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Tuesday, 04 December


Getting a Judge, Part 7: Publicitys the Thing "IndyWatch Feed National"

 by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

What a curse it is on society to have bad men or women wearing a judges robes! Its death to us all because it means the law dies. Without the law we have no protection against the small-time baddies who will hurt us.

But worse, we have no protection against those who sit so far up (way above judges) that they feel free to design our culture or even try to re-design human nature.

An American patriot, Don Rufty, says that he went on a crusade to get the judges of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina to change 180 degrees in their behavior so that now they are models of virtue. How did he do it? By running a small newspaper and airing all the scandals of the Family Court. I will tell you about him in a minute.

Refused, Cannot Be...


US opposes Paris climate agreement at G20 as US and China agree to delay tariff war and negotiate "IndyWatch Feed National"

December 4, 2018, The US continued its opposition to the Paris climate agreement endorsed by other governments in the declaration issued by the G20 governments meeting in Argentina on December 2. The declaration also omitted the usual pledge to resist new trade restrictions, presumably to enable the US to endorse it.  The G20 annual forum brings together leaders of the richest economies with some representation from developing countries.

The US and China also held a bilateral meeting at which they agreed to suspend for 90 days the escalation of tariffs due on January 1, 2019, to enable further negotiations. The US imposed tariffs on imports from China and other countries with which it has trade deficits earlier this year. This led to a damaging tariff war, as China and others have responded by raising their tariffs. The agreement to negotiate follows conflict between the US and China at the recent APEC meeting in November.


Julie And Julia: Feminists When Hell Freezes Over "IndyWatch Feed National"

Presiding over policies that actively harm women does not a feminist make, writes Lauren Bull. 

To be a feminist in any authentic sense of term, writes bell hooks, is to want for all people, female and male, liberation from sexist role patterns, domination, and oppression. That is, a feminist is not a person who just gets angry when men are sexist. A feminist is a person who recognises that domination and oppression in society are structural, are often linked to capital, and hit women harder, especially those who are not white, able-bodied, cis-gendered, wealthy, and/or mentally ill.

It would be nice to think that in 2018 this was not revelatory. However, social media this week is abuzz with people falling over themselves to congratulate Australias apparent newly-minted feminist icons: Julia Banks and Julie Bishop. Two women who could not fall farther from the authentic definition of feminist if they tried and lets pray they dont try.

Lets start with the obvious. Both women are members of Australias most conservative government in years. Bishop, the woman whose sparkling red high heels were recently proclaimed to be a symbol of solidarity and empowerment among Australian women, has publicly stated that not only does she have no need for the term feminist, but implied that to link sexism to differential treatment of women would be misguided, even going so far as to victim-blame Julia Gillard for her treatment by the public and media. She is Deputy Leader of a party which has systematically entrenched poverty, racism, and disadvantage in Australian communities since winning government in 2013.

Before her perfectly timed exit from the Liberal party, Julia Banks was best-known for claiming she could, but of course, live on 40 bucks a day, and for locking Newstart recipients out of her office when they came to discuss the realities of living on the allowance with her.

Considering women are significantly more financially vulnerable in Australia than men, and considering many recipients of government payments such as Newstart are living below the poverty line,...

Monday, 03 December


Fascist Vox gains foothold in Spains Andalusia regional election "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Jim Hayes

Vox has gained 12 parliamentary seats in regional election in Andalusia on 2 December.  Andalusia is Spains southernmost region.

The result is attracting a great deal of attention, because this the first time that a Francoist party has made headway, since the end of the Franco dictatorship, which lasted from 1936 to 1975. It brings an ominous implication for the whole of Spain.

With 6.5 million residents, this is the most populous part of Spain. It is also the poorest and has the highest unemployment rate, not only of Spain, but in the whole of Europe.

Jubilation at Vox headquarters in the regional capital Sevillia.
Video from France 24


This is a traditional stronghold of the Socialist Party, which has been in government for 36 years. But its support base has been shrinking and it took a further hit at this election, resulting in the lowest vote for the party on record.

Traditional rivals, the Popular Party also took a hit, and this benefited Ciudadanos, which more than dounbled its seats to 21, and is the contender for the Popular Partys spot in the political spectrum. Indications are that a considerable part of the Socialist Party base did not even bother to vote. Only 56.5 percent of the electorate did.

Although the Socialist Party stillgained the most vots at 29 percent, and  holds the largest number of seats, 33 in the 109 seat parliament, it is 14 less than before  and not enough to form the new government. To have a chance of doing so, it will have to form an alliance with the anti-austerity party Podemos, which increased its seats from 15 to 17. This is still short of a majority, forming of a government will require some sort of deal with one of the other parties.

The alternative is a Popular Party and Cuidadanos led government, which brings Vox into the coalition or some other form of agreement.

In answer to the dilemma, the Socialists hav appealed to the Popular Party and Ciudadanos not to sell their souls to the fascists and help build a wall against the threat they pose. Podemos has made a similar call. The Popular party and Cuidadanos are signalling that they do indeed want to bringing Vox although this does come with a measure of hesitation. The risk is being branded as pro-fascist, and this could lead to new divisions within and loss of more of the support base.

Behind this situation, is the falling standing of traditional politics and political parties. A large part of the population is looking for alternatives. Driving this, is the failure of govern...


Big Coal And Friends On Track To Shut Down Your Climate Activism "IndyWatch Feed National"

A major case opening today in a Queensland court could have profound implications for climate activists around the country. Julie Macken explains.

The term, climate crisis is now the most commonly used descriptor when discussing global warming. Extreme weather events, firestorms, heat waves, flooding rain, loss of ice, snow and species are rightly seen within the frame of an emergent climate crisis. But if we are really witnessing a climate crisis one with the potential to destroy our way of life and end our lives how should we respond as a community?

This is a question being tested in Australias classrooms and Parliament right now and later today, in fact. The Queensland Supreme Court will be asked to decide whether, despite this crisis, it is reasonable for a large corporation to dictate how the community should be allowed to use social media to try and prevent this crisis.

The background to the case is this. Aurizon, the rail freight company formerly owned by the Government of Queensland, has been targeted by a number of individuals and communities because it plays a key role in the coal industry managing the 2,670 km Central Queensland coal network. It is also critical to Indian mining company Adanis plans to ship coal from the proposed Carmichael mine to Abbott Point, as Adani plans to build a 200km line that will connect to Aurizons existing Goonyella and Newlands rail network.

Without Aurizon there is no Adani mine.

One of those groups protesting the proposed Adani mine, and Aurizons involvement in the expansion of the coal industry, is a small community group called FLAC Front Line Action on Coal. Unlike the large environmental NGOs, FLAC is still committed to supporting people who take direct action to prevent the expansion of the coal industry and they have had some serious successes of late.

So much so that Aurizon has taken the extraordinary action of getting interim orders against FLAC. Those orders include prohibiting FLAC from inciting anyone by Facebook, website, and Twitter to enter rail corridors across Aurizons network or interfering with any of the companys coal trains.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk shakes hands with Gautam Adani, Port of Townsville, 6 December 2016. (IMAGE: AAP)

On Tuesday the Supreme Court will be asked to make these inte...


Me-Ism Is Undoing The Left "IndyWatch Feed National"

A feelpinion has no place in a contest of ideas, writes Joshua Dabelstein.

Old school lefties are feeling disenfranchised by the lefts new face. Identity politics, professional victimhood, and moralistic white-knighting, have become the young lefts M.O. The corruption of its own conceptions of liberty and solidarity are testament to the left having been co-opted by a misguided conflation of liberalism and leftism.

This conflation has resulted in a swathe of self-important self-proclaimed left-wing ninnies giving the rest of us a bad name by, well, taking their own feelings way too seriously, and confusing their feelings with having a real political philosophy.

We live in an age where feeling offended is empowering. The assertion of disempowerment is an easy and often great way to reclaim power. But if we arent careful of how, when, why and with whom we are doing this, we run the risk of becoming a complete laughing stock.

It is impossible to converse with someone who has a firmly held belief that his or her political philosophy stems from a more moral place. In reality, we all retroactively fit what we want to how we feel. As a recovering alcoholic, I couldnt empathise more with how easy it is to trick myself that what feels good and what is good are one and the same thing. Often our feelings and the way we articulate them in conversation are tailored by a pre-existing fixation.

Here is an example of how this plays out in the mind of, say, a young any-gendered feminist reactionary.

Women have always been second-class citizens (true). The subjugation of women by men is rife, constant, and everywhere (true). Men who think they are part of the solution are actually more often than not part of the problem (true). When that man I am doing a group assignment with just explained to me that I had misunderstood Isiah Berlins Two Concepts of Liberty he was mansplaining because he is a man, and the patriarchy or something, and how dare people treat me like that just because I am a woman.

There is a very real and subconsciously manipulative impetus to asserting a moral high-ground and victimhood. And of all the arguments that the left has with itself, it is the soft-lefts immature replacement of political philosophy with moralisms that has caused a rift the likes of which people like Jordan Peterson have been belched from.

There is however nothing more moral about being more offended. There is nothing righteous about self-righteousness. It took me twenty-seven years to learn that one.

Love him or hate him, Jordan Peterson will be in Australia soon. One of the biggest reasons he is popular is that he takes this Me-...


Journalist John Pilger organises film festival "IndyWatch Feed National"

This 29 November 2018 video from Australia says about itself:

Video featuring The Power of the Documentary on ABC News

Power of the Documentary is a film festival curated by John Pilger and in association with the Museum of Contemporary Art, featuring 26 different documentaries.

Video Credit: ABC News Weekend Breakfast, Journalist Miram Corowa.

By Richard Phillips in Australia:

Well-paid journalists have become gormless cyphers of the propaganda of war

John Pilger discusses his The Power of Documentary film festival

3 December 2018

Veteran investigative journalist, documentary filmmaker and author, John Pilger, is currently hosting a special film festival in Australia. Entitled The Power of the Documentary: Breaking the Silence, the festival is on at Riverside Theatres in the western-Sydney suburb of Parramatta and at the Museum of Contemporary Art at Circular Quay in central Sydney. It will run until December 9.

Curated by Pilger, the festival is screening 26 films, including a number of his own documentaries, several significant works by Australian filmmakers and three foundational films from the US and Britain.

Pilger, who has made 62 documentaries since 1970, is one of a handful of journalists internationally who vigorously defends WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. On June 17, he addressed a rally in Sydney organised by the Socialist Equality Party (Australia) to demand Assanges immediate release.

Some of the early Pilger films to be screened include: The Quiet Mutiny, his first documentary for British television; The Outsiders, which features interviews with war correspondents, such as Wilfred Burchett and Martha Gellhorn, and other individuals in 1983; and The Last Dream: Other Peoples Wars (1988), about the history of...


192 schools in South Australia close as teachers protest against budget cuts and working conditions "IndyWatch Feed National"

The teachers - dressed in red - are protesting over a breakdown in negotiations with the South Australian Government over their new enterprise bargaining agreement. Flinders Street has been blocked off to all traffic, with protesters making their way to the rally from all corners of the city. Signs stating "Try Harder Gardner" and "More Funding For Our Kids" were being waved to loud music. Police are monitoring traffic conditions and pedestrian movements. School is set to resume at 12:15pm at the 192 schools that are closed. Australian Education Union (AEU) SA president Howard Spreadbury said he was very happy with the number of teachers who joined the rally. "I'm very pleased with the massive turnout of our members and community supports sending a very clear and definite message to the Marshall Government that they need to take us seriously and start listening to what we're putting [to] them in relation to our members' conditions and the learning environments of our students," Mr...


Andrews statement about Royal Commission into Informants "IndyWatch Feed National"

...the Victorian public has a right to know that every part of the justice system acts fairly and lawfully at all times. Daniel Andrews - Premier Really Dan. Police forces cannot operate without information. That information often comes from informants. If I was providing information to the police right now,...


UN Migration Pact - "Criticism of migration will be a criminal offence, media organisation will be shut down" "IndyWatch Feed National"

That's Marcel de Graaff speaking - a Member of the European Parliament. The United Nations Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration seeks to make immigration a universal human right. De Graaff said, I would like to say some words on the global compact on migration. On the 10th...


UK COLUMN: Mueller Probe Driven by Spooks, Integritys Disinfo Mill, King of Fake News "IndyWatch Feed National"

An embarrassing G20 family photo speak volumes, spooks and informants driving Muellers Trump-Russia Collusion vaudeville act, no sign of any integrity in the deep states Integrity Initiative disinformation machine, the BBCs fake news apologist piece which really turns the stomach and more

UK Column presenters Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with the early week news round-up.

START G20 members all wave to the world well almost all President Trump meets Chinas President Xi over dinner a positive meeting Trade tarriffs are lowered after talks Xi, Putin & Indias Modi agree to increase trilateral cooperation Trump Putin meeting put on hold President Putin wants full format meeting with Trump in near future Ukraines Poroshenko deliberately driving a wedge between Russia & USA? Russia still has problems with US withdrawal from INF Treaty
12:18 Paris yellow vest protests continue Macron mulls state of emergency A tale of two protests: Free Syrian Army in Syria supported by French government French public: domestic terrorists, FSA in Syria: peaceful protesters
16:35 Alternative View 9.1 conference: Democracy in Chains update UK Column article Integrity Initiative: A Look Into the Deep State? Russia responds to unmasking of Integrity Initiative
21:41 Trump, Russia and lessons from the mob: godfathers steers collusion probe? UK, Australian intelligence and FBI interfering in US elections Russiagate: all the queens men Steele, Halper, Downer, Mifsud, Dearlove, Sater FISA warrants to be declassified? Russian TV crew films near secret cyber-warfare HQ in Berkshire Daily Mail: Russian media are all spies and infiltrators MainStream Media: a disinformation, influence and propaganda campaign
35:44 Daily Mail: GCHQ spy chiefs admit they keep some cyber attacks secret Government retrospectively changes law to allow illegal activity over last 40 years New National Cyber Security Centre: just a coincidence


LPG gas cylinders made this truck into a mobile bomb "IndyWatch Feed National"

Victoria's coroner has released this video. Makes you think.


Australian gov't orders royal commission into police misconduct scandal "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Victorian government has called a royal commission into a police misconduct scandal that has potentially jeopardised at least 22 convictions including that of underworld figure Tony Mokbel. Some of the most notorious criminals in Australia received letters on Monday telling them that their lawyer had acted as a police informant in what the high court has described as an "atrocious" case of police misconduct that undermined the integrity of the justice system. Mokbel, who was jailed for 22 years in 2012 for drug trafficking, is among those who could be making a bid for freedom following revelations their lawyer was passing information on to Victoria police between 2005 and 2009, in breach of client confidentiality. Victoria police and the lawyer involved have been trying for three years to prevent the disclosure of the informant's identity to their underworld clients, with police arguing in court that if the information were disclosed "the risk of death [to the lawyer] would...


Great moments in policing womens clothes "IndyWatch Feed National"

An Australian journalist was asked to leave the premises of the parliament because because her outfit was too revealing in that you can allegedly see too much skin. I naturally had to click on the article to see what scandalous clothing had prompted this decision. See-through blouse? Plunging neckline? Very short skirt? Here is a photograph of Patricia Karvelas in her offending outfit.

Thats it? So what exactly was the problem? Apparently the sleeves were too short. Yes indeedy, the sight of a womans upper arms may distract male MPs and even cause some to swoon.

This is even more ridiculous than the ban on nighties in an Indian town. As critics have pointed out, Australia has had a female prime minister Julia Bishop MP Julie Bishop who has worn sleeveless dresses to parliament without any problem. But that is not the point. The real problem is the strict policing of womens clothing and the purely arbitrary decisions, almost always made exclusively by men, about what they can and cannot wear in public.

The late, great comedian and raconteur Dave Allen had a nice bit about this obsession with women having to cover certain parts of themselves and traces it back to the Genesis story.


Australias Financial Regulator Grants License to Bitcoin Exchange Coinzoom "IndyWatch Feed National"

Coinzoom Australia said Dec. 3 that it has been officially registered as a digital currency exchange with financial watchdog Austrac. The registration allows the exchange to operate legally according to Australian law. It will also function as a fiat-to-crypto exchange, with support for a variety of digital assets, including the buying and selling of BTC, BCH and XRP.

Also read: Report: Bitcoin Mining Doesnt Fuel Climate Change, it Benefits the Global Economy

Complying With KYC/AML Requirements

Being fully registered is an important step in our goal to provide globally compliant digital currency trading for both institutional and retail traders, Todd Crosland, chief executive officer of Coinzoom, said in an online statement.



Xi Jinping Visits Nations of Southeast Asia "IndyWatch Feed National"


The Chinese leaders one-week tour began on 15 November and included visits to Papua New Guinea, Brunei and the Philippines. These countries are situated in a region that has borne witness to clearly heightened tensions, on various fronts, between the two world powers, the USA and China.

The escalations are particularly noticeable on the backdrop of the slowdown in positive developments previously achieved on the Korean Peninsula. And although the inter-Korean dialogue continues (in guerilla warfare style), the two main players involved in the Korean issue (i.e. the United States and PRC) seemingly cannot find the answer to the question of what happens next.

It is difficult to envision positive developments in the northern part of a region engulfed in a power struggle between the USA and China, especially when tensions are escalating in its southern parts. A place, where the rivalry, between China and the US Australian tandem, to exert influence over the island states of the Pacific Ocean is becoming more noticeable.

An important step towards strengthening the position of Australia and the US in the region was the announcement that their joint military base is to be constructed in Papua New Guinea. The news came on the eve of Xi Jinpings arrival in its capital, Port Moresby.

The fact that the United States (together with Japan, Australia, and possibly India) started working on the planning stages of a project, meant to rival the New Silk Road, in recent months served as further proof of the worsening political climate in the region. Over the last few months, Western media outlets have not tired of reporting on the shortcomings of the Chinese initiative, which have allegedly become apparent in Malaysia and Pakistan.

Attempts are being made to pour new (trade and economic) wine into the old wineskins of the initiative to create the Asian NATO (with its core constituted by the USA, Japan, Australia and India). The wine is being used to try and win over the right, from China, to exert influence over the nations in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Brunei and the Philippines are among such countries.

Evidence of acute tensions, engulfing the region, came in both subtle and open, back and forth verbal attacks,...


FOX: Minneapolis cop intended to kill holistic healer, Dr. Justine Damond, prosecutor say "IndyWatch Feed National"

Last week, prosecutors announced they would be charging former Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor with intentional second-degree murder for the death of holistic doctor, Justine Ruszczyk Damond in July of 2017. RELATED STORY: Unintended Holistic Doctor Death Series: Over 90 Dead At the time, Noor admitted to shooting the Australian woman multiple times but said it []

The post FOX: Minneapolis cop intended to kill holistic healer, Dr. Justine Damond, prosecutor say appeared first on Health Nut News.


Study Links HPV Vaccine to Historically High Infertility Rates "IndyWatch Feed National"

Celeste McGovern, CMSRI
Waking Times

A plague is spreading silently across the globe. The young generation in America, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Japan, Australia in virtually every western country is afflicted by rapidly increasing rates of infertility.

This spring, the United States reported its lowest birth rate in 30 years, despite an economic boom. Finlands birth rate plummeted to a low not seen in 150 years. Russian President Vladimir Putin recently introduced a string of reforms aimed at stemming the countrys deep demographic declines.  The government of Denmark introduced an ad campaign to encourage couples to Do it for Denmark and conceive on vacations, and Poland produced a campaign urging its citizens to breed like rabbits.

Something  or things are robbing young women and men of their capacity to procreate and public health admits it doesnt have a clue where to start to fix the emerging priority.

The population bomb we were all endlessly warned about by environmentalists failed to blow, and instead, demographers have been trying to raise the alarm about the population implosioncrisis unfolding across the West the graying of societies facing an unprecedented aging demographic in which th...


Australia: Muslims defy court order to demolish illegal religious compound, say theyre not bound by Australian law "IndyWatch Feed National"

Mustapha Kara-Ali is basing his claim to be above Australian law on Australian law: The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) Act 2012 stipulates that when it is carrying out religious activities that are related to the practice, study, teaching or propagation of its religious beliefs, or other activities ancillary to them Diwan Al []


Young Australian climate activists interviewed "IndyWatch Feed National"

This 29 November 2018 video says about itself:

Thousands of students join climate protest

Australian students have gone on strike from school and have converged on urban and regional centres demanding the government take action on climate change.

From the World Socialist Web Site in Australia:

Australia: Newcastle participants in high school climate strike speak out

By our reporters

3 December 2018

Last Friday, around 2,000 high school students in Newcastle, a New South Wales port city 160 kilometres north of Sydney, took part in a national strike against the refusal of governments to address climate change.

Like rallies on the same day in Sydney, Melbourne and other areas, the Newcastle protest was attended by high school students of varying ages, along with parents and teachers.

In addition to expressing their anger over environmental destruction, students spoke out against war, social inequality and the turn to authoritarianism. Newcastle has been hard hit by decades of job cuts, and the closure of entire industries. As in other regional centres, youth face a future of insecure and casual work, unemployment and associated social problems.

Part of the Newcastle rally

Campaigners from the International Youth and Students for Social Equality (IYSSE) at Newcastle University distributed hundreds of statements at the protest, explaining that climate change is the product of a systemic crisis of the global capitalist system and calling for a turn to the working class.

The IYSSE stre...



Woman Pulls Porcupine Quills From Ravens Face "IndyWatch Feed National"

It is rare for any wild animal to let a human get close to it, let alone touch it. However, when a young raven was attacked by a porcupine, the bird seemed to understand the only way he would survive was if he let a human intervene. Gertie Cleary says she spotted the young raven []


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