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Tuesday, 23 January


Asteroid 2018 BF3 flew past Earth at 0.63 LD, 6th in 4 days "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

A sixth known near-Earth asteroid in just 4 days flew past Earth within 1 lunar distance on January 19, 2018. The latest asteroid was designated 2018 BF3 and it flew past Earth at a distance of 0.63 LD / 0.00162 AU (~242 348 km / 150 588 miles) at 03:00 UTC. This...... Read more

Powerful M7.9 earthquake hits Gulf of Alaska, triggers tsunami warnings "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

A massive earthquake registered by the USGS as M7.9 hit the Gulf of Alaska at 09:31 UTC on January 23, 2018 (00:31 local time). The agency is reporting a depth of 25 km (15.5 miles). EMSC is reporting M8.0 at a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles). Tsunami warnings, watches...... Read more

Mount Kusatsu-Shirane erupts after 35 years of calm, leaves one dead and 18 injured "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

A sudden eruption took place at Kusatsu-Shirane volcano (Kusatsu-Shiranesan) in Japan early Tuesday, January 23, 2018, causing an avalanche that left one member of Japan's Self-Defense Forces (SDF) dead and 6 injured. At least 11 people were injured by falling...... Read more

Rare snow, heaviest since 2014 brings Tokyo to a standstill "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

A rare heavy snowfall hit Japanese capital Tokyo on Monday, January 22, 2018, causing around 700 traffic accident, stranding more than 9 000 travelers and leaving more than 180 people injured. The snowfall began during the morning hours (local time) of January 22,...... Read more

Massive blizzard dumps huge amounts of snow on B.C., forces closure of ski resorts "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

A powerful storm that hit British Columbia, Canada over the weekend, leaving more than 73 000 people without electricity, dumped massive amounts of snow on Vancouver Island, creating dangerous conditions that forced ski resorts and roads to temporarily close. Mount...... Read more

Shallow M6.0 hits near the coast of Java, Indonesia "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

A strong earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.0 hit near the coast of Java, Indonesia at 06:43 UTC on Tuesday, January 23, 2018. The agency is reporting a depth of 43.9 km (27.3 miles). EMSC reports M6.0 at a depth of 80 km (49.7 miles). According to the USGS,...... Read more

32 waterspouts reported off Corfu, Greece "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

A major waterspout outbreak took place early Sunday, January 21, 2018 off the coast of Corfu, the second largest of the Ionian Islands, northwesternmost part of Greece. According to photographer Giannis Gasteratos, who recorded and reported the event, at least 32...... Read more

Significant winter storm brings heavy snow and ice to Midwest, Plains "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

A strong winter storm is bringing heavy snow and ice from the Plains to the upper Midwest and western Great Lakes, US on Monday, January 22, 2018, causing major road and air traffic problems. The storm is named Jaxon by The Weather Channel. Hundreds of flights were...... Read more

Legal recognition in the works for communities occupying Indonesias conservation areas "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

JAKARTA The Indonesian government has acquiesced to the reality that local and indigenous communities already manage land within conservation areas, saying it will begin formalizing this de facto stewardship this year. Some 5,860 villages are peppered throughout conservation areas covering a combined 221,000 square kilometers (85,330 square miles) of land, according to data from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. National parks account for three-fifths of that land, and though these are ostensibly off-limits to human activity, the reality is that many communities have long existed in these areas, subsisting off the forest and its natural resources. These are people who have been interacting with national parks and sanctuaries for a long time, Wiratno, the ministrys head of conservation, told reporters in Jakarta. And theyve been neglected [by the government], without any legal certainty over access to or management of the land. One prominent case centers on Sumatras Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park, one of the last bastions on Earth of the critically endangered Sumatran rhino, tiger and elephant. Human encroachment into the park in the form of coffee farmers and loggers, among others has prompted alarm among conservationists. A 2012 study found there were at least 100,000 people either living in or farming within the park, with around 15 percent of the parks 3,568 square kilometers (1,377 square miles) under active encroachment an area more than five times the size of Paris. Indigenous Indonesians of Mentawai district depend their lives on the resourceful forests. Photo

Friend, not foe: Review highlights benefits of predators and scavengers "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Predators help humans far more than theyre given credit for, despite the antagonistic nature of the relationship, according to a review of studies. While predators and scavengers are a large source of conflict, such as big cats in Africa and Asia or dingoes in Australia, there are many examples where they may provide benefits to humans, Christopher OBryan, an ecologist at the University of Queensland in Australia, said in a statement. Our paper identifies studies that have shown these benefits across a broad spectrum. If reintroduced in parts of the U.S., mountain lions could help keep the deer population in check, which would likely lower the number of deer-car collisions, one study found. Photo by Julia Larsen Maher/WCS. Predators are typically better known for harassing pets and livestock, or being a source of disease, than they are for the valuable and often less visible services they provide. But predator numbers are down around the world: Leopards are found in less than a quarter of their historical range, for example, and most vulture species numbers are sliding too. Those types of trends have scientists worried that we might not understand predators importance before its too late. So OBryan and his colleagues combed the scientific literature, searching for information about how these animals impact our lives. Their review uncovered many examples of documented benefits from predators, from mountain lions reducing deer-vehicle collisions and bats saving corn farmers billions per year by reducing crop pests, to vultures savings millions in livestock

New app hopes to reduce wildlife deaths on Indias roads, railway lines "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Indias growing network of roads and railway lines, often crisscrossing forests and wild lands, has turned deadly for wildlife. In December last year, for example, an 8-year-old male tiger died in a road accident on a four-lane-highway in the state of Maharashtra, while a speeding train killed five elephants in the state of Assam. Countless other animals, from frogs and snakes, to birds and jackals, frequently collide with high-speed cars or trains in India, but their deaths go unnoticed, unrecorded. A newly launched mobile-based app hopes to tackle this problem. Roadkills, an Android app currently supported by the Wildlife Conservation Trust (WCT), lets people record information on deaths of animals, both domestic and wild, on roads or railway lines, and upload geotagged photos. Such data can be useful not just for researchers, according to Milind Pariwakam, a wildlife biologist with the WCT, but for people planning infrastructure projects across the country. The app data can help identify what sections of roads and railway lines animals use the most, for instance, which could in turn help guide measures that would reduce or prevent their deaths. Small research teams can only monitor a few roads at a time, Pariwakam told Mongabay. But development is going to happen everywhere, and the scale of this problem is so huge that resources are always going to be limited no matter how big an organization you are. So we thought Why dont we mobilize citizens to collect roadkill data instead? An 8-year-old male tiger was hit and killed by a speeding

Popes message to Amazonia inspires hope, but will it bring action? "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Pope Francis arrives at the sports arena in Puerto Maldonado, Peru. The pope spoke out against deforestation due to illegal mining and the misery it is bringing to Perus indigenous people. Photo by Luis Fernandez courtesy of the Centro de Innovacin Cientfica Amaznica There is nothing quite so effective as an historic visit by a charismatic pope for bringing grave moral issues into the bright light of spiritual hope. Pope Francis did just that on 19 January when he arrived in Puerto Maldonado, Peru, the capital of Madre de Dios state in the Amazon which is rich in biodiversity, but also in gold; nearly 62,500 hectares (154,440 acres) of forest were lost there to illegal gold mining between 2012 and 2016, an area bigger than ten Manhattan islands. Nature isnt the only victim of Illegal gold mining. The deforestation, violence and land conflicts, and toxic mercury pollution it brings to local rivers, are also seriously impacting indigenous communities who for centuries have laid claim to their ancestral rainforests and waterways. The native Amazonian peoples have probably never been so threatened on their own lands as they are at present, Pope Francis said in a stirring address to a huge crowd that filled a sports arena and included many indigenous people dressed in their finest decorative robes and feathered-headdresses. The pope didnt only blame illegal small-scale miners for the Peruvian deforestation crisis. Amazonia is being disputed on all fronts, the pope said. There is the pressure being exerted by great business


Weird Long Distance Earthquake Impacts Seismic Seiche (Sloshing) Mining Awareness + "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Originally posted on Mining Awareness + : Earthquake induced seiches are interesting because of the risks to nuclear spent fuel pools, and because they show that, depending on geology, impacts from earthquakes can be felt almost 7,000 km, over 4,000 miles away! A [seismic] seiche is the sloshing of a closed body of water from []


Worse than we thought climate models underestimate future polar warming "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

From the FLORIDA MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY and the if we make a correction factor, weve got funding department. New Eocene fossil data suggest climate models may underestimate future polar warming GAINESVILLE, Fla. A new international analysis of marine fossils shows that warming of the polar oceans during the Eocene, a greenhouse period that


BECCS Would Cause Even Bigger Environmental Problems, Scientists Say "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

The Chicago Tribune recently published an article on BECCS technology A technology many hoped would fight climate change would cause even bigger environmental problems, scientists say.

Tree engineers are manufacturing GE trees specifically to be used in BECCS and other false solutions to climate change. To learn more about the failures of BECCS, see this collection of reports from

An excerpt from the Chicago Tribune article:

But in the new paper, scientists argue that deploying BECCS technology on the scale needed to address the problem would use up massive amounts of water, fertilizer, and land. That would probably lead to large environmental problems or even destabilize key planetary systems, wrote Vera Heck of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and three colleagues.

We could achieve substantial amounts of bioenergy potentials, but this would really come at the cost of extensive environmental damage in many other dimensions, said Heck.

Read the full article here.

The post BECCS Would Cause Even Bigger Environmental Problems, Scientists Say appeared first on STOPGETR...


Judge Accepts Red Fawn Fallis Plea Agreement "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

from Unicorn Riot

Red Fawn Fallis appears outside the federal courthouse in Bismarck, N.D., on Dec. 8, 2017. Photo: Tom Stromme /The Bismarck Tribune/AP

Mandan, ND On January 22nd, 2018, Red Fawn Falliss plea agreement was accepted by North Dakota Chief Judge Hovland. The agreement, made between her defense team and federal prosecutors, dropped the most serious charge of discharge of a firearm in relation to a felony crime of violence. Fallis pled guilty to the remaining charges of  Civil Disorder and Possession of a Firearm and Ammunition by a Convicted Felon. Red Fawn Fallis is expected to have a sentencing hearing sometime in May.

The US prosecutors have suggested no more than seven years in prison as part of the agreement. Leading up to todays hearing, Fallis was arrested by US Marshals on January 18th, 2018 for alleged violations of her pretrial release. The violation stemmed from her remaining unaccounted for an entire day at a halfway house she has resided in Fargo, North Dakota. During the plea hearing, Judge Hovland and Assistant US attorney Gary Delorem...


M7.9 Seismic Event with Aftershocks: Gulf of Alaska, United States "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

The earthquake occurred in United States, Offshore, 280km SE of Kodiak, State of Alaska (population 572,432), on Tuesday, January 23, 2018 09:31 AM UTC. Tsunami watch and Information Statements issued. Nearby places: Chiniak, Alaska, 262.1 km (162.9 mi) SE; Anchorage, Alaska, 578.1 km (359.2 mi) S; Eagle River, Alaska, 588.3 km (365.5 mi) S; Knik-Fairview, Alaska, 609.6 []


Mexicali Resiste and Cops Clash at Blockade Against Water-Guzzling Beer Company "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

from Its Going Down

Editors note: For more than one year, residents of Mexicali have been organizing against the construction of a brewery and aqueduct by the U.S. company Constellation Brands. If completed, the facility would produce beer for export to the U.S. and consume seven to thirty million cubic meters of water annually. (A city of one million uses around 20 million cubic meters.) Earlier this month, members of Mexicali Resiste began blockading aqueduct construction. On January 16, state and local police forces attacked the blockade and an hours-long confrontation ensued. While the blockade was successfully defended, at least five were arrested and ten injured. Below is a translation of the statement released later that day by Mexicali Resiste.

To the citizens of Mexicali, Baja California, and Mexico
To regional, national, and international media,
To the three branches of government in Baja California and the Mexicali city council,

Compaeros and compaeras,

Todays events are proof of how far our governments will go when the interests of our so-called representatives come into play. After all, its not our interests that are threatened by stopping construction of an aqueduct that will feed 7, 20, or even 30 million cubic meters of water to a foreign-owned multinational factory. Our interests that is, the interests of families from Mexicali who seek peace, health care, education, housing, land, and freedom are doubly trampled upon: In addition to building corporate projects designed to steal from us, our supposed representatives do it with public money. Year by year, they continue taking land from those who got it in 1937.

A few hours ago, we saw the fiercest confrontations that the Mexicali...


FIRE-EARTH Conference: Criterion A 012302 "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

CJ IGE OCT TML TWM FIRE-EARTH Conference Criterion A: Limits to Wealth and Use of Natural Resources (IV) [FIRE-EARTH Tribunal in Absentia for the Prosecution of Persons Responsible for Crimes Against Nature, Rape, Pillage and Plunder (RPP) of Planet Earth.] Details available via FIRE-EARTH PULSARS. All Groups Latest FIRE-EARTH ALERTS, FORECASTS, BULLETINS and MESSAGES []


Magnitude 7.9 280km SE of Kodiak, Alaska January 23, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

USGS Event Page
M 7.9 280km SE of Kodiak, Alaska
2018-01-23 09:31:42 UTC
56.046N   -149.073W
25.0 km depth

Seismotectonics of Alaska
USGS The Aleutian arc extends approximately 3,000 km from the Gulf of Alaska in the east to the Kamchatka Peninsula in the west. It marks the region where the Pacific plate subducts into the mantle beneath the North America plate. This subduction is responsible for the generation of the Aleutian Islands and the deep offshore Aleutian Trench. To read more on the tectonics of Alaska, click here.


Our Man in Davos reports on 6 feet of global warming "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Report by David Archibald The New York Times has reported on the great depth of snow blanketing Davos, Switzerland which is hosting the World Economic Forum. Of course the snow disrupted polemics on the dangers of global warming: Linda P. Fried, the dean of Columbia Universitys Mailman School of Public Health, allowed three hours at


Tsunami Warning Gulf of Alaska "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

KMPH 012302 Copy: FSCT M 7.9 earthquake strikes 280km SE of Kodiak, Alaska USGS Magnitude (uncertainty):  7.9 mww ( 0.1) Location: 56.046N ,149.073W ( 5.9 km) Depth 25.0 km ( 1.8) Origin Time: 2018-01-23 09:31:42.940 UTC Region: GULF OF ALASKA Source: USGS   150am | A #TSUNAMI WATCH is in effect for the coast []


Antero Resources Active in N.W. WV & Eastern OH "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Frack Well Completion Activities are Complex

Antero Resources to drill 140 to 150 wells in 2018

From an Article of Kallanish Energy, January 19, 2018

Denver-based Antero Resources intends to complete 140 to 150 wells in the Appalachian Basin in 2018.

That includes 120 to 125 wells in the Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania and West Virginia and 20 to 25 wells in the Utica Shale in Ohio, the company said Wednesday.

It spud 117 operated wells and completed 135 operated wells in 2017, Kallanish Energy learns. It said its capital budget for 2018 will be $1.45 billion, including $1.3 billion for drilling and completion. The independent producer said 80% of that funding will spent in the Marcellus and 20% in the Utica.

Capital spending has been basically flat for three years and will remain that way through 2020, with slight increases planned in 2021 and 2022, the company said.

Antero said its 2018 net daily production is expected to average 2.7 billion cubic feet-equivalent per day (Bcfe/d), a 20% increase over 2017 levels.

Chairman and CEO Paul Rady said 2018 would be a transformational year for Antero as it moves toward free cash flow generation growth and additional efficiencies. The company said net daily liquids produc...


Global temperature targets 'will be missed within decades unless carbon emissions reversed' "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Global temperature targets 'will be missed within decades unless carbon emissions reversed'

brendan 23rd January 2018
Teaser Media


Study: were going to miss (and overshoot) the 2C warming target "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

From the UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHAMPTON and the Well always have Paris department. Global temperature targets will be missed within decades unless carbon emissions reversed New projections by researchers from the Universities of Southampton and Liverpool, and the Australian National University in Canberra, could be the catalyst the world has sought to determine how best to meet


Trainer Known For 'Hunger Games' And 'Get Out' Has Been Abusing Animals For Years "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

He hit animals with sticks and kicked them in the head. Threw rocks and broom handles at them. Kept them in filthy enclosures and fed them contaminated food. These are just a few things that Sidney Yost, Hollywood animal trainer and owner of Amazing Animals Productions, did to animals while training them to perform in well-known feature films.

But that is just the start of it.

Credit: Facebook/Sid Yost

Since Yost started his business in 2001, investigators discovered, he repeatedly abused his animals not only by physically striking them, but by keeping them in unsanitary conditions and not giving them proper medical attention. In the last three years, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) issued Yost with no fewer than 40 animal welfare violations.

In one of the worst instances, Yosts negligence endangered the life of a child and resulted in the death of an animal.

Credit: Facebook/Sid Yost

Yost repeatedly endangered animals lives by bringing them to live events and TV show tapings, and at one public event, a toddler was bitten by a wolf named Nova, Debbie Metzler, senior captive wildlife specialist for PETA Foundation, told The Dodo. Yost had failed to vaccinate Nova for rabies, which is a basic necessity and a common practice. S...


Sneaky Dog Is Obsessed With Stealing Anything He Can From His Family "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Flynn the dachshund loves finding things to play with around the house but he doesnt stop at dog toys.

Four-year-old Flynn has become quite skilled at stealing things that arent his when no one else is looking. And in his eyes, anything is fair game.

Credit: Francesca Emmingham

He loves the challenge of taking things hes not allowed to have, Francesca Emmingham, Flynns mom, told The Dodo. It started when he was a puppy, but [he] never seemed to grow out of it.

While some of Flynns favorite stolen treasures include forks and spoons, hes also managed to run off with bowls, cutting boards and tupperware. And once hes got the goods, he usually finds a place to sit where he can proudly show off his new find.

Credit: Francesca Emmingham

If my mum is loading up the dishwasher, he will quite simply take whatever he can get, Emmingham said. If anything is placed below table height, he will take it.

Credit: Francesca Emmingham

The long list of Flynns prizes includes the familys TV remote, several blankets and a candle in a glass jar. The one bright spot is that hes never tried to eat any of his finds except for chewing on the cutting board.



Cat Gets His Very Own Exercise Mat To Use While His Mom Is Working Out "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

For the longest time, whenever Autumn Pregizer would pull out her exercise mat, her cat Mango would immediately climb onto it with her. He loved hanging out with her while she worked out, rolling around on the mat and, of course, getting in her way every time she tried to do a new exercise.

When I was using that mat, he would sometimes go underneath me while I was planking, lay on it where there was room and knead it, Pregizer told The Dodo. He would also hang out on it if I left it out and knead it.

Credit: Autumn Pregizer

Mango is obsessed with his mom and absolutely has to be involved in anything shes doing, so she wasnt surprised that he needed to be involved in her workout routine, just like so many other pets. He also seemed VERY obsessed with that particular exercise mat. She thought maybe if she just gave him that mat and got a new one for herself, he would stay on his own mat while she worked out and it totally worked. 

Now, every time Pregizer works out, Mango is right there next to her  

Credit: Autumn Pregizer

on his very own mat, doing his exercises right alongside her. 

Credit: Autumn Pregizer

Whether he is in the same room or on the opposite side of the house sleeping, he will get up and join me while I work out, Pregizer said. When I do my exercises he gets on his mat and either lays down, rolls around or kneads. He also watches me do my exercises. 



Green Energy Mandate Bankrupts East Coast Oil Refinery, 1,100 Jobs at Risk "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Guest essay by Eric Worrall h/t Willie Soon the hangover of President Obamas war on cheap energy is still causing financial hardship. Philadelphia Energy Solutions, which employs 1,100 people, has been driven into financial distress by the cost of compulsory green energy mandates. Exclusive: Philadelphia Energy Solutions to file for bankruptcy memo Jessica


Service Dog Is So Excited Seeing His Favorite Toy Has Come To Life "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Ever since this sweet dog named Atlas entered Julian Gavino's life, things have never been better. Gavino, who uses a wheelchair, has come to rely on Atlas' training as a service animal to help make performing everyday tasks a little easier.

But Atlas, of course, is also a faithful and loving friend.

Credit: Julian Gavino

Atlas' other love? This stuffed Pluto doll which he snuggles with every night.

"Its his favorite toy," Gavino told The Dodo.

Credit: Julian Gavino

Atlas couldn't have been more excited to meet his hero.

It was a special moment for Gavino, too being able to give joy to the dog who's added so much to his life.

"I love to see Atlas have fun," Gavino said. "He deserves it after working so hard. Some days he works really long hours so he needs that type of downtime. Its so important."

Credit: Julian Gavino


Monday, 22 January


Protesters March Against Snowbowl, Snowmaking "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

by Krista Allen / Navajo Times

FLAGSTAFF -Just the day before Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a vehement group against the expansion of Arizona Snowbowl and snowmaking on Dookooosld, marched across downtown Flagstaff, urging the city council to end the citys contract with the ski resort.

Picture by Krista Allen / Navajo Times

Please, please, please, out of urgency! Scottie Begay exclaimed during a mountain protector rally outside Flagstaff City Hall on Sunday afternoon. Were ancestors for those who havent even come yet!

Snowmaking at Snowbowl, though, will continue its controversial practice of making snow from treated wastewater for the next 16 years. Flagstaff officials in August 2014 approved the ski resorts extension agreement, giving the ski area access to reclaimed wastewater through 2034.

The contract renewal and extension came at the request of Snowbowl General Manager J.R. Murray, who said in July 2014 that he was looking for more long-term certainty before borrowing and investing money.

Snowbowl and the city of Flagstaff initially entered into a five-year contract in 2002. But wastewater was not used until December 2012 because of construction delays and legal challenges by a number of environmental groups and 13 tribes that use the sacred mountain for ceremonies...


First Wolf in a Hundred Years Recorded in Belgium "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

by Daniel Boffey / The Guardian

The first recorded wolf on Belgian soil for at least 100 years has made her bloody mark.

Farmers in north-east Flanders have been put on high alert after evidence emerged that Naya, a female originally from eastern Germany that has been making a pioneering trek across Europe, had killed two sheep and injured a third near the Belgian town of Meerhout.

Nayas arrival in Belgium completes the return of the predator to every mainland country in Europe, turning back decades of persecution, although not every community might welcome it.

Any sheep farmers should know [they are] in range of this wolf, said Hugh Jansman, a researcher from the Wageningen University and research centre, who has been following Nayas westward trek across hundreds of miles of European landscape.

Naya, who will turn two in May, was given a collar with a tracking device when she was six months old by the Technical University of Dresden, but it was only in October last year that she left her parental pack in rural Lbtheener Heide, between Hamburg and Berlin, to push the boundaries for wolf-kind and strike out across Germany, into the Netherlands and, finally, across the border to Belgium on 3 January.

She has seeming...


Climate engineering, once started, would have severe impacts if stopped "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

From RUTGERS UNIVERSITY and the dont start department. Rutgers researchers co-author first study on biological impacts of abruptly ending efforts to cool Earths climate Facing a climate crisis, we may someday spray sulfur dioxide into the upper atmosphere to form a cloud that cools the Earth, but suddenly stopping the spraying would have a severe


FERC Grants Request to Begin Tree Cutting for Atlantic Coast Pipeline "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

by Robert Zullo / Richmond Times-Dispatch

Demonstrators who oppose the Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley pipelines walked around Capitol Square in downtown Richmond on Dec. 2.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has granted a request by the Dominion Energy-led Atlantic Coast Pipeline to begin cutting down trees along parts of the 600-mile pipeline route in West Virginia and Virginia, despite the fact that the project still lacks some regulatory approvals.

In a letter Friday, Dave Swearingen, a FERC official, gave the green light to cutting down the trees using handheld equipment such as chainsaws. The approval is limited to spots where easements have been obtained for land access, where surveys have been completed and where no additional state or local permits are required for the activity.

Contractors may only cross wetlands and water bodies on foot. Trees and vegetation may be felled at or above ground level and must use methods that will not rut soils or damage root systems and be felled in a way that avoids obstruction of flow, rutting, and sedimentation of wetlands and water bodies, the order says. Felled...


Standing Rock Water Protector Rattler Reaches Non-Cooperating Plea Agreement "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

from Water Protective Legal Collective

MANDAN, NORTH DAKOTA A change of plea hearing has been scheduled for Michael Markus, who is known as Rattler, after reaching a non-cooperating plea agreement with prosecutors. Under the agreement, the government will drop the most serious charge and both parties will recommend a sentence of 36 months for the one remaining charge of Civil Disorder.

This is a non-cooperating agreement relating only to Rattlers own actions and that does not require any testimony or information about anyone else.

Rattler was charged with Civil Disorder and Use of Fire to Commit a Federal Felony Offense, arising from October 27, 2016 protests at Standing Rock. Under this plea agreement, the Use of Fire charge which carries a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years and the possibility of up to 15 years in prison will be dropped entirely. Prosecutors and the defense will then jointly recommend a sentence of 36 months on the Civil Disorder charge, although the judge does have the have the authority to go as high as five years. There is no minimum sentence. If the judge decides not to accept the agreement the case will continue to trial on both charges.

Rattler made the difficult decision to enter into the plea agreement as he was nearing trial in Bismarck North Dakota, a region that has demonstrated...


Claim: Climate sensitivity narrowed to 2.8C "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

From the University of Exeter, comes this statistical prediction that doesnt seem to be getting a lot of press, and rightly so. Read on. Future Climate Change Revealed by Current Climate Variations Uncertainty surrounding the extent of future climate change could be dramatically reduced by studying year-on-year global temperature fluctuations, new research has shown. A


You Really Shouldnt Touch Those Wooden Utility Poles "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Millions of these poles continue to be coated with PCP, a carcinogenic chemical

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