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Saturday, 18 August


Peace for our time ? "IndyWatch Feed"

Amid the recent upsurge of leadership speculation, this time affecting the government, a crucial observation on the so-called National Energy Guarantee seems to have been missed.

This half-baked compromise, if it works at all, wont resolve anything. Theres no target for emissions reductions, which might help get legislation through Parliament, but leaves the most important single issue for later. The already messy pricing system is to be complicated further by unspecified policies to reduce prices directly. And the denialists are still pushing for a publicly funded coal-fired power station.

Supposing this chimera somehow struggles into existence, it will last as long as the political stars with which it is aligned. If Turnbull loses to the right of his own party, the whole thing will be dumped in favor of policies driven by culture war concerns rather than economics, let alone climate. If Labor wins, they will need to dump this mess and start again, effectively from scratch.

I have in my mind a picture of Turnbull, descending the steps of a plane and waving a peace of paper while he announces Peace for our Time. I guess that cant literally happen since the relevant meetings will all take place in Canberra and tarmac photo-ops are confined to state visits these days. But I doubt that Turnbulls deal will last as long as Chamberlains did.


Hawker vote on nuclear dump siting delayed, after Bangarla peoples court win "IndyWatch Feed"

Second nuclear vote delayed in SA Kathryn Bermingham, Australian Associated Press August 17, 2018

Another resident vote about a nuclear waste facility has been stalled in South Australia, after an indigenous group argued a similar poll was discriminatory.

A vote on whether the facility should be built near the rural town of Hawker has been delayed, after the Barngarla people were on Thursday granted a Supreme Court injunction to delay a vote on whether it should be built near Kimba.

Flinders Ranges Mayor Peter Slattery said the decision was made because the Kimba matter, due to be heard before the full court next week, may have consequences for the Hawker vote.

He said the decision to delay the Hawker vote was jointly made by the council and the federal government.

Two sites near Kimba, on the Eyre Peninsula, and one near Hawker, in the Flinders Ranges, have been short-listed as potential locations for a low-level radioactive waste storage facility.

The traditional owners of the Hawker site are the Adnyamathanha people, while the Barngarla are the traditional owners...


Malcolm Turnbull caves in to climate denialists again "IndyWatch Feed"

Malcolm Turnbull dumps plan to legislate Paris emissions targets, ABC News, By political editor Andrew Probyn and Melissa Clarke , 17 Aug 18 


Drought, wind and heat: Bushfire season is starting earlier and lasting longer "IndyWatch Feed"

ABC News, The Conversation By Owen Price 17 Aug 18 


The link between climate change and wildfires "IndyWatch Feed"

we can say it is highly likely that they would not have had such extreme impacts without global warming. Indeed, all weather events are affected by climate change because the environment in which they occur is warmer and moister than it used to be.

Climate change and wildfires how do we know if there is a link?   Kevin Trenberth Distinguished Senior Scientist, National Center for Atmospheric Research, August 10, 2018 

Once again, the summer of 2018 in the Northern Hemisphere has brought us an epidemic of major wildfires.

These burn forests, houses and other structures, displace thousands of people and animals, and cause major disruptions in peoples lives. The huge burden of simply...


Abrupt thaw of permafrost beneath lakes could significantly affect climate change models "IndyWatch Feed"

August 16, 2018
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Methane released by thawing permafrost from some Arctic lakes could significantly accelerate climate change, according to a new study. Unlike shallow, gradual thawing of terrestrial permafrost, the abrupt thaw beneath thermokarst lakes is irreversible this century. Even climate models that project only moderate warming this century will have to factor in their emissions, according to the researchers.


August 17 Energy News geoharvey "IndyWatch Feed"

World: EU backs Norway and Germany power link A power grid link between Norway and Germany is being backed by the European Investment Bank. It signed a 100-million financing agreement with TenneT, one of Europes major electricity transmission system operators. The the 624-km, 1.4-GW interconnector will go under the North Sea. [Energy Reporters]  []

via August 17 Energy News geoharvey


Californias Wildfires and Nuclear Radiation A Personal Story Fukushima 311 Watchdogs "IndyWatch Feed"

August 7, 2018 When I purchased a commonly available radiation detector right after the Fukushima disaster in 2011 I never would have dreamed how it would impact the way I saw the world. Since then I would periodically test the level of radioactivity around my home here in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California. Nothing []

via Californias Wildfires and Nuclear Radiation A Personal Story Fukushima 311 Watchdogs


ARENA, Finkel lead push for massive renewable hydrogen exports RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed"

Australia has huge potential for renewable hydrogen exports, possibly requiring enough new solar and wind capacity equivalent to the existing grid by 2040. The post ARENA, Finkel lead push for massive renewable hydrogen exports appeared first on RenewEconomy.

via ARENA, Finkel lead push for massive renewable hydrogen exports RenewEconomy


Sapphire renewable energy hub wins approval solar and storage to come RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed"

CWP Renewables wins planning approval to add 200MW solar plus battery storage to existing 270MW wind farm at Sapphire in northern NSW. The post Sapphire renewable energy hub wins approval solar and storage to come appeared first on RenewEconomy.

via Sapphire renewable energy hub wins approval solar and storage to come RenewEconomy

Friday, 17 August


Clerical child abuse in Pennsylvania, USA "IndyWatch Feed"

This 15 August 2018 video from the USA says about itself:

Bombshell Report Exposes Catholic Priest Pedophile Ring

Will these victims ever receive justice? Ana Kasparian and Brett Erlich hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

Pennsylvania grand jury report spanning over 1,300 pages was released on Tuesday, detailing various sexual abuses that occurred in six Pennsylvania dioceses, including one instance in which a priest received a letter of reference for a job at Walt Disney World after he quit following abuse claims.

The report included abuse charges against Father Edward George Ganster, who began his career with the church in 1971 as an assistant pastor at the Notre Dame of Bethlehem Church in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. In 2002, a victim who was then age 37 contacted the diocese and said that when he was a 14-year-old altar boy at St. Joseph in Frackville, Pennsylvania, Ganster fondled and groped him. On one occasion, Ganster dragged the boy across a living room floor, pulling him by the underwear. Ganster also beat the victim repeatedly, once using a metal cross, the report states. The abuse at the hands of Ganster lasted for over one-and-a-half years and all happened in St. Josephs Rectory.

Read more here.

This 16 August 201...


This week in nuclear news Australia "IndyWatch Feed"

Abrupt thaw of permafrost beneath Arctic lakes is irreversible could accelerate climate change. Climate change is starting to pack an economic punch.

Nothing dramatically new in the nuclear news. Nuclear waste problems are still intractable around the world, while governments continue to promote new nuclear in what looks like a sad act of religious faith.


Julian Assange may have to leave the Ecuadorian embassy, due to his poor health. BBC wants to place cameras in apartments opposite Julian Assanges refuge at Ecuadorian embassy. Julian Assange should be assured of immunity before taking risk of testifying to U.S. Senate.

CLIMATE.  Climate change is increasing Australias heat and drought.   At least 75 bushfires raging across New South Wales and Queensland. But hey!...


Barngarla Aboriginal people win injunction to halt nuclear waste dump vote "IndyWatch Feed"

South Australian Aboriginal group wins injunction to halt nuclear ballot, By Claire Campbell  


Several federally-owned land parcels, including Woomera could be assessed as nuclear dump site "IndyWatch Feed"

Documents released under the Freedom of Information Act reveal the Industry Department last year identified several federally-owned land parcels which met the suitability criteria to be assessed as possible waste dump sites
Supreme Court orders temporary halt on vote to build nuclear waste facility near Kimba
Peter Jean, The Advertiser August 16, 2018
A COMMUNITY vote on whether a radioactive waste storage centre should be built near Kimba has been stalled by a Supreme Court injunction.

The court action comes as The Advertiser can reveal the Turnbull Government looked at federally-owned land parcels as possible alternatives to the three South Australian sites short-listed for a national radioactive waste management facility.

Residents in the Kimba and Hawker districts had been due to begin voting next week in ballots to determine whether they would be willing to accept a low-level radioactive waste dump.

But the Barngarla indigenous people argued the Kimba ballot was discriminatory because native-title holders who lived outside the municipal boundaries would be denied voting rights. An injunction was granted ahead of a hearing before the full court next week.

Two sites near Kimba and one near Hawker have been short-listed for...


Resources Minister Matt Canavan is deceptive in his statements about Low Level nuclear waste "IndyWatch Feed"

Greg Bannon, Quorn 16/08/2108

Senator Canavan introduces the concept of nuclear energy into the debate on radioactive waste storage, (The Advertiser, 15/08/2018) but refers only to low level waste.

He does not mention the long-lived intermediate level waste. In April, he announced that this would also be stored at the facility. His Department admits there are no plans for its disposal at this stage, only moving it from current temporary storage, to park it temporarily near Hawker or Kimba for several decades.

People in both communities, including the Traditional Owners have said No.

Nuclear power generation is another matter entirely. The Scarce Royal Commission into the nuclear fuel cycle rejected nuclear power generation two years ago. The Citizens Jury even rejected the Commissions recommendation to investigate storing nuclear waste in South Australia. The Senators Department vehemently denied any connection between their waste facility and the Scarce Commissions investigation. The Senators reference to nuclear energy seems strange timing.


Nuclear stooge Senator Matt Canavan deplores delay in decision on nuclear waste dump "IndyWatch Feed"

Note the Advertiser makes the mistake of saying its only for low level waste. 

Federal Industry Minister Matt Canavan says Australia cant have a serious debate about nuclear energy until a radioactive waste dump is built, Peter Jean, Senior Federal Political Reporter, The Advertiser, August 15, 2018   

AUSTRALIA cant have a mature debate about nuclear energy until a permanent home is built for low-level radioactive waste, federal Industry Minister Matt Canavan has declared.

Senator Canavan made the comments after lawyers for the Barngarla Determination Aboriginal Corporation launched legal action to try to prevent a community vote on radioactive waste going ahead in the Kimba district next week.

Kimba and Hawker district residents are scheduled to vote on whether theyd be willing to accept a low-level radioactive waste facility in their local areas.

A hearing on the Barngarla application to stop the Kimba vote will be heard in the Supreme Court today.

The Barngarla group argues that members who are native title holders in the Kimba District but dont live there should be permitted to vote on the waste dump proposal.

Senator Canavan sa...


Inadequate report from Senate Committee on selection process for nuclear waste dump "IndyWatch Feed"


We must not allow the federal Government to go ahead with this ill-advised nuclear waste dump plan for South Australia "IndyWatch Feed"

South Australians reject proposed nuclear waste dump, Pascal Cannarozzo, August 16, 2018  Issue 1192

A nuclear waste facility site is on the cards for South Australia. The federal government has whittled down its list of potential sites to two communities: Hawker in the Flinders Ranges, and Kimba on the Eyre Peninsula.

But local populations, and the people of South Australia in general, have come out strongly against what they see as a natural disaster coming their way.

Local Indi...


Donald Trump now plans to turn space into a nuclear war zone "IndyWatch Feed"

Turning Space Into a War Zone  

The Trump administration is pushing hard on its scheme to create a Space Force.  Last week Vice President Pence, chairman of a newly reconstituted National Space Council, in a speech at the Pentagon declared: The time has come to write the next great chapter in the history of our armed forces, to prepare for the next battlefield.

Pence claimedfalsely: Our adversaries have transformed space into a warfighting domain already and the United States will not shrink from the challenge.

Trump, who in June announced he was directing the Department of Defense and Pentagon to immediately begin the process necessary to establish a Space Force as the sixth branch of the armed forces, following Pences address Thursday promptly tweeted: Space Force all the way!

At the same time, signaling that the Space Force drive will be used politically, the Trump campaign organization sent out an email asking supporters to choose between six Space Force logos that were depicted. President Trump wants a Space Forcea groundbreaking endeavor for the future of America and the final frontier, wrote Brad Parscale, campaign manager of Donald J. Trump for President, 2020. To celebrate P...


Nuclear waste clean-up workers at Fukushima are being exploited "IndyWatch Feed"

Fukushima: UN says cleanup workers in danger of exploitation  UN human rights experts have said the workers, most of them migrants, risked exposure to radiation and coercion. They have called on Japan to protect the workers cleaning up the damaged nuclear power station.

Tens of thousands of cleanup workers at the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station risk exploitation, UN human rights experts said in a statement on Thursday.

The three experts, who report to the UN Human Rights Council, warned that exposure to radiation remained a major risk for workers handling the cleanup of the plant.

Workers hired to decontaminate Fukushima reportedly include migrant workers, asylum-seekers and people who are homeless, said the three: Baskut Tuncak, an expert on hazardous substances, Dainius Puras, an expert on health, and Urmila Bhoola, an expert on contemporary slavery.

We are deeply concerned about possible exploitation. The workers risk exposure to unhealthy levels of radiation not only because they work in places with high radiation but also because they work for longer hours than they should, Tuncak told DW after the statement was released.

They are not sufficiently trained, which exposes them to serious health risks. Also, most of them are economically vulnerable, who may not turn down the job despite hazardous working conditions, he said.



Concerns in Michigan about dangers of transporting nuclear wastes through this Sate "IndyWatch Feed"

Request to ship nuclear material through Michigan draws concerns MLive News, By Brad Devereaux


Tsunami risks increase with climate change "IndyWatch Feed"

Climate change sea level rises could increase risk for more devastating tsunamis worldwide

Even minor sea-level rise, by as much as a foot, poses greater risks VIRGINIA TECH 16 Aug 18 

As sea levels rise due to climate change, so do the global hazards and potential devastating damages from tsunamis, according to a new study by a partnership that included Virginia Tech.

Even minor sea-level rise, by as much as a foot, poses greater risks of tsunamis for coastal communities worldwide.

The threat of rising sea levels to coastal cities and communities throughout the world is well known, but new findings show the likely increase of flooding farther inland from tsunamis following earthquakes. Think of the tsunami that devasted a portion of northern Japan after the 2011 Tohoku-Oki earthquake, causing a nuclear plant to melt down and spread radioactive contamination.

These findings are at the center of a new Science Advances study, headed by a multi-university team of scientists from the Earth Observatory of Singapore, the Asian School of the Environment at Nanyang Technological University, and National Taiwan University, with critical support from Virginia Techs Robert Weiss, an associate professor in the Department of Geosciences, part of the College of Science.

Our research shows that sea-level rise can significantly increase the tsunami hazard, which means that smaller tsunamis in the future can have the same adverse impacts as big tsunamis would today, Weiss said, adding that smaller tsunamis genera...


Signs of nuclear waste cask breakdown in less than 20 years! "IndyWatch Feed"

Paul Richards 17 Aug 18 The San Onofre transport/storage cask, was, and remain placed next to the ocean, in a high-risk area for a Tsunami.  In a state that has over 75% of the seismic activity in North America, within close proximity of the well-known earthquake fault line in California.

The citizens of Orange, & San Diego County along with Los Angeles were assured these casks were guaranteed for a hundred years.  As opposed to the many thousands of years needed in guarantee for future generations, yet there were and still are signs of cask breakdown in under twenty years.

Let that sink in, U N D E R  2 0  Y E A R S.

It was the typical, nuclear industry message when this plant was phased out as economically and environmentally unviable, demonstrating the nuclear energy experiment had failed:

Trust us, we know best, these casks are world best practice

What are the probabilities after over 70 years of using the same line of logic others in the Nuclear State have;

* that this industry has solved its spent nuclear fuel cask containment problem, or ever will?

Even without going into the long-term storage issues, of a final dump site, as a repository for the indefinite cost of backdoor waste, the IAEA acknowledges has no solution;  the whole concept of nuclear energy looks far more trouble, in terms of cost, wasted development and risk to life on earth be r...


Lack of clarity on South Australian nuclear waste dump plan "IndyWatch Feed"

Dump clarity Letter to the Editor, The Advertiser, 17 August 2018
IT is little wonder that the Barngala group is using legal action on the Kimba and Hawker vote on nuclear waste.
The Federal minister misrepresents fully what is happening by telling us that it is a low-level waste dump, when it is also a dump to receive intermediate waste temporarily for 100 years.
We were told more than three years ago it was a low-level dump until the Government reluctantly admitted that it was about intermediate waste as well. The local federal MP has said it was about more money. Last month, the Government boosted the employment numbers from 15 to 45 and the money from $2 million to $31 million just before the vote due to start on Monday.
It is vital that we have the full truth on this issue.


San Onofre nuclear station described as a Fukushima waiting to happen "IndyWatch Feed"

The San Onofre nuclear plant is a Fukushima waiting to happen, By STEVE CHAPPLE, AUG 15, 2018    Southern California Edison is keeping 3.6 million pounds of lethal radioactive waste at the shuttered San Onofre nuclear plant in San Clemente.



Hydrogen could be Australias next multibillion dollar export opportunity, according to a panel of energy, technology and policy leaders who presented their findings to the COAG Energy Council last week., 17 Aug 18 
Dr Alan Finkel, Chair of the Hydrogen Strategy Group and Australias Chief Scientist, said that hydrogens time has come.

Hydrogen produces only water vapour and heat when burned. When produced from water using renewable electricity, or from coal or methane combined with carbon capture and storage, its a close to zero-emissions fuel. With appropriate safeguards, its just as safe as natural gas, and just as convenient for consumers.

In Australia, we have all the necessary resources to make hydrogen at scale: wind, sun, coal, methane, carbon sequestration sites and expertise.

Its simply never been commercially viable. Now, the economics are changing.

Dr Finkel explained that the key developments were the falling costs for renewable energy and Japans commitment to be a long-term, large-scale customer for hydrogen produced through low-emissions methods.

Japan currently imports 94% of its energy in the form of fossil fuels. To reduce its emissions, government and industry have put ambitious hydrogen uptake targets at the heart of a comprehensive energy transition plan, Dr Finkel said.



New Mexico State could still block Holtecs plan for nuclear waste dump, despite Federal govts powers "IndyWatch Feed"

State could block nuclear storage site near Carlsbad even if federally licensed, By Adrian C. Hedden / Carlsbad Current-Argus, N.M. (TNS), August 16th, 

State lawmakers maintained they will have a say in a proposed facility to store high-level nuclear waste near Carlsbad and Hobbs, despite an opinion issued by New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas suggesting New Mexi...



Kim Mavromatis No Nuclear Waste Dump Anywhere in South Australia, 16 Aug 18 

 Transporting Radioactive Nuclear Waste from all over Australia (upto 10,000 times more radioactive than uranium ore), thousands of kms several times a week thru Spencer Gulf cities, roads and ports (Port Pirie, Whyalla and Port Augusta) and dumping it on farmland or floodplain in one of the most seismically active regions in Australia, is pure insanity.

25 million people will be effected as our national highways become Nuclear Waste superhighways and the fate of the whole nation is confined to just 600 people (living within 50km radius of the proposed sites) in Kimba and Hawker who will vote this month FOR or AGAINST a Nuclear Waste Dump in our backyard. When a Nuclear Waste accident happens (and it will happen), dont expect insurance companies to cover you for Nuclear Waste exposure. When is the next federal election?


An end to 34-year saga:  Final stones laid at Aboriginal burial ground  at Moree Cemetery "IndyWatch Feed"

Aidan Wondracz , 14 Aug 18

The Aboriginal burial ground at Moree Cemetery now stands completed,
after the final stones were laid at the site on Tuesday.

I finally feel like its a job done. It has taken me nearly 34 years
to see this part of the cemetery come to fruition,
Aunty Noeline Briggs-Smith OAM said.

The sandstone blocks were placed at the foot of the Ngindi Baababili Tubbiabri sign,
followed with a carpet of pebbles. Aunty Noeline said
the sandstone matched the type of rocks at the Tranquility Area.

The laying of the stones closes off more than a three-decade saga,
during which time Aunty Noeline has sought to restore identities
to more than 200 previously unmarked Aboriginal grave sites.

Its a relief to know all are now resting in eternal sleep
and that people from the community can come and visit
their relatives at the final resting places, Aunty Noeline said.


South Australia will be at 100% renewables by 2025 market operator RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed"

South Autralia is likely to reach 80 per cent renewables by 2022 and the equivalent of 100 per cent renewables by 2025 as its major baseload gas fired power stations exit the market. The post South Australia will be at 100% renewables by 2025 market operator appeared first on RenewEconomy.

via South Australia will be at 100% renewables by 2025 market operator RenewEconomy


One Way Stocks Could Soar "IndyWatch Feed"

US stocks had a big session overnight. The Dow Jones had its best day since April.

All in all, the market looks bullish going into the second half of the year. And no wonder.

The earnings coming out are good. Management teams in the US are upbeat about the short-term outlook.

Retail sales especially have come in a lot stronger than expected as US consumers go shopping. Walmart says it saw the best quarterly sales growth in a decade.

US stocks can certainly rise from here, lifting the ASX with it.

Goodbye long-term bonds

Heres one reason why US stocks could be in for a lot more fun.

I came across an interesting market video this week. It pointed out that long-term bond prices are weakening relative to the US stock market.

You have to put this into a very long-term timeframe to get the point.

Imagine for a moment the typical US investor in the year 2000. Its highly likely their financial adviser gave them a portfolio that was half long-term bonds and half US stocks.

Over the last 20 years or so, it wasnt a bad way to go about investing. Both asset classes have done well.

But the main point is that when the US stock market dived, bond prices went up. This dragged down the overall risk and volatility of the portfolio.

But something notable happened with long-term bonds when the US stock market tanked in February. They went down too!

Something about the old relationship broke from the norm.

This is a relationship we need to carefully watch going forward. A lot of money could shift out or away from the bond market and head into US equites instead.

Big money in the market that needs fast returns

Its also interesting to note that the Wall Street Journal reported recently that US pension funds have a major problem: Their assets arent enough to cover future liabilities. They need growth of 78% to keep meeting their commitments.

One consequence of this is that theyve raised their percentage allocation to stocks. This is also pumping more money into the share market.

The pension funds are also allocating money to private equity and hedge funds. Bonds are losing appeal because yields are lacklustre.

This might be part of the dynamic that takes the share market to a top. Investors may be tempted to overreach.

Consider: Two of the biggest pension funds in the US are for Californian teachers and civil servants.

One of them is knowns as CalPERS. Theyre paying out huge sums ...


Public land being sold under market value "IndyWatch Feed"

The sale of public land significantly under its market value in Woy Woy on the central coast by the NSW coalition government in 2015 has outraged the local community and led to questions about the ethics around the continuing sale of public land by the government.

Greens MP David Shoebridge has referred the sale of prime waterfront land in Woy Woy to ICAC saying the sale raises grave concerns about the integrity of the remainder of the $9 billion plus of public lands sales that have occurred under the NSW coalition government.

It is understood that the land sale was negotiated behind closed doors without going to market. Once the deal was done the proposed sale was only advertised in a distant newspaper in Batemans Bay, a five hour drive from the site, in breach of legal requirements under the Crown Lands Act.

The Act requires that the sale of public land is advertised either in a state wide newspaper or in a newspaper with prominent circulation in the area where the land is being sold said Mr Shoebridge.

This was prime waterfront land on the Central Coast, but its proposed sale was only notified in a small, regional newspaper based in Batemans Bay, said Mr Shoebridge.

The prime public waterfront land on the NSW Central Coast was sold in 2015 for just $38,000, significantly below its real value, and despite internal valuations suggesting a sale price should be at least $120,000.

According to the ABC residents started asking questions about the sale shortly after the development application was lodged for a four-story apartment block for seniors on the site which also includes the local bowling club and sits at the edge of the waterfront with a playground, bike track and walking path.

This governments multi-billion dollar fire sale of public land has robbed New South Wales residents of public assets and a fair return, said Mr Shoebridge.

From the outset this was a contentious proposal that has seen a much loved local bowling club being sold off for development. For many residents of the area to then be excluded from even basic notification is an added insult.

Firstly, this is clearly a gross underpayment for the site and secondly, it is a gross breach of notification requirements.

It is quite literally unbelievable that the only notice given by the coalition of the....


MEDIA ALERT: FED CT BRIS FRI 4.15PM Trad Owners v Adani and others judgment "IndyWatch Feed"

MEDIA ALERT: FED CT BRIS FRI 4.15PM Trad Owners v Adani and others judgment

17 August 2018

Critical judgment in W&J Traditional Owners fight for their land rights against Adani

WHAT: Justice Reeves of the Federal Court delivers his decision in the case in which Wangan and Jagalingou (W&J) Traditional Owners have challenged the legitimacy of a meeting funded by Adani to authorise an ILUA (Indigenous Land Use Agreement), the certification of that purported ILUA by Queensland South Native Title Services, and the subsequent registration of the Adani ILUA by the National Native Title Tribunal. Further background to the case below.

WHEN: 4.15pm, Friday 17 August 2018.   

WHERE: Federal Court, Court No. 2, Level 7, Cth Law Courts 119 North Quay (Tank St entry), Brisbane.

Adrian Burragubba, spokesperson for the five W&J applicants, and the Wangan and Jagalingou (W&J) Traditional Owners Council, is available for comment before and after the decision.

Mr Adrian Burragubba says: No matter what happens today, we are calling on the Queensland Government to rule out extinguishing our native title in any part of our land. No matter who wins, we expect an appeal.

It would be a travesty for the Government to wipe out our title for Adani. If Queensland can stop them dredging the Reef before Adani has money, or pull the pin on $1 billion NAIF funding, they can surely protect our rights to our land. They must not hand a private corporation land title at our expense, based on discriminatory laws.

We know its the Queensland Governments choice. Enough is enough. We have called on the UN for international scrutiny of whats happening here. The Government must bring itself into the modern era on our human rights and leave us to protect our country and chart a better future than coal mining.

Media enquiries: Anthony Esposito, W&J Traditional Owner Council advisor 0418 152 743

W&J website:

W&J facebook: to the case


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