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Wednesday, 13 June


The Secret Space Program and Breakaway Civilization Black Budget, Mind Control, World Militaries & More "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Event Chronicle Editors Note: The following videos are from the Secret Space Program Conference in 2014. I thought Id republish the presentations for people who have not seen them. We have a lot of newcomers who have had their consciousness expanded due to the QAnon Phenomenon, but I think whats lacking is general knowledge of the Secret Space Program, Breakaway Civilizations and Extraterrestrials, and how they play a role in our current geopolitical situation and the fight for true freedom. These videos will help you get up to speed.

UFO Encounters with the World Militaries

Run time: 1.46.06 min
Speaker: Richard Dolan
Produced by: Globalbem
Language: English


Over the years, there have been many confirmed military encounters with UFOs, many of which are truly incredible and at times disturbing. These encounters involve much more than the U.S. military, but also the militaries of Canada, the U.K. all the European nations, Russia, China, Australia, Middle Eastern nations, African nations indeed, everywhere. Not only that, but reliable reports by military and government sources go back well before the Second World War. Richard Dolan will discuss some of the most extraordinary encounters we know of, and share his ideas regarding the phenomenon itself. He will then examine the energy and technology implications, the probable political forces that are blocking changes to our energy paradigm, and ways of moving forward.

The Black Budget

Run time: 1.22.34 min
Speaker: Catherine Austin Fitts
Produced by: Globalbem
Language: English


UFO technology: Cui Bono? There may be as much as $100 trillion dollars worth of hardware flying the skies powered by anti-gravity and field-propulsion technologies. This has significant implications for the ownership and design of manufacturing and energy infrastructure on planet earth. It also has connections to trillions of dollars which are missing from defense and domestic agency accounts (as reported by official financial reports of the US government). To the extent that the US taxpayer has financed this technology (or its reverse-engineering) why should private corporations own it on a secret basis?
The financial fortunes and geopolitical power involv...


In This One State, 1.08 Million Animals Were Experimented on, Dogs Included "IndyWatch Feed National"

Over 1.08 million animals were used for scientific experiments in total, and now that number is rising for the first time in supposedly three years in this state.

Think that its not that inhumane to experiment on mice or rodents? Well, these animals being experimented upon include koalas, pound dogs, rabbits, horses, monkeys and sheep.

This is happening in the Australian state of Victoria.

The official justification is that most of these animals were simply observed (does that mean a control group? Probably not), but other animals suffered through horrific, violent tests in the name of science, as phrased by an article from the Herald Sun.

This isnt in the name of science, its in the name of scientism and money.

One weird fact about this statistic is that the animals undergoing genetic modifications in particular rose tremendously, with 133,852 animals being used for 259 separate projects.



Former Australian prime minister Keating says Trump surprisingly good at foreign policy "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Guardian

Former Australian prime minister Keating says Trump

surprisingly good at foreign policy

Paul Keating had not expected US president to have such a pragmatic grasp of international affairs

Former Australian prime minister Paul Keating criticised Barack Obamas lack of policy ambition in office.
Former Australian prime minister Paul Keating criticised Barack Obamas lack of policy ambition in office. Photograph: David Moir/AAP

Donald Trump is surprisingly good at foreign policy, according to former Australian prime minister Paul Keating, who says the United States was directionless under the previous three administrations.

As the US president accepted an invitation to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong-un for talks, Keating said he had not expected Trump to have such a pragmatic foreign policy and urged the president to continue down the path he was on.

America has gone on for 24 years without a strategy, Keating told a business conference in Sydney on Friday, during which he criticised Barack Obamas timidity and lack of policy ambition in office.

Trump has, surprisingly and I hope he maintains this put his hand up for the right policy.

Trump won praise for accepting the North Korean offer...


Watch: BBC's fake 'Russia's Hooligan Army' documentary hilariously exposed by Australian filmmakers "IndyWatch Feed National"

With the FIFA World Cup about to kick off in Russia, RT's In the Now has followed two Aussie filmmakers on a failed quest to find the infamous Russian hooligans, who, the BBC said, will turn the event into a festival of violence. The Australians were so fascinated by the Western reports on vicious Russian thugs, following clashes with English supporters at Euro 2016, that they came to Russia in order to join their ranks. In their search for the hooligans, who were claimed to have been trained by the Kremlin and linked to President Vladimir Putin himself, they talked to a Russian football official, a martial arts instructor, numerous fans at a Russian Premier League match and eventually tracked down the very people, who were interviewed by the BBC in the scandalous 2017 documentary "Russia's Hooligan Army."


Australia needs an urgent reappraisal of its place in a changing world "IndyWatch Feed National"

James ONeill It seems likely that the Australian House and Senate will pass the governments legislative proposals, ostensibly aimed at alleged foreign interference in Australias electoral process. Despite denials to the contrary, the legislation is manifestly aimed at alleged Chinese interference, although the scope of the proposed legislative provisions amounts to a sustained attack upon the ability of critics in the media and elsewhere to do their job of holding governments to account. The cynic might argue that such legislation is hardly necessary, as serious and sustained criticism of the policies of successive Australian governments, and certainly in the defence and national security areas has been conspicuously absent for many years both from the mainstream media and the Labor opposition. There has been a noticeable increase in the barrage of one-dimensional propaganda in recent decades, and a corresponding reduction in the presentation of fact based analysis. As equally insidious as the propaganda nature of much of what is termed news is the systematic ignoring of actual events. A stark illustration of this is in the


Tourist couple in Portugal fall to their death while 'trying to take selfie' "IndyWatch Feed National"

Authorities say couple may have dropped phone while taking picture on 40-metre-high wall near Ericeira A couple believed to be from Britain and Australia have fallen to their death from a wall overlooking a popular tourist beach in Portugal, apparently losing their balance after taking a selfie. Portugal's Correio da Manh newspaper reported that the couple had died on the Praia dos Pescadores (Fishermen's Beach) near Ericeira, a picturesque seaside resort on the country's west coast. Rui Pereira da Terra, the head of the rescue service in Cascais port near Lisbon, told the news agency Lusa that officials suspected the man and woman had been taking a selfie on a wall above the beach when they fell.


Football world championships, 2018, 2022, 2026 "IndyWatch Feed National"

This 8 June 2018 video says about itself:

2018 FIFA World Cup Group A, B, C & D Preview | FIFA World Cup Russia Group stage Analysis | ESPN FC


The trainer of the Spanish team, by the way, has been sacked just before the start of the tournament.

This 12 June 2018 video is called WORLD CUP 2018 Group E & F Preview.

Group E are Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica and Serbia.

Group F are Germany, Mexico, Sweden and...


Pay rise for public service fat cats - Turnbull's chief to get just on $900,000 PA "IndyWatch Feed National"

Malcolm Turnbull famously donated $1M to secure his own job as PM. From 1 July we'll pay his secretary Martin Parkinson $900K PA to help him keep it. The Gillard appointed Remuneration Tribunal has just announced senior public servant pay rises from 1 July this year. They'll get an extra...


Back to the future as researchers invent real-life flux capacitor "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Gosia Kaszubska

The Back to the Future time machine runs on an imaginary flux capacitor but could the movie invention become reality?

In the popular movie franchise Back to the Future, an eccentric scientist creates a time machine that runs on a flux capacitor.

Now a group of actual physicists from Australia (RMIT University, University of Queensland) and Switzerland (ETH Zurich) have proposed a similar device that can break time-reversal symmetry.

While their flux capacitor doesnt enable time travel, its a critical step in future technologies like the quantum computer and could lead to better electronics for mobile phones and wifi.

The research, published in Physical Review Letters, proposes a new generation of electronic circulators devices that control the direction in which microwave signals move.

RMITs Professor Jared Cole said the device proposed in the research was built from a superconductor, in which electricity can flow without electrical resistance.

We propose two different possible circuits, one of which resembles the iconic three-pointed-star design of the flux capacitor that we see in the Back to the Future films, Cole, from the School of Science, said.

In this circuit, quantum tubes of magnetic flux can move around a central capacitor by a process known as quantum tunneling, where they overcome classically insurmountable obstacles.

The combination of magnetic fields and electric charges leads to what the physicists call broken time-reversal symmetry.

This effect does not allow us to actually travel back in time, Professor Tom Stace, from the University of Queensland, said.

Instead, it means that signals circulate around the circuit in only one direction, much like cars on a roundabout, he said.

Such a device can be used to isolate parts of an experimental apparatus from one other, which is critical when the individual parts are extremely sensitive quantum systems.

Lead author Dr Clemens Mueller, ETH Zurich, said the device was a crucial component for next generation technologies, including the long sought-after quantum computer.

Our research makes an important step towards scaling up this technology, where researchers need to precisely direct control and measurement signals around a quantum computer.



Ellsberg, Berners Lee and Assange Friends of Democracy "IndyWatch Feed National"

For ordinary citizens, there has always been a restriction on Americas First Amendment, regarding freedom of speech. That freedom is limited to what they are permitted to know, by those who have the superior freedom to withhold information from public debate, or deliver false information. Perhaps the greatest lie of all is that this is in the public interest, and a matter of national security.

Daniel Ellsberg was the first person with this level of privilege, to expose (via the Pentagon Papers) the catastrophic public harm his governments lies were causing. Shortly thereafter, the Vietnam War ended, President Nixon was impeached and the extraordinary charge of espionage laid on Ellsberg, along with theft and conspiracy (a total maximum sentence of 115 years) were dismissed.

I recall Julian Assange saying some years back, that his mother Christine had told him about Daniel Ellsberg when he was a little boy. Wow. Ive met a lot of adults recently who havent heard of him nor of Sir Tim Berners Lee for that matter, who gave us the world wide web, for free, and enabled one and all to take that quantum leap in human communication we call the digital age.

The point of Wikileaks, which Assange would go on to create as a young adult, was to offer whistleblowers like Ellsberg a safe way to continue exposing facts that were in the public interest, but which were being misrepresented or withheld from public debate.

Assange got a lot of support and participation in that endeavour: from citizens, who most crucially disseminated the facts; from many academics; from journalists and politicians; and from the legal community. For the latter, I suppose it sounded very much like the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. We should applaud the organisations outstanding diligence in fact-checking the information it received. After 10 years, its reliability still stands at 100% and despite the 2011 claims by US politicians, of Wikileaks having blood on their hands, no blood has been sacrificed for the delivery of this free public service.

I have no doubt that Wikileaks will survive, but its really looking like curtains for the founder and editor-in-chief. Assange has not been charged with any crime in relation to his work with Wikileaks, but it seems an espionage charge is pending, s...


Queensland delivers marriage equality for transgender people "IndyWatch Feed National"

Transgender people in Queensland will have the dignity of living their true lives, following a significant birth certificate reform passed by the State Parliament tonight.

The Queensland Government has removed an unnecessary and discriminatory barrier, which forced married trans people to divorce their spouse in order to change the gender marker on their birth certificate.

Brisbanes Roz Dickson transitioned at age 47 and wanted to stay married to her wife Kathy. Roz and Kathy have been together for 28 years and have two children.

I want to stay married, particularly for our children. When I transitioned to live as a woman I became happier in myself, a more fulfilled and content person to live with and a better parent to our young children. This law means I will finally be able to change my birth certificate to reflect who I am, said Ms Dickson.

This change will ensure transgender people are not forced to choose between divorcing the person they love and having identification that doesnt reflect who they are.

Queensland is the third state to introduce the amendment after marriage equality was realised last year. Trans and gender diverse advocates continue to advocate for similar changes in the Northern Territory, Tasmania and Western Australia, as well as removing other outdated and unfair barriers to accessing accurate birth certificates. South Australia, the Australian Capital Territory, Victoria and New South Wales have already reformed their birth certificate laws to remove this requirement.

Anna Brown, Director of Legal Advocacy at the Human Rights Law Centre, celebrated the laws which will finally allow marriage equality for transgender Queenslanders and their families.

Our communities, families, doctors and schools already support marriage equality, and its time our laws did as well. This is a small but significant change that will allow transgender people to be free to be who they are, while maintaining their commitment to the person they fell in love with, said Ms Brown.

The Queensland Government is currently reviewing laws which only allow people to change the gender on their birth certificate in very limited circumstances.

Transgender people face p...


Accused Duke University Student Gets His Degree, Four Years After Unfair Expulsion "IndyWatch Feed National"

A Duke University student has finally been given the degree he earned four years ago. Lewis McLeod* was accused of sexual assault one semester before he was set to graduate. The alleged incident took place in the fall of 2013 following a night of drinking, as so many of these accusations do. McLeod maintained the sex was consensual, while the accuser claimed she was too drunk to consent.

The female student who accused McLeod went to police, but after an investigation, they declined to file a report. So the accuser went to Dukes student conduct office and filed a report. At the time, Dukes misconduct policy stated that an individual incapacitated due to alcohol cannot freely consent to sex, but that being intoxicated does not diminish ones responsibility to obtain consent. In practice, however, being intoxicated, rather than incapacitated, appears to be all the university needs to find one student responsible for sexual assault.

McLeod claims the female student was coherent the night of their encounter, and its impossible to know what happened because their claims were never adjudicated in courts of law, which consider evidence, examine testimony, presume innocence, and have many other procedures many centuries of experience have shown help lead to justice.

McLeod Was Punished Without Being Proven Guilty

Three days before McLeods final exams, he was expelled from Duke. He filed a lawsuit on May 2, 2014, and a judge blocked the school from expelling him, but not from withholding his degree. McLeod lost a lucrative job opportunity that had been waiting for him after he received his diploma. Because he was not a U.S. citizen, he was also sent home to Australia, where he waited for the day his lawsuit would go to trial.

The trial date was repeatedly pushed back for various reasons, until February 2018 when Duke settled with McLeod, finally giving him his degree and expunging his record. As author and professor K.C. Johnson noted on Twitter, however, the damage has already been done: Dukes actions: (a) cost him a job; and (b) forced him to leave the country [because] he lost his visa.

The facts of the case are murky, with the accuser texting friends and an ex-boyfriend after the encounter (which would suggest she wa...


Sign in McDonalds Penang - "authorities" will be called if Muslims sprung eating during Ramadan "IndyWatch Feed National"

I took this photo last Saturday after some meetings in Penang, Malaysia. The sign is on the front counter of McDonalds, Batu Ferringhi. And to complete the picture (!) of the influence of the Sharia on every day life in secular Malaysia, these "No Signs" are in every carriage of...


An incomplete list of evidence that Australia is becoming a police state "IndyWatch Feed National"


NOTE: Australia is not becoming a police state, it is a police state. 

I always figured it couldnt happen here.

Read More


"IndyWatch Feed National"



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Australia replaces China for Solomons' billion-dollar undersea cable "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australia will help fund and build an undersea communications cable to the Solomon Islands after the Pacific nation was convinced to drop a contract with a Chinese company.


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NO AUSSIES or Europeans wanted Bundaberg strawberry farm posts ad looking for Asian workers only "IndyWatch Feed National"


JOBSEEKERS are outraged an ad for work in Queensland that has specified only people from Korea, Japan and Taiwan should apply. Read More


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Karen Wyld: If ancestors could vote "IndyWatch Feed National"

I recently had the pleasure of sitting on Country with Major Sumner, the Greens candidate for Mayo, talking history, the environment, community, young people, and hopes for the future.


20 years in jail "IndyWatch Feed National"

This isnt just a dramatic headline. We wish it was. No, in actual fact it is referring to penalties that citizens could be faced with for nonviolent actions of peaceful protest, under new proposed changes to the Espionage Act which would declare a wide range of peaceful activities as sabotage.

For those following this debate at a distance there was a suite of three bills introduced in recent months, ostensibly to limit foreign interference in our democratic system. They are:

Instead it has been a trojan horse of wildly over the top, and sloppy legislation that had civil society up in arms about the impacts.

Large non-government organisations have focused much of their energy on the Electoral Amendment Act and Foreign Interference Bill. The third bill, the Espionate and Foreign Influence legislation which had a report on it tabled last week, is the one that has been left out of the mix on most of the public debate.

And it is a horror show.

You can read about it in detail here, and there is a very detailed overview here. The issue is that the Labor party are terrified of being seen to be weak on national security which now means a whole bunch of new stuff.

The short version

The devil is in the detail. The re-defining of some terms has massive ramifications for peaceful protest, particularly in an era of corporate dominance in the political realm.

Sabotage has been taken to mean .

National security does not currently have a clear definition in current legislation but for the purpose

So does that mean, if some peaceful religious leaders block a road in protest to stop the Adani coal mine, a foreign owned company that instead of a simple obstruction of traffic charge which they would cop on the chin as a reasonable consequence for an act of principle that they could be charged with sabotage and risk a jail sentence of 15 years to life?

What about the peace activists who swam onto Swan Island naval barracks in an act of nonviolent resistance to Australias involvment in the ongoing war on (of) terror. Its commonwealth land.


Sign this petition. They need to know there is wide ranging dissent on this bill. As other organisations are focused on the other legislation, we are specifically focused on this one.

And SHARE it. If you are involved in grassroots activism, talk to your friends about this. Most people have no idea what is about to hit us!

Get on the phone tell your MP to pull the bill. People are using the by-elections as an excuse to push this legislation through quickly that will do permanent damage to our democracy and ability ato advocate for a safe climate, and fo...


Eugenics never went away "IndyWatch Feed National"

Our civilization has always been deeply flawed and this is a continuing problem.  It follows that we then depend on government intervention to resolve perceived flaws and those structures are easily manipulated in unacceptable ways.  This is one of the more obvious examples.

First, though, i do want to say that the tool of summary sterilization is not the actual problem.  In fact there are ample situations were it can be effectively applied.   The problem remains as always in the process which is immediately open to the application of self interest.

Under no circumstance was the case described here anything close to the intentions of the framers of the laws in question.  Yet it was still far too easily abused.  We have seen the same problem with foster programs and their like.

Today we have the ongoing horror of abortion which is now far removed from claimed intent.  Put another way, you do not release a hundred killers from death row because one may be innocent. You simply change out the actual practice until you have something that works well enough and is perhaps corrective.

Corrective, sadly, may mean eligibility for compensation.  Until we get our civilization right we may have to live with that.

Eugenics never went away

Thought eugenics died with the Nazis? Think again: the eugenic programme of sterilising the unfit continues even today

The Provincial Training School in Red Deer, Alberta, opened in October 1923 and was designated to be a residential institution for the training of people deemed mentally defective. Photo courtesy

Robert A Wilson

is professor of philosophy at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia, and the founder of the network.........



This article looks at the emerging evidence between fluoride and acne and whether this widespread toxin could be the cause of your cystic breakouts. *SPOILER ALERT* If youre living in Australia, USA, New Zealand, Hong King or Singapore then the answer is most likely YES!

fluoride & acne: is fluoroderma causing your cystic breakouts?

About a year ago I was browsing the internet looking for research and evidence that certain toothpastes could trigger, or at least aggravate, flare ups of perioral dermatitis. I had no idea that this research session would totally change my opinion on some of the key causes of acne!
During this research session I came across a website called The Cellulite Investigation, a blog written by author and ex-FBI Investigator (you know the research on this site is going to be insanely detailed and evidence-based if an FBI investigator is behind it), by Melissa Gallico. What started as an investigation into why Melissa struggled with cellulite, led to the pioneering discovery that excess fluoride exposure clogs up the lymphatic system and causes hormone imbalances that can trigger cystic acne. Melissa actually discovered so much information on the topic that wasnt really accessible she decided to write a book on the fluoride/acne connection called The Hidden Cause of Acne.
Fluoride & Acne: Is Fluoroderma causing your cystic breakouts? | This article looks at the emerging evidence between iodine, fluoride and acne and whether this widespread toxin could be the cause of your cystic breakouts.


Meeting on the Island of Death From Behind: The Kim-Trump Summit "IndyWatch Feed National"

Everything about this summit is in the showy warm-up run.  I am on my way to Singapore, tweets US President Donald J. Trump, where we have a chance to achieve a truly wonderful result for North Korea and the World.  Such descriptions from Americas ever hustling television president tend to become child like, whether glowingly or indignantly. On this occasion, he was glowing.  It will be certainly an exciting day and I know that Kim Jong-un will work very hard to do something that has rarely been done before.

Detractors and sceptics were fretting in the woodwork.  Former US Representative from Florida David Jolly was one: Under scrutiny from loyal allies, Trump chooses to strengthen his alliance with Putin and Kim Jong Un.  The slip into psychobabble becomes easy: Notwithstanding geopolitical consequences, it demonstrates a grown man unable to hold his own among peers, so instead seek affirmation among adversaries willing to provide it.

Holding the summit on Sentosa Island suggested a deliciously disturbing twist. Now a resort destination drawing some 20 million visitors a year dotted by theme parks, beaches and Singaporean state propaganda, it had been known as Pulau Belakang Mati, island of death from behind.  During the Second World War, summary executions of members of the Singaporean Chinese population were common on the island, as were instances of brutality towards British and Australian servicemen after their surrender to the Japanese in 1942.

This past did not distract. The two hefty figures approached before their flags.  Pressed the flesh.  Exchanged remarks.  Before them stood two flags displayed with equal relevance (the free world types would have quaked), and a display that preceded an initial discussion between the two leaders.  Importantly, that discussion was unencumbered by the machinery that has historically done as much to scupper smooth sailing than anything else.  Only the two interpreters accompanying them at the initial stage will ever know.

The horror that this television, social media tart of a figure might pull off a durable peace venture is not something that is missed by journalists and pundits.  The press conference was filled with baffled queries:  What about Kims appalling human rights record? What of the actual details, the sort usually left for the mechanists to worry about after the photo snaps are taken.

This did not bother Trump. He had a show to perform, and accordingly ran it.  There is no limit to what North Korea can achieve when it gives up its nuclear weapons and embraces commerce and engages with the rest of the world.

For Trump, reminders were important, and praise directed when required: the....


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Muslim women and the neoliberal logic of empowerment "IndyWatch Feed National"

How many more stories about Muslim womens empowerment need to be told until shes empowered enough? Until shes normal enough? Until shes just like us enough?


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Boots on the Ground Reporting from Tucson After Days in the Desert "IndyWatch Feed National"

Boots on the Ground Reporting from Tucson After Days in the Desert & Border Patrol Agent Wounded by Cartel [videos]

JUNE 12, 2018

Source: Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Here is more testimony from people who actually WERE and ARE in Tucsonvolunteering and capturing it on video. VOP has been vindicated.

After listening to and watching many videos, I am very pleased that Operation: Backyard Brawl/Operation: Child Shield is taken seriously and handled by professionals with experience in crime scenes, border patrol, Mexican drug cartels, human trafficking, and more. Unfortunately, that professional assistance is not from the Tucson police department.

We DO have testimony from retired LEOs who verify that the sites the VOPs found are definitely consistent with previously uncovered human trafficking camps.

The border patrol shooting had nothing to do with the VOP outfit except for the fact that their teams are combing the desert and disrupting the corridors of drug and human traffickers. The FBI is coming right away to investigate this incident and the lies and disinfo continue. We hope the BP agent will be alright.

The Veterans On Patrol have now been coached by retired law enforcement on how to protect a possible crime scene and collect evidence. This is a huge endeavor and volunteers are welcome. Those who want to help but cannot be on site may provide donations. Gas cards are particularly welcome as they have a lot of territory to cover in the lower sectors of Southern Arizona.

Child sex rings and Human trafficking affect everyone in every country. Lewis tells us they even have folks flying up from Australia who want to be part of this. Its turning into something exciting and incredibly worthwhile. This could be a catalyst for something even bigger.


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Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed National"

1.00 AUD = 0.00012 BTC
0.00010 BTC = 0.85 AUD


Marise Payne in Tonga today to "Facilitate a Women, Peace and Security (WPS) workshop" "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australia's minister for defence posts her media releases here: Not a word about President Trump's agreement with North Korea for the location and repatriation of MIAs from the Korean War. Nothing about what that means for Australia. Today our Minister for Defence announces that she'll be in Tonga to...


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Malcolm Turnbull to deliver a "national apology" to the survivors of child abuse "IndyWatch Feed National"

Malcolm Turnbull, "I will deliver a national apology to the survivors, victims and families of institutional child abuse on the 22nd of October". LIVE now from Parliament House with @DanTehanWannon and @cporterwa Malcolm Turnbull (@TurnbullMalcolm) June 13, 2018 It's unclear on whose behalf Turnbull's apologising. That wasn't a...


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MACKAY Local News Headlines Mackay & The Whitsundays, 13th of June, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY June 13, 2018 at 06:26AM ,

Local News Headlines Mackay & The Whitsundays, 13th of June, 2018

June 13, 2018 at 06:26AM ,

A 31 year old man was arrested and is due to face MACKAY MAGISTRATES COURT on July second. A new transport plan has been unveiled for the

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Audio: How soundscapes are helping us better understand animal behavior and landscape ecology "IndyWatch Feed National"

On todays episode, we take a look at soundscape phenology and the emerging role its playing in the study of animal behavior and landscape ecology. Listen here: The Mongabay Newscast previously looked at how soundscapes are being used in phenological studies when we talked about the great Sandhill crane migration on the Platte River in the US state of Nebraska. Today, we take a deeper dive into soundscape phenology with researcher Anne Axel, a landscape ecologist and professor at Marshall University in the US state of West Virginia. Later this month, Axel will give a keynote address at the biennial Ecoacoustics Congress in Brisbane, Australia on soundscape phenology, a relatively new line of bioacoustic research. Ecoacoustic studies have informed much of Axels work, allowing her to better understand how differences in dry forest phenology the study of cyclical and seasonal life events in plants and animals and the impacts of human disturbance are reflected in dry forest ecology. For a recent study in Madagascar, Axel used bioacoustic recordings together with data on livestock movements, lemur density estimates, and satellite imagery to map spatial patterns of biodiversity and disturbance, placing her at the forefront of the new research method known as soundscape phenology. Axel tells us all about this new field of study and plays a few of the recordings that have informed her research in this Field Notes segment. Heres this episodes top news: Norwegian government report sharply critical of funding for tropical forest conservation East Africas mountain


Fundraiser to help Esso workers at Longford "IndyWatch Feed National"


For more than a year, workers at Essos  gas plant at Longford in Victoria, have been  out of work and maintaining a permanent vigil outside the gate, over their refusal to accept a cut to a third of their wages, and a  roster that they say, would undermine their working conditions. These workers and their families are having a hard time of it, and need donations from supporters to help them get by.

Workers Solidarity in Melbourne has organised a trivia/auction fund raising event.

Book a table or for one. Come. Have some fun and  help raise some money.

Food provided, drinks available.

Keynote Speakers

Troy Carter, AMWU delegate and worker
Colin Long, Secretary of the NTEU Victoria

Event organised by Workers Solidarity.

On Tuesday 19 June 2018 at 6:30pm

At the AMWU  at 251 Queensberry St, Carlton South, Victoria 3053


The post Fundraiser to help Esso workers at Longford appeared first on The Pen.


Queensland ETU members rally and march on the State Parliament "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Ugly

Sick and tired of being treated with disrespect, members of the Electrical Trades Union (ETU) descended on parliament house in Brisbane at midday yesterday (12 June). They are angry about the state governments failure to protect jobs.

Jobs are being transfered via the hire of labour hire companies and ongoing public asset sales by stealth.

They are also upset that the assets are being sold off to foreign ownership. A case in point is the sale of the electricity generation  capacity.

State Secretary Peter Ong describes said, our members fought hard on behalf of their communities to protect the states public assets and jobs from private ownership and they are seeing private companies investing in the generation sector with the approval of the State Labor Government elected on a no asset sales agenda. You can image how that goes down with our members.
The Government has the ability to regulate the sector via Cleanco a Government Owned Corporation set up for exactly that purpose, yet they are dragging the chain and we are seeing solar farm after solar farm being owned and operated by private companies.

To make matters even worse, our members in Townsville, Mackay and many other regional areas where these solar farms are primarily located are seeing what should be; good, well paid, trade qualified jobs, being given to unlicensed, unskilled labour, often foreign backpackers bused in by labour hire companies from hostels. Its an absolute disgrace and a betrayal of trust particularly for our members facing uncertain futures in the transition from traditional electricity generation to renewables.

The state government is acting similarly with the Townsville Stadium project. Interstate based labour hire company with an anti-worker history is being used, on tone of the states biggest infrastructure projects.

Many of these union members are Labor party supporters and campaigned for the its re-election at the last election. They feel betrayed by a government that is supposed to be on their side.

The Video below tells the story.


Video from ETU Queensland & NT




Trump and G7 what really happened to global free trade? "IndyWatch Feed National"

June 13, 2018: US President Donald Trump wrecked the furniture in the global free trade shop at last weeks G7 meeting in Canada, making retaliatory tariffs by Canada, Europe and Mexico against US exports inevitable.

So far, the US has imposed tariffs on steel and aluminium exports from China and Japan, and now from Europe, Canada and Mexico. If these countries retaliate as promised, the US threatens to escalate the conflict, which will slow global trade and growth, with negative effects on all, including Australia.  

All of these actions are aimed at specific changes in favour of US corporations. With China, Trump is demanding more access for US exports. With Japan, Trump wants a bilateral trade agreement, while Japan fears that such a deal would be worse for Japan than the Trans-Pacific Partnership. With Canada and Mexico, the US wants more favourable terms in NAFTA.

Despite Trumps claims of the US as a victim of unfair trade, he is actually asserting the right of US corporations to make the global trading system more unfair to everyone else.

Under Trump, the Washington Consensus on global trade, forged under the Reagan administration in the 1980s which gave US corporations leadership of the global trade system through the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organisation, has been superseded by the America First slogan.

Underlying the profound shocks being administered by Trump is the drawn out economic stagnation since the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, with its political impacts in the United States, and in Europe. Trump is turning on longstanding US allies, as well as China, because he wants US corporations to make even greater gains in global markets than the current US-imposed rules have given. He believes that this will give him domestic political advantage in the mid-term Congressional elections due in November 2018.

We need fair trade rules as an alternative to both to Trump unilateralism and unfair deals like the TPP, which is not mainly about tariffs, but restrains governments from regulating corporations in the public interest. Such rules should apply to all countries and potentially restrain the market domination of the most powerful players. The WTO in its current...


June 13 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History "IndyWatch Feed National"

1810 - Today was a lucky day for explorer Matthew Flinders as he was finally released from prison on Mauritius...although his famous pusskin, Trim, wasn't quite so lucky....

1816 - Mrs Mac breathed a sigh of relief as the road to Mrs Macquarie's Chair was finished and she could go have some time to herself and get some embroidery done in peace and quiet...while helping plan the architecture of the colony, the new hospital, roads, pioneer hay making with John Macarthur's missus, have babies and....maybe do more than glance at the stunning view from her famous chair.

1827 - At Dairy Plains Meander River in Tassie 9 Aboriginal people were killed by armed stockmen.

1831 - The British built steamer, Sophia Jane, became the first steamship to operate in Australian waters, when it began choofing its Sydney to Newcastle service.

1835 - Batmania was suggested as a name for the proposed settlement which later became Melbourne.
The original name is Narrm.

1872 - The Royal Mint building in William St, Melbourne was officially opened by someone or other...hmph, it's just giving them a licence to print money...

1884 - Joseph Cordini was hanged at Deniliquin Gaol for the murder of George Mizon on the Hay road outside Deniliquin.

1887 - John Harrison was hanged at Brisbane Gaol for the murder of William Thompson.

1887 - Ellen Thompson was hanged at Brisbane Gaol for the murder of her husband William. She was the only woman hanged in Queensland.

1888 - Calabungamarra was hanged at Rottnest Island for the murder of a Chinese man, Indyco, at Hamersley Range.

1890 - Ballarat Bods got their happy groove on with the opening of the Fine Art Gallery building.

1893 - Passing more than the brekkie prunes today saw the NSW Government pass a law allowing settlement on Crown land.

1893 - Soon after the Kiama to Bomaderry Railway Line (NSW) opened a valuable horse was killed on the line at Gerringong.

1895 - Coal miner Robert Hales was walking home through the relatively short 80m Helensburgh Tunnel south of Sydney when a steam train appeared behind him.
He ran.
Not fast enough.

1910 - Alexander Joseph Bradshaw was hanged at Boggo Road Gaol for the murder of George and Alice Sutherland at Carron River, near Croydon.

1916 - The Cudgewa Railway Line (Vic) was extended when the Tallangatta to Shelley section was opened.

1923 - That black, salty spread made from the left-overs of beer brewing that we slather on our sangas, Vegemite, waltzed into legend on this day.

1924 - The Victorian railway extension from Annuello to Robinvale (formerly Bumbang) was officially opened. A special train fro...

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Tuesday, 12 June


Concerns foreign interference Bill will gag freedoms "IndyWatch Feed National"

Hans Lovejoy

Broad definitions of national security and security classification have been introduced into a new federal Bill aimed at espionage and foreign interference, sparking concern from peak law and human rights advocates.

A Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Securitys (PJCIS) report on the National Security Legislation Amendment (Espionage and Foreign Interference) Bill 2017 was released last week. It says a number of participants in the inquiry expressed concern about the breadth of the definition.


Under a subsection of the Criminal Code, the Bill proposes to define national security as: a) the defence of the country, b) the protection of the country, the people of the country or any part of it, from certain activities covered by subsection (2), c) the protection of the integrity of the countrys territory and borders from serious threats, d) the carrying out of the countrys responsibilities to any other country in relation to the matter mentioned in paragraph (c) or activities covered by subsection (2), and e) the countrys political, military or economic relations with another country or other countries.

Yet the Bill, which is yet to become law and may be adjusted to reflect the PJCISs 60 recommendations, appears not all bad.

One PJCIS recommendation includes broadening several defences such as extending the journalist defence for secrecy offences to editorial, legal and administrative staff within the news organisation.

The PJCIS press release reads, The Bill repeals existing criminal offences and introduces a range of new offences into the Criminal Code in relation to espionage, foreign interference, theft of trade secrets, sabotage, and secrecy of Commonwealth information.

Concerns about the breadth of the definition were canvassed by the Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA), who told the PJCIS they considered that elements of the definition would expand national security beyond the traditional confines of the work of intelligence and security agencies to cover matters that are usually considered squarely within standard government.

The ALA questions why the government is seeking to expand this concept so significantly, and is concerned that such an expansion could obscure damaging government practices, including illegal activities and corruption.



Australia is moving towards a treaty with the First Nations "IndyWatch Feed National"


Contributed from Queensland

Joining Victorias historic initiative towards putting in place a treaty with the First Nations of the state, the Northern Territory has signed a memorandum of understanding towards a similar result.

Chief Minister Michael Gunner says his government stands ready to negotiate a Northern Territory Treaty.

South Australia had already made its own move, and on 13 December 2016, it set aside $4.4 million to support its treaty process, backing negotiations that were already taking place.  But the states new government has reversed direction and stopped the negotiations.

Moving towards Treaty is an important step towards reconciliation,  recognitising that the land was taken by foreign invaders from those already living here and the right to sovereignty. .

In formal terms, a treaty is a binding agreement between two or more states that agrees on certain responsibilities and duties for each party, which is usually reached after a period of negotiation. The implication is that the parties relate to each other as equals.

This is the reason why achieving this is so important to Australias First Nations. Achieving a treaty, is to move  dependency and powerlessness, towards being a people with their own voice and in control of their own destiny.

The movements towards Treaty that are now underway in Victoria and the Northern Territory, is working to pull the whole of Australia into this direction.

The Commonwealth government continues to refuse to shift. It will not be able to hold back the tide of history and will eventually have to give way. Now that the process has begun in a state and territory, the pressure  to catch up is on.

The Northern Territory memorandum of understanding, which has come about after a period of consultation that began in March, was signed on 7 June at the Barunga Festival in the Aboriginal community of Barunga, about 400km south-west of Darwin. It weas here that 30 years ago, the landmark declaration of self-determination and a call for a treaty, was delivered to the then prime minister of Australia, Bob Hawke.

Junes memorandum outlines how the consultation between the traditional owners and the Government is going to take place. A working group has been set up. It was signed by the Anindilyakawa Land Council, the Central Land Council, the Northern Land Council, the Tiwi Land Council and the Chief Minister Michael Gunner, on behalf of the Territorys gove...


Japanese Police Investigates Individuals Alleged to be Involved with Cryptojacking "IndyWatch Feed National"

Authorities in Japan are investigating a number individuals who are alleged to have duped website visitors into mining cryptocurrency for them without their permission. If charges are pressed, it will be the first time that cryptojacking has become a criminal case in the nation.

CoinHive Uses the Computers of Others to Mine Cryptocurrency

The law that the individuals are thought to be in breach of bans the use of computer viruses in Japan. The investigation is being carried out by multiple police departments in the nation. These include Kanagawa, Chiba, and Tochigi.

According to local news source Mainichi, the people involved in the suspected cryptojacking created their websites last autumn. When visiting these sites, a piece of software was downloaded onto the visitors computers. This was then used to mine the cryptocurrency Monero for the creators of the site and the developers of the software.

The software itself is known as CoinHive. Those who create websites that host CoinHive take 70% of the revenue generated. Meanwhile, the developers who created the software take the remaining 30%. This means that the owners of the computer systems being used to mine the currency dont benefit at all from their processors being used in such a way. Users of exploited machines may experience their systems responding more slowly than usual or using additional electricity. It can also degrade batteries much quicker than their expected shelf life.

There have been examples of websites using the CoinHive software in a way that isnt malicious. If clearly mentioned somewhere on the page, the authorities do not consider it a breach of existing legislation. Some publishers of content argue that CoinHive provides a way to monetise a page without relying on advertisers to fund content creation. It is specifically cases in which the software has been used without the consent of the computers owners that is thought to be illegal in Japan. This is because systems have been forced to behave in a way that was not the intention of their owners.

There have even been cases where similar software has been used for good. In April, we reported on a project by childrens charity UNICEF. Their HopePage was designed to be open by charitable browsers whilst they were using the internet. The visitors could start the software mining Monero and designate as much or as little of their c...


43 Australians remain MIA after Korean War - President Trump has done what Australia couldn't "IndyWatch Feed National"

President Trump did something yesterday that has eluded Australia and the United States for more than 70 years - he had North Korea agree to this: The United States and the DPRK commit to recovering POW/MIA remains, including the immediate repatriation of those already identified. I'm confident the United States...


Seattle to Repeal Homeless-Aid Tax After Amazon Objects "IndyWatch Feed National"

SEATTLEAmazon balked, and Seattle is backing down.

City leaders said they plan to repeal a tax on large companies such as Amazon and Starbucks as they face mounting pressure from businesses, an about-face just a month after unanimously approving the measure to help pay for efforts to combat a growing homelessness crisis.

The quick surrender showed the power of Amazon to help rally opposition and aggressively push back on taxes at all levels of government, even in its affluent home city where the income gap is ever widening and lower-income workers are being priced out of housing. It has resulted in one of the highest homelessness rates in the U.S.

Amazon and other businesses had sharply criticized the tax, and the online retailer even temporarily halted construction planning on a new high-rise building near its Seattle headquarters in protest.

Mayor Jenny Durkan and seven of nine City Council members said Monday they worked with a range of groups to pass a measure last month that would strike a balance between protecting jobs and supporting affordable housing.

But a coalition of businesses is working to get a referendum on the November ballot to overturn the tax.

In a statement ,Durkan and the council members said it is clear that the ordinance will lead to a prolonged, expensive political fight over the next five months that will do nothing to tackle our urgent housing and homelessness crisis.

They said they would move forward to repeal the so-called head tax. A special council meeting is scheduled Tuesday, where a vote is expected. They didnt provide a backup funding plan.

It marks the latest Amazon move against city, state and national taxes.

The company recently said it would block Australians from purchases on its international websites after the nation planned to impose a 10 percent consumption tax on online retailers for goods shipped to Australia.

The tax debate comes as 20 cities vie to lure the companys second headquarters and as it expands its workforce in Boston and Vancouver, British Columbia.

Cities have offered lavish tax breaks and incentives to lure the company and its promise of adding tens of thousands of high-paying jobs. Critics have said it is wrong for profitable company to push for public money, especially considering the added costs to infrastructure and services the new headquarters would bring.

Seattles tax would charge companies about $275 per full-time worker each year and raise roughly $48 million a year for affordable housing and homeless services. It would target businesses making at least $20 million in gross revenue and take effect in January.

The liberal city spent $68 million on homelessness in 2017 an...


MACKAY Andergrove traffic complaints lead to multiple charges "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY June 12, 2018 at 11:41AM ,

Andergrove traffic complaints lead to multiple charges

June 12, 2018 at 11:41AM ,

driving, driving without due care and attention and committing a public nuisance offence. He will appear in the Mackay Magistrates Court on July 2.

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


Uber driver Ahmad El Boutari kicks out lesbian couple over kiss in car "IndyWatch Feed National"

May I introduce Alex Iovine and Emma Pichl? And this is Ahmad el Boutari. (still of Ahmad el Boutari from Ms Iovine's video) Mr Boutari apparently disapproves of young women who go out on the town together. At 5 PM Saturday the young women hailed a Uber - that's when...


Man Forks Out $280K To Transform His Backyard Into A Hidden Rain Forest Paradise "IndyWatch Feed National"

A BRITISH nature lover has forked out $280,000 and spent 13 years transforming an overgrown forest on his Australian property into a hidden 150-acre paradise fit with a lush six-metre waterfall. Danny Gibson, from Middlesbrough, in the UK, began work on his enchanted rainforest after retiring to a powerless shed in the Tablelands region []


On Her Shoulders "IndyWatch Feed National"

*A fictional account of the kind of  real life stories behind the walls of a domestic violence shelter.

Bridget heard the crunch of stones on the pathway two seconds before the knock on the door. Two seconds that gave her time to turn off the television, position herself behind the curtain and pretend she wasnt home.  Her visitor knew she was in there of course and after her first lyrical tap on the screen was ignored she called out Hey Bridget, you may have forgotten, just want to remind you, its group day today. Theres childcare on site and we are having morning tea. You are very welcome to join us.

Bridget looked over at her sleeping baby, hoped he wouldnt wake up and then returned her attention to the slight gap in the curtain. She hadnt left her unit since arriving at the shelter four days ago, refusing to respond to the weekend staff and their invitation to join the group for Saturday brunch and Sunday lunch in the meeting house.
Bec, the newest team member expressed her concern during the handover with the Monday shift,  I think we might need to use our key to check on Bridget, she hasnt made contact all weekend and she might have self harmed or overdosed in there. Tricia, the site manager, smiled and responded with, Its fine Bec, we know Bridgets okay her lights are on in the evening and staff saw her taking rubbish out to the bin on the weekend.

The familiar frustration that came with the feeling that she was not being heard washed over Bec, her chest tightened, her heart started beating faster and to her great annoyance she could feel her cheeks begin to go red. Tricias answer did little to appease Becs growing concern for Bridget. Okay she responded, frustration tightening her voice, but can we document it in her file that I have expressed a concern please?

This was a familiar scenario for Tricia, managing passionate social workers, fresh out of university, who insisted on ensuring that every detail is documented.  They...


Bill Clinton, "Norms have changed in what you can do to somebody against their will" "IndyWatch Feed National"

ICYMI: Bill Clinton with @JudyWoodruff: "I think the norms have really changed in terms of, what you can do to somebody against their will" Jon Levine (@LevineJonathan) June 11, 2018


Fiona Barnett: Australias Satanic Pedophile Network "IndyWatch Feed National"

Satanic Pedophilia Network Exposed in Australia (Just like in the USA)

Australian woman Fiona Barnett showed a ton of courage in going public at a Sydney press conference in October 2015 and naming names. Fiona, a former victim of Satanic ritual abuse and part of an international VIP pedophile ring, not only exposed the existence of the Satanic pedophilia network and its international child trafficking ring, but actually named 3 former Australian Prime Ministers and 1 former US President as perpetrators. She reveals that this network, composed of famous actors, celebrities, judges, politicians and other high-flyers, has infiltrated all the key organizations and institutions in Australia just as it has in the US and Britain.

See video, read full full article.

See Especially:

Robert Steele: Overview on Pedophilia (Pedopredation) for the London Hearings of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse

ITNJ Judicial Commission of Inquiry London Hearings

Review: Trance: Formation of America

See Also:

Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption

Donald Trump: January 2018 Is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month



Outcome of Assange Case Could Undermine the Rights of Millions "IndyWatch Feed National"

LONDON As the sixth anniversary of his extended stay in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London approaches, WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange is faced with increasingly limited options. Barred from communicating with the outside world and from receiving most visitors, Assanges only hope of avoiding extradition to the United States on trumped-up espionage charges comes down to the governments of the two countries of which he is a citizen: Australia and Ecuador.

In an unexpected move last week, the Australian government sent officials to meet with Assange and later confirmed that Australia would finally extend consular assistance to the Australian-born journalist after years of failing to do so and even threatening to revoke his Australian passport. The Australian government, in the past, has attempted to argue that it can do little to help Assanges situation, asserting that it was unable to intervene in the due process of another countrys court proceedings or legal matters.

It has also failed to publicly comment on the UNs finding that Assange has been subjected to arbitrary detention by the United Kingdom asserting, as recently as last week, that the governments position on the matter is confidential, and deflecting responsibility by claiming that the UNs findings are directed at the United Kingdom and Sweden, not at Australia.

However, given the fact that Sweden has dropped all legal proceedings against him, and with his protected status at the Ecuadorian embassy in question, Australia is now coming under unprecedented pressure to act. And the political pressure the Australian government is facing involves the broader implications the Assange case holds for Australian citizens as a collective, not just for Assange as an individual.

As recently noted by Richard Hoffman at WSWS:




In The Western World Truth Is An Endangered Species: Come To Its Support "IndyWatch Feed National"

Nowhere in the Western world is truth respected. Even universities are imposing censorship and speech control. Governments are shutting down, and will eventually criminalize, all explanations that differ from official ones. The Western world no longer has a print and TV media. In its place there is a propaganda ministry for the ruling elite.

Whistleblowers are prosecuted and imprisoned despite their protection by federal statue. The US Department of Justice is a Department of Injustice. It has been a long time since any justice flowed from the DOJ.

The total corruption of the print and TV media led to the rise of Internet media such as Wikileaks, led by Julian Assange, a prisoner since 2012.

Assange is an Australian and Ecuadorian citizen. He is not an American citizen. Yet US politicians and media claim that he is guilty of treason because he published official documents leaked to Wikileaks that prove the duplicity and criminality of the US government.

It is strictly impossible for a non-citizen to be guilty of treason. It is strictly impossible under the US Constitution for the reporting of facts to be spying. The function of the media is to expose and to hold accountable the government. This function is no longer performed by the Western print and TV media.

Washington wants revenge and is determined to get it. If Assange were as corrupt at the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, National Public Radio, MSNBC, etc., he would have reported the leaker to Washington, not published the information, and retired as a multi-millionaire with Washingtons thanks. However, unfortunately for Assange, he had integrity.

Integrity today in the Western world has no value. You cannot find integrity in the government, in the global corporations, in the universities and schools, and most certainly not in the media.

After leaving Assange, an Australian citizen, to Washingtons mercy since 2012, belated pro-Assange protests in Australia forced the US vassal state to come to Assanges aid before the new corrupt president of Ecuador sells him to Washington for multi-millons of dollars by revoking his asylum.

When the story was printed in the Sydney Morning Herald, the incompetent or brainwashed, or bought-and-paid-for journalist, Nick Miller, wrote:

Assange entered the embassy on June 19, 2012, after he had exhausted his appeals against an extradition order to go to Sweden to face rape and....


Grey seals freed after reconvalescence "IndyWatch Feed National"

This 30 May 2018 video from Texel island in the Netherlands says about itself (translated):

Five seals from our [Ecomare museum] shelter were able to return to the sea today! Among them were the two seals that had ended up in the shelter because they had become entangled in pieces of fishing nets. Co and Lenja, and the other three gray seals Monster, Brechje and Funny are now strong and healthy enough to be able to continue independently. The seals almost went into the water at the same time a new future. Read more about it here.


Alerta Antifascista!!! : Solidarity with Flemington estate arrestees "IndyWatch Feed National"

As previously noted, a number of people have been charged with various offences arising from the Milo Yiannopoulos counter-protest outside Melbourne Pavilion in the Melbourne suburb of Kensington in December last year. While tour organisers and venue owners (Damien Costas/Penthouse Continue reading


Politically correct Victoria Police insist they DON'T have an African gang problem despite the blight of Apex, an officer being kicked in the face and 100 'South Sudanese' youths trashing an AirBnB "IndyWatch Feed National"

Victoria Police insist they don't have an African gang problem in Melbourne after an officer was kicked in the face at a shopping mall and 100 youths of Sudanese appearance trashed an AirBnB house.

The comments from Superintendent Therese Fitzgerald came after a boy kicked a police officer in the head as he crouched down attempting to arrest a 16-year-old youth for alleged shoplifting on Boxing Day.

The scuffle at Highpoint Shopping Centre, at Maribyrnong in Melbourne's west, was caught on CCTV on Tuesday afternoon.

However, Superintendent Fitzgerald said this latest incident involving African youths was not a sign there was an ethnically-related gang problem, amid a spate of crime linked to Apex gangs.

'We have problems with youth crime across the state and it's not a particular group of youths we are looking into. It's all youths. It's youth crime,' she told reporters.

Superintendent said 'youth crime in general' was to blame - a week after police were pelted with rocks after being called to an AirBnB house at Werribee, in Melbourne's west.

Officers were forced to retreat from the house, trashed inside by a party, when more than 100 youths of primarily South Sudanese appearance turned on them.

Photos taken from inside the house show walls kicked and punched in, mattresses thrown on top of furniture and pepper spray splattered across bedroom curtains.

Neighbours say they were left terrified when youths from the house started roaming the streets, throwing rocks and smashing cars.

Less than a week later, a police officer was kicked in the face as he crouched down trying to arrest a 16-year-old boy for alleged shoplifting at Highpoint Shopping Centre.

The scuffle, which was captured on CCTV, unfolded in front of shocked Boxing Day shoppers before the assailant ran from the centre into the car park.

The senior constable sustained non-life threatening injuries and was taken to hospital as the youth who assaulted him remained at large. 'It could have been a lot worse and I'm pleased to report he's returned to work today,' Superintendent Therese Fitzgerald told reporters on Wednesday. 'He's got bruising to his eye but is in very good spirits.'

A 16-year-old Flemington boy was arrested over the alleged theft but he was released pending further inquiries.

Police are wanting to speak to a teen who is described as African in appearance and was wearing a white top and black bandana.

In June, at nearby Footscray, a man was struck in the head with a tomahawk as a gang of 15 African youths burst into a barber shop and began rioting.

In April, a gang of five Sudanese teenagers allegedly bashed their autistic classmate, i...


Shock union claims: detective breaks silence on fraud scandal "IndyWatch Feed National"

The retired detective who led the police investigation into the Australian Workers Union fraud scandal has broken his silence, calling for a fresh probe into an alleged conspiracy between former union officials and executives from construction giant Thiess that he claims extended to Julia Gillards old law firm.

In an extraordinary development in the long-running affair, former West Australian major fraud squad officer David McAlpine claims his investigation into the AWU slush fund 20 years ago was subverted due to political interference.

He said that in August 1998 the WA Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions had abruptly ordered him to remain in Perth as he was preparing to fly to Melbourne to execute search warrants on key players, including Ms Gillards then employer, law firm Slater & Gordon.

Mr McAlpine said he had retained key documents including letters, memos and telephone notes from his two-year investigation and he was willing to swear an affidavit and give evidence in any court about his knowledge of the $400,000-plus fraud. The fact that I was lied to and this investigation was subverted and people appear to have given false evidence at a royal commission, it needs to be reinvestigated because the simple fact is the Australian people need to know the truth, he said.

Mr McAlpine retired from WA Police in October 2016 after 42 years of service and is now living in Thailand.

In a written statement and audio recording sent to The Australian, Mr McAlpine claimed former Thiess senior executives might have misled the trade union royal commission in 2014 about alleged secret commissions paid to AWU officials Bruce Wilson and Ralph Blewitt.

Mr Wilson has admitted to extracting large sums of money from Thiess for a slush fund he set up in the early 1990s with legal assistance from Ms Gillard, who was his girlfriend at the time.

Money from the AWU Workplace Reform Association was used to partly fund the purchase of a house in the Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy in 1993. The association was supposed to promote training and safety on construction sites.

Royal commissioner Dyson Heydon recommended in 2015 that Mr Wilson and Mr Blewitt face prosecution for fraud-related offences connected to the fund.

Ms Gillard has repeatedly denied knowing the fund was to be used in a fraud.

The royal commission found that she had been casual and haphazard in her work at Slater & Gordon but had not committed offences, and was not aware of Mr Wilsons conduct.

Mr Heydon rejected Ms Gillards denials that she was the beneficiary of cash sums from Mr Wilson for house renovations. The commission found that the builder, Athol James, who recalled the wads of cash, and a union staffer, Way...


Victoria police 'caught using and trafficking meth and ecstasy - as two officers joke over texts about going to work after a cocaine bender' "IndyWatch Feed National"

No wonder they cannot control the African teenagers who aree running riot

Police partying on ice, cocaine and ecstasy would meet up with known traffickers, peddle drugs themselves and return positive tests, says an Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission special report.

The report takes in three investigations into claims of drug possession, trafficking and use by police since 2014 and says allegations against eight officers have been substantiated.

Operation Apsley revealed a group of police were using drugs regularly in their social lives - including one who used cocaine 'most days' for four months last year.

The officer, known as Senior Constable A, and a friend, Senior Constable B, used and trafficked drugs and were 'cavalier about the safety risks', the report says.

Both told IBAC they would not work if affected by drugs, but messages between them refuted these claims, including this exchange after a night out using cocaine:

Senior Constable A: 'Feeling slightly average but okay. Gonna be a long shift. Rad night.'

Senior Constable B: 'Kill me, I wanna lay down.'

Another senior constable messaged a civilian associate about putting MDMA powder into capsules - 'Now that you run a sophisticated drug syndicate you will be... essstremely bizzy' was the reply.

Two other IBAC operations also exposed regular drug use with one that focused on a constable leading to that officer's brother being arrested by federal and interstate police on drug offences.

While IBAC says allegations against eight were substantiated it says they were likely just 'snapshots of a more widespread and serious problem for Victoria Police'.

Of those eight officers, two were charged with giving false evidence, misleading or attempting to mislead IBAC, and inciting a witness to mislead IBAC, and one was charged with criminal drug offences.

One has been dismissed, three have resigned, three are suspended and one returned to work after an admonishment notice.

There are systemic deficiencies in Victoria Police's illicit drug prevention and detection, IBAC concludes.

'Police officers cannot be selective in choosing which criminal laws they will obey,' IBAC Commissioner Stephen O'Bryan QC said in a statement.

'While most of the police officers investigated were aware they were engaging in illegal conduct, they rationalised their off-duty criminality as being separate to their obligations as police officers.'

Victoria Police's alcohol and drugs policy says illicit drug use is not tolerated but there is ambiguity about the consequences, IBAC says.

Police have accepted the recommendations...


Former police officer found not guilty of misconduct after leaking footage "IndyWatch Feed National"

The vindictive prosecution of a whistleblower who should in fact have been praised casts a dark shadow over the reputation of the QPS.  It shows the police as having no morality at all.  They were furious that Flori revealed the ugly truth about them and desperately wanted to get back at him.

Now that their prosecution has failed, it is surely time to ask some very challenging questions of Ian Stewart, the Queensland police chief.

The prosecution was undoubtedly stressful for Flori -- as would have been intended -- but there was a silver lining to his dark cloud. After her own victory over a crooked cop and his QPS defenders, Renee Eaves has done a lot to help other innocent victims of the police. So she flew to Fiori's side when his prosecution was announced and has given him support ever since. And as well as a her strength of character and iron will, Renee is absolutely gorgeous. A former bikini beauty, she is a dream walking. Having her nearby would soothe most troubled male souls.

You see her walking beside Fiori below.  I had the great privilege to help her once when she badly needed it

A FORMER Queensland police sergeant who leaked footage of officers bashing a handcuffed man in a Gold Coast station basement has been found not guilty of misconduct.

Rick Flori, 47, was acquitted of the charge by a majority 11-1 verdict by a jury on Wednesday following a six-day trial at the Southport District Court.

Flori, who has since resigned from the Queensland Police Service, says he released the footage of the January 2012 arrest to cast a spotlight on illegal practices within the force.

Flori released footage of police at the Surfers Paradise station bashing a handcuffed man, Noa Begic, in a basement car park in January 2012.

Once the footage was run by The Courier-Mail, an internal investigation lead to a search of Floris home where the footage was located on an SD card.

Flori told investigators hed acquired the footage for training purposes and denied knowing anything about the email address used to arrange the leak with a journalist.

Crown prosecutor Todd Fuller said Flori was upset at being overlooked for a promotion to senior sergeant in 2011.

Once he realised the footage included the man who had been given the promotion at his expense, Senior Sergeant David Joachim, hed set about leaking it to discredit his rival, Mr Fuller argued.

Mr Fuller said in the email sent to the journalist, Flori failed to mention any of the other officers involved except for Sen Sgt Joachim, despite Senior Constable Ben Lamb being the man who kneed and punched Mr Beg...


This is the shocking moment police officers refuse to give their badge numbers after tasering a driver 'for no good reason' and arresting him. "IndyWatch Feed National"

The driver and his wife were heading to dinner with a friend at Fremantle, south of Perth, when his Jeep was stopped and served with a defect notice.

After being tasered, as he tried to drive off, the motorist's friend turned on his camera phone and repeatedly demanded the three officers give him their badge numbers.

To make matters worse the female officer, Senior Constable Arnold, repeatedly put a hat over her face as the driver's friend filmed the encounter in March 2017. 'You are not the person being spoken to,' she said.

When the driver's friend asked her again, explaining it didn't matter that he wasn't the one being arrested, she doubled down on her refusal to comply with the law.

'You're not the person that we're dealing with. You have no right.'

Earlier in the four-minute video footage, a male officer Constable Keenan repeatedly told the driver to 'get out of the car' before holding the taser pointed towards him

The state watchdog blasted the officers for using 'unreasonable and oppressive force'.

'The incident involved a driver, his wife and friend who were heading to a Fremantle restaurant for dinner but ended up with the driver being tasered in his vehicle for no good reason, arrested and locked up,' it said.

When the man was told by police to turn around to be cuffed, Constable Keenan then used force to twist his arms behind his back and press him against his four-wheel drive.

'I'm not resisting, mate,' the man told the officer.

'You were under no threat when you tasered him,' the friend behind the camera added.

He was then placed under arrest for disobeying the directive of a police officer.

A subsequent internal police review cleared Constable Keenan of any wrongdoing, however the Crime and Corruption Commission has found his actions 'unlawful, unreasonable and oppressive.'

Constable Keenan has not been charged with any wrongdoing but has been stood aside, one year after the incident. The female officer, Senior Constable Arnold, was criticised by the CCC for preventing the filming and has since been charged.

Police Minister Michelle Roberts said the police would be brought to justice.  'Police officers in this instance have done the wrong thing, they have been found out, and they will need to cop the consequences,' she said.

Ms Roberts said officers should be kept accountable with the use of body cameras, and WA traffic police could be trialling the devices by the end of 2018.



Victoria Police 'deficiencies' found in IBAC report on internal reviews "IndyWatch Feed National"

Victoria's anti-corruption watchdog says there are "concerning deficiencies" in the way Victoria Police reviews serious incidents, including those that kill or injure members of the public.

IBAC found police failed to consider evidence that should have been included, such as witness statements, in more than half of the cases.

About two-thirds of the reviews also failed to address human rights, while almost a third were not adequately supervised.

The audit also found Victoria Police failed to notify IBAC of 16 deaths and nine serious injuries resulting from police contact.

"The audit identified concerning deficiencies in Victoria Police's oversight, which require immediate attention," IBAC commissioner Robert Redlich QC said in a statement.

"Police have significant powers, the community rightly expects them to use these powers responsibly and perform their duties fairly, impartially and in accordance with the law."

A review is held when a member of the public dies or is seriously injured after contact with police to see if it was preventable.

The watchdog also looked at how thoroughly incidents were investigated, whether reviews were impartial and whether conclusions were justified.

It found a "general overreliance" on police statements and a failure to critically examine the accuracy of police accounts by seeking independent statements or CCTV recordings.

Drunk person found dead after being taken home by police

In one instance, an individual was taken home by police after they were discovered intoxicated, sitting on a public bench.  The police officers decided to take them home after discovering that they were not drunk enough to be arrested.

The individual was discovered hours later dead on their front lawn after falling through a glass frame near their front door.

IBAC found police CCTV inside the police van did not record the incident, and there were inconsistencies in the statements provided by the two police officers who drove the person home.

"The deceased's next of kin expressed concerns about the transparency and truthfulness of the police investigation of the incident," the report said.

It found conflicts of interests were often poorly identified and managed and more than a third of reviews took longer than they should have.

One case IBAC investigated included an alleged family violence incident where a person killed themselves in the days after police involvement in the matter.

The review file was allocated to the same region where the incident took place and the person overseeing the review admitted to having known one of the officers involved "since childhood".
Despite the a...


Byron Bay cop is slammed by the police watchdog for 'intentionally inflicting pain' on a naked teenager he hit with a baton 15 times "IndyWatch Feed National"

It is often difficult to get insane and drug-affected people to co-operate

A Byron Bay police officer involved in the beating of a 16-year-old boy with Asperger's has been blasted by the police watchdog for being too violent after he baton-struck a disoriented teenager more than 15 times.

The head of the independent Law Enforcement Conduct Commission, Michael Adams, criticised the officer's violent use of force during a hearing in Sydney on Thursday.

He questioned the number of blows delivered, along with officer E's failure to consider his actions whilst he was striking the boy.  The officer's motive appeared to be to inflict pain, he said.

The commission is examining the conduct of officers involved in the apprehension and detention of the drug-affected teenager.

Police arrested the teenager, who was found naked, sweating profusely and pacing up and down in a Byron Bay laneway, in the early hours of January 11.

Bystander video taken from a nearby balcony shows a police officer, known as E for legal reasons, striking the 16-year-old more than 15 times as he lay on the ground surrounded by up to three other officers.

Officer E said he began using his baton after earlier attempts to subdue the 16-year-old using pepper spray and a Taser had failed.

He said the boy - labelled AO by the commission - tried to get up after a baton blow to his knee had brought him to the ground and he also resisted officers trying to handcuff him. 'He needed to be compliant. He needed to be restrained,' he said

But LECC Chief Commissioner Adams questioned whether the officer had warned the boy that his attempts to resist being handcuffed would be met with baton blows. He said the number of strikes appeared excessive given the boy's mental state and the number of officers at the scene.

Officer E said the baton blows were assisting the other officers, who were struggling to handcuff AO as he wriggled around and pulled his arms under his body.

'This guy had been sprayed, had been Tasered twice and that's why I deemed that ... I was of the opinion that it needed more,' he said.

He rejected the commissioner's suggestion that other methods of control may have been more effective and said despite his small size compared to the officers, the boy was strong. 'He was very violent, at no point did I feel we had control of him,' he said.

Officer E rejected claims he had sworn at and threatened bystanders for videoing the arrest. 'I was the officer who approached people ... I would have liked footage of it,' he said.



Why did a police officer give out a woman's address to her abusive ex? "IndyWatch Feed National"

A Queensland Police officer has managed to keep his job after he deliberately and callously leaked the address of a woman fleeing intimate partner violence to the abusive ex-husband she was trying to escape.

Senior Constable Neil Punchard had found Elizabeths (not her real name) address using the confidential police database, and directed the man to just tell her you know where she lives and leave it that. He then joked with Elizabeths ex that she would flip out when she realised her ex who had a string of domestic violence orders against him had her address and will explode.

Sickeningly, SC Punchard is also said to have offered advice to the man in dealing with the Family Court, and offered to liaise with other police officers to assist him in any complaints.

If she gets the police, he told the man, tell them to contact me or give me their names and I will contact them. I wont hinder the investigation, but I will give them a heads up on what has happened.

As Elizabeth said back in 2016 when the case was first brought to light, Knowing an officer had not only aided and encouraged a perpetrator to not only stalk me but many other horrible things, its really left me feeling very unsafe and I really would like to know why the police commissioner has not stood this person down.

In April 2017, Elizabeth received a letter from the assistant commissioner who informed her that an investigation had found sufficient evidence to support the allegations made by you, which is to say that SC Punchard had deliberately leaked details that put Elizabeth and her family in fear for her safety. Despite this acknowledgment of fact, Elizabeth was informed that the constable wouldnt be charged and that, following an internal disciplinary hearing, the matter has been addressed [and] I do not intend to take any further action and now consider this matter closed.

Yes, you read that correctly. A senior constable who colluded with her abusive ex-partner to reveal a woman's private location and facilitate further harassment and fear really did just get a little slap on the wrist while being allowed to keep his job. A job, by the way, that places him in the path of other victims fleeing the abusive men he very clearly feels kinship with.

This isnt the first time something like this has happened. In February 2017, a woman reported that her ex had been accidentally informed of her address due to an apparent clerical error, despite having breached several intervention orders and having threatened to kill the womans children.

As Sherele Moody reports here, Queensland public servants have handed out womens addresses to accused DV perpetrators three times in the past twelve months.

Its another damning indictment on police serv...


Former ASIO officer sues police for $750,000 claiming he was wrongfully arrested, put in a deadly chokehold and told by an officer 'they could shoot him and get a medal' "IndyWatch Feed National"

Gold Coast police again.  They are deep-dyed thugs. No part of this is appropriate police behaviour

A former federal security and police officer is suing Queensland Police for $750,000 claiming he was put in a deadly chokehold in a wrongful arrest.

Paul Gibbons alleges officers were excessively violent, abused him and threatened him on his honeymoon at a hotel in the Gold Coast.

He claimed he was confronted by police because they were allegedly annoyed at him taking 10 seconds to open the locked door to the hotel lobby.

One reportedly told him they could shoot him and receive a medal according to papers lodged to Brisbane District Court show, the ABC reports.

Mr Gibbons, who previously served in the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO), has taken the State of Queensland to court.

He is claiming damages for assault, battery, wrongful arrest and false imprisonment.

Footage from a security camera inside the hotel lobby shows the moment he is wrestled to the ground after police surrounded him when he started filming them on his phone, Mr Gibbons alleges.

The ABC reports Mr Gibbons claims the officers threatened to arrest him for obstructing police, who were at the hotel for another matter.

The former ASIO agent, who also served in the Australian Federal Police, says when he questioned why they required entry, a police officer pointed to his gun saying the weapon was his authority.

The court heard the officer allegedly said: 'When we tell you to do something, you don't ask questions. You f***ing do it. 'Hell, we can put a bullet in your f***in' head and get a medal.'

One of the officers said the recording on Mr Gibbons phone would be 'easily remedied' flashing a torch directly into the camera.

The CCTV footage shows Mr Gibbons handcuffed on the floor while an officer scrolls through the device.

Mr Gibbons said he felt as though his throat would be crushed by one of the officers when they squeezed him during the incident in 2016.

The same officer is alleged to have later said: 'I'm going to kill you c***. When we get you out to the truck, I'm going to smash your f***ing face in c***.'

Part of the claim also includes $50,000 for potentially missing out on selling the footage from his phone to the media after it was deleted.

The state government, who is representing police in the case, has not replied to the lawsuit. A spokesman for the Queensland Police Service said the force could not comment while the matter was being dealt with in court.



The sexual, racist and homophobic remarks that got a police officer booted from the force "IndyWatch Feed National"

A Victorian police officer has been dismissed from his post in the transit safety division after a decade of derogatory and racist remarks were revealed during a disciplinary hearing.

The man, whose identity isn't revealed, allegedly told a constable she had a 'cracking a***', offered to slap another's 'just once' and made comments about public service officers not being Australian or greeted them as 'homos'.

When she replied that she had, he continued with: 'Don't worry if I want you, you will know about it,' the Herald Sun reported.

While the officer contested his dismissal upon reviewing the comments Police Registration and Services Board Victoria upheld the decision.

While the police officer was later diagnosed with mental health issues, he made a point of saying his actions were only an effort to promote camaraderie.

The board said his unprofessional and repeatedly disrespectful conduct was made worse by the fact he didn't appear willing or able to alter his behaviour.



Vile trolling, disgusting brutality and now 258,000 fake breath tests: As Victoria's cops are busted in ANOTHER scandal people ask, who polices the police? "IndyWatch Feed National"

After allegations of brutality and the sacking of a top officer earlier this year, Victoria Police has been rocked by revelations more than 258,000 breath tests were faked.

An external investigator will be brought in to examine the falsified tests, in which officers blew into RBT straws themselves or placed fingers over the holes.

The fake tests were discovered just weeks after the force was hit with allegations of excessive violence, with the beating of a disability pensioner caught on camera.

The incident involving six officers allegedly beating the mental health patient with batons, verbally abusing and pepper spraying him was caught on camera. Police were referred to oversight body Independent Broad-based Anti-Corruption Commission (IBAC) over the incident.

The arrest of a Sudanese-born Melbourne man who allegedly robbed and trashed a chemist in 2016 was also reported to the IBAC.

Footage showed the man being punched 11 times and hit with a baton before one of the officers stomped on his back in a two-and-a-half minute ordeal.

That incident followed a complaint by Jia Meeks, who was seen on CCTV been thrown into a cell door at Bendigo Police Station.

Mr Meeks, who was arrested for allegedly swearing at police and acting aggressively, was left bleeding from facial injuries and suffering a bruised wrist after the alleged incident.

The allegations of brutality followed the resignation of Assistant Commissioner Brett Guerin over a series of offensive online posts made under a pseudonym.

Mr Guerin, was was the head of Victoria Police's ethical standards body, quit the force in February after being referred to the anti-corruption commission.

Using the alias 'Vernon Demerest', Mr Guerin made a series of racist comments on Youtube.

'The jigaboo runs riot and out of control. The 'boo needs the lash,' read one of the vile comments.

'Wonderful to see greasy, diving, cheating dagoes get their just reward. Bitter, lingering defeat,' said another posted on a soccer video.

The comments were exposed a week after he publicly apologised last week for making graphic references to former police commissioner Christine Nixon.

In March the IBAC delivered a damning report accusing the force of failing to investigate dangerous incidents.

The IBAC itself has been criticised for its handling of complaints about Victoria Police.

Lawyers told a parliamentary inquiry in February they do not recommend complaining to IBAC, as more than 90 per cent end up handed back to police to investigate.

Victoria Police is now in discussions with IBAC about the roadside breath test revelations, which occu...


Global Realities and Handshake Theatre Trump and Kim "IndyWatch Feed National"

Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump (photo

[Editors Note: The news today focused on the meeting with Kim Jong-un and President Donald Trump signing their historic document in Singapore. A WEEK AGO I received an email from G5 which commented on North Korea, Russia and the US military. I have posted an extract below.]

by G5  (5 June, 2018)

The Korean Unification was set by Russia some five years ago.

Team Trump has been playing the on again off again charade to balance for herd effect prior to November 6, 2018. [Today it was on again.]

As with the Syrian routing of American proxies by Russia, the Korean Affair is also a Russian initiative. American interests are in a state of confusion to sell the narrative that they are in fact the managers of the events. Those who believe that are American voters and sycophant Nation State Actors.

Having North Korea denuclearize, is like Seal Team Six killing bin Laden in Pakistan, the Twin Towers falling by kerosene fires, or Oswald killing JFK.

Money poured into the Iranian Nuclear deal from America and Europe. There are parallels with the test runs of Iran-Contra, Fast and Furious etc. The American m...


Researchers Explore the Relationship Between Spiritual Emergence, Psychosis and Personality "IndyWatch Feed National"

Request for research participants on behalf of researchers at the School of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences, University of New England, Australia.

The research aims to explore the relationship between spiritual emergence, psychosis and personality. Spiritual emergence is a process of integrating spiritual awareness and experience (e.g., mystical and paranormal phenomena, unusual emotional and physical sensations), which generally facilitates positive transformation and growth. However, if the process occurs very rapidly or is triggered suddenly (e.g., via a traumatic experience), it may become unmanageable and an individual may experience states of crisis (involving psychological distress, coping difficulties, and a lack of understanding by self and/or others). Severe cases may exhibit symptoms commonly diagnosed as clinical psychosis. Investigating spiritual emergence in relation to psychosis and personality may offer insight into possible predictive and protective factors.

Participation is open to any member of the general population aged 18 years or over and proficient in English. You do not need to have experienced spiritual emergence to participate. 

If you wish to participate in this research, the link below will guide you to an anonymous online questionnaire. The questionnaire takes about 30-45 minutes to complete. Your participation in this research is highly valued and will contribute to a deeper understanding of spiritual emergence and its relationship with psychosis and personality.

Questionnaire and more information 


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The Watergate Break-in was Pedogate "IndyWatch Feed National"


June 8, 2018

Source: Pedophiles Down Under

The Watergate break-in was strictly based on one thing the pedophile records that were being kept at the Democratic National Headquarters. Det. James Rothstein, NYPD, Retired

In October 2016, I presented at a Trauma and Dissociation conference in Seattle, USA. Following my talk, one attendee approached me in the hotel lobby where my fellow presenters sat at their merchandise stalls. All this! she shouted while sweeping her arm across the sideshow alley of over-priced books, stickers and fridge magnets, All this is shit! You have the real stuff! Wheres your book?! Tears welled in her eyes. Write a book! Please write a book!

Yes, I have the real stuff. Im not some arrogant academic pretending to understand what its like to be a victim of the most heinous crimes. I lived it. I spent my developmental years trapped in a mind control labyrinth. I then spent my adult years navigating a way out. I eventually achieved what few victims have, true integration. I may therefore declare with authority what does and does not work.

I prefer the term victim to survivor because the latter implies my ordeal is over. My ordeal will likely never end. As Dr Reina Michaelson warned, Fiona, I think this is a life sentence. I serve a life sentence for crimes committed against me, with the full knowledge and blessing of the Australian government. I am constantly harassed by police, paid agitators, pedophile payroll academics and journalists, DID sleeper cells, perpetrator relatives, fake victims, fake advocates, professional social media trolls, and retired intelligence community thugs hired to do the dirty work of the VIP pedophiles who dare not overtly attack me since that would attract media attention to their role in the international child trafficking operation.

Recovery from extreme abuse begins....


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Pip Issue 11 is here! "IndyWatch Feed National"

Were over the mooooo-oon! Pip Issue 11 has arrived and its another cracker, sure to get you inspired! Perfect for by-the-fire reading this issue features so much, including DIYs, gardening ideas, profiles and more!

Flip through here to take a peek


In issue 11 of Pip magazine we have articles on natural cheesemaking, biodynamics and whats involved in owning your own house cow, hence our beautiful cow on the cover. We also feature cob house building, permaculture design and natural burials. We show you how to build a wicking bed, live off your own produce, crochet some winter warming gloves and tackle your pest problems naturally. All of these stories and much more can be found within the pages of Pip issue 11, out in June 2018.
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At last, progress on inequality for women - a computer designed by women, for women "IndyWatch Feed National"

Magnificent work there, I'm sure there was behind-the-scenes input from the command-module.


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President Trump and Chairman Kim "IndyWatch Feed National"

I hope this post grows during the day. It's started well, even CNN couldn't bugger it up.


New information on GILLARD and Commonwealth Criminal Code offences "IndyWatch Feed National"

I've been forwarded some material from a barrister which may represent a turning point in the life of Julia Gillard. Ms Gillard made many denials about the AWU matter while she was the Prime Minister. If any of her denials, made whilst Prime Minister, are proven to be dishonest, and...


For graduates of Victoria Police Academy - powers of arrest and the definitive "finds committing" "IndyWatch Feed National"

(32 years after graduation, comparing battle scars - if you'll permit me the rare indulgence!) Her Majesty's Constables of Police in Victoria will recall the first week of training at Glen Waverley and the Friday morning exam on Powers of Arrest. Two words struck terror into us at exam time....


Therapoeia: the hive heart of online poetry "IndyWatch Feed National"

When Pound structured poetry into three forms in the 1930s (melapoeia, phanopoiea and logopoeia), its unlikely he could have anticipated the confessional, tag-and-shareable, anti-intellectual iteration of online poetry in the 21st century. #instapoetry, Pinterest poetry and Tumblr poetry, often created by the same individuals and shared across platforms, push a direct, targeted meaning which is arguably without poetic or intellectual interference.


Those Defense Intelligence Reference Documents "IndyWatch Feed National"

Eric W Davis interview

In a Coast to Coast radio interview on 28 January 2018, between journalist George Knapp and Eric W Davis, Davis outlined his sub-contractor role within the Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS)  program for the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP.) At the Institute for Advanced Studies, based in Austin, Texas, his job was to provide broad scientific advice, and recommendations. He did not get into any data analysis, video analysis or witness interviews.

He was tasked with looking into the future - around 2050 - to set up a series of expert studies - and produce a series of Defense Intelligence Reference Documents (DIRDs.) To look at a variety of topics and get experts to write a DIRD on that subject. Authors were asked to imagine our earthly technology, extrapolate it to 2050 and compare what we might have by then against what we see of the phenomenon today. Davis stated that 38 such papers were produced, with two being classified.

Hal Puthoff interview

In another 28 January 2018 Coast to Coast interview by George Knapp, this time with Hal Puthoff, Puthoff stated that his role within the AATIP was mainly to look at the physics. He had had 38 papers written

Six DIRDs by Eric W Davis 

On the Earth Tech International Inc. website there is a list of six DIRDs prepared by Eric W Davis. These are:

1. Davis, E.W. (2010), "Laser Lightcraft Nanosatellites," Defense Intelligence Reference Document, Defense Futures, DIA-08-1011-001, Technology Warning Division (DWO-4), Defense Warning Office, Directorate for Analysis, Defense Intelligence Agency, Washington, DC.

2. Obousy, R.K. and Davis, E.W. (2010). "Warp Drive, Dark Energy, and the Manipulation of Extra Dimensions," Defense Intelligence Reference Document, Acquisition Threat Support, DIA-08-1004-001, Acquisition Support Division (DWO-3), Defense Warning Office, Directorate for Analysis, Defense Intelligence Agency, Washington, DC.

3. Davis, E.W. (2010), "Concepts for Extracting Energy from the Quantum Vacuum," Defense Intelligence Reference Document, Acquisition Threat Support, DIA-08-1004-007, Acquisition Support Division (DWO-3), Defense Warning office, Directorate for Analysis, Defense Intelligence Agency, Washington, DC.

4. Davis, E.W. (2010), "Antigravity for Aerospace Applications," Defense Intelligence Reference Document, Acquisition Threat Support, DIA-08-1003-018, Acquisition Support Division (DWO-3), Defense Warning Office...


Dr. Colm Kelleher and the Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications program "IndyWatch Feed National"

To the Stars Academy

The other day, I was re-reading the list of team members of the To The Stars Academy (TTSA) , to refresh my memory of who was on the team. One of the members is Dr. Colm Kelleher. The TTSA website states that Dr. Kelleher is their "Biotech consultant" and provides the following information:

"Dr. Colm Kelleher is a biochemist with a twenty-eight-year research career in cell and molecular biology currently working in senior management in the aerospace industry. He served as Laboratory Director at biotech company, Prosetta Corporation, leading several small molecule drug discovery  programs focused on viruses of interest to the United States Department of Defense. He worked for eight years as Deputy Director of the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS) a research organization using forensic science methodology to unravel scientific anomalies.

From 2008-2011, he served as  Deputy Administrator of a US government funded threat assessment program focused on advanced aerospace technology. Dr. Kelleher has authored more than forty peer  reviewed scientific articles in cell and molecular biology, immunology and virology as well as two best selling books, "Hunt for the Skinwalker" and "Brain Trust." He holds a  Ph.D in biochemistry from the University of Dublin, Trinity College.

Note, part of the statement
What caught my eye this time around was the statement "From 2008-2011, he served as  Deputy Administrator of a US government funded threat assessment program focused on advanced aerospace technology." This strongly suggests that he worked on the Defense Intelligence Agency's Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications program.
I visited the LinkedIn website and looked at Dr. Kelleher's profile, and found:
Deputy Administrator
2008-2012 4yrs


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MACKAY mackay crime "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY June 11, 2018 at 12:52PM ,

mackay crime

June 11, 2018 at 12:52PM ,

Related mackay court mackay police queensland police service mackay magistrates court editors picks mackay mackay courthouse mackay district

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Malaysia to reconsider TPP-11 "IndyWatch Feed National"

June 12, 2018: Malaysias new Prime Minister, Dr Mahathir, last Friday made a brief but stunning statement in a media conference in Japan that he will review the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP-11.

Dr Mahathir said he believes weaker economies like Malaysia are at a disadvantage under the current terms, "It is important to take into consideration the level of development of a country."

He said Malaysia would have little to sell and much to buy in a purely free trade environment. "Small, weaker economies must be given a chance to protect their products," he said.

Dr Mahathirs remarks reflect strong community opposition to the TPP-11 in Malaysia.

The TPP-11 will take effect once ratified by at least six member countries, which requires passage of the implementing legislation by parliaments. So far, only Mexico has ratified the agreement.

In Australia, there are currently two parliamentary inquiries which will report before Parliament votes on the implementing legislation, a joint committee dominated by the government and a Senate inquiry achieved through community campaigning, on which the government does not have a majority. AFTINET is campaigning for the majority of ALP, Greens, Centre Alliance and others to block the implementing legislation.  See more information here.


Inhumane government and corruption are two sides of the same coin "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed from Adam Carlton

Corruption among Australias top politicians is all the talk now.  The common wisdom is that corruption drives the wheels of the Australian political system.

When we hear about this problem in other countries, the retort is often that this just like in Australia.

Prominent human rights barrister and QC, Julian Burnside, says that Australias politicians are somewhat lacking in humanity and have no compunction over breaking the law to meet  ends.

I think its pretty clear that Australian prime ministers and immigration ministers are guilty of criminal offences against our own law, he says.

Burnside adds that the problem is that no one can bring a prosecution for those offences without the approval of the Attorney General. Take a lucky guess what the Attorney General

Out of his concern, Julian Burnside has been involved in a new documentary about the treatment of refugees and asylum seekers.  It is called Border Politics.

Australia has been a member of the International Criminal Court (ICC) since 2002, and in the time since, has been guilty of a series of offences [in Australian law] that mirror the offences over which the ICC has jurisdiction.

The treatment of people who arrive in boats on Australian shores provides an insight, as to how far the political establishment has been prepared to go, to act unlawfully, when to do so is convenient. This is an attitude that easily transfers into cutting corners, when it comes to such things as acquiring funds for re-election and making deals for personal gain.

A long line of politicians have found themselves compelled to stand down in recent years, because they have been found with their hands in the till or pocketed some cash when they shouldnt have. The line is not getting any shorter.

There is something even more damning than the mountain of evidence of wrongdoing. There is so much of it, that a new story makes the headlines almost every day.What is worse, is that very few will ever end up before a court. If by any chance, they happen to be one of the very few charged and tried, they can be certain to let off with the proverbial slap on the wrist.

Virtual immunity from serious consequences is an incentive for wrongdoing.

Explaining away corruption as the doings of a few dishonest individuals, goes nowhere near coming to terms with the problem. Our top politicians exist in an environment of raw capitalism, where the handshake in a closed room is the normal way of doing business. Match this with a dependency on a well-oiled lobbyist industry, working for wealthy corporations and making a living out of setting up meetings with politicians, where promises are made and deals struck....


In The Western World Truth Is An Endangered Species: Come To Its Support "IndyWatch Feed National"

The total corruption of the print and TV media led to the rise of Internet media such as Wikileaks, led by Julian Assange, a prisoner since 2012. Assange is an Australian and Ecuadorian citizen. He is not an American citizen. Yet US politicians and media claim that he is guilty of treason because he published official documents leaked to Wikileaks.


Time for a Royal Commission to examine the Developers' World "IndyWatch Feed National"

How dare the Urban Development Institute of Australia tell the State Government that it should set housing targets for each council to cope with Melbourne's rapid population growth and then if we don't meet the targets they set we will be victimised. [1] They even specifically mentioned Boroondara and Stonnington as not pulling their weight and referred to NIMBYs. As a resident of Boroondara I can assure the Development Institute that Boroondara is being flooded with buildings to such an extent that the whole neighbourhood character is being ruined, what on earth do they want. High rise on every suburban street?

The real problem is that Melbourne is getting too many people coming to the city. Even Planning Minister Wynne is quoted as saying that Melbourne has the highest growth rate of any city in the developed world. We have been saying this for years as we see it's livability being wrecked. People all across Melbourne are complaining as they see their areas being overcrowded and over developed. The Federal Government must reduce immigration - tell them we are full to bursting. Do they want to turn us into a dense third world city with polluted gridlocked streets?

Many of us are saying, having watched the Royal Commission into the Banking World, that it is time for a Royal Commission to examine the Developers World.


Below is the article that caused the suggestion that we need a Royal Commission into how development is conducted in this country.


"Develop or be punished," by John Masanauskas. (Herald Sun, 2 June 2018.

A DEVELOPER lobby has called for suburbs which dont pull their weight on housing supply to be punished with less investment in infrastructure.

Urban Development Institute of Australia state CEO Danni Addison said the state government should set housing targets for each council area to cope with Melbournes rapid population growth.

That new housing stock, if delivered, should be accompanied by infrastructure investment from government, she told a UDIA event yesterday.



Melbourne market terror plot exposed "IndyWatch Feed National"

Terror target: Melbournes Queen Victoria Market. Photo

MELBOURNE, AAP A terrorist plot to blow up Melbournes Queen Victoria Market was foiled by members of a British family who pretended to be a willing recruit.

A man, who claimed to be part of an overseas terrorist network, sent encrypted texts and voice files with instructions on how to set off a bomb at the market to the recruit over five months.

But the recruit was actually a British-based family of amateur jihadi hunters and the correspondence was forwarded to the Australian Federal Police and Victoria Police, The Herald-Sun reported on Tuesday.

A Victoria Police spokesman said the matter was assessed and it was determined they posed no threat.

Our teams regularly receive information from various sources and carefully assess that information based on validity and risk, the spokesman said.

These matters were assessed earlier this year in accordance with that process and it was determined that they pose no threat in Australia.

The plot apparently involved making a car bomb and driving it at a crowded corner of the market.

Queen Victoria Market chairman Paul Guerra said the plot came to its attention on Monday.

Were in very close contact with Victoria Police, he told Melbourne radio 3AW.

They alluded to this yesterday but there is no credible threat, theres certainly no immediate threat.

Mr Guerra said the market had its own security team but also worked closely with police.

Its a number one international tourist destination for the whole of Melbourne therefore we have a close working relationship with Victoria Police, he said

The post Melbourne market terror plot exposed appeared first on Echonetdaily.


June 12 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History "IndyWatch Feed National"

1789 The Hawkesbury River discovered Governor Arthur Phillip.

1822 -  Colebee from Richmond married Kitty, aged 13, from the Warmuli (Prospect Clan), a student at the Native Institution.

1826 -In the first recorded use of gas lighting in Oz, Pitt St, Sydney shopkeeper J.T Wilson blinded his rivals, and the general public, when he installed it in his shop.

1871 - NSW Government tossed a measly  30,000 for the fortification of Sydney Harbour.

1872 - The Melbourne Branch of the Royal Mint began spitting out the coins and folding stuff.

1883 The first Australasian headquarters of the Salvation Army opened in Melbourne.

1886 - The Shearer's Union was formed during a meeting that was a tad more than tea and scones at Fern's Hotel in Ballarat.

1889 - The Australian Labour Federation was formed in Brisbane.

1902  - They knew when they were beaten, those men, so the Commonwealth Franchise Act came into force, which gave all the females of the species the right to vote in federal elections.
Except those gals who were aboriginal....or from any of the Pacific Islands....or Asia...or Africa...

1903 - A knees-up was held by a group of barristers in the chambers of the then Queensland Attorney-General, Sir Arthur Rutledge KC, where they resolved to form a Bar Association.
Not the liquid refreshment sort of bar.

1911 - Those delectable steam tram thingies began tootling along the Sutherland to Cronulla Tramway Line (NSW).

1912 - The Port Douglas and Mossman Record announced that Dick and Ernest C. Hannaford, who had a photographers studio further up Mill Street, were arranging for picture shows with their own apparatus in the hall, with occasional visits to Port Douglas.
Should we wonder at the 'apparatus'.....perhaps not.

1914 - The Illawarra Coke Company opened a set of sidings to serve their coke ovens on the other side of the main line, coal being supplied from the Coal Cliff mine by an overhead conveyor.
We won't comment on mainlining the coke....

1915 - Aspirin was first made in Australia by 31-year old Melbourne Pharmacist George Richard Rich Nicholas under the name Aspro.

1931 - Some silly bugger thought that the Northern Territory was too large to be governed. So in 1927 the Northern Territory was split into two territories, North Australia and Central Australia. However, on this day the two were reunited in Holy Matrimony as the Northern Territory.

1933 -  Twelve Police Cadets, the sons of serving Policemen, were appointed to the NSW Police Force and attached to various sections and metropolitan city stations.

1954 - The first engine of the Central Australia Railway...

Monday, 11 June


Trump scuttles G7 agreement on global warming and trade "IndyWatch Feed National"


Contributed by Jim Hayes

In Australia, the final communique from the G7 meeting in Canada went almost unnoticed. The reason is that the Turnbull government decided to ignore it, because it is thoroughly secured to the coattails of the United States, which did not support the agreement.

Australia comes out, yet again, looking like the faithful puppy at its masters feet.

The G7, which in addition to the United States includes Canada, France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and Japan,  agreed on the contents of the communique, which includes a reaffirmation of an intention to  implement  the Paris Agreement, and set a table for upcoming negotiations at the United Nations in Poland.

This will follow an environment ministers meeting in September, which will consider the progress that has been made by the G7 countries, on their commitments to phase out fossil fuel subsidies.

The communique contains other issues besides the global warming threat. The other critical one is global trade.

This has led to a war of words between the United States and the other countries, with Donald Trump launching a tirade against his Canadian counterpart Justin Trudeau. Although he had first signed the document, despite his declared oppositon to the prat relating to global warming, he subsequently withdrew his support, over what he claimed are comments made by Trudeau in a media interview.

The words at issue are Canadians are polite and reasonable but we will also not be pushed around. He was referring not to the agreement on climate change, but the other major issue in the communique, global trade.  Trudeau was responding to the threat of a United states imposed 25 percent tariff on steel from the start of July.

German leader Angela Merkel called Trumps action of the communique sobering and depressing. French President Emmanuel Macron said international co-operation could not be dictated by fits of anger and throwaway remarks.

Back in Australia, Malcolm Turnbull said nothing about Donald Trumps machinations.

Globall trade is important. Even more so than usual, in circumstances where global tensions threaten a drift towards trade war. International trade should be carried out through equal and peaceful relationships between countries and should not be regarded as a means to gain advantage over another and carve out spheres of influence. But this is the road the United States has embarked on more than anyone else.

Global trade should also provide a means to foster new sustainable national and global economies. At present, we are a long way from achieving this. Although climate warming and trade were the joint highlights in the communique, there has been no move to bring the t...


David Attenborough and wildlife of Tasmania "IndyWatch Feed National"

This video says about itself:

David Attenboroughs Tasmania

Attenborough narrates the story of a vast island wilderness ancient forests, pristine rivers & spectacular coastline. Seasons vary from dry heat, strong winds & cold bringing wombats, wallabies & platypus out in daylight. Broadcast on Australian Broadcasting Corporation 7:45pm Sun 3 Jun 2018.


Guest post: Climate change could heighten risk of global food production shocks "IndyWatch Feed National"

Dr Michelle Tigchelaar is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Washington, currently investigating the impacts of climate change on global food security.

The 1972-74 food price crisis is the stuff of policy legend. At a time when grain prices had been declining for decades, the global price of wheat tripled in the space of just three years.

The trigger was a poor wheat harvest throughout the major breadbaskets of southeast Ukraine and southwest Russia, ravaged by an extremely hot summer with average temperatures 2-4C warmer than usual.

The effects of the resulting Russian Wheat Deal in which the USSR purchased 10m tonnes of US wheat rippled across the global food market and global grain prices soared.

Since the early 1970s, global food markets have only become more integrated. Just three staple crops corn, wheat and rice account for more than half of global calorie intake. For each of these crops, just three countries produce at least 40% of global production.

With growing demands for food, animal feed and biofuels, this leaves the global food market exposed to further price shocks. In 2007-08, for example, the overstretched grain market needed only relatively small crop losses in Australia (caused by heatwaves), record-high oil prices and poor policy choices to cause the world food crisis of 2007-08. The result was a doubling of cereal prices and...


Australia's emissions reduction target 'unambitious, irresponsible' "IndyWatch Feed National"

New Australia Institute paper finds neither Coalition nor Labor's pollution reduction targets would see us doing our fair sharePollution reduction targets for 2030 proposed by the Coalition and Labor will not see Australia contributing its fair share to cut greenhouse gas emissions under the Paris climate agreement, according to new research.A paper from the progressive thinktank the Australia Institute finds the Turnbull government's target of a 26-28% reduction on 2005 levels is [...]


Ducking Hell: The Shocking Video Revealing How We Farm Ducks In Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

Shocking footage of duck farming in Australia has emerged showing day-old ducklings being dropped into an industrial shredder, adult ducks being kicked and thrown around a barn by workers, and ducks which should have been stunned before slaughter hanging by their feet on a conveyor belt while they bleed to death after having their throats slit.

The footage, depicted at the bottom of this story, was secretly filmed across three farm sites two in Victoria and one in NSW earlier this year. It was provided anonymously to Animal Liberation NSW and captures the entire farming process, from birth to death. Laws in NSW (and to a lesser extent Victoria) prohibit filming and distributing images of animal cruelty captured inside farms. The footage was provided to Animal Liberation NSW anonymously, but the provenance of the locations has been confirmed.

Adult ducks can be seen stumbling around barns crowded with thousands of other birds, many of them too weak to hold their own body weight after having lived a life never exposed to water. Some have deformed beaks, wings and feet, and some have gone blind or lost eyes. There is barely any natural light in the barns featured in the video.

Ducks on a NSW farm, with limited access to light, and no access to open water.

Animal rights activists say that the sheds are not cleaned for the entire 7-week cycle, making disease and fatalities common, and causing burns on the ducks feet. In one scene, the floor of one of the barns is virtually alive with maggots and insects, with corpses of ducklings and adult ducks filmed throughout the facilities.

Once their seven week growth cycle inside a crowded, dry barn is complete, the ducks are thrown into large crates and shipped by truck for slaughter.

The footage shows what happens at the slaughter house ducks are thrown around by their necks and then hung upside down by their feet onto an automated shackle line. Their heads are dragged through electrified water, which is supposed to stun them before their throats are slit. However, numerous ducks can be seen flailing wildly, upside down, while the conveyor belt continues. Theyre not stunned, but slowly bleeding to death.


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