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Sunday, 25 February


How the Philippines has been transformed by its war on drugs "IndyWatch Feed National"

My story in Australian magazine Crikey:

President Rodrigo Duterte has maintained a firm grip on the Philippines since being elected in July 2016. Although public support is slipping, due partly to the brutality unleashed by his war on drugs, which has seen up to 20,000 people killed in 18 months, the general population still backs the leader. But the violence has done little to change the support of America and Australia for Dutertes conflict against ISIS in the Philippines.

Yet dissent is rising. During a recent visit to the Philippines to investigate the countrys drug war, I saw posters of Duterte with a Hitler moustache. Dictator and Fascist were written below his name in Tagalog Fight! It was a message from the countrys biggest labour union. It was strong and direct, a sign of resistance. I saw, too, countless pro-Duterte posters in this battle of propaganda.

Duterte has used social media brilliantly to rally his supporters and denigrate his opponents. Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of this movement, largely ignored in the West, is how Facebook actively assists political campaigns around the world and then works with winning candidates to harness its online tools. BuzzFeed recently exposed this practice in authoritarian Cambodia, and Germanys far-right Alternative for Germany Party had Facebook assist its campaign for the 2017 general election. A former Republican digital strategist runs the Facebook global government and politics team in the US.

In the Philippines, Dutertes media team weaponised trolling against its critics. Countless fake accounts attacked...


Who should really benefit from aid? "IndyWatch Feed National"

My article in the Guardian:

Foreign aid has the power to save lives but also to corrupt nations. Its regularly used as a political football as some argue for more financial support to the worlds most vulnerable people while others believe more money should be spent at home. Its a false distinction, however, because the key issue is whether western aid is well targeted and empowering people to make their own choices on how to improve their lives, allowing them to eventually become more self-sufficient.

The aid industry is currently under the spotlight, Oxfams past behaviour is rightly challenged, although the problems uncovered affect the entire industry. But whats required is hearing from aid recipients themselves.

The US administration is slashing foreign aid to nations it views as unfriendly or voting against its interests at the United Nations. Nonetheless, the answer isnt simply more aid. In 2017, Afghanistan was the highest recipient of US aid, US$4.7 billion, but much of the more than US$120 billion given by the US to the country since October 2001 has been wasted, disappeared, stolen through corruption or simply cannot be accounted for by Washington.

Australia has also invested heavily in Afghanistan and seen few positive results. Canberra stumbled into the war with little understanding of what it was trying to achieve (apart from blindly fo...


BEHIND BARS PART 5: Australias Shocking Cruelty To Aboriginal People With Disabilities: The Need For Large-Scale Change "IndyWatch Feed National"

The abuse of Aboriginal prisoners with disabilities in Australian jails is confronting, and ongoing. In the final piece in this special 5-part series for New Matilda, Michael Brull makes the case for urgent action. Click on the numbers to read each of the other stories in the series 1, 2, 3 and 4.


Lack of medical care

HRW observed: All prisoners face delayed or inadequate access to health care due to overcrowding. Prisoners with disabilities, however, face particular barriers accessing specialized services due to lack of proper diagnoses, long waiting lists, negative staff attitudes, and lack of resources. Impossibly large caseloads prevent mental health professionals from providing appropriate care for prisoners, who often have complex needs. Furthermore, Mental health staff often fail to discuss with prisoners the nature, purpose, risks, and benefits of different types of treatment so that the prisoner is not in a position to make informed decisions on whether or not to consent to the treatment. The effectiveness of their work is also often impeded by antagonistic relations between prisoners and prison staff.

The difficulties begin with the admission process. When prisoners are taken into prison, staff do not have the time, training, or tools to effectively identify people with disabilities and their support needs. Both the Western Australia and Queensland Departments of Corrective Services said staff receive initial training on disability and mental health, but there is no specific refresher or on-going training required or provided.

As staff do not identify the disabilities and needs of prisoners, prisons fail to provide appropriate and adequate services and accommodations for the particular needs of prisoners with disabilities. Prisons in Western Australia and Queensland were not consistently assessing or collecting data on disability (NSW may be exempt, due to the government refusing to cooperate with HRW). A WA prison nurse said, There is no disability assessment here. We dont have time, we dont have the facilities, and we dont have the nursing staff. Prison is not set up for people with disabilities....


First, Do No Harm: Voluntourism And The Harm Of Medical Electives "IndyWatch Feed National"

Its one thing to volunteer overseas to help the sick and poor. Its another thing altogether to do it for the tourism and adventure. Sarah Forsyth explains.

Helping the local sick and injured by day, relaxing in a tropical villa by night an idealistic image of what an international medical elective might look like for some. Unbeknown to many of the bright eyed, eager medical students, wanting to help those in need while building their clinical skills, lies the potential for overwhelming harm associated with these short-term placements.

Non-maleficence (do no harm), one of the four pillars of medical ethics from the Geneva Declaration (a revision of the Hippocratic Oath) is key to medical practise to ensure patients are not harmed when seeking medical treatment. However, in the unfamiliar environment of an international medical elective, where confidence is placed in a foreign medical student, this value can sometimes be unintentionally lost.

It is because of this, a discussion among medical students regarding the distinction between volunteering and voluntourism must be had.



Voluntourism focuses on the experience of the visitor (the voluntourist), giving individuals an experience of a holiday while helping a community in need. Projects Abroad, one of the largest volunteer organisations who assist people to find volunteer placements around the world, describes voluntourism as doing meaningful volunteer work while also participating in tourism. This has ultimately become the commercialisation of volunteering in the developing world.

However, often there is no requirement for an individual to have any specific training, if at all, and participants can elect to do a medical placement with little or no medical knowledge or experience.

In the case of medical students, trust can be placed upon them to perform procedures they have little to no knowledge about. The concept of see one, do one, teach one when it comes to medical procedures can be an effective way to master things such as taking blood, but in an under-resourced, under-staffed setting with improper supervision for more complicated procedures, there is potential for putting both the voluntourist and the locals at risk of negative long term health outcomes. The short time frames in many of these placements disallows for continuity of care, and often mistakes and complications are left in the hands of local health practitioners whose workload is already stretched.

There appears to be a misconception that any care in these developing countries is better than no care, which may contribute to the acceptance of lower standards in underprivileged settings. For-profit organisations, such as Projects Abroad, have an economic driven agenda, forcing the idea that th...


Making The Market: Australians And Their Role In The Online Abuse Of Children "IndyWatch Feed National"

The online abuse of children is a growing problem, and Australia in particular has an important role to play, given were one of the bigger markets. Matthew C. Clarke explains.

In a well-reported case during 2017, an Australian and a Filipino were arrested for the repeated sexual abuse of a girl from the age of 10 to 15. The Filipino was the girls mother. The Australian never touched the girl, but watched over the internet from home, and paid the mother to instruct the girl how he wanted her to act.

This case exemplifies a growing international market in online child abuse.

The horror goes by various names. Cybersex trafficking to some. Live online child sexual abuse is favoured by the Interagency Working Group in their Luxembourg Guidelines. Live distant child abuse is preferred by the recent Australian report Behind the Screen. I will use the phrase online child sexual exploitation (OSEC), which is becoming more commonly used, especially in the Philippines.

All of those phrases refer to a marketplace in which observers pay for young children typically under 12 to be filmed performing sexual acts. The children are coerced to perform under the immediate supervision of someone with a web cam and at the behest of a paying customer who directs the degradation under the safe anonymity of the internet.

It is hard to write dispassionately about such crimes.

Bagong Silang, a Manila slum which is home to more than one million people.

When I visited the Philippines recently, OSEC was front-and-centre in the minds of child care agencies and in the attention of the public. I spoke with the directors of child care agencies among the poorer communities of Cebu and Manila, and all were concerned about the growing market in this type of abuse.

We are not just talking about naked photos snapped while a child takes a bath though even that can entail exploitation, coercion and lasting trauma but a continuum of deliberate and repeated physical abuse that includes babies under one-year-old. In at least one case reported in the Philippines, the abuse...


North And South Korea Move Forward, While The US Runs In Circles "IndyWatch Feed National"

Peace suddenly looks almost possible on the Korean peninsular, but America looks unlikely to fall into step, and Australia will almost surely follow their lead. Max Atkinson explains.

Recent events on the Korean Peninsula call for a more independent foreign policy. This is despite the Prime Ministers assertion that Australia is an appendage of the US and will go wherever Donald Trump the most quixotic of American presidents takes us.

It is also a matter of urgency given Trumps insistence that the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK) be forced to give up its nuclear deterrent, if necessary by a pre-emptive US attack. This is despite the Norths resolve, reflecting its own history, that it will never do so.

US president Donald Trump and North Korean president Kim Jong-un

The symbolism of competing under a specially designed unifying flag has been dramatic and effective. This was followed by a ground-breaking invitation, hand-delivered by Kim Jong-uns sister, for President Moon to visit Pyongyang for the first meeting between the two leaders since 2007.

Meanwhile, US Vice-President Mike Pence, seated just below her at the opening ceremony, had his own symbolism. He brought with him the father of Otto Warmbier, the US student who died shortly after release from a North Korean prison. It would remind everyone that this regime a family dynasty backed by a military dictatorship is one of the most inhuman the world has known.

The underlying message, also used to justify the Iraq War, is clear: although long-settled principles of international law prohibit the use of force other than in response to an imminent attack, the cruelty of this regimes leaders will justify a pre-emptive strike if it is in the interests of the US, even if it means the deaths of thousands of innocent Koreans from both North and South.



Journalism as a Cooperative "IndyWatch Feed National"

Another parliamentary inquiry into how to rescue public interest journalism has come and gone, having raised barely a ripple. Is it because nobody cares? Is it because theres no money in it? Is it because Read more


China, voracious buyer of foreign agricultural land "IndyWatch Feed National"


AFP/File | With 1.4 billion mouths to feed, but less than 10 percent of the planets arable land, China has looked abroad to fill its food needs

BEIJING (AFP)  A Chinese tycoons purchase of vast wheat fields in France highlights Chinas increasing acquisition of foreign farmland as the Asian giant seeks to keep up with its massive populations growing appetite.With 1.4 billion mouths to feed one-fifth of the worlds population but less than 10 percent of the planets arable land, China has looked abroad to fill its food needs.

In addition to rising consumption, appalling food safety scandals at home have also boosted the appeal of imported products, seen as safer bets.

Chinese investment in agriculture abroad has soared to at least $94 billion since 2010, with almost half of that invested in the past two years, according to statistics from US-based think tanks, the American Enterprise Institute and the Heritage Foundation.

Private and state-owned Chinese enterprises have made investments covering nine million hectares (22 million acres) in developing countries as of 2012. But in recent years, attention has shifted to Australia, the United States and Europe.

Here are some of Chinas biggest overseas agriculture deals:

Australian mega ranch

In 2016, Chinese property developer Shanghai CRED went in with a local mining group to purchase the biggest ranch in the world S. Kidman & Co in Australia, which owns 185,000 cattle and controls 2.5 percent of all the countrys agricultural land.

The acquisition came on the heels of a controversial 2012 takeover of Australias largest cotton farm by Chinese company Shandong Ruyi.

New Zealand dairy

Chinese food giants Bright Food, Yili and Pengxin have bought dozens of New Zealand dairy farms despite grumbling local farmers, and now churn out products there that are very highly regarded in the mainland market.

American pork

Pork producer WH Group, formerly known as Shuanghui International Holdings, bought US company Smithfield Foods for $4.7 billion in 2013. With debt included, the deal was worth $7.1 billion.

Ukraine rejection

In 2013, reports that Ukraine the breadbasket of Europe would lease three million hectares of agricultural land to a Chinese group sparked a heated controversy, b...


Travelling When Broken: A Memoir "IndyWatch Feed National"

I am sobbing as surreptitiously as I can in a scungy Indonesian bathroom, clutching two strawberry daiquiris bigger than my head. My cleavage is blistering beneath someone elses Bintang and outside, Rihanna is shrieking at some fleshy Western youths to WOOOOORK! as they jump frantically under orange strobes.

I want to stab myself in the eye with a biodegradable fork, or sink down into the dark depths of the Indian Ocean, a silent and unassuming mollusk, hiding comfortably in that soft salty womb forevermore.


But, alas. I cant.

I found out something horrible about my parents on the night Trump was elected. Damn straight ABC News that was a night to remember. There was something oddly comforting about the entire world getting on my grief wavelength: the wailing Hilary t-shirt wearers, the funereal meme reels.

Before 2016, I had a happy multicultural family who cooked vegetarian stews and played acoustic guitar in the garden reasonably regularly. But life is often a little bitch, and you cant always get what you want. How right you are Sir Mick Jagger. How right you are.

Following The Event, I flailed in a cesspit of angsty despair for three weeks, looking angrily out of the window of inner-city buses and weeping despondently at 2am to Bon Iver. Once this started getting a bit boring, I booked a flight to Bali for a Global Hobo workshop, ready to eat, pray and love the shit out of my broken identity and nauseating footing on the precipice of my life.

When I touched down in Denpasar, I was chuffed: no regrets, no returns baby. Australia lay silent on the other side of the ocean. Emails could be fielded, phone calls blanked. Nobody knew who I was.

While travelling, one can be whomever they please: a Muscovite heiress, a convicted felon from Arizona. The possibilities are endless, and theres nothing out there but the Australian Federal Government, your increasingly anxious mum and your very obvious lack of a Russian accent to blow your cover.

At first, lots of hot surfers and turquoise pools were enough to make me think Id hacked the system. All my panicking woes were dele...


Trust No Fart "IndyWatch Feed National"

The night air was thick and warm as the streets of Vietnams Ho Chi Minh City pulsated with energy. I slipped into a local supermarket to grab some last-minute snacks, something that had become a ritual when prepping for an overnight bus ride. The supermarket aisles were just as relentless as the motorbike filled streets. All I wanted to do was run in, get what supplies I needed and get out.

Tall shelves cascaded over me as I tried to make out the aisle signs. Busy lives pushed past with baskets and trolleys, oblivious to my presence. I stood there in a daze. The hairs on my arms rose as a cool sensation swept through my body and turned into a burning fire.

As I held onto my lower gut, another wave came crashing, then disappeared as quickly as it had arrived. I tried to disregard the sensation that crept over me, sending further uncertainty through my body. My stomach began to feel as if it was performing an acrobatic routine with gasping twists, turns and gut-wrenching tumbles. My breathing became heavier and I started reciting the items on my shopping list over and over in my head trying to drown out the gurgling coming from my stomach with the sound of my own voice.

Water, Oreos, crackers, GURGLE!
Water, Oreos, GURGLE, crackers!
GURGLE, water, Oreos, crackers!

I spotted the snack aisle and beelined towards it, pushing past anybody that stood in my way. As the gurgles began to overtake the sound of my chanting, a feeling of urgency came upon me, so I scanned the shelf, sifting through seaweed and mi goreng-flavoured chips. Losing sight of my mission as the exotic flavours of the snack aisle took my attention, I felt another wave, except this time it was more like a tsunami.

Just like that, there it was: warm but subtle as it slipped right through me, taking advantage of my distracted mind. As it broke the air, I snapped out of my trance, trying to clench my butt cheeks together, but it was too late. The deed was already done.

I shat myself. In public. Wearing nothing but a skimpy g-string in an A-cut style mini dress.

There was nothing to conceal what I had bestowed upon the local supermarket shoppers, who just innocent bystanders to my atrocity. Droplets of sweat formed on my forehead and cascaded down my face to meet with my tears of self-pity. I couldnt believe my own body had defied me as I stood there, holding in every last bit of what was left of my lunch.

I wanted to throw myself onto the floo...


Robert Steele: Pedophilia and Empire Satan, Sodomy, Judges, and Pedophilia From Florida in America to Norfolk Island in Australia, the Great Game Evolves "IndyWatch Feed National"

Robert David STEELE Vivas

Pedophilia and Empire: Satan, Sodomy, Judges, and Pedophilia

From Florida in America to Norfolk Island in Australia, the Great Game Evolves

American Herald Tribune

25 February 2018

Please share from the original by clicking on the link above.

Full text below the fold.

There was a time when the Great Game revolved around kings, queens, prime ministers and presidents using diplomats, armies, and spies, to accomplish their grand strategic objectives, with spies and lies being the darker side of the business.

Today there is a much darker side to affairs of state, one that involves Satan, sodomy, judges, and pedophilia that crosses over into torture, murder, as well as the harvesting of blood, bone marrow, and body parts from the most vulnerable among us, our children.

I am the Chief Counsel and a Commissioner for the treaty-mandated International Tribunal for Natural Justice, as recently endorsed in its humanitarian mission by senior Australian officials among many others. I am also a former spy recently recommended for the Nobel Peace Prize, and a widely-published author on the dark side of intelligence and governance.

As the Australian Prime Minister visits the United States of America (where he will be briefed on what we know about Deep State and Shadow Government corruption in his...


Pastor Neville Johnson. Liked blow jobs from his three young AOG church secretaries. Academy of Light Maleny, Queensland, Australia. Bobbie Houston of Hillsongs pastor in New Zealand. Former head pastor at Queen St Assemblies of God Church in Auckland New Zealand. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Neville Johnson

Pastor Neville Johnson today. Still an errant false prophet, liar and con-artist. Neville Johnson has conned many people out of large sums of money in Ponzi schemes in recent times. Angry victims are looking for his home address to recover their lost savings even asking me if I know where he lives. He lives in Maleny, Queensland. Its a small town so youll easily find him.

Neville Johnson

Pastor Neville Johnson. Academy of Light Ministries, Maleny, Queensland, Australia. Liked blow-jobs from his three young church secretaries while praying to the Lord and fasting in Auckland, New Zealand motel rooms with them.



Pastor Neville Johnson of Academy of Light based in Maleny, Queensland, Australia. False prophet. Former head pastor of Queen Street, Assemblies of God, Auckland, New Zealand. Likes blow jobs from young church secretaries and ripping people off in very dodgy financial schemes "IndyWatch Feed National"

Neville Johnson of Academy of Light Ministries, Queensland, Australia false prophet Please keep away from him and whatever you do, dont give him or his ministry any cash and steer well clear of his prophecies and financial and Ponzi schemes. and if youre a young church secretary, be watchful, and be warned


Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed National"

1.00 AUD = 0.00008 BTC
0.00010 BTC = 1.25 AUD


PERTH Another attempted carjacking near Perth as man allegedly tries to steal two cars in Clackline "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Another attempted carjacking near Perth as man allegedly tries to steal two cars in Clackline .

February 24, 2018 at 06:59PM .

A 25-YEAR-OLD Beechboro man has been charged with aggravated assault after allegedly attacking a man and trying to carjack two vehicles in Clackline on Friday. Police allege that about 5.20pm, the Beechboro man drove his green Toyota Landcruiser through the front gate of a property on Refactory .


PERTH Murder charge over Perth carjack death "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Murder charge over Perth carjack death .

February 25, 2018 at 10:11AM .

A man has been charged with murder after injuring a woman, who later died, during a botched carjacking in Perth. The 25-year-old Mirrabooka man is also facing vehicle theft, stealing and aggravated burglary charges and will appear in the Perth Magistrates Court on Sunday. The woman was attacked .


PERTH Man charged with womans murder after attempted carjacking in Mirrabooka "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Man charged with womans murder after attempted carjacking in Mirrabooka .

February 25, 2018 at 11:07AM .

A man accused of running over and killing a 51-year-old woman while trying to steal her car in Perths north has been charged with murder. Mother-of-two Marija Karovska was rushed to hospital following the incident outside her home on Cedar Court in Mirrabooka on Friday, but she died a short time .



Internet Security and Interference "IndyWatch Feed National"

This morning Gumshoe News had the above WARNING: Your connection is not private. It makes out that you are about to be attacked. The question is: by whom?

I received numerous emails, some of congratulations, saying that we are being noticed, and interfered with. This may or may not be the case, but I immediately called the hosting company in the US, and they reissued the SSL certificate. It had been invalidized somehow, causing this problem. It is a reminder that total control of the internet is only a click-of-switch away.

We dont only have to worry about viruses and hackers. It is the anti-virus programs that we voluntarily download, for our safety, that spy on us and steal our data and contacts.

Having lived in a police state before, Australians dont seem to understand how the States behaviour is constantly training us all to obey. For the moment, the internet appears ...




The Greens have shown their true colours on natural medicine and sided with skeptics to fight to stop the Bill that was passed in Canberra (Thurs, 15 Feb) that supports complementary medicine. Read More


WA's Corruption & Crime Commission smashed in damning report - unlawful warrants, false testimony - keystone cops "IndyWatch Feed National"

John McKechnie was the WA DPP who stopped Dave McAlpine's investigation into the AWU - including his search warrants for Slater and Gordon et al. I know of several of our readers who've made complaints to the CCC about the forged letter purporting to have been signed by Ray Neal...


How skeptics are trying to influence the Senate "IndyWatch Feed National"

Post Image


Help Here

AUSTRALIAS anti-complementary medicine groups have launched a scaremongering campaign claiming changes to the Therapeutic Goods Act will put public safety at risk, which is nonsense. Read More

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Saturday, 24 February


February 25 On This Day in Australian History "IndyWatch Feed National"

1802 - Boston Bay in South Oz was desperately in need of a name so Matthew Flinders obliged when he tip toed around its edges.

1817 - There were now 20 children at the Native School.
I have been much delighted with having them read and spell They read with so much boldness and attention as supprised [sic] me, wrote the Methodist missionary, the Reverend Samuel Leigh.

1825 - Crikey they were stretching their necks in job lots in Hobart!

1825 - Henry McConnell Hanged at Hobart for robbery.
1825 - Jeremiah Ryan Hanged at Hobart for murder and robbery.
1825 - Charles Ryder Hanged at Hobart for murder and robbery.
1825 - James Bryant Hanged at Hobart for murder and robbery.
1825 - Black Jack (or Jack Roberts) Hanged at Hobart for the murder of Patrick McCarthy.
1825 - John Logan Hanged at Hobart for attempting to shoot Mr Shoobridge.
1825 - Musquito Hanged at Hobart for a murder at Grindstone Bay.
1825 - Peter Thackery Hanged at Hobart for bushranging and robbery.

1841 - Bunbury was coming up in the world and became the next housing boom area when it was surveyed as a town site.

1841 - In a sign that the youth of the age had nought to better themselves with Eddie John Eyre, a mere whipper-snapper at 25 yrs, strolled 1,000 miles from Adelaide to Albany in WA.

1842 - The bodies of 3 Indigenous women and 1 small child were found in the Portland area while another woman was wounded but found to be alive.
Witnesses stated they were fired upon at close range by a group of 8 white settlers.

1848 - Ludwig Leichardt and his party set off for a progressive dinner from the Darling Downs to cross Oz from east to west but they never made it for the starter soup.

1864 - The Banana Benders had developed a love for the iron horse aka railroad when they began work on their first track from Ipswich to Toowoomba.

1884 - The Taranaki Herald told all who'd listen how the Wairarapa and the Adelaide were racing...which all ended in tears, of course.
Brisbane was flooded, again, with 4 Chinamen drowned in Lawnsville.
And the former Inspector of Govt Schools apparently dropped off the perch.
School stress was knocking them off back then.

1890 - The Colonist was proclaiming that some chappie with a knighthood was babbling about the 'character of the territory of Western Australia'.
All I know is - let 'em secede if they want and replace 'em with a couple of Kiwi AFL teams.

1890 - Author Robert Louis Stevenson was enjoying his stay in Sydney soooo much he parked his posterior in the foyer of the Union Club and penned Father Damien, An Open Letter To The Reverend Dr Hyde of Honolulu.



Doug Mesner Or One of His Group Taunting Me "IndyWatch Feed National"

Sending me an email today through an email with MY name

I say it is happening- he says he is doing it- there is undisputable proof these weapons exist- and still there is no help to be found

This was sent after he watched my new video. Weird how proud he is causing another torment- but then what can anyone epect from a self proclaimed Satanist?


Trump Says US Goal In Syria Is To Get ISIS And Go Home "IndyWatch Feed National"

President Donald Trump appeared to be contradict his own State Department by saying the US goal in Syria is to get rid of ISIS and to go home During a press conference with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm [...]


Trump bucks Pentagon, State Dept. on US goal in Syria - doesn't include regime change "IndyWatch Feed National"

President Donald Trump appeared to dash the hopes of interventionists and contradict his own administration officials, by declaring that US troops' mission in Syria is limited to defeating ISIS and doesn't include regime change. "We're there for one reason: to get ISIS and get rid of ISIS, and to go home," Trump said on Friday, during a joint press conference with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull at the White House. "We're not there for any other reason and we've largely accomplished our goal." While Trump did not hesitate to call the Syrian government "a humanitarian disgrace," criticizing Russia and Iran for their involvement, his comments implied the US military also had no business in Syria beyond the 'ultimate' goal of defeating Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL).


'Get ISIS and go home': Trump bucks Pentagon and State Dept. on ultimate US goal in Syria "IndyWatch Feed National"

President Donald Trump appeared to dash the hopes of interventionists and contradict his own administration officials, by declaring that US troops' mission in Syria is limited to defeating ISIS and doesn't include regime change. "We're there for one reason: to get ISIS and get rid of ISIS, and to go home," Trump said on Friday, during a joint press conference with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull at the White House. "We're not there for any other reason and we've largely accomplished our goal." While Trump did not hesitate to call the Syrian government "a humanitarian disgrace," criticizing Russia and Iran for their involvement, his comments implied the US military also had no business in Syria beyond the 'ultimate' goal of defeating Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL). "Ultimately, there has to be a political settlement," said Turnbull, noting that Australian troops in the region have been focused on training the Iraqi military and not so much on Syria.


This is a romance novel, not journalism. The Guardian is shit, but this is the next level. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Thanks to reader JM for the tip on this "news" report from The Guardian. 'I will be unemployed if I lose': Ged Kearney and Labor's uphill fight to save Batman Bill Shortens star candidate is fighting for every vote while defending Labors stance on Adani and asylum seekers Calla Wahlquist...


A brief history of Australia's eeriest alien encounters "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Lucky Country has had no shortage of strange encounters of the third kind over the decades. Here, we recount some of the strangest. The struth is out there. Think about it: massive expanse of land, plenty of room to take the saucer for a spin without much scrutiny, decent population of humans lurking about for the odd probing... Australia just might be the perfect spot for vacationing aliens. Though Oz might not be known as the UFO hub of the world, Australians have reported an impressive number of eerie encounters with unexplained phenomena over the decades. Here's a rundown of some of the most harrowing home-grown 'X-Files' occurrences.


The only winners in the Barnaby Joyce scandal are social media users who flexed their muscle "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Barnaby Joyce scandal is not going away just because he announced he will resign on Monday (26-2-18). The sexual harassment complaint will make sure it is front page news for weeks if not months to come. The real danger for Barnaby is that other women might come forward if other rumours are true as []


Donald Trump backs joint naval exercises in South China Sea "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australian, Singaporean and Malaysian navy ships during exercises in the South China Sea.Australian, Singaporean and Malaysian navy ships during exercises in the South China Sea. Julianne Cropley

US President Donald Trump said he would love the Australian Navy to join the United States in freedom of navigation exercises in the South China Sea.

Australia has previously diplomatically avoided directly participating in the exercises, which represent statements against Chinas incursion into the international waterways and crucial maritime trade routes.

Asked if the United States would like to have Australian naval ships join the exercises, Mr Trump was effusive.

We would love to have Australia involved and I think Australia wants us to stay involved, he said.

Mr Trump again warned of war if sanctions failed to force North Korea to abandon its nuclear campaign.Mr Trump again warned of war if sanctions failed to force North Korea to abandon its nuclear campaign. PABLO MARTINEZ MONSIVAIS

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop last week said US warships, positioned in Darwin as part of the building US presence in Australias north, could conduct freedom of navigation exercises from there. But she again stopped short of advocating a direct role for Australian ships, something which would irritate Beijing.

Mr Trump extended the offer during a joint press conference with Mr Turnbull at the White House on Saturday.

The pair had just met for 90 minutes to discuss the usual issues of regional security and trade.

They swapped platitudes about the ongoing strength of the relati...


Bitcoin Is Finding Its Way into High Schools "IndyWatch Feed National"

Bitcoin Is Finding Its Way into High Schools

Over the past few years, colleges and universities all over the world have been creating courses revolving around cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Now the subject is slowly infecting the halls of high school students who want to learn about these emerging technologies. Because of the increased student interest, this week a Business and Personal Finance teacher from Union Catholic High School in Scotch Plains, New Jersey announced plans to add the topic of cryptocurrencies to his course next semester.

Also read: Ross Ulbricht Denied Post-Conviction Relief Extension

Younger Generations Are Becoming Very Interested In Bitcoin

Students all over the world are interested in cryptocurrencies and the subject is being taught throughout many college campuses. However, the trend is starting to find its way into high school classrooms as younger scholars are fascinated by this technology. Just recently reported on a high school in Brisbane Australia where students had such an interest in bitcoin that it prompted students to create a cryptocurrency information night. This week the students at Union Catholic High School in Scotch Plains, New Jersey are also curious about digital currencies and the schools Business and Personal Finance class plans to add cryptocurrencies to the course next semester.



PERTH Woman attacks police after Perth stair run "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Woman attacks police after Perth stair run .

February 24, 2018 at 01:33AM .

the woman, it will be alleged she punched and kicked an officer. The officer suffered scratches to the face, as well as bruising to the face and legs, police said. The 46-year-old Thornlie woman has been charged with assaulting a public officer and will appear before the Perth Magistrates Court today. .


PERTH Sydney brothel madames brother is arrested and charged in connection to $1billion meth bust "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Sydney brothel madames brother is arrested and charged in connection to $1billion meth bust .

February 24, 2018 at 08:45AM .

The brother of former brothel madame Jameile Lahood is the fourth person in New South Wales to be arrested in a $1 billion drug bust. Jabour Anthony Lahood was arrested in his home in Sydneys north-west on Thursday, according to The Daily Telegraph. His sister is the former owner of Stilettos, .



PERTH Man arrested in connection to biggest drug bust in history "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Man arrested in connection to biggest drug bust in history .

February 24, 2018 at 08:30AM .

THE brother of a former Sydney brothel madam has been arrested in connection to the biggest drug bust in Australian history worth more than $1 billion. On Thursday police arrested Jabour Anthony Lahood at his Dural home in Sydneys northwest and charged him over his alleged role in importing 1.2 .


PERTH Woman charged after driving vehicle into staircase at Elizabeth Quay "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Woman charged after driving vehicle into staircase at Elizabeth Quay .

February 24, 2018 at 01:33AM .

It didnt end there, police say an officer was set upon by the woman when they approached her. Police were called, and found the woman walking away from the auto. The woman, from the southern suburb of Thornlie, was charged with assaulting a public officer and will appear in Perth Magistrates Court .



The Craig Emerson expose on his relationship with GILLARD "IndyWatch Feed National"

Here's the intro at the top of The Australian's home page. And here's the start of the 2,483 word piece authored by Emo in The Weekend Australian Magazine. 2,483 words, promoted as Emo opening up on his relationship with Gillard. So what did he say about that matter? In Canberra...


MACKAY Man alleged drove at a group of people at West Mackay "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY February 24, 2018 at 11:16AM ,

Man alleged drove at a group of people at West Mackay

February 24, 2018 at 11:16AM ,

A MAN has been charged after a car was allegedly driven at a group of people in West Mackay, injuring a man. Preliminary information suggests at around 3.10am a vehicle was allegedly driven into the front yard of a Perry Street address and directly at a group of men and a woman. The car allegedly

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

MACKAY Dangerous operation, West Mackay "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY February 24, 2018 at 01:56PM ,

Dangerous operation, West Mackay

February 24, 2018 at 01:56PM ,

He has been charged with dangerous operation of a vehicle and adversely affected by an intoxicating substance and is due to appear in Mackay Magistrates Court on February 26. If you have information for police, contact Policelink on 131 444 or provide information using the online form 24hrs per day.

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

MACKAY Intoxicated man drives car at group outside Mackay home hitting one, police allege "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY February 24, 2018 at 04:00PM ,

Intoxicated man drives car at group outside Mackay home hitting one, police allege

February 24, 2018 at 04:00PM ,

He has been charged with dangerous operation of a vehicle and adversely affected by an intoxicating substance (alcohol) and was due to appear in Mackay Magistrates Court on Monday. A police spokeswoman said investigations into the circumstances surrounding the alleged hit-and-run were

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

MACKAY Man charged after allegedly driving at group of people in Mackay "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY February 24, 2018 at 02:18PM ,

Man charged after allegedly driving at group of people in Mackay

February 24, 2018 at 02:18PM ,

The driver then allegedly reversed the vehicle and fled the scene. A 30-year-old man has been charged with dangerous operation of a vehicle and adversely affected by an intoxicating substance and is due to appear in Mackay Magistrates Court on February 26. Share this on Facebook Share this on

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


The Tragicomedy of Russiagate "IndyWatch Feed National"

The whole election-meddling distraction is remarkable in both comic and tragic ways. The tragedy can be summed up in three words: New Cold War. At a time when the U.S. and Russian governments ought to be working toward nuclear disarmament, relations are deteriorating dangerously. As the estimable Australian writer Caitlin Johnstone, notes, despite Donald Trumps Continue reading "The Tragicomedy of Russiagate"

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The Tragicomedy of Russiagate "IndyWatch Feed National"

The whole election-meddling distraction is remarkable in both comic and tragic ways. The tragedy can be summed up in three words: New Cold War. At a time when the U.S. and Russian governments ought to be working toward nuclear disarmament, relations are deteriorating dangerously. As the estimable Australian writer Caitlin Johnstone, notes, despite Donald Trump's Continue reading "The Tragicomedy of Russiagate" The post The Tragicomedy of Russiagate appeared first on Original.


Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed National"

1.00 AUD = 0.00008 BTC
0.00010 BTC = 1.25 AUD


The websites of two Australian UFO groups "IndyWatch Feed National"

Dear readers,

As I write this my home City's temperature is sitting on 23.3 degrees centigrade, which is rather comfortable, compared to a hot week ahead for my former home town of Adelaide which is bracing itself for several days around 38-39 degrees centigrade. 

Overseas, you hear of Australia's beach culture, and one of the reasons is indeed our hot climate, especially during February - traditionally our hottest month.

So with a glass of Victorian chardonnay at my side, and hubby looking after the kids, I sat down to take a look at the websites of two of the biggest UFO organisations in Australia. Here are my observations.

1. UFO Research (New South Wales) Incorporated.

Up front I must say that I am far more interested in the quality of information provided on a website, than how it looks to the viewer. I found this website to be extremely easy to navigate, having just four main areas, namely 'events;' 'sightings;' 'membership;' and 'archives.' It opens up to the 'events' page.

Here we find current events - details of the group's upcoming monthly meetings, with speakers and a summary of what they will be talking about. Over the last few years, under the leadership of Mariana Flynn (recently retired as President) a large range of overseas speakers have appeared at the group's meeting, together with a diverse range of Australian researchers. Here you can also sign up for notifications of events by email. 

The 'sightings' area opens up to (a) report a sighting; (b) UFO sightings guestbook and (c) UFO sighting reports. Individuals wishing to report a UFO sighting can choose to either complete an on-line report form, or write a guestbook entry. When I checked out the guest book, I found reports dated between 1958 and 2017. Many of these appear to be of mundane objects, and it would hav...


The website of UFO Research Queensland Incorporated "IndyWatch Feed National"

Dear readers,

I am running a couple of days late with this post, due to illness in the family. This week I am continuing my look at the websites of Australia's major UFO groups. Last time it was UFO Research (New South Wales) Incorporated and the UFO & Paranormal Research Society of Australia. Today it is the website of UFO Research Queensland Incorporated. 

UFORQ for short, states on its website that it was established in 1956 and is Australia's oldest UFO Association. There are seven tabs on the home page, namely 'About Us;' 'Sightings;' 'Meetings;' 'Resources;' 'Shop;' 'Blog' and 'Join UFORQ.'

I started off by reading the history of the group under 'About Us.' I should say histories, as there is a short section titled 'History' and a much longer section titled 'A brief history.' I think someone needs to edit this section of the website.

Here we also find out some of the motivation of the group. '...we want to be there when the great body of hidden information is finally brought into the public domain...' Unfortunately, there is no definition provided of what exactly this 'hidden information' might be (I suppose its hidden after all!) Nor is there any indication of who the group thinks might hold this knowledge. It all reeks of conspiracy theory.

My main  interest is not in the body running a website, but in the quality (or otherwise) of the data on it. So I next took a look at the 'Sightings' tab. Here you can either report a sighting or take a look at sighting reports post 1997. This is disappointing as the groups' excellent research works of the 1950's and 1960's - the heyday for unknown Australian sightings, is not available to us here.

As with the sightings area for the websites of the previous two groups, there appears little to no analysis of the sightings. No attempt to provide mundane explanations for the 95% of UFO reports which are universally recognised to be explainable. This is a great disappointment to me.



The website of Victorian UFO Action "IndyWatch Feed National"

Dear readers,

The family is out for the day, so it's now my time to indulge in my hobby - UFOlogy. 

Today's post is continuing my look at websites of Australian UFO groups. After several years away from the topic of UFOs, this is one way to re-acquaint myself with today's UFOlogy. So after looking at New South Wales and Queensland it is time for my home state of Victoria, and the sole UFO group website I could find, that of Victorian UFO Action.

A few general observations

Interestingly unlike UFO Research (NSW) Inc. and UFO Research (Qld) Inc. VUFOA does not have the word 'research' in their name. I was therefore interested to see just what it is that the group does?

I mentioned in previous posts that I don't usually bother about the appearance of a site, being more interested in the content. However I am going to make an exception for the VUFOA website. It is cluttered; and visually overwhelming to my eyes. It scrolls down and down and down, unlike most website home pages which are short and to the point. Coloured letters and lots of icons don't make for a good first impression with me.


There are nine tabs along the top of the home page,  'Home;' 'About us;' 'donations;' 'members pages;' 'search VUFOA;' 'guestbook;' 'report a sighting;'seek support' and 'more.'

'Home' of course is the home page.

'About us' opens up into 'contact us;' 'team members' and 'media releases.' 

'Contact us' brings up a preformatted form w...


March In Your Patch "IndyWatch Feed National"

March, the month named after Mars, the Roman God of War, is an excellent month to wage war on your patch. Be it ripping out the weeds, mulching up a storm, or popping in a plethora of plants, March is the ultimate time to launch a full scale (but well planned) attack on you patch! So, all you weekend warriors March into action!

Warm Areas

Frost free or occasional light frosts (North from about Coffs Harbour and all the way across to the west to Geraldton)

  • Okay, its still pretty warm out there, but you could certainly consider popping in the following incredible edibles, especially towards the tail end of the month. Consider cabbage, Asian greens, rocket, silverbeet, cauliflower, beans, peas, spring onions, leeks, radish or cucumber.
  • Whack some lettuce in but consider popping them under a shade cloth tent if the days are still quite warm.
  • Hop into the herb patch with coriander (try a slow bolting variety if its still very warm), sweet basil, lemon grass and oregano.
  • Feeling fruity? Go Carmen Miranda with some strawberries, watermelon, citrus, rockmelon, pineapple and passionfruit!
  • Plants feel the need for a feed at this time of year. A seaweed tea, or any low environmental impact liquid fertiliser, is perfect for giving them a kick start as they establish. Apply to the soil early in the morning and in the concentrations mentioned on the packet.
  • Ave a go with an avocado!
  • Begin to prepare your potato beds now.youll be glad you did come April!
  • Pretty up the patch with these flowering fancies- marigolds, sunflowers and pansies, cornflowers, violas, snapdragons, stock, verbena and lavender (non-invasive varieties of course!). Popping these in around your veggies will give some colour and interest to the patch, and act as beneficial insect attractors!
  • Consider a green manure crop to add some life and love to an overworked patch. At this time of year, try millet, oats, lupins or field peas. This will improve your soil incredibly, and, as a bit of forward planning, youll find it well worth the effort!
  • Water smarter at this time of year. Water first thing in the morning, and instead of quickie irrigation, a nice, deep drink a couple of times a week is far more beneficial!
  • Top up mulch on your veggie patches, herb gardens and ornamental beds, especially important for weed suppression at this time of year. A hot tip is to mulch after watering the p...


The Arms Race Furphy: How the Soviet Union Really Collapsed "IndyWatch Feed National"

Earlier this week, New Matilda published a story from economics columnist Ian McAuley on why Donald Trumps strategy of boosting the military was a poor one. He linked it to the arms race that preceded the collapse of the Soviet Union. Iliana Nikolova, a US-based academic, responds.

One of the most intriguing questions of modern history is: Why did the Soviet Union collapse? The dominant narratives offering an answer to this question are two.

  1. One comes from the so-called Western anti-imperialist camp which attributes the collapse of the Soviet Union to the simplistic but popular when-in-doubt-blame-the-CIA theory. This stipulates that the collapse of the Soviet Union was as a result of a CIA orchestrated coup detat in order to clear the way for the American neoliberal/neoconservative agenda.
  2. The other answer is that offered by the Western/American pro-imperialist camp that attributes the collapse on the Soviets themselves, accrediting the demise to the vile mix of a socialist dictatorial regime and the Soviet states deranged obsession with the arms race. This ultimately led to miserable living conditions for the people of the Soviet Union, who, following Western prescriptions for democracy, at some point in the 1990s got enlightened, took to the streets, and the evil socialist regime loss its legitimacy and collapsed.

Both narratives are incomplete and erroneous. Incomplete because they dont take into consideration the historical context and the irrevocable correlation between American imperialism (a by-product of the end of World War II) and the rise of the Soviet Union as a superpower (also a by-product of the end of the World War II). Erroneous because they aim to explain the collapse of the Soviet Union without a critical analysis of global capitalism and its implications on world economic dynamics.

St. Basils Cathedral, Red Square in Moscow. (IMAGE: Flickr, Seth Morabito)

The imperialists narrative is not new, it is the same narrative that their predecessors the colonialists have been using to explain why people around the world were colonized it is their fault, they are backwards, they are aggressive, they cant manage themselves, they live in primitive oppressive societies, they subject the...


When Citizens Set the Budget: Lessons from Ancient Greece "IndyWatch Feed National"

Politicians assume that voters cannot face the financial truth. To democracy experts this is just wrong. Involving voters results in better budgets as shows history from ancient Greece.

File 20180215 131000 kd97z6.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1

Pamphlets for participatory budgeting processes in New York , a system that dates back to ancient Greece. Credit: Daniel Latorre/Flickr, CC BY

Today elected representatives take the tough decisions about public finances behind closed doors. In doing so, democratic politicians rely on the advice of financial bureaucrats, who, often, cater to the political needs of the elected government. Politicians rarely ask voters what they think of budget options. They are no better at explaining the reasons for a budget. Explanations are usually no more than vacuous phrases, such as jobs and growth or on the move. They never explain the difficult trade-offs that go into a budget nor their overall financial reasoning.

This reluctance to explain public finances was all too evident during the global financial crisis.

In Australia, Britain and France, centre-left governments borrowed huge sums in order to maintain private demand and, in one case, to support private banks. In each country these policies helped a lot to minimise the crisiss human costs.

Yet, in the elections that followed the centre-left politicians that had introduced these policies refused properly to justify them. They feared that voters would not tolerate robust discussion about public finances. Without a justification for their generally good policies each of these government was defeated by centre-right opponents.

In most democracies there is the same underlying problem: elected representatives do not believe that voters can tolerate the financial truth. They assume that democracy is not good at managing public finances. For them it can only balance the budget by leaving voters in the dark.

For decades, we, independently, have studied democracy today and in the ancient past. We have learned that this assumption is dead wrong. There are more and more examples of how involving ordinary voters results in better budgets.

In 1989, councils in poor Brazilian towns began to involve residents in setting budg...


An ecological and humanistic response to Breunig & Fabian's defense of massive immigration to Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

I found what struck me personally as egregious growthist propaganda dressed up as an academic research article on The Conversation, yesterday: "Blaming immigrants for unemployment, lower wages and high house prices is too simplistic." [February 23, 2018 11.26am AEDT]. The article was headed up by professor of economics, Robert Breunig from the Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University, and co-authored by Mark Fabian, Postgraduate student, Australian National University. Professor Breunig disclosed that he receives funding from the Productivity Commission, which I think is a leopard with continuously changing arrangement of spots according to whatever political background it needs to blend into for survival. Leith van Onselen's debate with Migration Council's CEO Carla Wilshire of the on the ABCs National Wrapdocumented here, seems to illustrate this, but for all I know the professor and his student actually believe what they write.

Jobs! The plaintive refrain and the crocodile tears...

Criticising ex-PM Tony Abbott's extremely belated calls for reducing Australia's immigration-fed overpopulation problems, Breunig and Fabian write, But migrants also bring capital, investing in houses, appliances, businesses, education and many other things. This increases economic activity and the number of jobs available. It sounds like they are describing molecules in a heated gas.

Increasing economic activity increases impact on our environment and politically disempowers us

Increasing economic activity increases impact on our environment and politically disempowers us. Massive population growth in this country is removing our choices of what we can buy with money, whilst inflating the cost of the reduced amenity and shelter that population growth is causing. That's impoverishing. Just on the business side, the cost of premises and paying wages so that employees can afford housing makes Australian businesses globally uncompetitive and provides an explanation for their mysteriously high rate of failure......


Coral Reefs at Risk of Dissolving as Oceans Get More Acidic, Finds Study "IndyWatch Feed National"

Ocean acidification will threaten sediments that are building blocks for reefs.

A man snorkels in an area called the Coral Gardens near Lady Elliot Island, on the Great Barrier Reef, northeast of Bundaberg town in Queensland, Australia, June 11, 2015. Credit: Reuters/David Gray/File Photo

Oslo: Coral reefs could start to dissolve before 2100 as man-made climate change drives acidification of the oceans, scientists said on Thursday.

Acidification will threaten sediments that are building blocks for reefs....


Cannon fodder mentality - Instant reward vs future reward "IndyWatch Feed National"

So, here is a 'social experiment' carried out by Mark Dice where he is offering the herd population / everyday people / citizens / cannon fodder / members of the 'public', a choice of ;

1). a chocolate bar, or
2). a 10 ounce silver bar.

The experiment conducted by Mark Dice was done approximately 2 years ago where currently there is 1.6M views.

The current price of silver in Australia from the Perth Bullion Shop is from $22.87 - $25.02 per ounce, therefore a 10oz silver bar would be from $228.70 - $250.20

In this experiment there were 8 (eight) 'winners'....

See where they fit in according to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs:


AFN Cwealth Games list: We want to develop home athletes Adeleye "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Technical Director of the Athletic Federation of Nigeria, Sunday Adeleye, has said the reason for listing more homebased athletes for the XXI Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Australia, was to develop the talents back home and also expose them to international competitions. The AFN on Thursday night released its team of 37 athletes that []

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We Want Water Sovereignty for Australia! "IndyWatch Feed National"

While the process of formulating the MDBP was long and fraught with governance issues, the four affected states (QLD, NSW, VIC & SA) agreed to implement it in 2012 for the health of the river and its many and diverse communities and uses.

It appears that lobbying from Big Ag in particular the cotton industry, which by its own admission uses a staggering 26% of all Australian agricultural irrigation water and then exports 99% of their product resulted in the proposed amendment to take 70GL out of the system further upstream instead of retaining this resource downstream as environmental flows.

Withdrawing more water upstream against community sentiment is deeply flawed and a rejection of the tenets of water sovereignty because its allowing commercial use to quite literally ship our scarce water resources overseas for profit.

When we export cotton, rice, beef, wine any agricultural product we are exporting our water.

Environmental flows control the timing, quality, and volume of water flows to sustain river ecologies and the communities that depend on them. Calling them environmental seems to be part of the problematic discourse that allows governments and the media to pit greenies against farmers, instead of enabling a holistic discussion that acknowledges the importance of healthy river ecologies to all life, including that sustained by farmers.

Removing a further 70GL of environmental flows for the benefit of cotton farms and other big water users (Im looking at you, rice farms) is a threat to the very existence of those downstream. Broken Hill is running out of clean drinking water the issue is critical, and not even about the more complicated questions around water rights for commercial activities and how to balance these with ecological health, recreational use, and basic human needs its the basic human need at stake here.

In a related but separate current issue around the MDBP, works have commenced to run a pipeline from the junction of the Murray and Darling Rivers at Wentworth 300km north to supply fresh drinking water to Broken Hill which f...


You Need to Ask Yourself Why a Nobody Such As Myself is Garnering So Much Attention from Trolls "IndyWatch Feed National"

People are probably wondering who I really am- considering all the tripe that is out there about me. The articles, the videos, and the army of trolls- all of them anonymous who claim to know everything about me who are over eager to tell everyone what they think of me.

The question I have is how many other non famous people do you know who have the same attention on them as I do.

Entire YouTube channels have been designed about me- most notably that by John Kilrush aka Doug Mesner aka Doug Misicko aka Satanic Temples Lucien Greaves aka all the OTHER names this idiot claims. The dude believes he is the Legion of the internet. But with all the crap in his life- it seems his sole focus is on me.

If this dude and his Satanic Temple followers arent threatened by me- what other reason would they spend so much time focused on discrediting and attacking me? And attacking my supporters? And anyone who would listen to me?

They will claim I am crazy- but in two months time- I put my house up for sale and sold it- bought another- packed up everything I owned and moved 1/2 way across the country. And I did this alone- all by my lonesome. Does this fit the image of a disorganized crazy person? And since none of these anonymous trolls are actually in my life- except for trying to constantly intrude on it- how would they really know?

Esp considering I do my best to avoid them like the plague. The answer is they dont obviously. But they sure do share their opinions like they do.

Which again begs the point as to why? What other non famous nobody garners the attention that I do? And I am their ONLY focus. They are solely and ONLY focused on me.

Again it begs the question as to why? Why do they feel I am so special? What makes me warrent so much of their attention and focus?

If I do a video- within minutes they are commenting on it- generally before I can even finish. Every time. What makes me so special that they lie in wait for me? And how do they find the time to do so every time?

Obviously there is more to them than meets the eye- esp considering all of them are ALWAYS anonymous. Doug Mesner- who is actually Doug Misicko- has a myriad of aliases- which also begs the question why- not to mention how can you trust someone who constantly lies about his own name.

I am a nobody. Ask 100 people out on the street who I am and not one of them will know. So again you need to ask yourself why is all of this obsession being placed on me?

The answer is simple. It is because I am telling truth that they are desperate for others not to know. There IS no other reason.

So one last time I will beg the question as to why?


A Diet of Illusion For The Herds, While Trillions Are Looted Annually "IndyWatch Feed National"

by G5

I dont write much about Australia. It lost its interest for me, long ago. It is now firmly entrenched in my nausea file. I observe this study in still life screwed every which way yearning to be the next American state. It officially deceives at every turn.

Idiot Black Rap, Hideous Basketball, reversed and side sat peak hats, youth attending uniformed schools with the shirts out, no hats, and the shoes unpolished, with untied laces, rushing to MuckDonalds for nourishment after a hard day at school learning about Gender, Diversity, and Climatology, illusional ethics, revisionist history, art and sports, optional English, Mathematics and perhaps optional Science. All part of being fully informed and regurgitatively credentialed in the modern digital age. With optional use of a writing instrument.

The Lost World of The Progressive Age. Where illusions of a quality education for all...

Friday, 23 February


Australias Housing Market Isnt Broken, Its Working Perfectly For Some "IndyWatch Feed National"

While public housing wait lists blow out in some regions to a decade, in just three years elite property developers have increased their wealth by a staggering 56%. The Australian housing market is working precisely how it was intended to, writes Senator Lee Rhiannon, the Greens federal spokesperson for housing.

Housing is rigged in Australia.

This week Tony Abbott has called for Australias immigration intake to be cut in order to address housing affordability.

This is a classic tactic in the conservative-rights handbook. Find a serious social and economic issue then use it in an attempt to block the movement of people who dont fit the right-wing view of what a good and proper person is.

mew matilda, tony abbottFormer Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott speaking in Afghanistan. (IMAGE: US Embassy Kabul Afghanistan, Flickr)

Its a wonder anyone listens to anything Mr Abbott has to say anymore, after his policies and budget were so wholly rejected by the Australian people. Still, I felt compelled to respond and point out that, obviously, its not migrants who are causing housing unaffordability, its those who are reaping huge profits from housing (backed by the Liberal party to boot).

It is common to hear of the housing system in Australia being broken, or governments failing to fix it. But the current market-driven system is no accident and not a policy failure. For those who profit from housing, the system is working very well.

My office commissioned research from the federal Parliamentary Library into just who it is that is benefiting from our rigged housing system.

Property developers on the BRW Rich List (graph above) have increased their wealth by 56% in just three years.

Stamp duty (residential land related transfer duty below) and budget surpluses have gone through the roof while spending on social housing remained flat-lined.



February 24 On This Day in Australian History "IndyWatch Feed National"

1802 - Flinders and his crew fell over Port Lincoln, on the southern end of what later became known as the Eyre Peninsula.

1815 - Rev. Samuel Marsden left NZ for Port Jackson in Oz bringing with him chiefs Te Morenga and Te Pehi.

1817 - The sadly named Barron Field, who masqueraded as a Supreme Court Judge when not penning prose, rocked up to Sydney.

1820 - Governor Macquarie shot off an email but failing to find an NBN connection he scratched out a letter to Earl Bathurst regarding the surveyors Oxley and Meehan at Illawarra.

1828 - Alexander Stewart popped in to Illawarra as a convict, where he was assigned to Edward Corrigan.

1830 - John Oxley was Hanged at Hobart for the murder of Susan Corfield.

1838 -  The 9th Governor of NSW Guv Gipps trotted into office.

1842 - A Native Police Force was established at Narre Warren with 25 Aborigines trained and under the command of Henry Dana, who moved the force to the banks of Meri Creek the following month.

1842 - Muston's Creek Massacre took place; when six big brave white men rode up on horseback and opened fire killing 4 Indigenous women (1 who was pregnant) and a child, with a 5th severely wounded woman dying later.

1859 - Cruising for some sightseeing the paddle steamer Gemini popped up the Darling River to Brewarrina.

1860 -  William Meuct was a convict who was a little less than lavish with his praise towards his prison guard at Geelong Gaol on this day; silly Meuct was charged with being insolent and was given 24 hours in solitary confinement on bread and water.

1875 The SS Gothenburg struck Old Reef off Ayr, Queensland and sank with the loss of 102 lives.

1876 -  A deputation of Coranderrk Aborigines led by (William) Beruk Barak travelled to Melbourne to call on the Colonial Secretary to request Superintendant Green's reinstatement.
They were unsuccessful.

1888 - Louisville, Kentucky, became the first government in US to adopt Australian ballot (i.e. secret ballot on standard voting forms).

1896 - Victoria was all out for 43 vs South Australia, Jones 6-15, Jarvis 4-27,
It's a cricket thing.

1905 - Fanny Cochrane Smith, a Tasmanian Aborigine famous for the recordings of her language and songs, died on this day.

1908 - A confused and troubled soul going by the name of Benjamin Harvey did a bunk from the Ararat Asylum, Victoria, dressed only in his shirt.
Whilst on the run Harvey called at a farm where he asked if he might sharpen some knives on the grindstone. Harvey explained that he had escaped from the Ballarat Gaol, where he had nearly killed a warder by kicking him. He also told them he knew that the police were pursuing him, but that he did not intend to be...


Barnaby Joyce Was Fair Game, But There Still Needs To Be A Privacy Line We Dont Cross "IndyWatch Feed National"

Earlier this week, we published a piece by Melissa ODonnell arguing that the private lives of elected leaders should not be entirely off limits. Melbourne-based philosopher Janna Thompson replies.

Is Barnaby Joyces affair a private matter that should not be publically discussed? To answer, I think we need to make a distinction between two issues.

  1. Is it fair that Barnaby Joyces privacy be respected when the private lives of public women are regarded as legitimate objects of scrutiny and judgment (as in the case of Cheryl Kernot)?
  2. Should we prefer a social and journalistic convention that keeps the private lives of both women and men in politics out of the public eye?

It is possible to answer yes to the first question (as ODonnell does) and yet believe that scrutiny of private lives ought, in most cases, to be kept out of politics. It is possible to approve of the exposure of a hypocrite who claims to stand for family values while still resisting the practice of publicising the private affairs of politicians.

Politicians are not paragons of virtue. There are many, many examples from recent history of politicians who had affairs, slept around or divorced their partners. Some of these were good leaders, or at least effective in getting things done. We are better off for their being in politics.

To make private lives the object of scrutiny, and private faults or vices a reason for condemnation, is to make virtue a requirement for holding political office. This would be bad for many reasons. It would keep out of politics talented people who do not want their private lives scrutinised, for whatever reason. It would turn the press gallery into a gutter press, concentrating on exposing and discussing the latest sexual scandal rather than focussing on the business of the nation. It would turn politics into soap opera.

Barnaby Joyce and wife Natalie (they are now separated) at the 2017 Mid-Winter Ball.

Most of us are not all that virtuous, or not all the time, and insisting on virtue in all private lives would ensure that politicians would find devious, secret ways to sin to the detriment of the people they are involve...


This Instagram Features The Most Depressing Sounding Places In The World "IndyWatch Feed National"

Damien Rudds Instagram account Sad Topographies features very sad (and very real) places like Hopeless Pass, Termination Point, and Dead Women Crossing.

While searching for something on Google Maps, Damien Rudd happened upon Mount Hopeless in Australia. Intrigued by such a dour sounding place, Rudd began searching for locations with synonyms for sadness. A few searches and screenshots later and the Instagram account Sad Topographies was born.

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Find or Create a Chapter or Affiliate "IndyWatch Feed National"

World Beyond War allows volunteers to create (and assists in the creation) of new local organizations that we call World Beyond War chapters. If you cant find one near you below, you can create one. Its easy!

We also let existing organizations become affiliates. You can do that too. We do not include as affiliates groups that support war or other major forms of violence or injustice. But we do not expect to agree on every topic with every affiliate. An affiliate must be an organization working with us on ending war. If your organization or business wants to endorse ending war without becoming an affiliate, please sign here.

You can also vounteer to be a Country Coordinator.

Heres are some resources and guidelines for chapters and affiliates.


Country Coordinator: Samira Abrar
Affiliate: Rehabilitee Organization for Afghan War Victims

Country Coordinator: Robert Salerno
Affiliate: Wage Peace

Chapter: World Beyond War Cameroon

Country Coordinator: Bob Fantina
Chapter: World Beyond War St. Johns
Chapter: World Beyond War Toronto
Affiliate: Canadian Peace Initiative
Affiliate: Anutek Developments Inc.


PERTH Sydney madams brother extradited over $1b WA drug bust "IndyWatch Feed National"

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Sydney madams brother extradited over $1b WA drug bust .

February 23, 2018 at 08:52PM .

THE brother of a former Sydney brothel madam has been arrested in connection to the biggest drug bust in Australian history worth more than $1 billion. On Thursday police arrested Jabour Anthony Lahood at his Dural home in Sydneys northwest and charged him over his alleged role in importing .


PERTH Woman attacks police after Perth stair run "IndyWatch Feed National"

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Woman attacks police after Perth stair run .

February 23, 2018 at 11:52AM .

leaving a child less than two years old in the car. She then allegedly attacked two officers, punching one of them in the head and kicking the officers legs. The woman, from the southern suburb of Thornlie, was charged with assaulting a public officer and will appear in Perth Magistrates Court on Friday. .



PERTH Woman allegedly drove through Elizabeth Quay, assaulted police "IndyWatch Feed National"

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Woman allegedly drove through Elizabeth Quay, assaulted police .

February 23, 2018 at 10:56AM .

The officer received scratches to the face and bruising to the face and legs. Witnesses told 9 News Perth there were about 50 people close by when the incident occurred. A 46-year-old woman from Thornlie was charged with assault public officer. She will appear before the Perth Magistrates Court on .


PERTH Car Stuck On Steps In Bizarre CBD Incident "IndyWatch Feed National"

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Car Stuck On Steps In Bizarre CBD Incident .

February 23, 2018 at 11:52AM .

A woman is due in court today, accused of punching a police officer after getting a car stuck on some steps in Elizabeth Quay. Its alleged the 46 year old drove the car along a walkway and attempted to drive down some stairs when the vehicle became wedged between the rails. Its believed a toddler .


PERTH Stoneville man cleared for firing shotgun to protect daughter from being attacked by dog "IndyWatch Feed National"

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Stoneville man cleared for firing shotgun to protect daughter from being attacked by dog .

February 23, 2018 at 11:52AM .

STONEVILLE resident David Cramer has been found not guilty in Perth Magistrates Court after he fired his shotgun to protect his daughter from being attacked by a neighbours dangerous dog on his property in 2016. Handing down his decision on February 20, Magistrate Andrew Maughan said he .



Woman severely injured after being bitten by shark off Sydney, Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

A woman is severely injured after being bitten by a shark off the coast of Sydney. The swimmer was in the water at Congwong Beach in La Perouse at 7pm on Friday when she was attacked by what is believed to have been a shark. In the wake of the attack, the local council has announced all beaches in the area will be closed on 'for at least Saturday'. The woman, who is aged in her 50s, was taken to St George Hospital where she is being treated for severe lacerations to one of her legs. A NSW Ambulance spokesman said it was unclear what species of shark had bitten the woman.


Sustainable Population Australia comments on Tony Abbott and Peter Dutton on migration "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australia has no coherent population plan other than to inundate the major cities with people. Instead of a well though-out population policy, the strategy has been to stoke overall economic growth to support big business. This suits the property industry and retailers but GDP per capita growth is stagnating while ordinary Australians are worse off.

Peter Dutton and Tony Abbott have both recently called out for a reduction of immigration to Australia. To quote Mr Abbott: "At the moment weve got stagnant wages, unaffordable housing, clogged infrastructure and there is no doubt the rate of immigration impacts on all of these things.

We support Mr Abbott's comments but it's unfortunate he didn't consider this while he was Prime Minister. Australia is suffering cumulative economic and environmental damage from unconstrained growth.

It is incorrect of Peter Dutton to suggest that in the Labor years the number peaked at about 305,900 in one year which was an enormous number, weve got that number down now below 190,000

While it is true that net overseas migration (NOM) which includes both permanent and temporary long-term residents peaked under Labor (at 315,700), it was still running at 245,500 as at the year to June 2017.

Most importantly, Peter Dutton failed to mention that Australias permanent migrant intake has never been higher than under this Coalition Government, set at nearly 210,000 a year currently.

Currently 60% of Australias growth is skilled migration whereas the humanitarian intake is less than 10%.

Foreign aid has also been significantly cut whilst the coalition has been in power. This is particularly true for overseas family planning services and the access to education that is required to empower women to choose the size of their families.

Paul Hawken, who was the keynote speaker at Melbournes Sustainable Living Festival, stated that family planning and access to education are together the most significant global responses to addressing climate change.

SPA calls for a fundamental change to population policy that addresses population issues both nationally and globally. This should involve reducing total migration to around 70 000 per a...

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