospect of a $1  billion loan to Adani, and Australias performance at the Bonn climate talks last week.

Providing a $1 billion loan to underwrite Adanis proposed mega coal mine in Queensland would have serious negative impacts for Australias international reputation and unpick the progress of the Paris climate agreement, according to Christiana Figueres, a former United Nations climate chief.

Ms Figueres has written to the Turnbull governments Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (NAIF), which is considering a concessional loan for a rail link from the mine to the coast.

The former executive secretary of the UNs Framework Convention on Climate Change
sought to highlight that under the NAIFs own enabling legislation, it must not act in a way that is likely to cause damage to the Commonwealth governments reputation, or that of a relevant State or Territory.

Ms Figueres warned the expected total lifetime carbon emissions from burning coal from the proposed Carmichael in the Galilee basin would be 4.64 billion tonnes of carbon-dioxide, according to details of the letter obtained by Fairfax Media.

At its peak, the mines product would trigger emissions of 120 million tonnes of CO2-equivalent, roughly equal to what Australia has pledged to cut by 2030 from current pollution levels under its Paris pledges.

Based on these numbers, emissions that would result from burning Carmichael coal in one peak production year would completely cancel out the total emissions reduction effort Australia has committed to for the 13 years from now until 2030 under the Paris Agreement, she said

The rail loan, now being considered by NAIF, has been a key point of debate in Queenslands state elections, with polls indicating little support for concessional finance for Adani, a mining conglomerate owned by Indian billionaire Gautam Adani.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said her government, if re-elected at Saturdays elections, would have no role in assessing the NAIF loan, effectively blocking it. Oppositional leader Tim Nicholls supports the loan and has blasted the premiers stance as putting thousands of regional jobs at risk.

Ms Figueres said her intervention was prompted by a deep concern for planetary well-being, I cannot, in all good conscience, remain silent on an issue that threatens to u...


Civil Celebrants Dont Want Right To Discriminate Against Same-Sex Couples "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The peak body representing civil marriage celebrants has said a majority of its members dont want new rights to discriminate, as politicians debate amending legislation to allow civil celebrants to refuse same-sex weddings. The Coalition of Celebrant Associations said that celebrants should abide by anti-discrimination laws and that the group does not approve of exemptions. ...

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Streets workers win battle to protect jobs and wages "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Contributed by Ben Wilson

The battle against the attempt by ice cream maker Streets to slash wages is over.

Facing ongoing resistance among its workforce and a boycott of the companys products that was starting to bite as Australia enters the peak season, has forced significant compromises from the major multinational owned (Unilever) ice cream maker.

Iconic streets brands include Golden Gaytime, Paddle Pop and Magnum.

At the companys Minto plant in Sydney yesterday, management agreed to withdraw its application to terminate jobs, provide a wage rise of 5 percent now, a further rise of 1.5 percent in a years time and 2.5 percent the year after that, instead of cutting wages; retain existing redundancy provisions; and keep the 12 hour shift structure.

A further concession will see the introduction of 39 permanent part time positions, as an alternative to a casual workforce.

In return, the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union will stop any action, including the Streets Free Summer boycott and withdraw a video from social media.

Workers have endorsed productivity concessions, involving the acceptance of a new seasonal 44 hour a week roster and some workplace flexibility, involving shorter breaks and acceptance of a limited number of voluntary redundancies. Management will have more scope to move workers between machines. There will no longer be a Sunday roster.

ACTU secretary Sally McManus hailed the agreement, as a huge win for the workers at Streets.

Like Carlton and United Breweries in the dispute it faced last year, streets faced the prospect of a heavy impact on sales as the weather warms up.

AMWU New South Wales secretary Steve Murphy said workers had been staggered by the huge support received from the public.

This campaign, driven by the stories of ordinary workers and their families, became the touchstone for a broader campaign to fix broken workplace laws, he said.

Although concessions were made on both sides, the key issues of  a large scale wage cut and the casualisation of the workforce through a labour hire company were prevented, meaning that from the workers point of view, this has been an important win.

The broader impact is that, as was the case at Carlton and United Breweries, enlisting the support of the wider community has been shown to be an effective means to maintain workplace standards, at a time when major employers are more willing than before, to try and enforce draconian changes.

Maintaining the line against the denigration of working conditions is important because of the direct social impact on those who are affected.

Just as imp...



The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons was recently awarded the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize. The campaign was founded in Melbourne in 2007 and has expanded to include almost 500 partner organisations in 100 countries. Jo Rittey had a chat with Daisy and Marcus from ICAN.



Will you be able to afford your electricity bill this summer? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Daily Examiner, 22 November 2017, p.5:

Power price hikes have tripled wage growth in the past decade and experts fear more NSW families could have their electricity disconnected this summer.

New data shows the average electricity bill has jumped a whopping 116 per cent from $1282 in 2007 to $2770 in 2017, while the median wage has grown just 35 per cent from $59,723 to $80,382.

The figures, compiled exclusively for The Daily Telegraph by price comparison firm Finder, reveal the average bill jumped 10.5 per cent in the past year alone, while wages grew just 2.2 per cent.

Analysis shows the portion of their wages workers are spending on their bills has grown more than 60 per cent in those 10 years.

Experts are now worried that residents forced to spend a bigger chunk of their wages on electricity could risk disconnections this summer as airconditioner use pushes bills even higher.

While state and federal politicians remain divided on how to tackle soaring power prices, figures from the Australian Energy Regulator show that from 2014 to 2017 the number of customers on hardship programs has risen from 18,293 to 24,921. The number of customers with bill debt has also jumped almost 20,000 in the past year, with 85,801 customers now in debt compared with 68,487 last year.

In the most recent financial quarter there were 7775 electricity disconnections in NSW and 1908 households with their gas cut off.



Now you see em "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The basic survival skills in nature are the ability to elude the predators hunting you and to remain unseen by the prey that you are stalking. There are many ways animals can do this but one of them is by camouflage, using shapes and colour to blend into the background. One has to wonder then []


Little Place Family Day Care "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Little place family day care are seeking one new friend to play with us on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Due to gender and ages of current little friends, we are hoping for a girl between 12-18 months.

Please email me on or call on 0400 483 178.

A bit more about us can be found here:


Huge entries for Korumburra showjumping "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The scene at the Korumburra Showgrounds last Saturday and Sunday when riders from five states converged on the town for the annual Korumburra Showjumping Championships.

The winner of the Kiernan Plant Hire 1.30m Korumburra Showjumping Championship event last Sunday was Sam Robertson of Narre Warren on Al Nemo. Robertson won the same event last year.

This youngster, Jayden Hanley, might be in grade six at Stratford Primary School but he still managed to ride two horses in the rounds of the main event at Korumburra, the 1.30 metre championship.

There he goes, 12 year old Jayden Hanley of Airly near Sale, up and over the high 1.30 metre jumps in the main event at Korumburra last Sunday.


Speedwell, Wallaby Grass and some of their fans "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Its delightful to see some of the beautiful local plants in flower at present. Diggers Speedwell Veronica perfoliata and Red-anther Wallaby Grass  Rytidosperma pallidum are not only pleasing to the human eye, they have quite a few invertebrate fans as well. The Wallaby Grass can perhaps only really be appreciated with a bit of magnification.

Red-Anther Wallaby Grass (Joycea pallida)

Red-Anther Wallaby Grass up close

By night, the Wallaby Grass provided a comfy bed for a native bee and a beetle.

A native bee sleeps on a Wallaby Grass flower

Native Bee Lassioglossum sp. perhaps sleeping on Red-Anther Wallaby Grass

Clerid Beetle (Eleale genus) on Red-anther Wallaby Grass

A beetle also rests on a Wallaby Grass flower

I was surprised when I had a close look at the Diggers Speedwell to see how many Aphids were sucking sap from the flower stalks.


Aphids on Diggers Speedwell


A hoverfly finds the flower already crowded

Native bees are really enjoying the abundance of the Speedwell flowers. I think these are Small Metallic-banded Bees Lassioglossum sp. but Im happy to be corrected. Myriad Sweat Bees managed to avoid my camera, alas.



Recommendation Sought "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Hi Newlanders,

Just wondering if anyone could recommend someone to service an evaporative cooling system?

We are also looking for second hand Newlands Primary School uniform size 6/7 if anyone has any to part with. 

Thanks, Corinne, 
0431 930 349


Calandar Stall "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Birds of Merri Creek Card & Calendar stall

Hosted by CERES Joe's Market Garden
9-1pm, Saturday 25th November

34 Edna Grove, Coburg

Adi Tudor creates beautiful cards and calendars from photos taken along the Merri Creek and in gardens of local Coburg homes. 

Adi will be selling these creations at the farm gate this Saturday. As the festive season approaches, you can stock up on multipurpose cards that can be used for all celebration, birthday and congratulations while celebrating the beautif...


Free "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Mountain buggy urban with the bassinet attachment. Dusty and well used but in very good working order.

0431 930 349.


Wanted "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


WANTED Moving boxes. 

If you have moving boxes I would love to take them off your hands. Also those HelloFresh, MarleySpoon type ones would be great too. 

Thank you!


Really Really Free Market "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Really Really Free Market goers! Its warming up and a great time to get out and about and participating in the Preston RRFM! Some interesting looking workshops this month!

What: The Really Really Free Market Preston #8
When: Sun 29th October 10am-2pm 
Where: Along the Railway Reserve Bike Path,  in the Scout Hall and outside. Preston.
Whats on so far: Movies Screenings, Workshops - Marbling Cards, Felt Marking DIY, Hardgoods, Arts Space, Tea & Coffee, Clothes, Bric-a-Brac, Veggie Seedlings, Zines, Food, Books, whatever you bring! 

Whats it all about again?A community gathering where participants give away usable items, skills, food, entertainment, games and many others things that a community can come together and share. A RRFM is a 100% free and non-commercial event (no bartering or advertising), created by participants who show up each month!

Location and accessibility.
Just North of Murray Road, Preston, along the Railway Reserve Bike Path (extension of St. Georges Rd Bike Path). See map in comments section if unsure.
Bike: Its along the path, so suited for cyclists.
Train: 50m Walk from Preston Sta...


Solo Exhibition "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Hi, Newlands peeps! 

For those of you not on Facebook I'd like to invite you all to my first solo exhibition in 14 years. There'll be free wine and beer courtesy of DeBortoli and Hawkers.
Hope you can make it as I sure need the support! 



2) Britain Supports Papua to Remain Within NKRI Framework
3) Every signature was an act of courage


Rabu, 22 November 2017 15:48



Blog reboot Antwerp and beyond. "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Rebooting this blog on a trip to Europe after doing an art blog for the past year.

Antwerp is home to the Antwerp Six, Belgiums most influential avant grade fashion designers. Its also a city that has everything that a larger city has but without the hassle, with  a population of around half a million inhabitants. It has street cars and is flat and is easy to walk around. When walking around at night you can come across these random video projections about refugees!



What's your favorite thing to do in Cairns? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Wife and I are spending our honeymoon making circles around Australia this weekend (her dream trip!).

We'll be in Cairns for 4 days, and would love to see the reef and the rainforest, if possible?

But we also wanted to find some non-insanely-touristy-but-still-super-cool stuff to do, or ideally, find a bunch of locals to just chill and hang out with.

What's your favorite thing to do in Cairns?

(Mods, hope it's ok if I ask this!)

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[link] [comments]


Draining the Australian swamp "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Both Queensland Liberal senator George Brandis QC, Attorney General and recently appointed WA senator Peter Georgiou reportedly, have dual citizenship but are not included in this list.


These Members of Parliament soon will have to declare their dual citizenship under Section 44 (ii) of the Commonwealth Constitution of Australia, which will prevent them from sitting in Parliament. The political party controlled High Court created this mess in 1999 when it declared Britain as a foreign power. (Sue-v-Hill)


Barnaby Joyce and Steven Ciobo get Chinese government funds for Indias Adani coal mine "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

22 November 2017: Bob Katter MP, Federal Member for Kennedy,  is furious former Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce took part in selling Adani to China after news the Adani Group is close to securing finance for its coal mine and railway track in coming weeks with Chinese state-owned enterprises, banks, and export credit agencies backing the venture.

Media reports a director of Adani Mining said just days ago they would no longer need funding from Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (NAIF) and a formal announcement of a financial close was imminent. It was reported in The Australian on Nov 14th Former Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce and Trade Minister Steven Ciobo wrote to top Chinese officials to vouch for Indian giant Adani. The report said they sent a letter to the chairman of Chinas powerful National Development and Reform Commission saying they welcomed foreign lending to support the development of major projects in Australia.

Katter calls Liberals Barnaby Joyce and Steven Ciobo traitors for brokering Chinese Government funds to help Adani open Australias largest coal mine creating thousands of Chinese jobs in Central Queensland

If you sell your country out, then youre a traitor, Mr Katter said.



start "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Next Meeting 30 October 2017 NEW VENUE Address PlaceThe Great Northern HotelAddress 644 Rathdowne St (corner of Pigdon St), Carlton North VIC 3054 Pre-meeting 6pm dining function room Time for Talks 7:30pm in the dining function roomWebsite Phone


AC/DC guitarist dead at 64 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Australian guitarist and AC/DC co-founder Malcolm Young has died aged 64 after a long battle with dementia.

He died peacefully on Saturday with his family nearby, a statement said.

Young will be remembered for his powerful rhythm guitar riffs that were instrumental in propelling the Sydney heavy rock group to stardom.

Three Young brothers have been part of AC/DCs history, including lead guitarist Angus. Producer George Young died in October.

AC/DC producer George Young dies at 70

AC/DC: Malcolm Young suffering from dementia

AC/DC bassist Cliff Williams announces retirement

Renowned for his musical prowess, Malcolm was a songwriter, guitarist, performer, producer and visionary who inspired many, the statement read.

From the outset, he knew what he wanted to achieve and, along with his younger brother, took to the world stage giving their all at every show. Nothing less would do for their fans.

AC/DCImage copyrightGETTY IMAGESImage captionAC/DC are one of the biggest heavy rock bands in the world

Fans and friends of Young have been posting their tributes to the popular musician on social media.

Tom Morello, of the US band Rage Against the Machine, tweeted his thanks to the #1 greatest rhythm guitarist.


Priest in court over assaults on teen boys "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Daily Telegraph

Priest in court over assaults on teen boys

A former Catholic priest has been extradited from New Zealand to Sydney and charged with historic child sex offences.

Detectives travelled to New Zealand on Wednesday to bring the 58-year-old man back to Mascot Police Station where he was charged with sexual and indecent assaults in the late 1980s against seven teenage boys aged between 14 and 20.

The ex-priest was due to face Sydneys Central Local Court on Wednesday.

He was originally arrested at his Hamilton home in New Zealand in late July after Sydney detectives received a referral in 2014 from the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

Its alleged the assaults were linked to an educational facility in Dundas in western Sydney.


Forever French with a Queen Kaf Touch + French Christmas, Perfume & Drinks 23/11/2017 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Forever French 22 Nov Queen Kaf stephanie denizard

Bonjour, Bonsoir, Good Day, Good Evening Eastside Listerners, Its Stphanie Denizard from Queen Kaf. I will be hosting and producing Forever French today, Wednesday 22th of November 2017 from 8pm to 9h30pm. On the menu: Music from la Francophonie, Lancme Perfume Masterclass at Alliance Franaise Sydney, Parisian Christmas gifts at LIngnue, Thursday drinks with the French-Australian Chamber of Commerce at Palings Kitchen to conclude with a quick trip in Montreal where you will discover songs from the new album of Soran Dussaigne, Stephane Moraille, Bernhari and Shenzo Gregorio Quintet Feat Montreal singer Athsia. To stream us and to listen to all previous shows, click here:





VERY PARISIAN CHRISTMAS POP UP: Its beginning to look a lot like C...


MACKAY Man to face court on property offences "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

MACKAY November 22, 2017 at 01:56PM ,

Man to face court on property offences

November 22, 2017 at 01:56PM ,

motor vehicle, possessing tainted property, failing to properly dispose of a syringe, possessing dangerous drugs, entering premises and committing an indictable offence, possessing drug utensils and possessing tainted property. He was due to appear in the Mackay Magistrates Court. 0. mackay crime.

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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MACKAY Drugs and tainted property found in stolen car, Farleigh "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

MACKAY November 22, 2017 at 08:18AM ,

Drugs and tainted property found in stolen car, Farleigh

November 22, 2017 at 08:18AM ,

He will appear in the Mackay Magistrates Court on November 22 to have the matters heard. If you have information for police, contact Policelink on 131 444 or provide information using the online form 24hrs per day. You can report information about crime anonymously to Crime Stoppers, a registered

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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Bulimba's wildlife surviving in suburbia "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Small-leaved lilly pilly, INSET: Australasian figbird (male), Bulimba.

A sunny afternoon spent in Bulimba last Thursday afternoon offered up some great encounters with a variety of reptiles, birds and insects.

Parking near the main shopping and dining precinct along Oxford Street, I explored the shady edges of the adjacent Memorial Park first, finding a gravid dark bar-sided skink (Concinnia martini) outside her hideaway in a fig tree hollow.

Little friarbird (Philemon citreogularis), Bulimba.
Elsewhere in the park, a straw-necked ibis (Threskiornis spinicollis) performed free sportsfield maintenance for the community, using its long bill to reach at grubs eating the grass roots.

I then walked down Godwin Street en route to another park, noting a beautiful small-leaved lilly pilly (Syzigium luehmannii) fruiting beside the footpath.


Great! Egret similarities breed contretemps "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Eastern Great Egret stands amid mixed mob of 100 or so egrets, ibises and spoonbills clustered in fast diminishing reedy shallows today showing off breeding plumage and accompanying dark bill.

And the usual aggression against others of its species: ditto Little Egrets and Intermediate Egrets. Spoonbills and ibises - more sociable flock feeders - ignored the skirmishes around and above them.

Elsewhere, Leaden Flycatchers seen busily beginning nest early in the week (and completed yesterday) lost the lot overnight. Selfish thought: they'll build again, but probably without being spotted and offering photo opportunities.

Also unlikely, more sightings of Burtons Snake Lizard, seen above in the middle of Town Common road during a spotlighting drive. Lack of working legs didn't stop it hot-footing it into roadside grasses. (It may have been more than coincidence seeing slimmer but t...


As Citizenship Crisis Widens, Ninth Australian Lawmaker Quits "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Nick Xenophon Team (NXT) Senator Skye Kakoschke-Moore announces her resignation at a NEWs conference at her office in Adelaide, November 22, 2017. AAP/David Mariuz/via Reuters

Nick Xenophon Team (NXT) Senator Skye Kakoschke-Moore announces her resignation at a NEWs conference at her office in Adelaide, November 22, 2017. AAP/David Mariuz/via Reuters

Sydney: A ninth Australian lawmaker quit parliament on Wednesday after discovering she was a dual national, the latest casualty in a widening constitutional crisis that has already cost the government its majority.

The resignation of Skye Kakoschke-Moore, one of three senators in the centre-right Nick Xenophon Team, over the surprise revelation that she wa...


Renewables, coal and culture war "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

In the final week of the Queensland election campaign, Ive been busy trying to do what I can to influence the result. Ive put out a couple of opinion pieces about the choice between coal and renewable energy. This one, in The Guardian, focuses on the central role of the culture war in motivating rightwing opposition to renewable energy. In The Conversation, I look at the economics and business aspects and debunk the idea that ultrasupercritical technology makes coal-fired power a high efficiency, low emissions technology

Also, in New Matilda, Im collaborating with Morgan Brigg and Kristen Lyons of the Global Change Institute to produce a five-part series on Adani and the resistance to the project by the Wangan and Jagalingou people.


Australia Defends Alternative Accommodation for Asylum Seekers Against UN Criticism "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

An undated image released November 13, 2017 shows detainees staging a protest inside the compound at the Manus Island detention centre in Papua New Guinea. Refugee Action Coalition/Handout via Reuters

An undated image released November 13, 2017 shows detainees staging a protest inside the compound at the Manus Island detention centre in Papua New Guinea. Refugee Action Coalition/Handout via Reuters

Sydney/Geneva: Australias foreign minister said on Wednesday that asylum seekers occupying an abandoned Australian-run detention camp in Papua New Guinea (PNG) can relocate to...


Household debt is part of a broader problem be informed "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The head of the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA), which was created in 1998 as part of the sham to separate regulation from policy and pretend the Reserve Bank of Australia was independent, gave a speech in Sydney yesterday (November 21, 2017) Housing The importance of solid foundations. The reason the speech is important is because it demonstrates the disconnect in policy making and the failure of key policy makers and regulators to connect macroeconomic dots. Australia like the rest of the world needs politicians and officials who understand how the macroeconomic aggregates are connected. One cannot have a conversation about household debt without recognising that it is, in part, directly related to the fiscal position of the government and the nations external position. While the APRA boss is correct to highlight the precarious nature of household balance sheets given the record and increasing debt levels being borne by households who are experiencing a wages squeeze and a government intent on austerity cuts, he should be educating the public on the broader context. Then there would be more acceptance of expanding discretionary fiscal deficits and a wages policy designed to bring real wages growth back into line with productivity growth. If that was the case, much of the idiotic conversations some masquerading as research results would disappear.

The Speech was delivered to the so-called Australian Securitisation Forum 2017, which in itself is a problem. Banks should be prevented from securitising its housing loans and taking them off their balance sheets.

A progressive reform process would certainly see banks being required by the regulators to hold all their assets and liabilities on their balance sheets so that the owners bore full responsibility for the decisions made by the organisation.

A more progressive reform would just nationalise banking and be done with it.

The message in the Speech was that the housing sector in Australia is now in a risky position due to the record levels of debt being carried by Australian households.

He talked about heightened risk arising from an erosion in lending quality just at a time when standards should be going in the other direction.

Just last week we learned that one of the big 4 banks in Australia:

has sacked 20 bankers and disciplined another 32 over the selling of mortgages without accurate customer information and documentation about 2,300 home loans sold since 2013 that were likely to contain inaccurate information.

For more details on that, see the ABC News story (November 16, 2017) ....


Meet the November 2017 Melbourne Changemakers "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

We have 8 excited changemakers - a diverse range of social organisations with real business problems. Come along to our Melbourne Hackathon Nov 25-26 (this weekend!):

Carers Couch

After her personal journey caring for a friend with cancer, Martina Clark created Carers Couch providing information, education, advice and assistance that increases carers capacity and resilience. Many carers just don't get a break; emotional burnout, depression, anxiety and chronic illness are common and impact the overall mortality of carers. Self-care is crucial in preventing this but due to high workload and lack of support. In a role that no one applies for, carers currently lack resources and support that are centralised. Building on her personal experiences as a carer as well as running the current Carers Couch site,  Martina hopes that the hack weekend will help her deliver this information and support all in one place.

Care to Compare?

care to compare.png

When Roberto Pietrobon isnt working in corporate partnerships for the Stroke Foundation hes working on his project Care to Compare. The project aims to provide online health insurance comparisons that capture the profits of health insurance referrals to provide funding to health charities. Having already hacked with RHoK in June, as well as work ongoing work since, Roberto is excited for both UXers and backend developers who might be interested in helping to realise the Care to Compare concept.

Berry Street



Angus Young. For whom Hells Bells toll "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Nice piece in The New Yorker about the quiter, smarter half of the siblings at the heart of ACDC.

Up front and hard to miss is Angus Young, the diminutive dynamo of a lead guitarist, wearing the sweat-soaked remains of a velvet schoolboy uniform, duck-walking and thrashing his head like the lightning-strike victim on the cover of Powerage. Nearby, prancing bare-chested, is the lewd and mischievous lead singer, Bon Scott. (He"ll be dead by the end of the decade.) But, if you can take your eyes off these two showmen for a moment, you might find your gaze drifting to the left of the drum riser, where a pugnacious long-haired kid (he looks like he"s still in high school), wearing jeans and a white T-shirt, is strumming his Gretsch guitar and shaking his leg in time to the driving beat. His name is Malcolm Young, and you could be forgiven for seeing him as just another part of the backing band, but he is in fact the mastermind of the whole operation, at once its visionary and its taskmaster. He is the soul of the band, its leader on and off the stage.


Anti Adani coal plan protest in Brisbane, as Queenland election nears "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Anti-Adani protesters defy council, police in last-ditch action before election, SMH, Toby Crockford , 21 Nov 17 More than 200 anti-Adani activists have defied council and police by gathering in the heart of Brisbane for a last-ditch protest just days before the Queensland election.

Organisers hinted there could be mass arrests on Tuesday evening after Brisbane City Council and the Queensland Police Service refused to issue permits for the action, but despite a strong police presence, no arrests were made.

Cr Sri also asked protesters to take pictures from the rally and post them onto social media in order to generate discussion about the Adani proposal in the days before voters head to the polls.

No one wants the coal, the business models all wrong, he sang.

And if the trucks start to roll, you better bet were locking on.

There are thousands of us, our supporters number millions, were gonna mobilise, a whole army of civilians.

And if you dont like it you might as well resign, cos theres no way well ever let you build that mine, theres no way well ever let you build that mine.


Murder by Proxy: The Death of Charles Manson "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Charles Manson, one of the most notorious murderers in modern history, passed away of natural causes last Sunday, after spending close to half a century behind bars. But what many dont realise is that he was never convicted of killing anyone with his own hands. Manson was the strangely charismatic leader of a cult known

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The Commonwealths energy policy proposals will not unwind the regulatory-induced damage "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

I have a piece in The Spectator about the governments leaked release of the Frontier Economics report it commissioned. The Government plans to retain the increased availability of the Renewable Energy Target (RET) subsidies until 2020 and then maintain payments to installed plant until 2030.

Currently the subsidies, which are direct transfers from consumers, pay wind/solar $85 per MWh in addition to them receiving the spot price now at $80 per MWh (double the price prior to the Hazelwood closure).

Although Frontiers modelling is not to be released until Friday, the information now on the public record shows that it forecasts:

  • Cost savings to households of $120 a year by 2030 with a 23 per cent drop in wholesale electricity price in the decade between 2020 and 2030 compared to business as usual.
  • The requirement of renewable energy retailers to firm up the supply under the National Energy Guarantee will result in an extra 3,600 megawatts of dispatchable power during the decade, equivalent to the generation capacity of two and a half Hazelwoods capacity.
  • The 2030 share of renewables is likely to be about 32-36 per cent, of which about 8 per cent comes from hydro that has the characteristics of baseload power. That is 26-28 per cent will be exotic currently subsidised renewables up from 16 per cent (plus 8 per cent hydro) in 2020

Of course, any forecast 13 years ahead in the changing energy theatre are to be taken with a grain of salt, all the more so when the  forecast is by a consultancy which has been hired in the knowledge that its answers will be helpful to the government which commissioned them.

Some implications of the report are:

First, the 23 per cent forecast wholesale price reduction comes after an increase of 100 per cent due to the renewable energy subsidies.  So even if the forecasts prove accurate they still leave the nation with an increased electricity cost base compared with 2015.

Secondly, the extra 3600 megawatts of dispatchable power comprises high cost facilities like the mythical Snowy pumped storage facility designed to even out the daily price and all those batteries designed to provide very short term reliability.  These expenditures are not necessary with coal generators.

Thirdly the 2030 level of exotic renewables must displace some further coal power stations, at least three others of Hazelwoods size (only the 2000 MW Liddell is presently scheduled for closure by 2030 and the government is seeking to have AGL keep it open)

Driving the forecasts is a projection of renewable energy costs.  These latest forecasts are predicated....


BATTS Announces New EP 62 Moons "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Image Courtesy of BATTS Melbourne based singer-songwriter BATTS this week announced that shes signed to the newly announced THAA Records and will be releasing her new EP 62 Moons on the 29th November. The EP features BATTS 2017 singles For Now and Little White Lies and cements her new stripped back sound. The album was []


Warragul crash, Tarago River dumping, and Korumburra highway theft RELATED? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A Warragul car crash could be related to a startling highway theft in Korumburra and a vehicle being dumped in the Tarago River.


Kanga: some get lucky "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Have you ever wondered why some animals get lucky and others do not? Its something we regularly toss about in our hearts and minds each day here at Edgars Mission. And the story of Kanga speaks poignantly of this.


For some time, this once owned goat had roamed vacant land around an outer Melbourne industrial area. Minding her own business and keeping out of trouble, she had pretty much slipped under the radar. Slipped under, that is, until her cameo appearance on national news recently, mingling amid hapless and landlocked kangaroos. This fleeting moment of fame brought her existence to the thoughts of many. While animal activists lobbied hard to save the doomed kangaroos, calls began to come in for EM to step up and offer sanctuary to the sweet old goat. The taste of freedom and lack of human contact had boded well for dear Kanga, so she did not realise that she was now living on borrowed time. She refused to give up the good life easily and it was to take a dart-gun laden with sedation to rein her free spirits in.

Once in our care, it was sadly all too clear that making friends with humans was not high on Kangas agenda. As she refused to eat or drink during her quarantine days, we had to think fast to entice our new friend that an even better life lay ahead. Enlisting the help of dear Othello, an older sage of a goat, most admirably did the trick as now Kango bounces to the beat of a different pastureone filled lush green grass and kindness, and one where never again will her future look bleak. Some truly do get lucky.

While Kangas lot is now all good, the fate of her kangaroo buddies is uncertain, with a stay of execution in place with a direction hearing at the Supreme Court resulting in a full hearing date being set for June 2018.



Rip in for fund-raising run "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Registrations are now open for the popular Rip to River event.
The run is Ocean Grove Surf Life Saving Clubs most iconic event and also its single biggest fund-raiser.
With four events held along the pristine hard sand track from Point Lonsdale to Ocean Grove, there is something for everyone.
When: 6 January, 2018.
Where: 10km from Point Lonsdale lighthouse, 5km and Ripper Nipper from Ocean Grove main beach.
To register your spot in the event and to receive further information go to

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Coming to City Recital Hall Puss In Boots! "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Puss in Boots is an ideal thrill for a holiday outing this summer. It will intrigue the little children and will satisfy the whole family. It is an 80 minute play, including a 20 minute interval.

This childrens entertainment play was written by James Barry and is going to be directed by Jo Turner with a set and costume designer Stephanie Howe. This play is a modern take on this lasting musical quest, provided with funny and mesmerizing tunes that will get the children to dance and clap in the aisles while the parents laugh along too.

The cast playing in this pantomime is Shari Sebbens (Puss), Jacob Warner (Harry), Tony Llewellyn-Jones (King Eric), Ayeesha Ash (Princess Lill), Drew Fairly (Nora the Cook) and Jay Lagaaia (The Ogre).

What: Puss in Boots 

When: Friday 12 January 2018 and Saturday 13 January 2018 @ 10:30am & 2:00pm

Where: City Recital Hall, 2-12 Angel Place, Sydney

To book tickets click here or contact 02 8256 2222

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November verse 10: Dear Tony "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

On Sky News this week Tony Abbott said (and you can scroll to the bottom of the post to listen for yourself):

If you ask yourself what is the pinnacle of human achievement thus far, countries with democratic elections, with liberal institutions, with freedom and prosperity and a measure of fairness for all in other words, western countries, particularly English speaking countries this is the greatest human creation yet. We should cherish it, we should celebrate it. Unfortunately, too many of us are ignorant of that which has shaped us. Were ignorant of the great books; were ignorant of Shakespeare, ah, the New Testament. Weve forgotten so much of our history, particularly British history.

Different parts of that utterance will stick more strongly in different peoples craws. Heres what I can manage in fourteen lines (I had to leave the tokenising of Shakespeare for another day):

November verse 10: Dear Tony
Come on, Tone, this great creation
was fought for, didnt grow on trees
and its unfinished. Celebration?
Sure, but also honour, please,
the millions worldwide whove been murdered,
starved, betrayed, displaced or herded
cattle-like, by Empire Brits.
I know this thought gives you the shits
but how high on your fairness measure
are Don Dale, Manus, PNG,
or Nauru, CentreLink, or Bre?
Yes, history is rich with treasure.
Jesus? History fact for you:
brown, Aramaic-speaking  Jew.

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Some questions for Jackie Trad MP #qldvotes "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

As part of the Westenders election coverage, we have sent each candidate a list of questions regarding their policies, philosophy and voting intentions. Here is the response of Jackie Trad MP, sitting member and candidate for the ALP. What do you think makes you personally qualified to represent the residents of the South Brisbane electorate? []

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Foster all geared up for bicycle invasion "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

THE RACV Great Victorian Bike Ride is about to descend on Gippsland, beginning in Wilsons Promontory National Park. This exciting, long running event will showcase the highlights of Gippsland to []

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Search for missing Traralgon 14-year-old David Stallion "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Police have made a public appeal in the search for missing Traralgon teen David Stallion.


AFNL to continue in 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Another review commencing immediately THERE were two very significant meetings held last week concerning the future of the Alberton Football Netball League. The first one was with Devon Won []

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Its goodbye from him and hello to her "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

MADAME Mayor Lorraine Brunt said in her speech at the Special (Statutory Meeting) for the election of Mayor held on Wednesday November 15 at Council Chambers that she commits herself []

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Traditional date for Foster & District Ag Show "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

FOR the 111th time on the fourth Saturday in February, Foster Showgrounds on February 24, 2018 will have roosters crowing, the aroma of fresh-baked cakes, horses jumping against the clock, cows []

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Painting By Numbers: the story of Ferdinand Bauer "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


On Arts Wednesday 22 November 2017, Sylvias guests in the studio were curator, Alison Wishart and leader of the creative DXLab at the State Library of NSW. A new exhibition about the life of Ferdinand Bauer has just opened, along with a most creative new website.

The exhibition examines the work of natural history illustrator, Ferdinand Bauer, who was the illustrator who sailed with Mathew Flinders in the Investigator. He developed an unusual techniques of marking colours on his sketches by numbers and his palette comprised some 1000 numbers, which he had committed to memory. With numbers on his drawings, he was able to complete the pictures sometimes years   later. Professor David Mabberley cracked the colour code and has just  published a book called Painting By Numbers. This is also the name of the  website that goes with the exhibition.

Listen to this absorbing conversation here:

That was Part 1 of the conversation and here is Part 2:

And now for Part 3:


Jillaroos take on Canada in womens world cup "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

CAITLIN Moran and Nakia Davis-Welsh have been rotated out of the Jillaroos team to take on Canada this afternoon in the final pool game at the womens Rugby League World Cup. Maddie Studdon will get a chance to impress in the No 7 jersey with Moran not named in coach Brad Donalds 17 for the game at Endeavour Field, in Sydneys south. Moran and Davis-Welsh are two of four Indigenous players in Australias World Cup squad the others being Rebecca Young and Lavina OMealey. Moran all but locked down the halfback spot after starring in the Jillaroos 38-0 win over England.


Byron businesses expect wedding boom after YES vote "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Local couple Gopi and Parker Lev Dupain celebrated their love at a heart commitment ceremony in the Shire earlier this year. They say they are looking forward to making it legal once the marriage act has been amended. Source Byron Bay Luxury Weddings

Local couple Gopi and Parker Lev Dupain celebrated their love at a heart commitment ceremony in the Shire earlier this year. They say they are looking forward to making it legal once the marriage act has been amended. Source Byron Bay Luxury Weddings

Paul Bibby

As Australia engaged in a glitter-soaked celebration of marriage equality last week, there was a particularly large chorus of delight from the Byron Shire.

For the hundreds of locals making a living from Byrons wedding industry, the big Yes result in the same-sex marriage survey wasnt just about rights and recognition.

It means weddings. Lots of weddings.

And it appears the anticipated wedding wave has already begun. 

Local wedding businesses say they have had calls from a number of same-sex couples wanting to get married in Byron in 2018 following the vote, and theyre expecting that trickle to become a rainbow-coloured torrent once the marriage act has been amended.

Jane Magnus from Byron Bay Luxury Weddings said she and her staff were gearing up for a big 2018. 

I think its going to be really big for the local industry, said Ms Magnus, who is also the president of the Byron Wedding and Event Industry Association.

Weve already had a few [same-sex] couples from interstate and overseas expressing interest and were definitely expecting an influx once the laws go through.

Local woman Gopi Lev Dupain, who took part in a love-commitment ceremony with her partner earlier in the year, said she expected same-sex couples from all over the country to get married in Byron once the law was changed.

This is the perfect place for a wedding and I think a lot of same-sex couples will be looking to tie the knot here, Ms Lev Dupain said.



Why Scientists Are Calling For A Total Ban On Glitter "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Some scientists have called for a total ban on glitter, calling it an environmental hazard. Most glitter is made from a type of plastic called PET, and the tiny fragments pose a threat to ocean life because the pieces look appetising and can subsequently end up inside humans after consuming seafood. I was quite concerned ...

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Surfings good for the SOUL "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

After a week of fickle weather surfers were blessed with sun and surf for the last Southern Ocean Union of Longboarding (SOUL) comp of 2017.
The final competition for the year was held at Boings beach break along 13th Beach Road. The Boings beach break has long been one of SOULs favourite locations when the conditions are favourable for longboard surfing.
As the sun rose the car park was quickly occupied and the smell of bacon and eggs filled the air. A bit of slip, slop, slap and the comp was underway with the promise of a cracker of a day. The mornings incoming tide set participants up with semi-clean one to three foot waves. A little bit of easterly swell produced left and right peaks offering something for everyone to surf their best.
Once again the frothing groms put on a magnificent display. With mums and dads in the water with the micro groms, a bit of a push they were up and riding catching tons of waves.
The SOUL club is a great family club that encourages and welcomes individuals and families at any level of longboard surfing. Whether you are new to the area or have been here a while why not get down to the next comp and see what its all about.
Dates for 2018 season will be posted in due course.
Inquiries to Paul Fletcher (president) on 0477 477 841 or Helen Jacob (secretary) on 0425 778 245.

Junior Boys:
1. Archie Fullerton
2. Bailey Dolan
3. Isaac Isaac
Junior Girls:
1.Billi Cook
2. Milly Angleton
3. Rose Parry
4. Piper Needham
5. Sammi Needham
Open Men:
1.Matt Wright
2.Dean Cook
3. Jamie Wall
4. Steve Kernaghan
Open Women:
1.Mel Renton Wright
2. Helen Jacob
3. Cathy Slevin
4. Sarah Reid
Over 40s:
1.Jamie Wall
2. Mitch Knapton
3. Helen Jacob
4. Andrew Needham
Over 50s:
1.Greg Vick
2. Steve kernaghan
3. Dave Gibson
4. Larry Hayes
5. Andrew Brown
6. Mick Armstrong
Over 60s
1.Nev Forster
2. Gus Angleton
1.Tama Pihana
2. Andrew Brown
3. Nev Forster
4. Dave Gibson
5. Tom Parry

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First month in Cairns.. "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

So I've just moved here, awesome!

Some things that i've noticed:

*Suburbs- After looking around for places to live before coming I was set on northern beaches- it appealed to me. While some places did look good, many were outdated and the crawling traffic in the morning and afternoons turned me off it a bit. After checking out about 20 rentals and open homes, I think there is some excellent and bad areas in most suburbs. +1 for Edge hill & Freshwater.

*People- What a mix! Going to go very general here. The burnt and the backpackers in the city, the toothless commodore drivers of the Westcort/Woree/Manoora, The Hippies and retirees of Machans/Holloways, The activewear gals of Redlynch (ty). But all in all- friendly and welcoming.

*Nature- Highlights have included- snakes and creepy crawleys. Wonderful green peaks and streams. Weather is nice (coming from Darwin anything probably is). Ability for accessible adventures within 3 hours is enormous.

*Questions- Do the hoards of Asian tourists have fun at Kuranda? Where is the best coffee? Where is the best tapas?

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How Much Do You Know? Coming Soon "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

How Much Do You Know? is a podcast series that looks at HIV in the year 2017.

Its brought to you by and produced in the studios of Eastside Radio located in Paddington Sydney in association with ViiV Healthcare.

Episode 1 will be launched on Thursday the 23rd of November at 4:30pm during Drive with Mick Paddon.

Hell be joined by Dr Phil Reid from the Kirkton Road Centre in Kings Cross to discuss modern HIV testing techniques.




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Westall research - this blog's contribution to the debate. "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


From time to time, I receive comments from people, that they believe I have a negative approach to the subject of the 6 April 1966, mass sighting at Westall, Melbourne, Australia.

I inform such people that, like themselves, I have the right to my opinion as to the cause of the sighting that day. Unlike some individuals, I base my own opinion on having conducted research on the event. I was not there on the day, and ultimately, my opinion is based solely on what I have been able to find out, by communicating with Westall witnesses as long ago as the 1990's; by visiting the site, prior to the playground installation; by an examination of all the original source material I could locate; an examination of Australian government files; by looking for potential non-UFO explanations; by exploring topics such as memory recall in people; and applying all that I have learnt from many years of interviewing witnesses to sightings, all over Australia.

One of the few witness documents available from 1966 - image courtesy VFSRS

This blog's contribution to the Westall debate

Quite a few posts on this blog, have explored the Westall sighting. I have provided the following links for anyone who wishes to explore material relating to the event; much of which, you will not find anywhere else.

... ... ... ...


NEWS: Robert Ellis & Courtney Hartman pay tribute to John Hartford "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Robert Ellis and Courtney Hartman have teamed up for Dear John (Dec 8th), an album of ten John Hartford songs, paying tribute to the songwriter known for his solo performances where he would alternate between guitar, banjo, and fiddle while he tap danced and clogged on an amplified piece of plywood, John Hartford is credited as Continue reading


Simon Quinn, LNP Candidate #qldvotes "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

As we have not yet received a candidate profile from Simon Quinn, LNP Candidate, we publish below the material published on the LNP Queensland website. LOCAL FAMILY My family and I live in South Brisbane we love the local community and Ive lived on the southside of Brisbane for most of my life. Im []

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Vegetarian Dogs "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

I just learned that some people have vegetarian dogs and I will never be the same. Is it so the dog will have good karma and be reborn as an even better dog? Is it because the dog has an overdeveloped sense of responsibility for the world's problems? Is the dog vaccinated? Should an animal with anal glands be worrying about ethics? How domestic is too domestic? Is the dog allowed to eat meat as long as it kills it? Is the dog allowed to attack and kill human babies? Why is a dog allowed to hunt and kill human babies? Does this explain the current baby shortage? Is anyone missing a baby? Do you know where your baby is right now? You say you don't have a baby? Are you sure? How can you be sure of anything in a world of vegetarian dogs? Who are you? WHAT ARE YOU?!


North Coast sharks netted in BBC documentary "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The recent 'not nets' rally at Ballina Beach. Photo Jeff Dawson

Shark net opponents rally at Ballina Beach. Photo Jeff Dawson

Paul Bibby

The fight over the North Coast shark nets trial is set to feature in a BBC radio documentary exploring the relationship between sharks and people across the globe.

Journalist Ellen Husain was in town last week interviewing local activists, scientists and surfers for an episode of the series Costing the Earth, to be aired in January.

We wanted to come to an area that illustrated both sides of the argument about sharks, Ms Husain said.

In parts of Australia, sharks are actually a great benefit for tourism. Visitors to the Great Barrier Reef, for example, often say that diving with sharks was the highlight of their trip.

But obviously in and around Byron Bay, its a different story because of the attacks and the shark-net trials.

The debate within the shire will be examined in the context of the global decline in shark numbers.

These issues are very complex and we have to be very careful when people are being threatened by sharks, Ms Husain said.

Shark decline

But it is also the case that, globally, we are killing a lot of sharks and the worlds shark populations have massively declined.

The second north coast shark-net trial is due to commence at five beaches in Ballina, Evans Head and Lennox Head as soon as officers are satisfied that the southward whale migration has concluded.

Nine target sharks were caught in the nets during the five-month trial last summer, while a further 266 non-target animals were also captured.

More than 140 of these animals died.

However, proponents of the trial have pointed out that there were no attacks on the netted beaches...


The Ahern Brothers Announce Huge Until Next Time Tour "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Image Courtesy of The Ahern Brothers 2017 has really been The Ahern Brothers year. After releasing their debut album back in June (which we guarantee is going to be on a bunch of Best of lists this year) The Ahern Brothers have wowed audiences with a bunch of sold out shows and a support slot []


Sydney magistrate Graeme Curran appears in court charged with child sex offences "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Magistrate Graeme Curran

ABC News Australia

Sydney magistrate Graeme Curran appears in court charged with child sex offences

22 November 2017

A man walking.
A high-profile Sydney magistrate has appeared in court charged with alleged sex offences dating back to the 1980s.

Graeme Bryan Curran, 67, is facing nine c...


OKeeffe takes top spot by just one vote "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

OKeeffe takes top spot by just one vote

ELECTED INTO NEW ROLES From left, Greater Shepparton City Council Mayor, Cr Kim OKeeffe and Deputy Mayor, Cr Seema Abdullah, who were elected into their new roles during last weeks special council meeting. Photo: Alicia Niglia.

IT was a close call at the election of Greater Shepparton City Councils mayor during last weeks special council meeting, but the votes fell the way of Cr Kim OKeeffe with five councillors swinging their vote her way, and the remaining four votes going to outgoing mayor, Cr Dinny Adem.

Joining Cr OKeeffe in the top spots on council will be Cr Seema Abdullah, who was elected deputy mayor.

Having been in the role of deputy mayor for the last term, Cr OKeeffe told The Adviser she is looking forward to working closely with councillors, the community and members of parliament to achieve better outcomes for Greater Shepparton.

Greater Shepparton City Council Mayor, Cr Kim OKeeffe said, I am very honoured to have been elected as the mayor for Greater Shepparton for the next 12 months.

I would like to thank my fellow councillors for their support in electing me as mayor, and also for their support the past 12 months in my role as deputy mayor.

Over the coming 12 months, I plan on focusing on the councils Ask of Government, and will be looking to strengthen the tendering process and look at how the timelines of projects are affecting the community with an aim to provide better outcomes.

I will be listening and focusing on what is happening in our community and how we as a council can learn from it.

There are many topics to continue to focus on such as continuing to lobby hard for better rail services, educational outcomes and further development for GV Health.

Were in an exciting time with a new council and new mayor. There are some great opportunities for us looking to the future.

I would also like to acknowledge and thank former mayor Cr Dinny Adem for the effort and dedication he has shown in the mayoral role for the past two years. He has been a great mentor and I would like to acknowledge the results we have achieved as a council during his term.

Deputy Mayor, Seema Abdullah said, I am very pleased and thankful to my fellow councillors for their support and faith in me.

As a....


Adviser wins inaugural social media award "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Adviser wins inaugural social media award

A SOCIAL WIN The Adviser social media manager, David Lee was pleased that The Adviser was presented with the inaugural Victorian Country Press Association (VCPA) Best Social Media Campaign Award at the VCPA Annual Conference and Awards on Friday night. Photo: Nicholise Garner.

ON Friday night at the Victorian Country Press Association (VCPA) Annual Conference and Awards night, The Adviser was pleased to take out first place in the inaugural VCPA Best Social Media Campaign Award.

The award, which was well contested, provided the opportunity for The Adviser to showcase the work that has been put into our social media platforms, together with press marketing, that are designed to offer a personal and daily connection with the local community.

The Adviser social media manager, David Lee said, The opportunity that Nitro Circus provided us when the crew announced they were coming to put on a show in Shepparton was something that we thought would best be done over our social media platforms, and the success rate we had on our posts proved that this was the right move to make.

We utilised a range of posts on Facebook, from the breaking news announcement that the show was coming to Shepparton, to a couple of competitions and even a video to get the community revved up prior to the arrival of the show.

Wed like to thank the crew at Nitro Circus for providing us with all we needed to make this such a successful campaign and we look forward to continuing the success of our social media platforms.

Judge, Francis Nicholls-Wunder said, Facebook was an excellent choice of medium considering the younger demographic of the target audience. Response to the competition was fantastic, and organic, seemingly without any paid advertising.

The use of video was important to grab the attention of Facebook users. The competition conditions were straightforward and encouraged audience interaction, leading to come impressive virality for certain integral posts.


Meet the committee "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Meet the committee

Anne McCamish shares her passion for new SAM

A PROUD COMMUNITY PROJECT SAM Foundation committee member, Anne McCamish says that the new SAM will be something that the whole community will be proud of and has the chance to contribute to. Photo: David Lee.

THERE are nine members that make up the SAM Foundation board committee, with each of them having their own rhyme and reason to wanting to see the new SAM built for the local community. The Adviser caught up with committee member, Anne McCamish for the first of a nine part series where we hear from those who perhaps have the deepest connection with the project.

Anne said, There are two main reasons I joined the committee, the first coming down to the fact that at the moment the young people and children of Shepparton are not getting the experience of art that they could be due to the lack of an adequate facility. We could provide that with a new SAM.

The second reason is that Shepparton doesnt feel like it has a heart, such as Federation Square provides in Melbournes CBD. A place like that provides a meeting place, a safe, open and secure space and we can have that with the new SAM and best of all it will be located in a beautiful and natural environment.

Incorporating the Indigenous gallery and the specific interest that will be on display on the immigration of the region will help to unite the city.

The time will come, hopefully next year, when we see a local launch that excites and inspires people. This will most likely be at the turning of the sod and in my opinion wed like to see a kick-off for a call out for the local community to contribute toward the donations.

Everyone who puts even one dollar into the new SAM will have an individual ownership of the museum and thats a wonderful thing to be a part of.

This has been a tremendously successful city and we should celebrate that. We can with the new SAM and it will show the world how successful we are.


Learn more about Kiallas newest school "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Learn more about Kiallas newest school

DISCOVER ST ANNES An artist impression of what the new St Annes College in Kialla will look like, which interested members of the community can find out all about at an upcoming information session. Image: Supplied.

IF you have any questions about one of the newest schools to open in Kialla, St Annes College, then dont miss out on your chance to find out more at the community information session next week.

Running on November 30 from 7:30pm to 8:30pm at St Mels Parish Hall, the community will hear about how the school came to be where it is, the schools Pedagogy that will lead to learning, the building design theory and how to enrol your child.

St Annes College principal, Dom Poppa said, The evening is a general information session open to the public so they can find out what St Annes is.

It will be an opportunity to find out about our learning intentions and to meet the director of Catholic Education office Sandhurst, Paul Desmond and the architect on the design brief and what the school will look like, so that parents can get an idea on when their child comes to school what they can expect and how that fits in with the learning and teaching.

We will welcome your questions and we begin our inquiry to create a learning community that will give our children a choice in their learning.


For further information, phone 0408 596 354.


3 Peaks third win "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

3 Peaks third win

A RACING VICTORY From left, locals, Robin Knaggs and Bill Parsons have just walked away victors of the 3 Peaks Rally for the third consecutive year. Photo: David Lee.

LOCAL racing enthusiasts, Robin Knaggs and Bill Parsons took to the rally track around the hills of Bright recently, taking out first place in the 3 Peaks Rally for the third consecutive year.

The three day motoring event saw the local duo come out on top, beating 31 entrants with their outright points adding to 1,148 in their Nissan GTR R35.

Robin and Bill said, We have been racing together in motoring events since 1996 including the Dutton Rally, Clipsal 500, Grand Prix and Indie Car Rally.

We enjoy the camaraderie and enjoy racing.

Were happy with the result. I think it came down to experience and the fact we got lucky. Theres a lot of navigation, which can be tedious.

There was a fair bit of competition, but you just see how you go at the end of the day.

Our next race will be the Adelaide Clipsal at the end of February next year.


140 years of nurturing communities "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

140 years of nurturing communities

HUGE MILESTONE Berry Street is celebrating 140 years providing support for families and the community, and celebrating almost 20 years assisting the local community. From left, Berry Street senior administration officer, Daniel Nardella, senior manager administrative operations, Julie Petts, Hume regional director, Patrice Jackson, receptionist, Elisha Rawlings, senior manager community, partnerships and support services, Helena Simmons and leader of Berry Street School campus operations, Rachael Coulbourn. Photo: Alicia Niglia.

THE meaning behind Berry Streets slogan of Were For Childhood couldnt be a more accurate representation of what the organisation has achieved over the last 140 years across Victoria, and even more so for what it has achieved for the Greater Shepparton community over almost 20 years.

The Berry Street family have worked tirelessly for the benefit of others and what they have done is definitely worth celebrating.

Over the years, Berry Street has been helping the community through various programs, some of which have been available from the organisations conception and some newly introduced models, but all have one goal; to see the people who make up the community thrive, succeed and contribute positively.

Berry Street Hume regional director, Patrice Jackson said, It is so exciting to be part of an organisation that has such a wonderful, rich history, yet is able to adapt to contemporary welfare issues and community needs.

Berry Street believes all children should have a good childhood, growing up feeling safe, nurtured and with hope for the future.

Berry Street has been an important part of the Goulburn Valley since 1998.  It has been my privilege to be part of Berry Street for almost that entire time.

During the last two decades, Berry Street has grown and developed in so many wonderful ways.

The highlights for me were the establishment of the Berry Street School campus in Shepparton, the delivery of Kinship Care support and services to grandparents and other family members caring for vulnerable children and, of course, the opening of our Education First Youth Foyer.

In the local area, Berry Street employs more than 100 dedicated and skilled staff. We have more than 50 committed, passionate foster carers (but could definitely do with some more!!) and we have th...


Child care relief around corner for Murray families "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

MORE than 4,000 families in Murray will be better off from the Federal Coalition Governments child care overhaul.

Federal Member for Murray, the Hon Damian Drum said the new child care package will provide the greatest hours of support to the families who work the longest hours, and the greatest subsidy and financial support to the families who earn the least.

The government knows the cost of living pressures many young families face every day. This is why we have taken action to overhaul the child care system to make it more affordable for mums and dads, Mr Drum said.

Many families throughout our electorate have both mum and dad at work; these families rely on child care, which can be often quite expensive. With these new changes families using child care in Murray should be reassured that relief is around the corner.

Minister for Education and Training, Simon Birmingham said the child care changes are focused on helping the families that need it most.

Almost one million families will benefit from our additional $2.5B investment and comprehensive changes to the subsidy system, our new hourly rate cap to put downward pressure on fee increases and the end of the $7,613 annual rebate cap, Minister Birmingham said.

With 1.15 million Australian families set to access child care next year its important families have the opportunity to plan for the changes.

Visit the child care estimator at top find out how you may benefit.

Queensland Couple Will Finally Be Able To Make Their Marriage Official "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Gemma Mann and her partner Debbie Gilson have been waiting five years for the day they could legally wed. The couple (pictured) live in Rockhampton and celebrated their wedding there in 2012. It was the vote that we didnt have to have. The politicians shouldve just done their job, Gemma said. But weve had it ...

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This Brisbane Couple Just Got A $20k Wedding Surprise "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A Brisbane couple are the lucky winners of a wedding package worth a huge $20,000, thanks to Brisbane jewellery business Xennox Diamonds. Sinead and Natalie (pictured) have been together for 15 years and are mums to 7-year-old twins. Last week they beat more than 200 couples to win the competition, which asked them to explain ...

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Australia votes Yes "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

57 percent of voters in Murray vote in favour of Same Sex Marriage

ON Wednesday last week, the results were released for the Same Sex Marriage vote and the people of Australia have shown their support, with 61.6 percent voting in favour, including 57 percent of voters in the Murray electorate.

Of the 150 Federal Electoral Divisions, 133 recorded a majority Yes response, and 17 Federal Electoral Divisions recorded a majority No response.

12,727,920 million people participated in the voluntary survey, representing 79.5 percent of the more than 16 million eligible Australians.

Following the release of the results, both sides of government have stated that they are hoping that a decision on the law change will be made by Christmas this year.

Local resident, and Goulburn Valley Pride Inc. committee member, Damien Stevens spoke with The Adviser, saying that he was very pleased, excited and happy with the result, and it means he will be able to marry his partner of 10 years in April next year to celebrate their decade being together.

This is wonderful for many LGBTI people who want to get married, Damien said.

Personally this was the result I expected having worked with the LGBTI+ community. There has been a gradual increase and swell of support for marriage equality from our broader community.

Although unnecessary, this survey has provided the clarity on paper that the government said it wanted surrounding marriage equality and Australia has spoken.

In Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbulls words, An overwhelming number of people responded to the survey and an overwhelming number voting in favour.

Both Turnbull and Bill Shorten want this sorted by Christmas. There are bills tabled right now.

There are hundreds of local LGBTI people that this affects and thousands more family members, friends and allies that this indirectly affects.

Marriage provides the loving, committed, safe and legally binding relationship on paper that people who want to enter into marriage can now do. But there is still work to do.


Community Connect "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


FRIENDS OF THE AUSTRALIAN BOTANIC GARDENS SHEPPARTON will be celebrating building stronger communities together by Reaching for the Stars at the top of Honeysuckle Rise in the Australian Botanic Gardens Shepparton on Thursday, November 23 from 7:30pm.


THE BUNBARTHA TENNIS CLUB IS CELEBRATING 100 YEARS and is planning its next meeting to celebrate the occasion on Thursday, November 23 from 7:30pm at the Bunbartha Community Centre. Any past players and community members are welcome. For further information, contact Trish Moss on 0427 298 288.


GV HEALTH EXTENDED CARE AUXILIARY are holding an event at Fairley Downs Homestead on Sunday, November 26 at 5250 Barmah-Shepparton Road, Bunbartha from 5pm to 8pm. Tickets are $40. For further information, contact Lolene 5821 9182 or Margaret on 5821 4937.


SHEPPARTON SPIRITUALIST CENTRE will be holding their next meeting on November 26 with John and Leeanne Rollinson. Meditation will start at 12:30pm, followed by lunch. Please bring a plate to share. Service starts at 1:30pm. All welcome.


AN XMAS CONCERT FOR SENIORS will be held on Thursday, November 30 at 1:30pm and is the last concert of the year at the Shepparton Seniors Centre in Welsford Street, Shepparton. Guest artist is Just Us (two lady singers). Entry is $5, which includes afternoon tea. Everyone is welcome with bulk bookings on 5821 9580.


NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH GREATER SHEPPARTON POLICE SERVICE AREA MEETING will be held on Tuesday, December 5 from 7:30pm at Shepparton Police Station, Welsford Street, Shepparton. Residents of all areas of Greater Shepparton are invited. For further information, contact Peter on 0427 701 705.



SHEPPARTON VIEW CLUB is part of the Smith Family and is a friendship club that meets on the first Friday of each month from 11:30am to 12 noon at the Terminus Hotel in Shepparton. There are guest speakers and activities on offer. For further information, phone Helen on 5821 7503.


THE SALVATION ARMY THRIFT SHOP is now open between 9:30am and 4:30pm every Saturday. Come in and see us for a friendly chat and find yourself some bargains at 3 Mill Street, Mooroopna.


MENTAL WELLBEING: DEPRESSED? ANXIOUS? ISOLATED? SUFFERING GRIEF OR LOSS? KNOW SOMEONE WHO IS? The Shepparton Grow group meets weekly to offer peer support and use a proven program for mental wellbeing on Wednesdays from 1pm at 11 Service....


Letter to the Editor "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Dear Editor,

Greater Shepparton City Councils history is in the making.

Twenty years into the journey that commenced early in 1997 following the amalgamation, with an inaugural council of seven men, we now have two women councillors at the helm of the nine member council.

Congratulations to Mayor, Kim OKeeffe and Deputy Mayor, Seema Abdullah on their appointments. I wish you every success in your term of office and would like also to thank former Mayor, Dinny Adem for his excellent service to the community of Greater Shepparton.

Yours sincerely,

Patricia Moran



Exposing Agricultural Brutality: An Interview with Chris Delforce "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A bill largely aimed at curbing stock theft and illegal hunting in rural NSW passed through state parliament on November 15. NSW Greens MLC David Shoebridge unsuccessfully pushed for an amendment to the bill, due to a provision he described as being aimed at brave animal activists. The Rural Crime Legislation Amendment Bill 2017 amends

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Scorecard reveals how party policies stack up on protecting the Great Barrier Reef "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A scorecard, out today, reveals how the Great Barrier Reef would fare according to promises made by the major political parties standing in Saturdays state election.

The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS), an independent and non-partisan national environment organisation based in Queensland, compiled the following scorecard:

AMCS Fight For Our Reef Campaign Director Imogen Zethoven said Queenslanders are proud and protective of the Reef and expect their MPs to look after it.

Queenslanders are rightly proud that our state is home to the Great Barrier Reef, one of the worlds natural wonders. We expect our politicians, as caretakers, to do the right thing and look after our Reef and oceans. We also strongly support renewables over polluting coal.

We know coal kills coral, yet we still see political parties promising to build new coal-fired power stations and support new mega new coal mines. Its time they started listening to voters and for the sake of the 64,000 Queensland workers who depend on a healthy Reef back the renewable energy and storage boom already underway.

Our amazing ocean backyard is central to our identity and our lifestyle, and it is at risk from climate change, pollution and industrial development. We have a lot to lose.

The future of the Reef is in the hands of the next Queensland government. Whichever party forms government on Saturday, they must make sure our children and grandchildren can enjoy this amazing underwater world as much as we do.

Queenslanders want a brighter future for the Sunshine State in which we look after our natural assets and create jobs that are local, long-term and sustainable, Ms Zethoven said.

To access the scorecard, and find out more about how the scorecard was put together, visit 


About the scorecard:

The AMCS Queensland Election Policy Scorecard is an independent assessment of the parties policies by the Australian Marine Conservation Society....


Royal Commission Rejects Punitive Approach to Juvenile Justice "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

By Zeb Holmes and Ugur Nedim The final report of the Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the Northern Territory was tabled in parliament on 17th November 2017. It represents an unequivocal rejection of the Territorys tough on crime approach to juvenile justice, making several recommendations for reform including a move

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LGBTI Representation Vital On Turnbulls Religious Freedom Review "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Marriage equality advocates have called for LGBTI representation on the review of religious freedom in Australia announced by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. On Wednesday, Turnbull likely cleared the way for same-sex marriage legislation to be passed by Christmas with the separate review into whether Australian law adequately protects the human right to religious freedom. The ...

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Cheaper Byron Bay bypass mooted as markets face removal "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Byron Bay market at Butler Street Reserve. Photo contributed

Byron Bay market at Butler Street Reserve. The market will have to move from the site to allow for works on the Byron Bay bypass and bus interchange. Photo contributed

Planning confusion and contradictions surround a press release last week by Byron Shire Council that it plans to relocate the Byron markets from Butler Street Reserve in May next year.

The joint announcement by Greens mayor Simon Richardson and Cr Paul Spooner (Labor) claims that the move is necessary for around a year to allow for impending works for the Butler Street bypass and Butler Street reserve transport hub.

Yet there is no clear budget for either project Cr Spooner told The Echo that the transport hubs location is yet to be determined while the mayor confirmed that a cheaper option for the the overblown Butler Street bypass project will now be pursued.

After receiving an update on possible bypass options, the mayor said, It looks like we can create a bypass within the budget that would require some extra expenses at a later date, eg the proposed roundabout at Browning Street could come after, rather than waiting for all money [to be] secured first. 

Cr Spooner supported the mayors claim and told The Echo, The $22.5 million price tag would deliver a fully engineered and complete bypass in one step. The $14.5 million that Council has access to will deliver a scaled-back but functional road to be completed in stages. That is, build it and hope you get some more money to finish off the finer details.

The decision to move the markets, says Cr Spooner, was owing to the uncertainty of Councils planning processes it was important to provide the markets with certainty. 

The decision to have a temporary relocation to the beachfront from May 2018 gives that certainty. Any concerns stallholders or the Dunecare group have will be able to be ironed out over the next six months. 

Yet Dunecare management say that they believe a relocated market will adversely affect the dunes, which have undergone a 20-year restoration project.



Burning of North-east NSW's Forests for Electricity "sheer madness" "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The North East Forest Alliance (NEFA) has described the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) proposal to increase logging intensity in north-east NSWs forests to provide up to one million tonnes of trees each year to generate electricity as sheer madness.

Forests are the lungs of the earth, they take in our carbon dioxide, storing the carbon and giving us back oxygen, left standing they are part of the solution to climate change, cut down they become part of the problem, according to NEFA spokesperson Dailan Pugh.




China will finance Adani mine, insiders say, but it will cost Australian jobs "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Adani Group is close to securing finance for its controversial coal mine and railway project in outback Queensland, with an announcement expected in coming weeks that Chinese state-owned enterprises, banks, and export credit agencies are backing the venture.

Australian taxpayers may be let off the hook under the deal, which could mean Adani no longer requires an Australian Government-subsidised loan of up to $1 billion for the railway it needs to transport the coal to port.

But Chinas money will come at the cost of local jobs.

Chinese enterprises and export credit agencies invariably require that materials for key infrastructure are sourced from China, effectively shifting work out of Australia and undermining Adanis claims its project will create many thousands of additional jobs for Queensland.

Galilees devastating impact

Just days ago, a director of Adani Mining, an Australian subsidiary of the Adani Groups flagship company Adani Enterprises, told industry figures Adani had secured Chinese funding for the Carmichael mine in North Queensland and the Carmichael rail project.

He said Adani would not need the loan from the Northern Australian Infrastructure Facility (NAIF) to fund the 388-kilometre railway, and claimed a formal announcement of financial close was imminent, the ABC has been told.

Details are sketchy, however the ABC revealed earlier this month that a Chinese state-owned enterprise, China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC), was in negotiations with Adani for contracts to build key mining plant and equipment in return for Chinas financial backing of the Carmichael mine.

CMEC is listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange, but is 78 per cent owned by the giant Chinese state-owned enterprise China National Machinery Industry Corporation Ltd, or Sinomach.

VIDEO 3:18

Who is the man behind the Adani Group?



Protestors peacefully disrupt Leaders Debate in Townsville, urging parties to reject Adanis mega coal mine "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Townsville, 22nd November: Just days out from the Queensland election, protestors have disrupted the Leaders Debate in Townsville, taking to the stage to call on Queenslands politicians to Stop Adani building one of the worlds largest coal mines, which would cook the climate and wreck the Reef. Four of the protestors were later removed by police and have been taken off-site in a paddy wagon.

Its just crazy for any politician to think of giving a billion dollars to a billionaire for a giant dirty coal mine when the Reef is dying before our eyes. If we want our children to have a safe climate, we simply cant be building new coal mines. said Liisa Rusanen, mother of two, Coffs Harbour

We are in a crisis. Our children and grandchildren face a polluted planet. We need our political leaders to stop supporting new coal mines. We all need to stop Adani. Said Jonathan Cassell, Emerald Beach.

This mornings action is one of dozens that have put Adanis mega mine front and centre of the Queensland election. Around the country, thousands of people are taking action, including at the site of the proposed project, putting their bodies on the line to stop work on the mine. Recent polling indicates that the majority of Australians do not support the mine.

Media Enquiries: 0438 437 070 or 0403 646 787 and

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Notice of AFTINET AGM 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

AFTINET members and supporters are invited to our annual AGM to discuss what weve done over the past year and to make plans for next year.

Wednesday December 13 at 5.30pm
Finance Sector Union, Level 2, 321 Pitt St Sydney (near Bathurst St)
Followed by drinks and snacks

AFTINET Convener Dr Patricia Ranaldwill report on the TPP, RCEP and other trade deals.

Please RSVP for catering to

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Tuesday, 21 November


WATCH: Stephen Colbert Roasts Bob Katters Take On Same-Sex Marriage "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

US talk show host Stephen Colbert has weighed in on North Queensland MP Bob Katters strange response to the same-sex marriage postal survey result. In a segment on The Late Show, Colbert congratulated Australia for the 61 per cent majority result. Colbert then played the viral clip of Katter, who offered up his take on ...

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Defamation action delays Bluesfest koala reports "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Returning: Koala Ecology Group says the Tyagarah Bluesfest site's koala population is healthy and increasing. File photo

Returning: Koala Ecology Group says the Tyagarah Bluesfest sites koala population is healthy and increasing. File photo

Aslan Shand

A defamation case brought by Bluesfest director Peter Noble against a koala ecologist has delayed an Echo request for an update on the vulnerable koala population at the Tyagarah site.

Internationally renowned koala expert Dr Steve Phillips. (file pic)

Defamation action: Biolink consultant Dr Steve Phillips. File photo

The Echo understands that the case relates to comments made by Biolink consultant Steve Phillips in the media over impacts that the Bluesfest site had on the local koala population in 2016.

Neither the Byron Shire Council nor the Bluesfest director are willing to provide the koala monitoring reports for 2014, 2015 or 2016.

Byron Shire Council staff say that the koala monitoring reports requested by The Echo will only be considered via a freedom of information request, known as a Government Privacy Information Access Act (GIPA).

In response to a request for the reports, festival director Peter Noble says that the Bluesfest would not be in a position to supply you anything until the (defamation) matter is settled.

The Echo asked Council staff for a clarification of how the vulnerable koala population is doing since 2014 and were told that, Koala monitoring has occurred by Council staff via the Koala Connections project.

Staff said, A monitoring report prepared for this project (February 2017) includes records and commentary on koalas for the period 20112016.

The ecological planner and Koa.........


Push to stop asphalt plant expansion at Alstonville "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Borals Asphalt Plant, located in a quarry owned by the Ballina Shire Council.

Borals Asphalt Plant, located in a quarry owned by the Ballina Shire Council.

A Ballina Shire councillor has launched a renewed push to stop the expansion of Borals asphalt plant at the Tuckombil Quarry in Alstonville.

Cr Sharon Parry has lodged a notice of motion for tomorrows Ballina Shire Council meeting calling on the council to invite the Environment Protection Authority to make a public presentation of its role in monitoring the quarry.

She wants the EPA to provide an update on the current issues regarding several reported breaches of Borals development consent.

Her motion also calls on the council to not proceed with the planned expansion of the quarry due to the negative amenity impacts that already occur between the operation of the quarry, the asphalt plant and the adjoining residential communities.

She also wants a report on the future use of the quarry once the existing operating consent is exhausted.

Cr Parry said there was no appetite for further development of the Tuckombil Quarry into the future, nor for the long-term continuation of the asphalt plant given the close proximity of residential housing within a radius of 1,000 square metres, given the concerns already being aired by existing residents.

If successful, her motion would overturn a decision by the council in November 2016 to prepare for an expansion following a community engagement process.

In response, staff have pointed out that if the council decides not to proceed with the expansion of the Tuckombil Quarry it would be appropriate, at some point in the not too distant future, to determine whether councils preference was to terminate the existing lease at the end of the five year option.

The earlier the notification to Boral, the more time they have to plan for alternative arrangements, albeit that an early decision could be overturned by a future council, a staff response said.

Tomorrows meeting takes place at the Ballina Shire Council chambers in Cherry Street, starting at 9am.


The post...


Watch the New Frank Turner Video There She Is "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Image Courtesy of Frank Turner English post-punk singer-songwriter Frank Turner has just released his new video There She Is. The video was filmed at the legendary RAK Studios and is taken from his upcoming retrospective album Songbook which reimagines songs from across Turners six albums, due on the 24th November. Check out There She Is []


Greg Hunt approves Adanis Carmichael coal mine, again: experts respond "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Greg Hunt approves Adanis Carmichael coal mine, again: experts respond


Image 20151015 30702 1cojvoy.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1The Carmichael coal mine (not pictured) is set to be Australias largest.
Publishing/CSIRO, Adanis Carmichael coal mine yesterday received the green light from federal environment minister Greg Hunt for the second time.The mine, originally approved in July 2014, had its approval set aside following a failure to consider two endangered reptiles the ornamental snake and the yakka skink.In a media release Hunt said that the approval comes with 36 of the strictest environmental conditions imposed in Australia. Final approval is pending Adanis submission of a groundwater strategy to the federal environment department.

The approval also includes a rail link from the mine to the Queensland coast as a precautionary measure to provide investment certainty.

Below, our experts respond.

Samantha Hepburn, Professor, Faculty of Business and Law, Deakin University

Federal Minister Greg Hunt has reapproved the Carmichael Coal Mine in the Galilee Basin, following the decision of the Federal Court in August to set it aside.




Shiraz ~ Persian - Surfers Paradise "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A Persian restaurant on the Gold Coast, right in the middle of Surfers Paradise. We head up to the Gold Coast a few times a year to visit the folks, a good time away from the heat is the Anzac Day long weekend. Green soldier explained. When they are down in Sydney we've taken them out to Merrylands for some Afghani which is a hit all round, what's not to love when there's tender lamb


Nimbin lane boy jailed for cannabis supply "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

One of the Nimbin lane boys has been jailed for supplying cannabis after he lost his District Court appeal to serve his time in the community on a suspended sentence.

Ryan Hawken was sentenced to 12 months jail with a non-parole period of eight months in Lismore Local Court in July.

After his sentence was handed down he lodged an appeal against the severity of the sentence and he was granted conditional bail.

This morning, Lismore District Court Judge Laura Wells refused his appeal to serve a non-custodial sentence, as he had two prior convictions and a warning.

The court heard the 29-year-old was placed on a good behaviour bond in 2007 and he received a suspended sentence after being convicted of reckless grievous bodily harm in company in 2010.

Mr Hawkens solicitor told the court since 2010 he had rehabilitated his behaviour and changed his life, until a back injury prevented him from working and he reconnected with friends in Nimbin.

She said he regretted the decision to reconnect with his friends who were involved in selling cannabis.

He has realised there are no excuses for his actions, News Corp reported she said.

The court heard Mr Hawken had moved to Queensland, had no association with his friends from Nimbin, he had a full-time job and was living with his partner.

His solicitor described his chances of reoffending as remote.

Between January and April last year, Mr Hawken was captured on CCTV supplying cannabis 20 times.

When he was arrested, he described it as a big wake up call in a letter he wrote to the court.

But Judge Wells said the big wake up call should have been the prior good behaviour bond and suspended sentence he served.

She said he was involved in the enterprise purely for profit and had a flippant attitude about the offences.

When Mr Hawkens sentence was reduced to nine months, with a six month non-parole period, family and friends in the gallery were visibly upset.

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Rainbow Chan - The Cardigans "Lovefool" Cover "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Download track for FREE here - A cover of The Cardigans' "Lovefool" by Sydney musician, Rainbow Chan. Filmed by e c h o (


Bangalow paid parking will go ahead: mayor "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Bangalow Chamber of Commerce president Jo Millar. Photo Jeff Dawson

Bangalow Chamber of Commerce president Jo Millar. Photo Jeff Dawson

Byron Mayor Simon Richardson says paid parking in Bangalow will go ahead on January 1 despite opposition from the towns chamber of commerce and claims the council has failed to abide by its own processes.

With paid-parking consultants now investigating site locations in Bangalow, the chamber of commerce is still holding firm its opposition, reminding councillors that the paid parking resolution for the town stipulates guidance group involvement in the process before the rollout.

Chamber of Commerce president Jo Millar believes that with no meetings planned before paid parking is introduced on January 1, 2018, the council cannot proceed.

She said the Bangalow community have been strongly opposed to these plans since 2011.

But mayor Simon Richardson, who led the paid parking push in the town maintains that it will roll out, regardless of public sentiment.

The Echo asked the mayor, It appears Council are not representing the wishes of the Bangalow community. Is it your intention to continue on this path?

He replied, We are scheduled to begin paid parking in Bangalow in January. I have requested a meeting with the guidance group to consider initial priorities for allocating revenues raised. 

He added that Council is soon to complete its engagement strategy that has been created alongside community group representatives. 

Cr Michael Lyon also told The Echo that once a Council project has commenced, councillors cannot rescind the motion, so the project must continue.

Meanwhile Cr Paul Spooner told The Echo that he doesnt believe that paid parking will destroy the town, yet said that paid parking in Brunswick Heads is unlikely to go ahead owing to the collective effort of that town.



CAM Annual Report & Foundation Financials "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Board of Castlemaine Art Museum are pleased to provide members with the 2016/17 Annual Report, Financial Statements and Foundation Financial Statements.

cam annual report 2017

cam financial statements 30 june 2017

caghm foundation financial report june 2017 final


Greens senator talking politics in Mullum pub tonight "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Australian Greens senator Lee Rhiannon will be appearing at tonight's Politics in the Pub in Mullumbimby. File photo

Australian Greens senator Lee Rhiannon will be appearing at tonights Politics in the Pub in Mullumbimby. File photo

Tonights (November 22) Politics in the Pub at Mullumbimbys Courthouse Hotel features Greens senator Lee Rhiannon and retired local GP and activist/author Liz Elliott.

Ms Rhiannon told The Echo that she will be launching her new pamphlet Sold Off, Sold Out at the event.

It examines the right wings obsession with the privatisation or selling off of public assets.

Ms Rhiannon writes in the introduction that, Since it came to office in 2011, the NSW coalition has sold off more than $62 billon in public assets.

Over the past 30 years there has been a massive sell-off of public assets to private corporations right across Australia.

This privatisation binge has been indulged in by both major political parties. The evidence of opinion polls is that these sales are opposed by a majority of citizens and very often governments have paid the price at the polls.

Most recently the fall of the Liberal government in Western Australia has been attributed, at least in part, to its privatisation agenda.

Examples of government sales of public infrastrucutre and institutions include the energy sector, housing, NSW Crown lands, NSW Forests, public transport, prisons, hospitals, education and human services.

Yet there are precedents for rolling back privatisation and re-nationalising, claims Greens member Hall Greenland. He says, In New Zealand, the railways and ferries, privatised in 1993, were re-nationalised in 2008. Rail infrastructure was renationalised in the UK too after the failure of privatisation. Politics in the Pub is on November 22 at...


Chin Chin employees hit back at wage theft "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

This account of working in one of Melbournes most iconic restaurants, draws attention to the need for urgent action put an end to this practice, which is widespread in the hospitality industry. The owner of Chin Chin operates nine restaurants and is in the process of opening another one. Go to Megaphone link to sign the petition. The following was written by Sorcha Harrop, one of the central figures in this story.

For almost a year I worked at Chin Chin, one of Melbournes hottest restaurants. I worked through breaks, battled stress, exhaustion and was underpaid at least $9,500.

My experience is just one of thousands of disgusting wage theft stories hospo workers are forced to regularly endure.

Ive had enough of being screwed over. Thats why I filmed this video calling on Malcolm Turnbull to take wage theft off the menu.

Chin Chin is famous for its no reservations policy, long queues down the street, fabulous food and outstanding service.

What you dont know about Chin Chin is that the people who make it such a hot destination are forced to do 14-hour long days and work up to 20 hours a week for free. And heres the kicker: while I was getting underpaid thousands of dollars, my boss, restaurant king Chris Lucas, was spending millions building his seventh restaurant.

This is textbook wage theft. And its happening to hospo workers everywhere: a new survey shows 76% of hospitality employers are stealing workers pay.

We are fed up, and enough is enough. If youve had enough of wage theft too, please watch and share this video.

Every year hundreds of thousands of hospo workers in Australia are robbed: paid below minimum wage, refused penalty rates, and forced to do free work.

We all know stealing is wrong. These rigged rules make wage theft so easy its now become a business model.

Stand with me and other hospo workers getting ripped off.

Hospo workers deserve respect just like everybody else its time to stand up and demand we are treated fairly and paid what were owed.

Video from United Voice



Calling on all young artistic environmental protectors "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Activist/actor Tony Barry has kicked off a youth environmental art comp, which will be judged on December 17 at the Mullum Civic Hall. Photo Jeff Dawson

Activist/actor Tony Barry has kicked off a youth environmental art comp, which will be judged on December 17 at the Mullum Civic Hall. Photo Jeff Dawson

Local legendary Australian actor and activist Tony Barry is helping to organise an environmental art competition for local high school students.

Known for both leading and character roles in more than 55 feature films, 45 television series and theatre, Mr Barry is calling on high school students to get creative and express their concerns and hopes for the future of their environment.

Mr Barry said, Prizemoney will be $1,000 for first prize, $1,000 for second prize and $1,000 for third prize. It will be distributed to students for personal use, or can be used for an environmental initiative of their choice, which would remain in the school in their name.

The event will be celebrated on December 16 and 17 at the Mullumbimby Civic Memorial Hall with presentations and judging from 10am to 5pm.

Artwork criteria

The chosen artform may include writing, poetry, dance, drama, music, or visual arts such as painting, drawing, photography, film, sculpture, etc or any combination of these artforms. The environmental topic for the students piece will be chosen by the students and must be original artwork.

Judges are Robert Bleakley (founder and CEO of Sothebys Australia and chairman of Pathways Foundation) and Virginia Reid (local artist and teacher).

Mr Barry says the day will begin with a smoking in ceremony and respect for Country. There will be a silent tribute to all those who have passed over on this land, he says.

This event is dedicated to Jambys son Jacob, who passed away some weeks ago during a misadventure at a party. 

Local artist Daniel Hend is on board and we are attempting...


MAMA MANOUSH "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Mama Manoush has relocated to a bigger space in East Brunswick and the Lebanese hits keep rolling.

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Living wake to celebrate the life of Mookx Hanely "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Brendan 'Mookx' Hanley. Photo Facebook

Brendan Mookx Hanley. Photo Facebook

Melissa Hargraves

Local legend and trailblazer activist Brendan Mookx Hanley has invited special guests to perform his songs at his living wake at The Picture House, Brunswick Heads, on Sunday November 26 from 2 till 5pm.

Its a chance to celebrate the life and era of a pioneer in music, comedy, activism and film while he is still breathing the air with us.

Mookx has worked with Pete Seeger, John Farnham, Bev Harrell, Slim Dusty, Lucky Starr, Dinah Lee, Jimmy Hannan, Johnny OKeefe, John Williamson, The Bee Gees, Manfred Mann, Graeme Bond, Hans Poulsen, Jack Thompson, Jean Paul Bell and many others.

His songs have been recorded by Frankie Davidson, Doug Owen, Layabouts, Bushwackers, Gong, Mills Sisters, Troubadors, German Choirs, Sai Baba Ashram Choir and many more.

Trailblazer activist

His soundtrack and movie contributions include Monkey Mia, Waterborn, Give Trees a Chance, Nearly Normal Nimbin, Reef Reborn, Earth First and the multi- award-winning Blowpipes and Bulldozers. Mookx also wrote the original soundtrack and characterisations for the animated movie Fern Gully.

Mookx pioneered locally by instigating the local Dolphin Music awards, the Nimbin, Mullumbimby and Byron folk clubs, and was also instrumental in protecting Terania through non-violent peaceful and musical action. He is a trailblazer activist who also contributed towards the legalisation of busking in NSW.

Come and celebrate Mookx, a local legend whose own work stands proudly along with his popular collaborations. Keep in mind that the even...


In which the pond rents or leases a little Dame Slap for a little while and rues the cost ... "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

It seemed like another sign of the lizard Oz's sharp swerve to the hard left, what with Dame Slap lining up alongside the Bolter to deliver Malware's Liberals a round of hard slaps to the chops ...

What's left for comrade Bill to do, whither the pond as it subsides into complete irrelevance?

Of course these Libs have missed the point - let us not discuss the NBN yet again - but now the pond must be little missy echo to stern Dame Slap?

Naturally there's a little more than meets the eye, and a wondrous example of Dame Slap hypocrisy, but for that the pond needs the whole dose of Dame Slap fury ...

Truly wondrous to read, this talk of illiberal forms of nanny-statism, apparently the behaviour of paternalistic, far-left greenies ...



Santa shots at the beach "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Beach photos with Santa. Photo supplied.

Beach photos with Santa. Photo supplied.

It is that time of year again and we are heating up for the Christmas bonanza and Father Christmas is once again hitting the local beaches ready to have his photo taken with you and your little ones.

Byron Santa on the Beach was started in 2016 by mums Jane Saunders, Dani Satori and Lyndal Peake who became friends through their local preschool. Not wanting to drive all the way to Tweed just to get a Santa photo they decided it was a chance to bring Santa for a day out at the beach.

So if you would like to catch Santa before he heads out for a surf then you can book a photo for you and the kids at Byron Bay on November 25 or Brunswick Heads on December 2.

Call the elf phone on 0409 059 118 or click here.

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The Queensland Government Is The Real Driver In Adanis Dirty Land Grab "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A key issue in the upcoming Queensland election issue is the Adani coal mine, a massive project slated for development in the Carmichael basin north west of Brisbane. To ensure it happens, the Queensland Government is threatening to compulsory acquire land from the local Traditional Owners. In the second in a five part series, Kristen Lyons explains.

When Adani purchased the coal tenement for its proposed Carmichael mine in 2010, then Premier Anna Bligh declared the proposed mine and related infrastructure project could generate more than 11,000 jobs and lucrative economic returns for Queenslanders.

The rhetoric about the Adani Carmichael mine, coming in turn from the Newman, and later Palaszczuk Governments, however, has always been about more than simply more jobs and more growth.

The Galilee Basin has been lauded as Queenslands last coal frontier. The region has been described as the most prospective area outside that currently being mined and on this basis has seen successive Queensland Governments establish policy settings and financial breaks, as well as expedite approval processes and champion pro-mining rhetoric, to drive a state-led enclosure of Aboriginal and pastoral lands to open up the Galilee Basin for coal mining.

And for Adani, this constitutes a land grab of Wangan and Jagalingou Country. While Wangan and Jagalingou people are pulled in multiple directions by competing interests, the Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners Council (W&J) have asserted sustained opposition to Adanis proposed mine.

Despite their resistance, and a tireless campaign built around a defense of the right to say no, the Queensland Government has failed to even acknowledge W&Js opposition to the mine, a position simply incongruent with their coal extraction agenda for the region.

Instead, the Queensland Government has walked over Indigenous rights in its efforts to secure W&J country, and to open up the Galilee Basin for the final frontier in a long history of often violent extractivism.

Former Queensland Premier Anna Bligh. (IMAGE: David Jackmanson, Flickr)Former Queensland Premier Anna Bligh. (IMAGE: David Jackmanson, Flickr)

Our research exposes some of the direct and covert manoeuvres of the Queensland Government in sidelining the rights of Traditional Owners to make way for Adanis mines. And given the current elevation of the A...


Quietly, by the river bank "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Rainbow Bee-eaters have come to earth.

Watching a couple of pairs along the river the evening before last, I observed one female descend to the area in front of its nest site. A bout of digging in loose sand below the nest was followed by a rapid entry into the tunnel. Both pairs were seen huddling close together on nearby perches. I suspect egg-laying has commenced.

Rainbow Bee-eaters (female at left), Loddon River @ Newstead, 20th November 2017


Giant boost for Korumburra-Bena "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Aaron Hillberg in action for the Parrots this year.

KORUMBURRA-Bena has taken three giant steps towards being a lot more competitive in the West Gippsland league next year, with more signings to come.
Last Saturday they announced the return of favourite son Aaron Hillberg after a premiership winning foray with the Leongatha Parrots and joining him will be former star midfielder Chris Urie and another returnee, Matt Edwards, back from Kilcunda-Bass.
Thats three very good players coming back and were confident a number of others will get on board as well, said club vice president Andrew Newton this week.
Were putting a concerted effort into getting former players to come back and thats already proved successful for us, he said.
The news that Hillberg and Co have decided to return to the Giants in 2018 has been universally hailed on the clubs social media sites, good timing ahead of a return to training on Friday, December 1.

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The Trees of Bairnsdale "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Plane Tree Avenue and Eucalypt remnant on Mitchell River

Bairnsdale is a tree friendly town. It has a treed median strip along the Princes Highway and Main Street from the western edge of town almost to the river with natives to the west of the hospital and exotics in the garden in the main part of town. Along the Mitchell River the Bairnsdale Urban Landcare Group (BULG) are gradually restoring the native vegetation and on the south-west side from the old port there is a wonderful avenue of plane trees.

I have written frequently of the importance of trees as a carbon store. See here and here. It is an often repeated slogan that trees are the only form of carbon capture and storage that actually works. I have made a few calculations of the carbon stored in some of the towns trees. The avenue of 14 well established plane trees a deciduous hardwood are of indeterminate age. Each stores about 32 tons of carbon or 100 tons of CO2 equivalent. The remnant eucalypts (see image above) along the river of which there remains a small number store upwards of 90 tons of carbon each. As a carbon store the hardwoods almost double the softwoods and this difference increases with age. In another example seven attractive Eucalypts (spotted gum?) found at the north end of Pyke Street store about 5 tons of carbon each.

The plane trees as well as being a carbon store provide both shade and have a cooling effect via transpiration. The leaf area of a mature plane tree is many times the size of that of a eucalypt of comparable age or size. On a very hot days being under the plane trees by the river is the coolest spot in town. The expansion of the flying fox population from their main roosting site near the junction of McCulloch and Riverine Streets may be a threat to these magnificent trees. This expansion which has occurred the previous three summers (but so far not this year) may possibly be influenced by climate change but more probably is directly related to the food supply. Each time the plane trees suffered substantial leaf loss but have since recovered.

Trees such as the plane tree offer a double effect in terms of climate with mitigation via temperature mo...


The Prosperity Gospel of Hillsong, Brian Houston and other Prosperity Gospel pastors is contrary to the teachings of the New Testament "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Brian Houstons book You Need More Money


Hillsong Conference is held annually in Sydney Australia each July and runs for four days. It is an annual event that has been held for many decades.

Pastors Brian and Bobbie Houston, co-head pastors of Hillsong, are Prosperity Gospel and Word of Faith exponents. They are also compromised by accepting non-repentant gays and lesbians into their congregation, even in positions of top leadership. Josh Canfield, the long-time head worship leader of Hillsong New York City and previously Hillsong London, is an example. Josh was preparing to marry his live-in boyfriend Reed Kelly until they split up in March last year.

The errant heretical Prosperity Gospel of Hillsong, Brian Houston and other Prosperity Gospel pastors is contrary to the teachings of the New Testament.

All the speakers at Hillsong Conferences are Prosperity Gospel and Word of Faith adherents. Any speaker that speakers at a Hillsong Conference is aware of all, or many of,  Hillsongs heresies and is part of this heretical counterfeit Pentecostal movement world-wide. Which is not true Pentecostal at all. The leaders of the Welsh Revival, the Azusa Street Revival, John G Lake, Kathryn Kuhlmann, Smith Wigglesowrth, John Booth, John and Charles Wesley the founder of Methodism, John Knox and all the great leaders and general...


1) Policy confusion hobbles Indonesian mining "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

2) Security hinders deliveries of basic goods to Papuan regencies

November 21, 2017 7:00 am JST 

Marwan Batubara

1) Policy confusion hobbles Indonesian mining

Government must provide greater certainty to achieve full economic gains

Sunday, 19 November


The War for Cash "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Youve read about the War on Cash here the Daily Reckoning for years now. The idea has sprouted all sorts of variations and books around the world. Today Ill show you why its a false lead.

I think the world is in for a War for Cash, not a War on Cash. Well see a cash grab, not the abolition of paper money. Itll be a mad rush for cold hard currency the physical kind.

In the age of digitalisation, electronic payments using only someones phone number, and cryptocurrencies, this sounds a little odd. The thing is, we live in a real, tangible world. For now, anyway. And that means theres a gap between your life and the digital payments system. One that can widen into a chasm without any warning. Except the one youre reading now.

Many years ago, I moved to Melbourne for my first real job. (Flying trapeze gigs are more of a hobby.) To secure a flat, I had to come up with a bank cheque to pay the deposit. But my bank refused to give me one because my bank account was with their stockbroker division. The stockbroker account had all the benefits of a bank account for free and with higher interest. All the benefits except allowing bank cheques, that is.

If it hadnt been for a large wad of cash from an unexpected source, whom many of you know as a former editor of The Daily Reckoning, I wouldve missed out on the flat. Cash saved me when the digital banking system failed me.

Then came the great Australian bank failures. You might remember them. One after the other over a course of months, Australian banks had tech glitches that led to their ATM cash machines going down. People couldnt get money for a few hours each time. It caused quite a mess, especially for elderly people without updated payment cards.

This happened in a country thats very advanced when it comes to digital banking. And that was precisely the problem. Our overreliance on digital payment systems working.

Speaking of which, in India, the turmoil caused by going cashless was all over the newspapers. Vox summarised the mess:

One study, from the All India Manufacturers Organization, found that micro and small-scale industries showed a whopping 35 percent job loss and a 50 percent decline in revenue in just the first 34 days since the policy went into effect, and that those numbers are likely to continue to increase in coming months. Earlier this month, the International Monetary Fund said that Modis policy had caused India to lose its title as the worlds fastest-growing economy, after shaving a percentage point off its projection for Indias growth in 2016. Many of Indias small businesses that handle all their transactions in cash have facing crippling blows to their business.

The New York Times loo...

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