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Thursday, 13 December


Deciphering Australia's High Level statement to COP24 by Melissa Price "IndyWatch Feed"

As I watched and listened to Australian Environment Minister Melissa Price statement on behalf of Australia to the High Level Segment of the United Nations Climate Change Conference, Conference of the Parties (COP24), I decided I wanted to annotate, correct falsities, mistruths or distortions and place her words into political historical context. I transcribed her speech, then circulated it


FOI documents reveal Australia's secret arms deals with nations fighting Yemen's bloody war "IndyWatch Feed"

The Australian Government has approved the export of dozens of shipments of military items to Middle Eastern countries embroiled in the bloody Yemen war, a conflict dogged by accusations of war crimes and indiscriminate civilian killings. Internal Defence Department documents obtained under Freedom of Information (FOI) and from parliamentary hearings reveal since the beginning of 2016, Canberra has granted at least 37 export permits for military-related items to the United Arab Emirates, and 20 to Saudi Arabia. They are the two countries leading a coalition fighting a war against Houthi rebels in the Middle East's poorest nation, Yemen. The four-year war in Yemen has killed tens of thousands and an air-and-sea embargo has led to more than 85,000 Yemeni children under five dying from hunger, according to one children's agency.


We remain dedicated to a nuclear-free Australia "IndyWatch Feed"


Has this website given up on the anti-nuclear struggle? Now dedicated to climate action?

Absolutely not.  But right now, the world is at a precipice act now, or condemn this home planet to an unimaginable climate disaster.

SO lets join the global effort to prevent that.

Meanwhile we keep our finger on the pulse of Australias anti-nuclear battle.

David Noonan   Fight To Stop Nuclear Waste Dump In Flinders Ranges SA, 11 Dec 18,   the WA State Liberal gov. Legislated to prohibit International nuclear waste in 1999 and SA State Liberal gov Legislated to prohibit the import, transport, storage and disposal of both ANSTO & International nuclear fuel waste in 2000. 


Promoting coal at UN Climate Summit, did Patrick Suckling speak officially for Australia? "IndyWatch Feed"

Climate Mobilisation Australia, 11 Dec 18, The Australian Ambassador for the Environment, Patrick Suckling, appeared on a panel for a US government side-event pushing clean coal technologies as climate solutions. The session on Monday 10 December was called: U.S. Innovative Technologies Spur Economic Dynamism Promoting innovative approaches.

One must ask was Ambassador Sucklings presence sanctioned at Ministerial level? His attendance on the panel is hardly good diplomacy for Australia, even given the Liberal Government support for coal and weak climate targets and climate policy.

After about 9 minutes the first speaker was disrupted and youth and civil society delegates unfurled a banner and made their own testimonies on the disruptive and dangerous nature of coal for health and climate.

They chanted Keep it in the ground and Shame on you, before leaving the session. After they left, there were very few people to listen to the myths being spouted of clean coal.

Watch the Facebook Livestream video of young delegates taking over the side event about 9 minutes in and making their own testimony on the fossil fuel industry.

The Australia Institute Director of Climate & Energy Program Richie Merzian was there...


Climate change talks result in renewed pledge to cut emissions "IndyWatch Feed"

EU, Canada, New Zealand and developing countries to keep global warming below 1.5C  Guardian, Fiona Harvey,...


High alert as bushfire risk reaches Black Saturday levels "IndyWatch Feed"

  12 Dec 18, The bushfire risk is back to Black Saturday levels in Victorias most dangerous and populous zone, stretching from Kilmore to Morwell and covering 59 per cent of the states population . (subscribers only)




Australia silent, as New Zealand rules out using Kyoto credits for Paris "IndyWatch Feed"

New Zealand rules out using Kyoto credits for Paris, Australia shtum, (shtum means silent, non-communicative), Brisbane Times ,By Peter Hannam, 11 December 2018 New Zealands Climate Change Minister James Shaw has ruled out his nation using carryover credits to count against its Paris climate target, saying such a move would make it challenging for the world to meet the important goal of reducing emissions.Australia silent

Mr Shaw made the comments to Australasian journalists in a conference call on Tuesday after meeting his Australian counterpart Melissa Price during the climate talks in Katowice, Poland.

As the Herald has reported, Ms Price and her environment department have refused to exclude use of any surplus credit generated during the soon-to-be concluded Kyoto Protocol against Australias Paris emissions pledges.

Federal Labor also said it wont rule out the use of Kyoto credits until it has received advice

Low ranking

Mr Shaws comments come as Australia was named 55th out of 60 nations on a Climate Change Performance Index compiled by Germanwatch, a non-government agency. Saudi Arabia and the US occupied the bottom rankings, while Sweden and Morocco topped the list.

Australia scored particularly poorly for its national climate policy and per capita greenhouse gas emissions at more than 16 tonnes of CO2 a year both ranked second-worst.

The Paris target in which the Abbott government set at reducing 2005 levels of carbon pollution to 26 per cent by 2030 was rated 12th among the 60 nations.



Pacific island countries accuse USA of obstructing talks at UN climate change summit "IndyWatch Feed"

US accused of obstructing talks at UN climate change summit
Vanuatus foreign minister says worst offenders on global warming are blocking progress,
Guardian, Ben Doherty in Katowice @bendohertycorro, Wed 12 Dec 2018 
 The United States and other high carbon dioxide-emitting developed countries are deliberately frustrating the UN climate summit in Katowice, Poland, Vanuatus foreign minister has said. His warning came as Pacific and Indian ocean states warned they faced annihilation if a global climate rule book could not brokered.In a bruising speech before ministers and heads of state, Vanuatus foreign minister, Ralph Regenvanu, singled out the US as he excoriated major CO2-emitting developed countries for deliberately hindering negotiations.

It pains me deeply to have watched the people of the United States and other developed countries across the globe suffering the devastating impacts of climate-induced tragedies, while their professional negotiators are here at COP24 putting red lines through any mention of loss and damage in the Paris guidelines and square brackets around any possibility for truthfully and accurately reporting progress against humanitys most existential threat, he said.

Regenvanu said the countries most responsible for climate change were now frustrating efforts to counter it.

The UNs climate change talks in Poland have been distracted by a semantic debate over whether the conference should welcome or note...


Bushfire threat to vital koala habitat "IndyWatch Feed"

Salamander Bay bushfire threatens homes, vital koala habitat in Port Stephens, ABC 11 Dec 18  An entire koala population in Port Stephens could be wiped out after a fire devastated their habitat near Port Stephens, an animal rescue group fears.

An estimated 16 hectares of the Mambo Wetlands, north of Newcastle, was scorched on Monday night, according to Port Stephens Koalas.

The reserve is about 40 per cent of the vital koala habitat.

The blaze broke out near the Salamander Bay shopping centre about 6:30pm and dozens of firefighters spent the night backburning to protect homes.

It burnt away more than 80 hectares of swampy scrub, which made access difficult for fire crews.

The fire flared up to a watch and act level at 3:00am, but weather conditions eased in the early hours and the blaze was brought under control.

Carers from the rescue group today surveyed the damage and fielded calls about stranded and injured wildlife.

Simone Aurino, senior carer at Port Stephens Koalas, said the reserve was one of the most important areas in the Tomaree Peninsula.

It has a viable breeding population and its central to all the other habitats, she said.

Its a really, really essential habitat.

Ms Aurino said the blaze would lead to significant flow-on effects which may not be known for some time.

It has the potential to wipe out the population in this area, its really quite devastating, she said.

The habitats been changed, so the animals are going to move....


Australias Liberal Coalition govt cosying up to coal megaminer Adani "IndyWatch Feed"

Adani met with environment department 40 times in six months
Coalition holding Adanis hand through mine approvals, Greens senator says,
Guardian, Lisa Cox and Ben Smee, Tue 11 Dec 2018 
 The federal environment department had 40 meetings in six months with Adani representatives to discuss the Carmichael coalmine project, according to responses to a Senate estimates committee.The department met Adani executives in person at the companys Brisbane offices, as well as conducting teleconferences, on matters i...


Coalition designs underwriting tender so it can choose what it wants, including coal RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed"

Coalition underwriting documents allow government to pick and choose its favoured projects and adjust the criteria to suit. Even emissions intensity may not be a factor. The post Coalition designs underwriting tender so it can choose what it wants, including coal appeared first on RenewEconomy.

via Coalition designs underwriting tender so it can choose what it wants, including coal RenewEconomy


December 12 Energy News geoharvey "IndyWatch Feed"

Opinion: Trumps Losing, Lonely Fight to Save Coal President Trump has stood by coal whenever he could. He appointed a former coal lobbyist to the Federal Energy Management Commission. His administration promoted coal at COP 24. And yet the industry has not yet benefited from having an energetic booster in the Oval Office. []

via December 12 Energy News geoharvey


1414 Degrees molten silicon biogas energy storage system set for trial in S.A. RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed"

A world-leading, Adelaide-made 10MWh molten silicon energy storage system is on its way to Glenelg, where it will be tested at an SA Water treatment plant. The post 1414 Degrees molten silicon biogas energy storage system set for trial in S.A. appeared first on RenewEconomy.

via 1414 Degrees molten silicon biogas energy storage system set for trial in S.A. RenewEconomy


Know your NEM: Wind and solar is boosting competition RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed"

The wind and solar boom is clearly adding to competition, but 5GW of battery storage in coming years will really focus the minds of incumbent utilities. The post Know your NEM: Wind and solar is boosting competition appeared first on RenewEconomy.

via Know your NEM: Wind and solar is boosting competition RenewEconomy


10 days of solar: Australian rooftops can host up to 61GW of rooftop solar RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed"

New report finds there is potential for up to 61GW of solar PV installations on Australias residential rooftops. The post 10 days of solar: Australian rooftops can host up to 61GW of rooftop solar appeared first on RenewEconomy.

via 10 days of solar: Australian rooftops can host up to 61GW of rooftop solar RenewEconomy


Australia first rooftop solar trading trial kicks off in WA RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed"

Western Australia energy minister launches world-leading active, billed, peer-to-peer trading trial allowing 40 households to buy and sell rooftop solar, across the grid. The post Australia first rooftop solar trading trial kicks off in WA appeared first on RenewEconomy.

via Australia first rooftop solar trading trial kicks off in WA RenewEconomy


8th SNAICC National Conference- hosted by SNAICC National Voice for our Children "IndyWatch Feed"

2 5 September 2019, Adelaide Convention Centre

About the Conference

The conference is hosted by SNAICC National Voice for our Children. SNAICC is the national non-government peak body in Australia representing the interest of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.

The conference is convened to assist with the achievement of the SNAICC vision: An Australian society in which our communities are empowered to determine their own future; where the rights of our children, young people and families are protected; where our cultural identity and achievements are valued; and our children and families have access to culturally appropriate services.

As the largest Conference of its type in the southern hemisphere the SNAICC Conference provides the opportunity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations, policy makers, researchers, government representatives, other non-government organisations and industry representatives to gather and make renewed commitments to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.

The Conference provides a powerful and inspiring learning experience for attendees and features:

  • International and local keynote speakers
  • Over 70 concurrent sessions, yarning circles, panels and workshops
  • Displays, poster presentations, exhibitors
  • Cultural highlights and performances
  • Social events and opportunities to network and connect with peers

It is expected that the 2019 Conference will again attract a diverse audience of 1000 participants from all over the country. This will provide a dynamic networking and learning opportunity for attendees...


Whyalla goes greener with $145m solar greenhouse, as Gupta effect grows RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed"

In a big reveal alongside GFG Alliances Sanjeev Gupta, Whyalla City Council announces China-backed deal to build 70 hectare solar powered intensive horticulture facility. The post Whyalla goes greener with $145m solar greenhouse, as Gupta effect grows appeared first on RenewEconomy.

via Whyalla goes greener with $145m solar greenhouse, as Gupta effect grows RenewEconomy


Only Australia joins the US at pro-coal event during COP24 climate summit "IndyWatch Feed"

Contributed from Victoria

Sad to see that Australia has stood out for the wrong reason at the COP 24 summit at Katowice in Poland.

The badge of dubious distinction is for being the only country supporting the United States in its defence of the coal industry and opposition to real action to reduce carbon emissions.

Australias representatives at international forums and government have long been regarded as puppets, without a thought independent from Washingtons. This latest disgrace in the name of Australia can only confirm this view.

The cringe worthy performance was all the worse, because it was not merely lining up in a debate. Australia stood unwaveringly beside the United States, at a separate event run by that country, when every other other nation was in Poland to discuss doing more to take on the threat of global warming. Whichever ways you look at it, this was a pretty low act.

None of the other nations at the summit attended the event, called US innovative technologies spur economic dynamism, and designed to showcase ways to use fossil fuels as cleanly and efficiently as possible, as well as the use of emission-free nuclear energy.

They had good reason to stay away.

Protesters managed to get into the event and cause considerable disruption to the proceedings

Patrick Suckling, Australias ambassador for the environment, disgraced himself before a backdrop of the American flag, with all sorts of insincere mumbo jumbo about the need to reduce emissions. The thrust of his talk was that the fossil fuel must continue, and that carbon emissions can be stored.

While having to recognise, in the face of the overwhelming evidence, that emissions must come down, an effort was made to sidestep the issue was  by talking about being technologically neutral.

Simon Bradshaw, Oxfam Australias climate change policy adviser, said it was extremely disappointing to see Australia line up behind the US in pushing a pro-coal idea.

It is a slap in the face of our Pacific island neighbours, for whom bringing an end...

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Wednesday, 12 December


Australia turns back on allies as it refuses to cut emissions above Paris pledge "IndyWatch Feed"

EU and 27 countries vow to toughen commitments as environment minister's address at COP24 UN climate change summit accused of flying in face of realityAustralia will not commit to larger carbon emissions reductions above its Paris agreement target, despite a coalition of former allies and Pacific neighbours urging greater cuts.In Paris in 2015 Australia was a part of a bloc of countries called the High Ambition Coalition, which includes the UK, the EU, New Zealand, the Marshall [...]


Fossil Award to Australia for not ruling out Kyoto carbon credits for Paris target use "IndyWatch Feed"

It just wouldn't be a United Nations Climate Change conference COP in recent years without Australia at the Fossil of the Day Awards. And this year does not disappoint. The failure to rule out use of Kyoto carbon credits to meet it's low Paris Agreement 2030 targets while demanding robust accounting and transparency is just too galling. Even best buddy New Zealand reckons, Crikey, using Kyoto


Report highlights the need for better protection of protest rights in Australia "IndyWatch Feed"

The need to better protect protest rights in Australia has been highlighted in a major new report by the Human Rights Law Centre.

Launched today at NSW Parliament House, Say it loud: Protecting Protest in Australia, criticises recent attempts by governments to undermine protest rights and outlines ten principles to better protect our rights.

From winning the right to vote for women to saving the Franklin River, the power of protest has been vital in achieving positive change in Australia. Yet governments around Australia are increasingly trying to undermine our rights to gather together and speak out about the issues we care about. This has to stop, said Hugh de Kretser, Executive Director of the Human Rights Law Centre.

Against the backdrop of the remarkable student strikes across the country for action on climate change and rising community activism on issues from the Adani mine to changing the date of Australia Day, protest rights will be increasingly significant.

Our rights to protest and free speech will be under even great pressure as exploitation of our planet increases in the coming decade. This report shows governments how we should be protecting protest in a healthy democracy, said former Senator Bob Brown.

The report criticises governments in NSW, Tasmania and Western Australia for introducing or trying to introduce harsh and unnecessary anti-protest laws with severe penalties, excessive police powers and broad, vague offences. The laws prioritise vested business and government interests over peoples democratic rights.

While the Tasmanian laws were struck down by the High Court last year, the Hodgman Government has promised to try and resurrect them. NSW anti-protest laws, with penalties of up to 7 years jail for interfering with a mine, including coal seam gas sites, remain in force.

Protest rights are absolutely essential to a healthy democracy. When governments chip away at our protest rights, they erode our democracy. This report provides a blueprint for a democracy where protest rights are protected and promoted, said Mr de Kretser.

The report will be launched at NSW Parliament House at 12.30pm. Speaking at the launch will be:

  • Former Senator, Dr Bob Brown who has dedicated his career to protecting the environment and who, together with Jessica Hoyt, successfully challenged the Tasmania anti-protest laws.

  • Broadcaster and journalist Julie McCrossin, a life-long LGBTI rights advocate who attended countless demonstrations, was arrested many times and participated in the first Mardi Gras.......


Legendary Kangaroo Who Just Passed Away Is Getting So Much Internet Love "IndyWatch Feed"

The world is currently mourning the passing of Roger the kangaroo, a resident of The Kangaroo Sanctuary and a beloved public figure for many years. He passed away over the weekend at the age of 12, which is a good, long life for a kangaroo. 

Pictures of Roger and his incredible physique he was 6 feet, 7 inches tall and extremely muscular have been impressing and delighting the internet for years, and this strong, handsome kangaroo is going to be missed by so many people. 

Credit: The Kangaroo Sanctuary

Chris Brolga Barns, the founder of The Kangaroo Sanctuary, announced the news of Rogers passing in a sweet tribute, and ever since then, everyone who loved Roger has been posting their own tributes to him on social media. 

The tributes ranged from sweet

to nostalgic  



Hiker Spots Something Crazy On Forest Floor "IndyWatch Feed"

A woman in Australia was taking a hike on Mount Majura recently when she spotted something that some people could find very alarming.

But Erin-Claire Barrow writes and illustrates fairy tales about brave female protagonists facing their fears and so when she saw a huge, almost mythical spider on the ground, she was curious rather than terrified.

Credit: Erin-Claire Barrow

Barrow even got closer so that she could take some photos.

"My friend was saying, 'Be careful, what if it jumps!?'" Barrow told The Dodo. "I got really close to take the picture ... I thought it was kind of cute with its little face!"

Credit: Erin-Claire Barrow

Closer inspection revealed the large wolf spider was a mother and dozens of tiny baby spiders were catching a piggyback ride on her back. 

Barrow reflected that even though she was willing to get close to the mother spider, she wouldn't trade places with her: "I wouldn't like for those babies to be crawling on me!"

Credit: Erin-Claire Barrow

Some people who have seen Barrow's photos didn't think the little family was quite as cute as she did.

"I've seen so many awful comments on Facebook about killing spiders in response to the pic," Barrow said. "I love the comments about her being cute and maternal she's not hurting anyone!"


Ex-Tropical Cyclone "Owen" forecast to reform in the Gulf of Carpentaria, Australia "IndyWatch Feed"

Ex-Tropical Cyclone "Owen" crossed the coast near Port Douglas at 03:00 local time Monday, December 10, 2018. The storm brought heavy rain and damaging wind gusts to the north tropical coast of Queensland. Meteorologists say it's looking like it the...... Read more

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Tuesday, 11 December


Climate policies on the rise globally, but ambition level still lacking "IndyWatch Feed"

The latest assessment of country emissions and climate policies aggregated globally shows that there is still a substantial gap to meet, according to Climate Analytics, who have been analysing and tracking country climate policies and global emissions for the last decade on their Climate Action Tracker website. If all governments achieve their largely insufficient climate targets, the world


Elliot defends supporting encryption law "IndyWatch Feed"

Justine Elliot Labor Federal MP for Richmond. Photo supplied.

In the face of overwhelming opposition to the new backdoor encryption-access law, local federal Labor MP Justine Elliot has defended her rushed vote for the bill on the grounds of national security and keeping Australians safe.

Remarkably Mrs Elliot reasoned that the law needed to be rushed owing to Labor being wedged by the cross-bench and the coalition.

Instead of taking more time to deliberate, she said she wanted to ensure that our agencies have appropriate powers over the holiday period.

Law Council concerns

Whether that rhetoric stacks up is yet to emerge; major concerns have been raised by the tech industry and the Law Council, who say there will be unintended consequences for not properly scrutinising the bill and there is a possibility of intelligence agency and law-enforcement overreach.

Under the Telecommunications and Other Legislation Amendment (Assistance and Access) Bill 2018, law enforcement and intelligence agencies will be able to access encrypted private information without a warrant, as well as have the power detain individuals in certain circumstances.

Phone apps like WhatsApp and Telegram would no longer be secure.

After the bill passed on Thursday in federal parliament, a torrent of tweets from industry professionals roundly criticised the Bill, claiming among other things this will lead to Australias IT and software engineering sectors moving offshore.

Of all the Five Eyes counties, Australia has the most onerous and strict cyber laws and perhaps the weakest provisions for the protection of free speech and privacy. 

Five Eyes is an intelligence alliance comprising Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and the US. These countries are parties to a treaty for joint co-operation in signals intelligence.

This alliance became public knowledge after revelations fr...


Build unity to get rid of the Coalition "IndyWatch Feed"

Contributed by Jim Hayes

Dont get me wrong. Im all for Labor winning the federal election next year. The alternative of an ongoing Coalition government would be a disaster in many ways. More so, when it is hell bent on transforming the Australian political landscape into an ugly expression of entrenched inequality, exploitation and repression, which is far worse than anything experienced before.

In the course of backing Labor as the next government, sober heads dont have to buy into the hype that Labor would bring in any fundamental change in direction. It wont. The leadership has never claimed that it will. Deep down, they accept the general premise of the Coalition. This is that the fundamental force for the creation of wealth and building society is the big investor.

The departure point is that Labor stands, for a more equal distribution of wealth and a kinder, more benevolent form of government.  This is important, and if we are to go by the polls, most of Australia is agreeing.

Pulling back from the plunge into extreme neoliberalism and new depths of inhumanity would be a welcome change. At least, it would provide some breathing space for the millions of Australians, whose living standards and rights are heading south.

Besides, there is at present none else with the potential to form an alternative government next year. So Labor it must be.

The Greens are important. In many ways they are the conscience of society, and the greater the support for them the better. The Greens exert a healthy pressure on Labor. They are an important expression of the growing disillusionment with the traditional two-party system,  because it is not delivering what a large part of Australia wants. Other than this, there are a number of micro parties and individuals. They are also part of dissatisfied Australia.  

If we want to ensure Australia progresses towards a better future, it is necessary to do much more to break down tribalism and build unity around a common purpose. Broadly speaking, this is an economic policy that puts people first and building greater democracy as the alternative means of governing society.

To be honest, it must be admitted that Labor tends to be contradictory in a range of policy areas. It causes some internal schism. This might be evidenced in the coming federal party conference on 16-18 December. A stoush is shaping up over refugee policy, free trade, the level of Newstart,and the Adani coal mine.  This cannot just be put down to factional rivalries. Ultimately and most importantly, this is a division between the leadership and the ranks. It all boils down to the leadership wanting minimal change and others wanting more.  

This can make Bill Shorten and his team look like a bunch of fence sitters. Whi...


Egypt wins Fossil Award for being dead set on no-ambition strategy in Talanoa "IndyWatch Feed"

Well today's Fossil Award came from the leftfield. But on some days the least expected step up to be the worst, who does the most to be the least, and who tries their hardest to make sure we don't get fair justice and a binding climate deal. Egypt, the land of the pyramids, this day is yours for Fossil of the Day, for being dead set against ambition in Talanoa. Here be the award commendation


to December 12 Climate and Nuclear News "IndyWatch Feed"

William Perry,  formerly of the Pentagon, and former U.S. Secretary for Defense, is renowned for his work aimed at limiting nuclear weapons, and warning the world of the great threat of nuclear war.

But now, even Perry is recognising that, in some ways, climate change is an even greater existential threat to the world. He points out that nuclear catastrophe can happen quickly, but that its possible to prevent it. But climate change is happening slowly, inexorably, and could be irreversible.

Hes convinced me, and I had always thought that nuclear disaster was the most important danger.

With that new realisation in mind, Im seeing the events in Poland this week the COP24 UN Conference on Climate Change, with a more acute interest.  This international meeting comes right after the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report.


CLIMATE CHANGE. Australias ambassador for environment, Patrick Suckling, ridiculed as he joins USA pro coal panel in Poland.



Sheep Who Joined Wild Kangaroo Family Was So Fluffy He Could Barely Walk "IndyWatch Feed"

When this stray sheep lay down for a nap earlier this month, it was almost for the last time.

No one knows exactly how long the rogue sheep was wandering the forests of Australia without human care, but it was long enough for him to grow a coat of wool so massive that he could barely move.

Credit: Edgar's Mission

The sheep had also befriended a group of wild kangaroos in the woods, who apparently accepted him as one of their own but when he lay down and got stuck on his side due to his huge hair, his buddies couldnt help him. Luckily, a concerned citizen saw the sheep struggling to stand, and called Edgars Mission farm sanctuary for help.

This was urgent, and we needed to act fast, Pam Ahern, founder of Edgars Mission, told The Dodo. He was stuck on his side and couldnt right himself if we hadnt come along when we did, he would have most certainly died not long thereafter.

Credit: Edgar's Mission

When rescuers arrived, they couldnt believe their eyes. The homeless sheeps fleece was enormous and it was causing him a lot of stress.

When overgrown fleece becomes wet, it becomes a breeding ground for flies, which can be life-threatening to the animal as they can lay eggs that cause infection. His fleece was heavily soiled with urine as well, again posing another health risk to him, Ahern added.

Credit: Edgar's Mission

Rescuers helped the wayward sheep back to his feet and over to their sanctuary, where the team began to work thr...


The Movement to Suppress and Impoverish Critics of Israel is Racist "IndyWatch Feed"

Marc Lamont Hill, Tim Anderson, Steven Salaita, Rabab Abdulhadi, Hatem Bazian, Ahlam Muhtasib, Norman Finkelstein and other academics have all been targets of the movement to silence their criticisms of Israel and their defense of Palestinians. This includes threats and legal actions to try to deny them employment, in violation of their free speech rights, one of the most hallowed and ancient principles of academia. Salaita and Finkelstein were, in fact, denied employment, to the great detriment of their entire career. Hill and Anderson are currently defending themselves from this threat.

It is central to our understanding of these threats that the accusers are invariably Zionist or pro-Zionist individuals and institutions. Their backers include the Israeli government, which co-ordinates the movement through its Ministry of Strategic Affairs, the Israel lobbies in the US, UK, France, Australia and other countries, and the major Jewish Zionist billionaire funders, such as Sheldon Adelson, Haim Saban, Bernard Marcus and others. They emphatically do not include non-Zionist or anti-Zionist Jews, but almost always include non-Jewish Zionists.

This is already enough to conclude that there is a fundamental difference between Jews and Zionists and that many are one without being the other, including some ultra-orthodox Jews, like the Neturei Karta. The relevance of this is that the accusations against the critics of Israel are always that they are racist anti-Jews; i.e., anti-Semitic. The evidence consists of testimony from Jewish students and Jewish organizations that the criticisms make them feel unsafe or that they find them offensive.

But is any of the testimony from non-Zionist Jews? Or is it only from Zionists? Why dont non-Zionist Jews feel offended? If none of them feel offended and only Zionists (both Jewish and non-Jewish), how can the charge of anti-Semitism be supported? This is highly relevant to the defense of such cases. If someone is offended at skin piercings or tattoos or dark skin or light skin or atheism or other types of appearance and speech, is that a reason to banish them from the campus (or elsewhere)? It is part of a free society and respect for rights that anyone so offended will simply have to live with such feelings or go elsewhere.

In a tolerant society, it is permitted to voice both Zionist and anti-Zionist views. In fact, it is permitted to voice racist views, although it is not required to provide funding or resources for such views unless they are de jure available to all members of a society, (e.g. a speakers platform in a public park or a meeting room in a public library).

Is Zionism or anti-Zionism racist? Anti-Zionism is not, because its plainly not anti-Semitism. But Zionism advocates a Jewish state and supports the ethnic cleansing of another people, the Palestinians, in order...

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Monday, 10 December


Pro-climate demonstrations in Poland "IndyWatch Feed"

This 10 December 2018 video says about itself:

Thousands Protest at U.N. Climate Summit in Coal-Heavy Poland, Facing Riot Police & Intimidation

This week Democracy Now! is broadcasting from the U.N. climate summit in Katowice, Poland, where the U.S., Saudi Arabia, Russia and Kuwait have blocked language welcoming Octobers landmark IPCC climate report that warned of the catastrophic effects of a global temperature increase of 1.5 degrees Celsius, beyond which global crises could unfold at a rapid pace. The four countries rejected using the word welcome, insisting that members instead note the findings of the widely cited U.N. report. We begin our coverage with voices of some of the thousands of climate activists from around the world who marched in Katowice on Saturday, calling for world leaders to do more to keep rising greenhouse gas emissions in check. We also speak with a member of the European Parliament who confronted undercover Polish officials who were monitoring the protest.

This 10 December 2018 video says about itself:

Shame On You! Protesters Interrupt Trump Admin Promoting Coal & Fossil Fuels at U.N. Climate Talks

Just minutes before we began our Monday broadcast, Democracy Now! spoke to protesters at the U.N. climate summit in Katowice, Poland, as they interrupted a Trump administration event promoting coal and other fossil fuels....


PNG resource extraction law at stake "IndyWatch Feed"

The truth is that our country is at a crisis point. If we do not correct some very serious faults and failures in how we approach the extraction of resources such as minerals, gas and oil we will not only continue to fail to deliver progress to our people, we will put the very survival of our country at peril.

Editorial | The Sunday Bulletin | 2 December 2018

THIS week Papua New Guineas expanding resources industry will be showcased at a three-day PNG Mining and Petroleum Investment Conference.

Widely regarded as the nations premier international conference, will be held from 3 to 5 December 2018 at Sydneys Hilton Hotel in Australia.

We understand that speakers will include the PNG Prime Minister, Peter ONeill, along with a number of government ministers who will provide delegates with insights into the...

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Sunday, 09 December


Anglo-Saxon Eyes are Fixed on Countering China "IndyWatch Feed"


In spite in a number of signals that the Trump administration has made over the months to indicate that it is prepared to try to take China down alone, the better part of American policymakers have been hard at work behind the scenes, trying to put together a slapdash coalition against Beijing. Its rather curious that certain American media sources are not even trying to conceal this fact from the general public.

Thats where the largest Anglo-Saxon intelligence coalition in existence, comprising Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States comes into play. The anti-Chinese efforts of this coalition known as the Five Eyes (FVEY) has recently been joined by Germany, Japan and France that want to oppose Chinese investments into various regions of the world.

American politicians would typically describe activities of this coalition as consultations with like-minded partners, aimed, for the time being, at countering the rapid rise of Beijing and its two major infrastructure initiatives: the One Belt One Road (OBOR) and Made in China 2025. However, Beijing is not the only one to suffer from the activities of FVEY, as this body has reportedly developed a number of anti-Russian operations as well.

This trend seems particularly disturbing, especially if one is to get acquainted with the statement issued after the recent Five Eyes meeting on the Gold Coast of Australia, learning that FVEY would use global partnerships to accelerate the sharing of information to secure its goals.

The Five Eyes played a pivotal role in the adoption of a number of anti-Chinese legislative initiatives, including the one known as FIRRMA, which gives Washington new powers to block certain types of foreign investments. The text of that legislation mandates Donald Trump to conduct a more robust international outreach effort to convince allies to adopt similar protections.

Lately, London in order to secure its favorable relations with Washington has become a primary actor in th...


The Race to the Abyss Fuel of Choice "IndyWatch Feed"

IN PROGRESS TIA [September 24, Confidential 10] RNR [December 3, Confidential 10] Nominated Groups: All Groups FIRE-EARTH PRESENTATION 120902 The Race to the Abyss: California vs. Australia [part two] More fuel for faster race! [Presented by FIRE-EARTH Science.] Presentation available via FIRE-EARTH PULSARS. FIRE-EARTH Top Ten Alerts All Groups Latest FIRE-EARTH DIRECTIVES, ALERTS, FORECASTS, BULLETINS []

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Saturday, 08 December


YEMEN: The Consequence of Western Global Imperialism and Criminality is Genocide "IndyWatch Feed"

Jeremy Salt 
Palestine Chronicle

After the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, many are asking But what about Yemen? Yes, indeed, what about Yemen, but what about Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, and Somalia?   What about Egypt in 1956, what about Iran in 1953 and what about Palestine from 1917 to the present day?

There is a string of what abouts? going all the way back to the French occupation of Algeria in 1830.  The western presence in North Africa and the Middle East is an unbroken record of criminality, invasion, occupation, massacre, assassination and overthrow stretching back over two hundred years.

The west is always killing someone somewhere, or helping someone else to kill them. Nothing has ever stopped it.  Not 9/11 and certainly not the killing of Jamal Khashoggi. Even now Britain is ramping up its arms sales to Saudi Arabia, consolidating its position as a partner in the slaughter of Yemenis.

This is the template for what we now see around us.  In the Middle East, the west has been a curse. But what is the west?

No more than a useful cover, basically for three countries, Britain, France, and the US.  Their outriders, Australia, Canada, other European states, in it for the money, or bullied and intimidated into joining the coalition of the willing or whatever propaganda phase is cooked up to conceal the massacre of millions, are no more than useful bit players masquerading as independent countries.

From 1798 when French warships arrived off the coast of Egypt until 1956 when Britain and France were humiliated at S...


Rescuers Show Up To Help Injured Kangaroo And Realize He's HUGE "IndyWatch Feed"

Someone extraordinarily muscular just showed up outside a professional athlete's home in Australia. 

Credit: FFAR

A huge kangaroo was observed from the home of Brent Harvey, who used to play in the North Melbourne Football Club, also known as The Kangaroos. And this actual kangaroo needed some real help.

Credit: FFAR

"A large open wound could be seen on his arm," Manfred Zabinskas, cofounder of Five Freedoms Animal Rescue (FFAR), wrote. "Brents partner, Shayne, was concerned about her other Roo and called her family friend, Krysti (an experienced wildlife rescuer) for help."

Credit: FFAR

Zabinskas came to the scene after Krysti contacted him for help tranquilizing the enormous fellow no one would be able to get close to him otherwise. 

"There was no other way to safely capture such a big animal in such an open location," Zabinskas wrote. 

Tranquilizing the big guy who has come to be called Hugh Hefner after the testosterone-driven Playboy magnate proved to be quite a process.


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Wednesday, 05 December


Bougainvilles tinderbox threatens to reignite "IndyWatch Feed"

Bougainville Revolutionary Army fighters look down on the Panguna mine in 1996

An independence referendum and unresolved issues over the rich Panguna copper mine threaten to tilt Papua New Guineas tumultuous autonomous island back to civil war

Alan Boyd | Asia Times | December 4, 2018

Foreign mining companies are jostling for exploration rights on the Papua New Guinea island of Bougainville ahead of a crucial independence vote next year that some fear could revive tensions that sparked a civil war that killed 20,000 in the 1980s.

The island will need mining royalties to maintain a viable economy if the referendum backs independence, but unresolved issues over the Panguna copper mine are still a sensitive point with traditional landowners. Villagers shut the pit down in 1989, triggering the previous lethal conflict.

The referendum is the culmination of the Bougainville Peace Agreement, which formally ended the decade-long bloody civil war. It will take place as the US and Australia aim to work closely with Papua...


Magnitude 7.5 and Magnitude 6.6 168km ESE of Tadine, New Caledonia December 5, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed"

M 7.5 168km ESE of Tadine, New Caledonia

  • 2018-12-05 04:18:08 (UTC)
  • 21.969S 169.446E
  • 10.0 km depth
M 6.6 192km ESE of Tadine, New Caledonia
  • 2018-12-05 06:43:04 (UTC)
  • 22.050S 169.668E
  • 10.0 km depth

Seismotectonics of the Eastern Margin of the Australia Plate

Friday, 30 November


How the Greenback could affect the global economy "IndyWatch Feed"

Its that time of year.

The editorials start appearing, summing up the performance of stocks, commodities or gold.

As an Australian reader, it will come as no surprise to discover the big four banks are down an average of 12% since the start of the year.

To date, Rio Tinto is a couple of bucks down and the other mining giant, BHP, is a couple of bucks up.

All up, the S&P/ASX 200 is down around 7% for the year to date.

Give it a week or two, and then the 2019 forecasts will start to roll in. What will be the hot stock next year? Which sector is set to soar?

I could go on. But I wont. You go head to any of the mainstream rags for that.

I want to talk about something completely different.

A different kind of forecast for 2019.

I mentioned it in yesterdays Daily Reckoning Australia.

The biggest threat to your wealth is unravelling right now.

And almost no one is talking about it.

US$11 trillion worth of reasons to worry

The mighty US dollar.

Its the epicentre of the global financial system.

The safe-haven asset for global markets and investors.

And yet the greenback the very currency that underpins the entire global market could actually trigger the next financial crisis.

Thats a bit dark, isnt it?

Wait, I hear you say, Theres no way US policymakers would let that happen. They bailed out Wall Street in 1997 and the financial market in 2008. Wont they just do it again?

Not this time.

They cant.

The value of US dollar debt outside of the US hit US$11 trillion this year.

Thats a 5.2% increase on the year before. And the vast majority of this debt is sitting in emerging markets.

The strong US dollar is its own enemy

There has been persistent strength in the US dollar this year.

And for once, its not a good thing.

For starters, the more the US dollar is worth, the more of a local currency is required to pay back the US dollar loans.

So suddenly those emerging market loans become increasingly difficult to pay back. Meaning that the default risk jumps.

As more investors rush out of emerging market currencies like the Chinese renminbi, Brazilian real and Russian ruble it weakens the local currencies.

When a currency weakens, more of it is needed to pay off US dolla...

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