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Friday, 10 August


Coal Mining in Australia: Prospects for India "IndyWatch Feed"

coal 1

By Taazakhabar News Bureau

Minerals are back-bone of Australias economy. Australia is leading producer and net exporter of minerals. More than 300 mines over Australia produce over 22 varieties of mineral ores. Mining has directly or indirectly touched the lives of people and contributed billions of dollars to Australias wealth. The industry has developed 26 towns, 25 airfields, 2,000 kilometers of railway and 12 ports besides upgrading the facilities in existing ports.

Mining industry has been a catalyst for Australias economic development and is the largest source of private employment. Around 167 000 people are directly employed and almost a similar number some 153 000 are indirectly employed by the industry. The industry also serves as a spring board to leverage a number of immigrants wanting to make a fortune.

It is said to be so important that when it sneezes the Australian economy catches a cold. The industry accounts for 7% of GDP, 20% of investments and 50% of exports of goods and services.

Minerals are Australias largest export. Coal and iron ore are two of Australias largest export earners. The two types of coal mined in Australia include high-quality black coal and the lower-quality brown coal. The Black coal is mined underground in Queensland and New South Wales, and is used for domestic and overseas power generation and industrial boilers. Brown coal found in Victoria and South Australia is of lower quality due a higher ash and water content. Australia holds 8 per cent of the worlds black coal resources and accounts for 6 per cent of world production. In terms of brown coal resources Australia represent 24 per cent of total world resources. Coal is Australias biggest export commodity. Australia accounts for around 34 % of world black coal trade54% of world metallurgical trade and 18% of thermal coal trade. Almost 75% of Australian black coal production is exported. Australia has one of the largest coal reserves (76200 million ton) almost 10% of the world total.

Coal also referred to as Black Gold accounts for 25% of Australias exports. Though Coal is mined in varying quantities in almost every state of Australia, New South Wales (NSW) and Queensland account for 97% of Australias production and almost its entire black coal export. Victoria has the largest reserves of brown coal, used exclusively for power generation. The brown coal deposits in Victoria with low mining costs is one of the worlds che...


Extracts from todays Webinar about Managing Australias Nuclear Wastes "IndyWatch Feed"

transcribed by Noel Wauchope 10 August 18 

Dr Margarert Beavis :

Less than 1% of the total wastes of the nuclear reactor comes from medical use For Intermediate Level Waste, (ILW) ARPANSA says repeatedly that there is no urgency for a news interim waste facility.  Internationally,  ILW is stored near reactors.

ANSTO is expanding nuclear activities, which will mean massive increases in wastes.

Information about nuclear medicine has been over-blown. Its very clear that nuclear medicine will continue regardless of the dump

Cyclotrons are the  fastest growing area of producing nuclear medicine. Canada and UK are phasing in cyclotrons. ANSTOs massive reactor plans mean not only more ILW, but also massive costs. Selling nuclear medicine gets back only 10% of the costs of managing the wastes

for informed consent, people need excellent information. Tours offered to ANSTO, not to Woomera. People told by Bruce Wilson this site will not leak

Scott Ludlam

The argument that ILW has to be moved that is contestable.  If it is perfectly safe,as claimed, why the push for moving it far away?  We should not have the process for an interim site before having the process for permanent disposal. Is it a case of out of sight out of mind

Whats the definition of Broad Community Support ? What will you do if both communities (general and indigenous) are not broadly supportive?

The material will be dangerous for 10,000 years. On a politicaland electoral basis- we do have time. You are not letting medicine down if you think that this...


Dave Sweeney urges Federla government to pause and consider, rather than rushing into nuclear waste dumping in Kimba "IndyWatch Feed"

Slow down nuclear process: Sweeney, Whyalla News, Louis Mayfield 7 August 18  An environmentalist is urging the federal government to slow down their site selection process for the National Radioactive Waste Management Facility as a community vote looms for Kimba and Hawker.


UN chief and Nagasaki mayor warn on need for nuclear disarmament "IndyWatch Feed"

U.N. chief offers a warning on anniversary of last nuclear attack, CBC News, 9 August 18 TOKYO  Nagasaki marked the anniversary of the worlds second atomic bombing Thursday with the United Nations chief and the citys mayor urging global leaders to take concrete steps toward nuclear disarmament. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, the first United Nations chief to visit Nagasaki, said fears of nuclear war are still present 73 years after the Nagasaki and Hiroshima bombings and that the attacks should never be repeated.

He raised concerns about slowing efforts to denuclearize, saying existing nuclear states are modernizing their arsenals.

Disarmament processes have slowed and even come to a halt, Guterres told the audience at the Nagasaki peace park. Here in Nagasaki, I call on all countries to commit to nuclear disarmament and to start making visible progress as a matter of urgency. Guterres added that nuclear weapons states should take the lead. Let us all commit to making Nagasaki the last place on Earth to suffer nuclear devastation, he said.

More than 5,000 citizens, including Nagasaki atom bomb survivors, and representatives of about 70 countries remembered the victims as they observed a minute of silence at 11:02 a.m., the moment the plutonium bomb Fatman hit the city..

Guterres said the peace and nuclear disarmament movement started by survivors of the atomic bombings has spread around the world but frustration over the slow progress led to last years adoption of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

Japan, despite being the only country in the world to have suffered nuclear attacks, has not signed the treaty because of its sensitive position as an American ally protected by the U.S. nuclear umbrella.



The Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) Says No To Nuclear Ports In South Australia "IndyWatch Feed"

MUA Says No To Nuclear Ports In South Australia 8 Aug 18

The Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) is continuing its long-running stance against the shipping of any nuclear material in or out of South Australia.

The Turnbull Government has shortlisted three sites in South Australia that could be used to permanently hold low-level nuclear waste and temporarily store intermediate-level waste.

Two of these sites are at Kimba, on the Eyre Peninsula, while a third is near Hawker, in the northern Flinders Ranges.

Whyalla, Port Lincoln and Port Pirie were named as potential nuclear waste ports in three Site Characterisation, Technical Reports released by the Federal Department of Industry in July.

MUA South Australian Branch Secretary Jamie Newlyn said MUA members are long time opponents of Nuclear Waste Storage in Australia and led the charge against the former SA Governments International Waste Dump Royal Commission and consequent citizens jury.

The Turnbull Governments recent declaration that sites in Kimba and Flinders Ranges could be used to store intermediate-level nuclear waste is incredibly concerning, Newlyn said.

The MUA is further alarmed that the Federal Department of Industry has identified Whyalla and Port Pirie where our members currently work as potential ports to unload this toxic and unsafe material.

The MUA, along with the mayors of Port Pirie and Whyalla, have been blindsided by this announcement yet the safety of port workers and the communities through which this hazardous material is transported is critical.

A postal ballot will begin in Kimba and Hawker on August 20 to determine public...


Whyallas port could be used to receive and ship nuclear waste to and from a waste management facility "IndyWatch Feed"

NUCLEAR TRANSPORT, Whyalla News (print edition, 9 Aug 18 ) Whyallas port could be used to receive and ship nuclear waste to and from a waste management facility, according to a report by the Federal Industry Department (DIIS).

But the federal government, who have plans to establish a National Radioactive Waste Management Facility (NRWMF) in Kimba or Hawker, have poured cold water on the idea.

Whyalla, Port Lincoln and Port Pirie were named as potential nuclear waste ports in three Site Characterisation, Technical Reports released by the Federal Industry Department (DIIS) in July.

A shipment of nuclear waste is due from Sellafield in UK and a shipment out of Port Kembla is planned from the ANSTO Lucas Heights reactor of nuclear waste received from France in 2015.



Kimba nuclear waste dump proposal is in breach of International Atomic Agency Safety Guide "IndyWatch Feed"



2.22 In the classification scheme set out in this Safety Guide, low level waste is waste that is suitable for NEAR SURFACE DISPOSAL. This is a disposal option suitable for waste that contains such an amount of radioactive material that robust containment and isolation for limited periods of time up to a FEW HUNDRED YEARS are required.

This requirement is pretty much copied into the ARPANSA Guide under the heading of LOW LEVEL WASTE (LLW) at page 13 in Section 3.2


2.28 Intermediate level waste is defined as waste that contains long lived radionuclides in quantities that need a greater degree of containment and isolation from the biosphere than is provided by NEAR SURFACE DISPOSAL. Disposal in a facility at a depth of between a FEW TENS AND A FEW HUNDREDS OF METRES is...


Julian Assange should be assured of immunity before taking risk of testifying to Senate "IndyWatch Feed"

Assange should secure immunity before taking risk of testifying to Senate whistleblower    Kiriakou 9 Aug, 2018 


The huge water cost of nuclear power plants "IndyWatch Feed"


The hidden water footprint of fossil fuel and nuclear power  plants You probably have no idea just how much water is needed to produce electricity Quartz, By Akshat Rathi, August 9, 2018  . The trouble is that thermal electricity generationa category that includes coal, natural gas, and nuclear powerdoesnt just require fuel, but also water. And a lot of it.

In the US and Europe, more than half of the water drawn from nature is used for power generation. This years heatwave has forced some of those power plants to shut down.

As Quartz...


WalkatjurraWalkabout epic anti-uranium protest walk "IndyWatch Feed"

Walkers Raisley (accessed) 8th Aug 2018 Walkatjurra Walkabout is an epic one-month protest walk in the remote desert of the WA Goldfields, covering over 250 kilometers against uranium mining.
The walkers will visit the proposed Wiluna and Yeelirrie uranium projects
before walking into the Leonora community in solidarity and support of
Traditional Owners who have stopped uranium mining on their country for
over 40 years.


Opinion divided on proposed nuclear dump for South Australia "IndyWatch Feed"   10 August 2018   (view full episode)

The process has divided the town of Kimba on the Eyre Peninsula, which has two potential sites, and Hawker in the northern Flinders Ranges.

This afternoon, residents of those towns will gather round their screens to watch an online discussion canvassing both sides of the debate.

Barb Walker No Nuclear Waste Dump Anywhere in South Australia Interesting to note in Frans closing comment, communities get to make the final decision. and they wonder why people get confused when RN cant even get it right. A few weeks ago we were told by government officials, the vote will be a gauge of community sentiment and the minister will have the final say.

How much is community sentiment 51%65%.75%??? At a community meeting the minister and other government officials refused to tell us what percentage for the YES or NO vote will be broad community support.
Get ready to have the goal posts moved again people!  


Thorium nuclear reactors can produce material for nuclear weapons "IndyWatch Feed"

The half-lives of the protactinium isotopes work in the favor of potential proliferators. Because protactinium 232 decays faster than protactinium 233, the isotopic purity of protactinium 233 increases as time passes. If it is separated from its uranium decay products a second time, this protactinium will decay to equally pure uranium 233 over the next few months. With careful attention to the relevant radiochemistry, separation of protactinium from the uranium in spent thorium fuel has the potential to generate uranium 233 with very low concentrations of uranium 232a product suitable for making nuclear weapons. 

Thorium power has a protactinium problem By Eva C. Uribe, August 6, 2018  In 1980, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) observed that protactinium, a chemical element generated in thorium reactors, could be separated and allowed to decay to isotopically pure uranium 233suitable material for making nuclear weapons. The IAEA report, titled Advanced Fuel Cycle and Reactor Concepts, concluded that the proliferation resistance of thorium fuel cycles would be equivalent to the uranium/plutonium fuel cycles of conventional civilian nuclear reactors, assuming both included spent fuel reprocessing to isolate fissile material.

Decades later, the story changed. Th[orium]-based fuels and fuel cycles have intrinsic proliferation resistance, according to the IAEA in 2005. Mainstream media have repeated this view ever since, often without caveat. Several scholars have recognized the inherent proliferation risk of protactinium separations in the thorium fuel cycle, but the perception that thorium reactors cannot be used to make weapons persists. While technology has advanced, the fundamental radiochemistry that governs nuclear fuel reprocessing remains unchanged. Thus, this shift in perspective is puzzling and reflects a failure to recognize the importance of protactinium radiochemistry in thorium fuel cycles. 

Protactinium turns 100. The importance of protactinium chemistry for obtaining highly attractive fissile material from thorium has been recog...


Will Holtec nuclear waste cans be safe long after Holtec ceases to exist ? "IndyWatch Feed"

Holtec and SNC-Lavalin presumably make money if the decommissioning can be done for less than $1 billion. What the public and the regulators need to watch now is how well it is done no cutting corners, no substandard materials, no shoddy work. We need to know that the oceanfront site in Plymouth will be safe for generations to come with no health risk to people in Southeastern Massachusetts. If that isnt the case when Holtec leaves, it is taxpayers who will have to pick up the tab to make things right. We dont want that to happen.

OUR OPINION: Keep a watchful eye on decommissioning of Plymouth nuclear plant Metro West Daily News 9 Aug 18

First the good news: In 10 years, the Pilgrim nuclear power plant in Plymouth could be gone.

Now the bad news: Well, there really isnt any, if everything goes exactly as planned and if someplace in New Mexico decides it wants to house some of the nations most incredibly dangerous nuclear leftovers.

Those are pretty big ifs, as is everything about decommissioning a nuclear power plant. And it is a very long shot that there wont be 60 or so big tanks sitting upright on the plant site in 2028. They will be filled with rods containing the spent nuclear fuel that powered the plant. That spent fuel will be intensely radioactive for many thousands of years.

. Entergy announced last week (Wednesday, Aug. 1) that it was selling Pilgrim to Holtec International of Florida. Holtec and a Canadian company, SNC-Lavalin Group of Montreal, had set up a joint venture company, Comprehensive Decommissioning International, to take on the decommissioning of nuclear facil...


Immediate Objections To Nuclear Bombing Of Hiroshima-Nagasaki By Respected US Public Figures Mining Awareness + "IndyWatch Feed"

Originally posted on Mining Awareness + : From History News Service July 29, 1998: Second-Guessing Hiroshima? By Leo Maley III and Uday Mohan Second-guessing the necessity and morality of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki 53 years ago is nothing new. Contrary to widely held opinion, the first critics of Americas use of atomic weapons were

via Immediate Objections To Nuclear Bombing Of Hiroshima-Nagasaki By Respected US Public Figures Mining Awareness +


Victoria withholds support on NEG says it needs more work RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed"

State energy minister says Victoria and other jurisdictions have held off on approval of the NEG prior to its uncertain passage through the Coalition party room.

via Victoria withholds support on NEG says it needs more work RenewEconomy


August 9 Energy News geoharvey "IndyWatch Feed"

Opinion: You probably have no idea just how much water is needed to produce electricity Despite the growth of renewable-energy, most electricity is still generated by fossil fuel or nuclear fuel. The trouble is that thermal electricity generation, a category that includes coal, natural gas, and nuclear power, does not just require fuel, []

via August 9 Energy News geoharvey


Flow Power contracts 50MW from proposed Queensland wind farm RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed"

Flow Power to take about half the output from new Queensland wind farm to deliver cheap renewable electricity to corporate customers in that state.

via Flow Power contracts 50MW from proposed Queensland wind farm RenewEconomy


States being asked to approve NEG mechanism that increases emissions RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed"

On top of that, the $150 average annual household saving the ESB claims is due to the NEG is illusory, and based on heroic demand assumptions.

via States being asked to approve NEG mechanism that increases emissions RenewEconomy


Big little lies: The rotten core that could kill the NEG RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed"

The NEG, in its current form, proclaims to halt the energy transition in its tracks. Its a nonsense of course, but Australia needs a policy that recognises the future, not one that pretends to be able to stop it.

via Big little lies: The rotten core that could kill the NEG RenewEconomy


Hold Adani to account for pollution "IndyWatch Feed"

Politicians are lying when they say a coal industry can co-exist with the Great Barrier Reef. Photo AAP Image/Supplied by Greenpeace, Dean Miller.

The Australian Marine Conservation Society is calling on the Queensland Government to hold Adani to account, following media revelations the company knew it would pollute the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area during Cyclone Debbie and breach their special licence to pollute by up to 900 per cent.

Dr Lissa Schindler, AMCS Senior Reef Campaigner, said: According to media reports Adani actually suspected that its water on site was more polluted than what was allowed to be released into our Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area during Cyclone Debbie. This demonstrates yet again that Adani cant be trusted with our Reef.

To knowingly allow this water to be released and pollute the area surrounding the Abbot Point coal terminal would be to recklessly risk the health of our threatened dugongs, turtles, snubfin dolphins and the nationally significant Caley Valley Wetlands.

How can Adani challenge its measly $12,000 fine and fight an environmental assessment of Abbot Point when it reportedly knew it would pollute the Reef and breach its licence before the cyclone hit?

This is blatantly unacceptable to everyone who loves the Reef, let alone depends on it for their livelihoods. The Queensland Government must fight for our Reef and hold Adani accountable for this coal pollution.

The post Hold Adani to account for pollution appeared first on Echonetdaily.


Can the electricity system be fixed ? "IndyWatch Feed"

Im going to be talking to Steve Austin on ABC 612 Brisbane today, hopefully about COAGs rejection of the Turnbull governments National Energy Guarantee. As I said when this policy was cooked up in a matter of a few weeks last year

The most important thing to understand about the federal governments new National Energy Guarantee is that it is designed not to produce a sustainable and reliable electricity supply system for the future, but to meet purely political objectives for the current term of parliament.

Those political objectives are: to provide a point of policy difference with the Labor Party; to meet the demands of the governments backbench to provide support for coal-fired electricity; and to be seen to be acting to hold power prices down.

To expand a bit on the first point, this is a policy that wont survive past the next election. If Labor wins, theyll need to raise the emissions reduction target and that will entail dismantling most of the elaborate structure of the NEG. If, regrettably, Turnbull is re-elected, hell face immense pressure from the backbench to do more for coal. On past form, and the indications of recent weeks, hell comply. If it should survive, the policy wont deliver any significant change from the current no-policy trajectory, because its essentially designed to do nothing.

But if not the NEG, what can be done to fix the shambles that is our electricity system? Heres a very brief outline:

(i) a publicly owned national grid, operated by a statutory authority with a service orientation encompassing the goals of security of supply, affordable electricity, and a transition to a fully renewable generation system
(ii) the abandonment of the electricity pool market, in favor of longer dated supply contracts, with an order-of-merit system of supply management
(iii) a mixture of public and private electricity generation and networked storage
(iv) reintegration of distribution and retail services


ABx Subsidiarys Aluminum Fluoride Technology To Be Licensed Globally "IndyWatch Feed"


Australian Bauxite Limited (ABx) announced to the market yesterday that its wholly-owned subsidiary ALCORE Limited will have the rights to employ ALCORE technology throughout the world.

In a press release issued yesterday, ABx said that the technology, which is used in producing aluminium fluoride (AlF3), will be available to ALCORE for utilization as it builds plants abroad. The process will yield more AlF3 at a lower cost in order to meet an ever-expanding demand, especially in the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries.

Plants utilizing the process have already begun construction, with groundwork laid on such a plant in New South Wales last month. Once commissioned, the plant will produce AlF3 for the production of Corethane, a pure hydrocarbon powder derived from coal that can be used either as thermal power or in high-efficiency batteries.

ABxs CEO Ian Levy greeted the news as a major advancement in the ALCORE project and the technology it utilizes.

Step by step, ABx is bringing ALCOREs powerful new bauxite refining technology closer to becoming an important domestic producer and supplier of key AlF3 products for the Australasian aluminium smelters. However, in the longer-term, these global technology rights allow ALCORE Limited to produce AlF3 in any location globally. Creating ALCORE Limited as a project-specific subsidiary is expected to unlock considerable value for shareholders in both the short and medium terms.

ALCORE Technology also produces several valuable co-products including silica fume for the cement industry and Corethane pure hydrocarbons for energy and fuel security. Upside potential includes production of pure AlF3 for Lithium-ion batteries, iron oxide pigments, titanium oxide pigments. Further potential exists for developing ultra-pure products such as high purity alumina (HPA) for the manufacture of scratch-resistant sapphire glass for phones and computer screens.

Based in Sydney, ABx conducts operations in Tasmania, Queensland, and New South Wales. The fir...


Alcore gets license to refine "IndyWatch Feed"

AUSTRALIAN Bauxite-subsidiary Alcore will be free to produce aluminium fluoride anywhere in the world after securing global licence rights for bauxite refining using the Alcore technology.

The technology refines raw bauxite to produce aluminium fluoride and other valuable co-products such as silica fume and corethane.

The global licence will pave the way for Alcore to build multiple plants in any locations to meet growing demand for aluminium fluoride and associated co-products.

A global spike in aluminium smelter production and the use of aluminium fluoride in lithium ion batteries is boosting demand for the product.

Site construction work for the first stage of Alcores pilot project at Berkeley Vale on New South Wales Central Coast began in July.

The first stage is designed toproduce aluminium fluoride test samples and produce corethane, which is pure hydrocarbon powder refined from low-value coals

*A subscription is needed to access the full article at


Thursday, 09 August


Australia Could See First Solar-Powered Bitcoin Mining Farm in Coal Town "IndyWatch Feed"

An Australian data center operator and its cryptocurrency subsidiary are developing what they describe as the countrys first behind-the-grid data center powered by renewable energy. Situated in the coal-mining town of Collie, some 200km south of Perth, the new facility is being developed by data center operator DC Two and subsidiary D Coin and will Continued

The post Australia Could See First Solar-Powered Bitcoin Mining Farm in Coal Town appeared first on CCN


Industrial fishing fleets traveling farther to reel in fewer fish "IndyWatch Feed"

Industrial fishing fleets are traveling ever-farther across the globe in pursuit of a dwindling haul of fish, a new study finds. Researchers with Sea Around Us, a research initiative spearheaded by the University of Western Australia (UWA) and the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Canada, produced high-resolution maps of fish catches between 1950 and 2014 in order to examine the geographic expansion of industrial fishing. Their results were detailed in the journal Science Advances last week. According to the study, the average distance industrial fishing fleets travel from their home ports to fishing grounds is twice what it was in the 1950s, expanding the total area of the worlds oceans that are fished from 60 to 90 percent. Despite ranging farther afield and fishing in new waters, however, the fleets of the top 20 fishing countries collectively responsible for 80 percent of the global industrial fishing catch are hauling in far smaller amounts of fish. Today, about 7 metric tons of fish are caught per 1,000 kilometers (about 621 miles) traveled by those 20 countries fleets, less than a third of the more than 25 metric tons they caught per 1,000 kilometers traveled in the 1950s. Noting that global industrial fishing hit peak catch in 1996 and has continually declined in productivity since then, the researchers write in the study that the worlds industrial fishing fleets might be in danger of running aground on a hard barrier to meeting future demand: The trends in the spatial expansion


AATIP documents found on US website "IndyWatch Feed"


On the morning of 7 August 2018 my attention was drawn to the existence of a number of documents, and videos about the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP.) The story broke when Twitter user @Jay09784691 posted several tweets about them, thus placing them in the public domain.

The items

Below, I present a summary of the items. I have chosen not to post any of the images in this post, as some provide personal information about certain individuals. I will however use the names of individuals who have self identified themselves as members of the To The Stars Academy. 

An image of a package

There is an image of a white padded bag with on it. It has 'To: L. Elizondo handwritten on it in blue and 'Department/Mail Station.' It is 'From: [handwritten name I choose not to type here]'in blue ink,  then 'Date/time' printed on it. Below all of this is handwritten 'Chris Mellon 1600 9/7/17.'

Comment: This is suggestive of an internal DoD security package delivering items from [Unnamed] to Luis Elizondo, which then was delivered to Chris Mellon at 1600hrs on 7 September 2017.

An image of four coloured compact discs

There is an image of four green coloured compact discs. These are labelled 'Disc 1 of 4;' "Disc 2 of 4;' 'Disc 3 of 4;' Disc 4 of 4.' All of the CDs have printed on them 'This medium is Unclassified US Government Property.' By the printed word 'Date' appears the characters 9/5 handwritten.

Comment: If 9/5 is a date, meaning 5 September (2017?) then this fits in with the white package date shown as 7 September 2017.

AATIP brief

There are seven jpeg files, each labelled as aatip-brief-pdf-orig, numbered 1-4, then 6-8. Missing is a jpeg file number page5. When opened, the files appear as a series of briefing slide, labelled 1-4, then 7-9. Slides numbered 5 and 6 are missing. The contents of the slides are as follows:

Slide 1 - 'Advanced Aerospace Threat and Identification Program.'

Slide 2 - 'Purpose'

* Inform the Deputy Secretary of Defense of ongoing activities relating to AATIP

* Request establishment of a Restricted Special-Access-Program with a Bigoted Access list for specific portions of AATIP

* Re-assign billets, resources, and recommended personnel to a dedicated DoD AATIP support office



Ancient megashark Victoria's surf coast - fossil find exhib opens today "IndyWatch Feed"

A jaw-full of mega shark teeth rare evidence that a shark twice the size of a Great White stalked Australia's ancient waters is to be unveiled at Melbourne Museum on today, Thursday 9 August. Usually shark teeth are found singly, but this time they have the whole set for the gigantic Great Jagged Narrow-Toothed Shark.

A prehistoric shark feast, the 9m long Great Jagged Narrow-Tooth Shark becoming a meal for several Sixgill Sharks. Credit: Peter Trusler / Philip Mullaly, the local Ocean Grove resident who found the mega shark teeth with Dr Erich Fitzgerald. Credit: Museums Victoria

Victorian Fossil Find Uncovers Prehistoric Leftovers of Colossal Shark Feast

A visit to his local beach will never be the same again for Philip Mullaly. The keen-eyed fossil enthusiast has found an extraordinary set of shark teeth - evidence that a shark nearly twice the size of a Great White once stalked Australias ancient oceans. The citizen scientist made the find in Jan Juc, a renowned fossil site along Victorias Surf Coast.

I was walking along the beach looking for fossils, turned and saw this shining glint in a boulder and saw a quarter of the tooth exposed. I was immediately excited, it was just perfect and I knew it was an important find that needed to be shared with people, recounts Mr Mullaly.

Up to 7 cm long, the teeth have been identified as being from an extinct species of mega-toothed shark - the Great Jagged Narrow-Toothed Shark (Carcharocles angustidens) - which could grow to more than 9-metres long, almost twice the length of todays Great White Shark.

This shark stalked Victorias ancient sea ap...


Hardship Is Not A Competition: Supporting Our Farmers Doesnt Mean We Cant Support Our Neighbours "IndyWatch Feed"

With all of NSW now drought declared, and other states fast heading in the same direction, calls for more support for farmers is welcome. But slashing spending to help neighbours weve abused for decades is not the way to get there, writes Hayley McQuire.

I support Australian Farmers. What I dont agree with is the constant argument about Why are we giving so much in foreign aid yet not supporting our farmers?

This is a common theme that arises whenever there are a group of Australians in crisis.

Why are we giving so much in foreign aid while there are so many homeless? Why are we giving so much in foreign aid while our old people are on a horrible pension? Why are we giving so much in foreign aid when Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People..

Okay, admittedly, it doesnt seem to appear when First Peoples are in crisis. But for the record, the majority of our Foreign Aid budget is spent with our neighbours in the Asia Pacific.

Lets keep in mind our history with countries in this region.

A large amount of our aid goes to our closest neighbour Papua New Guinea, with $546.3m allocated in the 2017-2018 budget.

The Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea. (IMAGE: Drew Douglas, Flickr)

Every ANZAC Day we celebrate our partnership with Papua New Guinea and how they saved our arse on the Kokoda Track. However, we conveniently forget the fact that PNG was under Australias colonial rule as one of our territorys up until 1972. We conveniently forget how Australia has exploited PNG for their natural resources (heres looking at you Rio Tinto Bougainville Copper Mine).

Australia also gives aid to other Pacific countries like Vanuatu ($69.8m in 2017-2018) and Solomon Islands ($146m in 2017-2018).

So, I guess some are forgetting the time Australia STOLE people from their homes and forced them into indentured labour and built an entire sugar industry off the back of black bodies.

I sho...

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