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Tuesday, 04 December


World Bank $200 billion for action on climate change, emphasis on adaptation "IndyWatch Feed"

World Bank to raise $200 billion to fight climate change  SBS News 4 Dec 18 The World Bank Group will spearhead a five-year, $200 billion investment to fight climate change. The World Bank has unveiled a $200 billion in climate action investment for 2021-25, adding this amounts to a doubling of its current five-year funding.

The World Bank said the move, coinciding with a UN climate summit meeting of some 200 nations in Poland, represented a significantly ramped up ambition to tackle climate change, sending an important signal to the wider global community to do the same.

Developed countries are committed to lifting combined annual public and private spending to $100 billion in developing countries by 2020 to fight the impact of climate change up from 48.5 billion in 2016 and 56.7 billion last year, according to latest OECD data.

Southern hemisphere countries fighting the impact of warming temperatures are nonetheless pushing northern counterparts for firmer commitments.

In a statement, the World Bank said the breakdown of the $200 billion would comprise approximately $100 billion in direct finance from the World Bank.

Around one third of the remaining funding will come from two World Bank Group agencies with the rest private capital mobilised by the World Bank Group...

Much of the climate action financing is being set aside for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, notably through development of renewable energy strategies.

However, the World Bank stated that a key priority is boosting support for climate adaptation, given the millions of people already battling the consequences of extreme weather.

By ramping up direct adaptation...



Vimy Resources has relied on heroic assumptions about prices, unfounded optimism about a booming nuclear industry, and has ignored regulatory risks and mine closure costs in its Definitive Feasibility Study (DFS) for the proposed Mulga Rock uranium mine to the east of Kalgoorlie, a new report by the Australia Institute has found.

The report, commissioned by the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) and the Conservation Council of WA (CCWA), will be released tomorrow as shareholders gather at Vimy Resources AGM in Perth.

Dr Cameron Murray of The Australia Institute said, The report clearly shows that, based on plausible assumptions about exchange rates and uranium prices, the proposed Mulga Rock uranium mine is unprofitable.

The Mulga Rock DFS is ambitious to the point of heroic. The projections for the future role of nuclear power are extremely optimistic, and the economic assessment of the projects position in the global uranium marketplace fails to accurately reflect the international situation, Dr Murray said.

CCWA Nuclear Free Campaigner Mia Pepper said, This report is a reality check for shareho...


David Attenborough urges world leaders to LEAD on climate change action "IndyWatch Feed"

Our greatest threat: David Attenboroughs grim warning on climate Naturalist David Attenborough has told delegates at a UN conference the world is facing the end of civilisation if it does not unite to tackle climate change. SBS News, 4 Dec 18  British broadcaster and environmentalist David Attenborough has urged world leaders, meeting in Poland to agree ways to limit global warming, to get on and tackle our greatest threat in thousands of years.Known for countless nature films, Attenborough has gained prominence recently with his Blue Planet II series, which highlighted the devastating effect of pollution on the oceans.

Leaders of the world, you must lead, said the naturalist, given a Peoples seat at the two-week UN climate conference in the Polish coal city of Katowice alongside two dozen heads of state and government.

The continuati...


Behind the scenes, its the military, not civilian energy, that want Small Modular nuclear Reactors "IndyWatch Feed"

the decision to pursue Molten Salt Nuclear Reactors (MSRs )may not be based on market laws. For MSRs to succeed, they will likely be developed with appropriate political support and military funding.

If a nation wants an unlimited power supply for cutting-edge military technologies, then the MSR is indeed a very good candidate.

small modular reactors fitted with MSR technology could effectively supply electricity at remote military bases.

When a technology has some potential, the military sector can provide appropriate funding to quickly prototype products, which wont necessarily have commercially viable features

Molten Salt Reactors: Military Applications Behind the Energy Promises, POWER,12/02/2018 | Jean-Baptiste Peu-Duvallon The commercial nuclear power sector has evolved with great help from the military-industrial complex. Research and development funded for the purpose of national defense has resulted in advances directly applicable to the power industry. For molten salt reactor designs to succeed, political support and military dollars may again be necessary.

Observers of the energy sector have likely noticed a growing interest worldwide in small modular molten salt reactor (MSR) concepts. North American companies such as...


False claims against Julian Assange pave the way for USA to imprison him (DOES AUSTRALIA NOT CARE?) "IndyWatch Feed"

Indeed, we could see those articles as pivotal in the current hostile environment against Assange; the purpose of which is presumably to prepare the way for the extradition of Assange to the US. Meanwhile, the Mueller inquiry into alleged links between US president Donald Trump and Russia and Assange is gaining headlines on an almost daily basis. And there is evidence that Assange has been secre...


Weird responses of righteous fury, against students who protested about about climate change "IndyWatch Feed"

The weirdest right-wing takes on the student climate protest , Australias free speech warriors took a righteous stand against children fighting for their future. Crikey, DEC 03, 2018   After years of apocalyptic headlines and government intransigence on climate change, the sight of thousands of high school students packing Sydneys Martin Place last Friday provided a jolt of much-needed hope for the future. Armed with loudspeakers, and some incredibly creative posters, the strike which also took place in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Coffs Harbour, Bendigo and other city centres  represented part of a global surge of student-led climate change protests.

It also caused a surge of righteous fury among conservative politicians and commentators; a feeling that was not shared by most Australians who are more worried about climate change than ever, and increasingly are in favour of more renewable energy. Heres a selection of the responses from those who chose to take a stand against the children advocating for their future: (subscribers only)


South Australia now supplying electricity to Victoria, as wind power surges "IndyWatch Feed"

Victoria now relying on SA for power as wind production rises and coal plants close, Adelaide Now Daniel Wills, State Political Editor, The Advertiser December 3, 2018 Green-powered South Australia is now sending Victoria more electricity than it takes back as wind production surges, leading energy experts to warn that more storage is the key to keeping the local grid stable.......

Monday, 03 December


Fascist Vox gains foothold in Spains Andalusia regional election "IndyWatch Feed"

Contributed by Jim Hayes

Vox has gained 12 parliamentary seats in regional election in Andalusia on 2 December.  Andalusia is Spains southernmost region.

The result is attracting a great deal of attention, because this the first time that a Francoist party has made headway, since the end of the Franco dictatorship, which lasted from 1936 to 1975. It brings an ominous implication for the whole of Spain.

With 6.5 million residents, this is the most populous part of Spain. It is also the poorest and has the highest unemployment rate, not only of Spain, but in the whole of Europe.

Jubilation at Vox headquarters in the regional capital Sevillia.
Video from France 24


This is a traditional stronghold of the Socialist Party, which has been in government for 36 years. But its support base has been shrinking and it took a further hit at this election, resulting in the lowest vote for the party on record.

Traditional rivals, the Popular Party also took a hit, and this benefited Ciudadanos, which more than dounbled its seats to 21, and is the contender for the Popular Partys spot in the political spectrum. Indications are that a considerable part of the Socialist Party base did not even bother to vote. Only 56.5 percent of the electorate did.

Although the Socialist Party stillgained the most vots at 29 percent, and  holds the largest number of seats, 33 in the 109 seat parliament, it is 14 less than before  and not enough to form the new government. To have a chance of doing so, it will have to form an alliance with the anti-austerity party Podemos, which increased its seats from 15 to 17. This is still short of a majority, forming of a government will require some sort of deal with one of the other parties.

The alternative is a Popular Party and Cuidadanos led government, which brings Vox into the coalition or some other form of agreement.

In answer to the dilemma, the Socialists hav appealed to the Popular Party and Ciudadanos not to sell their souls to the fascists and help build a wall against the threat they pose. Podemos has made a similar call. The Popular party and Cuidadanos are signalling that they do indeed want to bringing Vox although this does come with a measure of hesitation. The risk is being branded as pro-fascist, and this could lead to new divisions within and loss of more of the support base.

Behind this situation, is the falling standing of traditional politics and political parties. A large part of the population is looking for alternatives. Driving this, is the failure of govern...


Big Coal And Friends On Track To Shut Down Your Climate Activism "IndyWatch Feed"

A major case opening today in a Queensland court could have profound implications for climate activists around the country. Julie Macken explains.

The term, climate crisis is now the most commonly used descriptor when discussing global warming. Extreme weather events, firestorms, heat waves, flooding rain, loss of ice, snow and species are rightly seen within the frame of an emergent climate crisis. But if we are really witnessing a climate crisis one with the potential to destroy our way of life and end our lives how should we respond as a community?

This is a question being tested in Australias classrooms and Parliament right now and later today, in fact. The Queensland Supreme Court will be asked to decide whether, despite this crisis, it is reasonable for a large corporation to dictate how the community should be allowed to use social media to try and prevent this crisis.

The background to the case is this. Aurizon, the rail freight company formerly owned by the Government of Queensland, has been targeted by a number of individuals and communities because it plays a key role in the coal industry managing the 2,670 km Central Queensland coal network. It is also critical to Indian mining company Adanis plans to ship coal from the proposed Carmichael mine to Abbott Point, as Adani plans to build a 200km line that will connect to Aurizons existing Goonyella and Newlands rail network.

Without Aurizon there is no Adani mine.

One of those groups protesting the proposed Adani mine, and Aurizons involvement in the expansion of the coal industry, is a small community group called FLAC Front Line Action on Coal. Unlike the large environmental NGOs, FLAC is still committed to supporting people who take direct action to prevent the expansion of the coal industry and they have had some serious successes of late.

So much so that Aurizon has taken the extraordinary action of getting interim orders against FLAC. Those orders include prohibiting FLAC from inciting anyone by Facebook, website, and Twitter to enter rail corridors across Aurizons network or interfering with any of the companys coal trains.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk shakes hands with Gautam Adani, Port of Townsville, 6 December 2016. (IMAGE: AAP)

On Tuesday the Supreme Court will be asked to make these inte...


PNG LNG expansion obliged to reserve gas for domestic market "IndyWatch Feed"

The Hides gas field is set to supply more gas for PNGs LNG expansion. Richard Dellman/AdvantagePNG

Angela Macdonald-Smith | Australian Financial Review | December 3, 2018

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter ONeill has revealed that 10 per cent of the gas in the next phase of LNG expansion in the nation will be reserved for domestic use, while the tax structure from the $US12 billion project will be engineered to ensure a flow of revenues for the government even when commodity prices sink to their lowest point in the cycle.

The news on some of the key terms around the LNG project puts some meat behind the memorandum of understanding between the government and the Total-led Papua LNG venture announced during the APEC summit in Port Moresby last month.

But as signalled by that announcement, the timetable for the project has slipped, with the partners now only set to start initial engineering and design work on the expansion in the June quarter of 2019 after the delayed gas agreement&#8221...


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