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Tuesday, 16 October


National's corrupt electoral practices "IndyWatch Feed"

The National Party mess has just gone thermonuclear, with Jami-Lee Ross making public allegations that party leader simon Bridges repeatedly engaged in corrupt electoral practices. In his unscheduled press standup, he specifically accused Bridges of knowingly falsifying the identity of the "Cathedral Club" donor on his electorate donation return, in violation of s207G of the Electoral Act, and of instructing him to split a $100,000 donation from a "Chinese businessman" in order to avoid disclosure, in violation of s207LA. He says he has recordings and photographs, and will be going to the police tomorrow to make a statement.

(He also says he's been accused of multiple cases of sexual harassment by National Party staffers, which he portrays as a political stitch-up. We can treat that with the contempt it deserves)

This is an allegation of serious criminal behaviour. Both of these are corrupt electoral practices, and if convicted, both Bridges and Ross (because he's a self-admitted party to at least one of the offences) would be automatically removed from Parliament. Of course, that assumes the police will bother to investigate. And as we've seen, they are only interested in prosecuting electoral offences by small parties outside Parliament, not by those who might one day set their budget. So, I fully expect that nothing will legally come of this, no matter how compelling Ross' evidence. But if what Ross says is true, it should taint Bridges permanently, and renders him utterly unfit to be in Parliament, let alone a party leader.


David Leyonhjelm. Politicians with trustworthy eyes "IndyWatch Feed"

In Leonard Cohens song Chelsea Hotel, there is a line that goes:

She told me again she preferred handsome men, but for me she would make an exception.

The song is about Janis Joplin, who had a brief encounter with Cohen in the hotel. What the line shows is that Joplin tended to discriminate against men she didnt consider handsome.

Discrimination is a part of life. Indeed, I dont believe Ive ever met anyone who doesnt discriminate in one way or another. When it comes to choosing a partner, whether for life or a brief encounter, discrimination is rampant.

It is also found in politics. My mother once told me she voted for a particular party because she thought the eyes of the leader of the other side were too close together. She would have agreed with Janis Joplin.

As a senator, my concern is whether this should matter to governments. Should we be left alone to discriminate as we like, or should certain types of discrimination be prohibited? If we are to prohibit certain types of discrimination, is there a rational basis for deciding what they are, and how might we prevent such prohibition becoming an unwarranted intrusion into our lives?

There is no doubt that some forms of discrimination are abhorrent. Many years ago I spent several months living and working in South Africa. It was during the apartheid era, when blacks, whites and coloureds were supposedly living separate parallel lives. There were separate buses and bus stops, public toilets, post office entrances and residential zones, all determined by race.
Such discrimination is now prohibited, and overt manifestations of apartheid are long gone. Nonetheless, there are still predominantly black, white and coloured residential areas in todays South Africa; people still like to live among those with whom they feel most comfortable. In other words, they discriminate.

Apartheid was a government policy, imposed by force of law. Choosing to continue living in particular areas is not. The difference is very significant.

In Australia it is illegal to discriminate on the basis of race, colour, descent or national or ethnic origin, age, disability, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, intersex status, transgender status, carer responsibilities, marital or relationship status, pregnancy, breastfeeding, family responsibilities, religion, political opinion, social origin, medical record, criminal record and trade union activity.

Such prohibitions apply to employment, education, access to premises, provision of goods, services or facilities, accommodation, clubs, sport and requests for information.

Depending on how she defined handsome, a woman with Joplins taste in men might only be unaffected...

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Monday, 15 October


INVESTIGATION 2: Tom Tate, Frankie Four-names and the piggy forestry bonds "IndyWatch Feed"

INVESTIGATION 2: Tom Tate, Frankie Four-names and the piggy forestry bondsIn the second part of an investigation into colourful Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate, managing editor Dave Donovan reveals his connection to the trade of fraudulent bonds and asks the question why have no charges been laid over this deeply troubling scandal? read now...


In which the pond suffers a Moorice overdose ... "IndyWatch Feed"

The question is, whether Media Watch last night was making a discovery, or simply doing a reminder in a long conga line of reminders, that News Corp is full of succulent climate denialists. (For those who missed it, it's here).

The pond long ago patented the simple equation:

Miranda the Devine = the Bolter = the dog botherer = Dame Groan = Dame Slap = Terry McCrann = lil' Timmie Bleagh = how many more do you want? = News Corp = Malcolm Roberts

Some insisted on a corollary: Malcolm Roberts = barking mad, but the pond insists on the simple elegance of its original equation. There's no need to state the obvious, and Malcolm Roberts is obviously barking mad. And anyone can work back from there. Always show your workings, as the pond's maths teacher used to say ...

The pond did accept that the original formula needed modification in a few exceptional cases, as in Lloydie = Bjorn = Malcolm Roberts + a remarkable capacity for disingenuous dissembling and epic ability to distort science for mendacious climate denialism.

And the pond has resolutely excluded the parrot and the entirety of the Speccie mob, because that intrusion from Fairfax and bizarro land reduces the elegance of the original formulation, and gets us into quantum loonacy.

Of course there are many other equations that might be made: ScoMo + Wentworth = the Donald and barking mad killers roaming Saudi embassies and so much for Palestinians, and today came an elegant proof


But the pond is on a strict reptile diet and is wary of flouting doctors orders, though today's glut of madness is singularly testing

Look at this flourish



North Coast Voices Update "IndyWatch Feed"

Due to illness North Coast Voices will not be posting this week.

Hoping to be back by 22 October 2018.

Apologies to our regular readers.


Datagate at the Hadley Centre "IndyWatch Feed"

Evasion and obfuscation over climate data at the Hadley Centre.

Finally the Hadley Met Centre team have replied to Graham Lloyd regarding John McLeans audit. Without specifically admitting he has found serious errors, they acknowledge his previous notifications were useful in 2016, and promise errors will be fixed in the next update. Thats nice to know, but begs the question of why a PhD student working from home can find mistakes that the 226 million institute with 2,100 employees could not. Significantly, they do not disagree with any of his claims.


Stability, Promises The PM Who Was Elected Eight Weeks Ago "IndyWatch Feed"

With the Liberal Party, you know what you are going to get,  says the unelected PM who replaced the elected PM causing the surprise by-election. He was speaking to the voters of Wentworth about the dangers of electing an independent. The Liberals are all over the dangers of the wrong result on Saturday. It could

The post Stability, Promises The PM Who Was Elected Eight Weeks Ago appeared first on The AIM Network.


Tony Thomas is on fire! "IndyWatch Feed"

Call 000, call the fire brigade, no call Connor Court and order a copy or two of his latest book on growing up a generation or two ago in the Deep West. Order the other one as well!

He is on fire in The Spectator lately as well, in the current edition it is Marxist education in the schools. He encountered Marxism early when he was in the Young Pioneers and travelled to Sydney for a significant youth festival. The tireless cadres were at work and now we are where we are. Surprised?

Actually there was resistance, check out the archive of Quadrant. And the stirring (partial) success of Santamaria and colleagues versus the communists in the trade unions.


The Fallout from Wentworth "IndyWatch Feed"

It takes a brave pundit to predict the outcome of the Wentworth bi-election just days before the votes are cast, but the actual outcome, either way, will be less interesting than the swing away from the government, the fallout from which, will be what determines its fate between now and next May. A loss in

The post The Fallout from Wentworth appeared first on The AIM Network.


The predators behind the Trans-Pacific Partnership "IndyWatch Feed"

By Stephen Fitzgerald Most of the problems we face, in Western society, are a result of the ravages of corporate greed. The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is another example of corporates expanding their power base to the detriment of the countries they overrun. In the news today, you will hear the distant rumblings of the true

The post The predators behind the Trans-Pacific Partnership appeared first on The AIM Network.


Coalition's 'very, very weird' policies: A disastrous drain on Australia's net worth "IndyWatch Feed"

Coalition's 'very, very weird' policies: A disastrous drain on Australia's net worthA departmental report which the Morrison Government would prefer was kept hidden, confirms the worst fears of former Treasurer Peter Costello. read now...


Agents of Chaos: Trump, the Federal Reserve and Andrew Jackson "IndyWatch Feed"

It is to be regretted that the rich and powerful too often bend the acts of government to their selfish purposes (President Andrew Jackson, Washington, July 10, 1832). They are three players, all problematic in their own way. They are the creatures of inconvenient chaos. Donald Trump was born into the role, a misfit of

The post Agents of Chaos: Trump, the Federal Reserve and Andrew Jackson appeared first on The AIM Network.


Sailing into irrelevance "IndyWatch Feed"

The sails of the Sydney Opera House were being used as a billboard for a horse race a few days ago. Regardless of the value of the horse race, or the ethics about using a UNESCO listed landmark for promotion of gambling, there is a problem about the way it was done. According to The Guardian,

The post Sailing into irrelevance appeared first on The AIM Network.


Leaks, dirt, and ethics "IndyWatch Feed"

So, National leader Simon Bridges thinks he has found his leaker: the same MP he granted leave to a few weeks ago for "embarassing" personal health reasons. Given that the leaker supposedly sent text messages to Bridges and the Speaker claiming to be mentally fragile, I'm not sure how much I really want to go near this. But earlier today Jami-Lee Ross tried to pre-empt things with a series of tweets claiming he was being stitched up, including this one:

Which is presumably related to this morning's revelations about a "clerical error" around donations. But if its more than that, and Ross does in fact have such recordings, he should release them. Because sitting on solid evidence of unlawful activities and corrupt electoral practices by a politician, presumably as "insurance" or "leverage", is not just unethical, but also being an accessory after the fact.


Australian Mom Acts As Human Shield For Infant Daughter During Monster Hailstorm "IndyWatch Feed"

Via NY Post: An Aussie mom took a beating from a monster hailstorm during a desperate attempt to shield her infant daughter and she said shed do it again in a heartbeat. Fiona Simpson, 23, was driving home with her 4-month-old daughter and 78-year-old grandmother during the supercell thunderstorm that battered Queenslands South Burnett []


Dole bludgers and other urban myths "IndyWatch Feed"

Dole bludgers and other urban mythsIt's time to put the dole bludger myth to bed and focus on helping young people down on their luck, writes Tarric Brooker. read now...


Our racist health system "IndyWatch Feed"

When Don Brash and his ilk talk about "Mori advantage", they're ignoring a hell of a lot of empirical data showing that Mori are in fact disadvantaged. And now there's another data point for the pile: our health system is less likely to try and save the lives of non-white babies, and this is being explicitly blamed on racism:

Babies close to death are less likely to get life saving treatment if they're Mori, Pacific or Indian - and experts partly blame racial bias.

A Weekend Herald investigation can reveal the ethnic divide in resuscitation attempts on very premature infants.


Resuscitation was tried on 92 per cent of Mori babies, 89 per cent of Pacific and 86 per cent of Indian.

That compared to 95 per cent for "other" - mostly Pkeh and non-Indian Asians - which medical experts say is a statistically significant difference.

"Institutional bias or implicit biases are likely to play at least some part," concluded the Perinatal and Maternal Mortality Review Committee, a taxpayer-funded panel tasked with reviewing deaths of babies and mothers.

The Mortality Review Committee is now calling for training to minimise the impact of that bias, and that seems like a good idea. Because this should not be happening. The quality of health care you receive should not depend on the colour of your skin.


New website design "IndyWatch Feed"

Some of my more committed readers may have noticed that this website was unavailable late on Saturday night. Basically an attempt to install a new mobile theme screwed up the website and it took some time to fix the damage.

This prompted me to realise Id had my existing website theme since at least 2010 so have replaced it with a new theme. This new theme is responsive so should work much more smoothly on both mobile and desktop. Youll notice the ad placement has changed somewhat. I hope that this isnt too much of a problem for readers, but the ad revenue is a useful boost in funding my work (and pretty much covers all the costs of actually running the website).

I expect this will improve the website experience for the Wentworth by-election, but if you notice any weird things please let me know.


Welcome to the minority "IndyWatch Feed"

The Ruddock inquiry into religious freedom obviously hasnt turned out the way its advocates in the right wing of the LNP expected. Far from securing their rights to discriminate against gays,  church schools are almost certain to lose that right with respect to students, and will probably also lose it in relation to teachers. A recent opinion poll shows overwhelming opposition to discrimination, even stronger than the vote in favour of equal marriage last year.

The situation has now changed, and rethinking is needed, both on the right but on the left. Rather than looking to expand the powers of employers to sack people on religious grounds unrelated to their performance at work, those concerned with religious freedom should be concerned about the possibility that such powers will be used against them in the future. A comprehensive protection for workers against dismissal on the basis of grounds unrelated to their performance at work is what is needed here.

As regards the left, we shouldnt allow large, publicly funded institutions like church schools to practise discrimination. But we need to think more carefully about individuals with religious objections to gay marriage (for example, bakers who dont want to bake cakes with messages of support for gay marriage) in the same light as other religious minorities who seek protection for their beliefs: Jehovahs witnesses who object to blood transfusions, Muslim women who want to remain veiled, and so on. Most of these beliefs seem strange and objectionable to non-believers. But where they can be accommodated without doing any serious social damage, we should do so.

More broadly, as I suggested when the Ruddock review was announced, we should take the opportunity to push for a comprehensive Bill of Rights. Now that they are clearly in the minority on crucial issues, perhaps religious believers might see the merit in a supporting such a measure.




The "solution" that wasn't "IndyWatch Feed"

In 2013, National introduced its "solution" to housing unaffordability. Its "Special Housing Areas" were basicly a developer's charter, with fast-tracked resource consents and lax oversight. The aim, as stated in the bill's purpose clause, was to "enhance housing affordability by facilitating an increase in land and housing supply in certain regions or districts". Higher supply (via lower standards) was supposed to lead to lower prices. Instead, it raised them:

The previous government's solution to the housing crisis in Auckland actually made homes less affordable, research has found.

Special Housing Areas (SHAs) were created in 2013 and touted as "crucial" in "enabling young Kiwi families to get into their own home".

Developers were offered fast-tracked consents on the proviso a portion of the development would be "affordable".

But the creation of Auckland's SHAs have now been found to have pushed up prices by 5 per cent within the area.


"The SHA programme simply allowed developers to offer new homes with an additional attribute (a shorter delivery time), which allowed developers to set higher prices," the researchers said.

So, National lowered consent standards, and their greedy developer mates made out like bandits. Why am I not surprised?

The market is not going to provide affordable housing, because there's just no profit in it for them (or rather, less profit than building palazzos for foreign immigrants). The only way it is going to happen is if the government builds those houses for us (and enough of them to crash the market). The current government, at least, is taking the first few timid steps towards this.


Monday Message Board "IndyWatch Feed"

Another Monday Message Board. Post comments on any topic. Civil discussion and no coarse language please. Side discussions and idees fixes to the sandpits, please.

If you would like to receive my (hopefully) regular email news, please sign up using the following link
You can also follow me on Twitter @JohnQuiggin, at my Facebook public page   and at my Economics in Two Lessons page


NZDF decorated a war criminal "IndyWatch Feed"

Nicky Hager has a new piece in North & South today, with new dirt on the defence force, including drunkenness in the field in Afghanistan, and a systematic failure to investigate a sexual assault. But the worst of it is that they decorated a war criminal:

Investigative writer Nicky Hager says sources from the Defence Force have exposed a culture of bullying, sexual violence, drinking and cover-ups in the military.

In Mr Hager's 12-page investigation, published in the North & South magazine today, he details how a source revealed that an SAS soldier - known as Corporal B for privacy reasons - was awarded the second-highest military honour despite previously being considered for court-martial action for killing two children in Afghanistan.

"The Americans asked the SAS commander if they could take one of the New Zealand medical staff, a medic, on a raid they were doing on a Afghanistan compound," said Mr Hager.


Mr Hager said the soldier got involved in a firefight and later found he had shot two young boys, who joined the adults in defending the compound.

"And then when he got back to base he became a very unhappy and confused person, because the SAS commander was saying 'well hang on a moment, you've broken all the rules here, we're gonna court-martial you'.

But instead, for PR purposes, they gave him a medal, relying on secrecy to cover up the circumstances (its mentioned as a footnote in Willie Apiata's press release). In this, they're behaving exactly like the NZ Police: rewarding staff who have behaved criminally rather than punishing them. And in both institutions the cause is the same: a secretive institution which believes itself to be above the law.

NZDF and its soldiers need to be held accountable for their actions in Afghanistan. The first part of that is cleaning out the command staff who ran that war and who believe themselves to be unaccountable to the New Zealand public. But there also needs to be a full investigation, followed where necessary by prosecutions. And needless to say, the latter can not and should not be run by NZDF, and probably can't even be run by the police (because their natural instinct is to grovel to power and not rock the boat). Instead, we will probably need a special purpose authority to handle it, independent of NZDF, the police, and the national security state. Its the only way we will be able to get any form of justice.

Sunday, 14 October


Will Scott Morrison fix homophobic legislation post Wentworth? "IndyWatch Feed"

Will Scott Morrison fix homophobic legislation post Wentworth?PM Morrison has bowed to public pressure announcing he will address homophobic legislation but the extent to which he delivers remains uncertain, writes John Passant. read now...


Empty Seats Plague NFL Stadiums in Week Six of Season (VIDEO + PHOTOS) "IndyWatch Feed"

Empty seats plagued NFL stadiums into week six of the season.

Week one of the regular 2018 NFL season kicked off in early September with a wimperthe ratings were at a 10-year low.

Americans are fed up with athletes kneeling during the National Anthem and it showedplenty of empty seats plagued stadiums on Sunday.

Look at those empty seats at the Mercedes-Benz stadium for Falcons vs Buccaneers at kickoff:

Texans vs Bills at NRG stadium:

More photos of Falcons vs Buccaneers:

A sea of empty seats at Cleveland Browns vs....


In which, on medical advice, the pond restricts its reptile intake ... "IndyWatch Feed"

Actually the pond only came back to thank the RPA mob, and especially the HITH mob, over which presides the closest thing to an earth mother the pond has come across in recent times, with a another doctor offering attentive, insightful care and a nursing staff (male) so relentlessly cheerful, efficient and professional that attending felt like going to a summer camp for the sick

which is why, when people talk of threatening public health in this country, the pond goes into something of a frenzy.

The pond also came away aware that it had been dangerously over-dosing on reptiles and had paid the psychic and medical consequences

The pond isn't quite sure where the reptile stew fits in the Monash Uni FODMAP, but the medical advice seemed to suggest that only one reptile might be taken of a morning, and perhaps with a balanced diet, things might improve everything in moderation, and understand that even a single reptile is always immoderate.

It turned out it wasn't so hard. All the pond had to do was a headline comparison

It felt that the time the pond was away, everything had stayed preserved in aspic, a kind of reptile Brigadoon, where everything was exactly the same as it had ever been like polling compare the reptiles and the FairFaxians ,..


While the pond was away it became fixated on Brexit, with the odd dose of James O'Brien for flavouring, and the Trump circus, and the Kanye thing, and the parrot actually forced to say sorry, and the paying of schools lavish sums to exercise their right to be bigots, and rampant climate denialism and coal lovers clinging to the past, and the sudden realisation by some that Saudi Arabia was just another brutal medieval outpost and so on and so forth, and what do you know?

Not a single thing had changed, there were still the usual idiot reptiles roaming the pages



George Papadopoulos Insists He Was Set Up by UK Spy Joseph Mifsud And John Brennans Toadies Dont Like It "IndyWatch Feed"

Guest post by Joe Hoft

Former Trump campaign volunteer George Papadopoulos is on fire challenging the Deep State about the actions they took against him and President Trump before and after the 2016 election.

George Papadopoulos who was indicted by the Mueller witch hunt for lying to the FBI is scheduled to testify before Congress this month and is looking forward to it.  (Note his demeanor about testifying before Congress when compared to that of Glenn Simpson from Fusion GPS or crooked Rod Rosenstein from the DOJ.)

Through a series of tweets, Papadopoulos shares how he was set up by UK operatives before the election.  This all relates to the charges that he was eventually charged.  Papadopoulos shares that one individual who set him up was Joseph Mifsud, who he now believes was a British agent

Papadopoulos shows in a tweet that Mifsud was tight with senior UK intel officials and therefore it is unlikely that the UK was so incompetent in allowing Mifsud next to them if he was Russian

UK Agent Mifsud was also spotted in public with British Foreign Minister, Boris Johnson


Australian Politics 2018: Liberal and Nationals hard right agenda revealed "IndyWatch Feed"

It appears the rigid hard-right core of the Liberal and National parties, whose face for public consumption is Prime Minister Scott Morrison, thought that Australian voters would find it acceptable that the only people that religious institutions of any denomination would not be able to discriminate against will be heterosexual individuals and those born with absent or ambiguous secondary sexual characteristics.

Everyone else would apparently be fair game for every rabid bigot across the land.

Gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or transgender citizens and their children are not to be afforded the full protection of human rights and anti-discrimination law in this New World Order.

It doesn't get any clearer than the main thrust of the twenty recommendations set out  below.

However, now the cat is out of the bag Morrison is backtracking slightly. Just hours after arguing schools should be run consistent with their religious principles and that no existing exemption should be repealed, Scott Morrison told Sky News that he was "not comfortable" with private schools expelling gay students on the basis of their sexuality. 

Rejecting new enrolment applications by gay students was something he was careful not to directly address.

It should be noted that "not comfortable' leaves a lot of wiggle room to look the other way as state and federal legislation is either amended or new Commonwealth legislation created which would allow this blatant di...


So who do you trust in the Australian media landscape in 2018? "IndyWatch Feed"

On 9 October 2018 Essential Research released the results of survey questions concerning trust in the media.

Once again public broadcasters, ABC and SBS, were the clear winners across all categories in which they were listed.

Q. How much trust do you have in what you read or hear in the following media?

Total a lot /some


Neo-Nazis March for Babies in Melbourne "IndyWatch Feed"

Above : Neo-Nazi security worker Stuart Von Moger follows hot on the heels of His Eminence, Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke. Heh. Following on from revelations concerning the neo-Nazi infiltration of the Young Nationals in NSW, a small contingent of local Continue reading


To woo or not to woo? "IndyWatch Feed"

By George Theodoridis It seems to me that we have a pronounced, a phosphorescently obvious reluctance to employ women; and by we I dont just mean we, the men, though I must admit we, the men, are by far the greater culprits of this reluctance but women also, some of whom surprise me with the

The post To woo or not to woo? appeared first on The AIM Network.


Jordan Peterson and Brett Kavanaugh "IndyWatch Feed"

One of the major major flaws on the right is the reluctance to the point of refusal to back its side in a fight. Donald Trump is almost unique in his willingness to contest on every patch of disputed territory. On the left, no position is ever abandoned. McCarthyism, an entirely leftist meme when it began, is now used by everyone as a synonym for smearing the blameless as part of a partisan attack more than seventy years since the left began the savaging of his character. The reality is that McCarthy was 100% right about the existence of communist agents in the State Department, and yet, even now, only a handful will say a good word about one of the bravest statesmen who has ever lived.

Jordan Peterson is on our side. He hates the left and he hates their dishonesty and the ruin their march through the institutions has brought. He understands that wherever the left are in control they cause massive harm and destruction. And till now he has not put a foot wrong in fighting our fights and defending, and even extending, our positions. And even before now I have listened to no end of people without one one-hundredth of the influence for good he has had look down on him and his efforts to preserve our Western way of life.

What has now made many dismiss Peterson was his off-the-top-of-his-head comment now retracted that perhaps Brett Kavanaugh should be confirmed but then resign and allow someone less divisive be appointed in his place. He didnt come out in favour of the Democrat position. He didnt argue that Christine Blasey Ford had made her case. He didnt suggest that Trump should find some compromise candidate who would be more amenable to his enemies. He just thought that once the confirmation was completed, then perhaps Kavanaugh might resign as a means of bringing the two sides closer together.

When I heard he had said this, I did roll my eyes. But it reminded me, as if I needed to be reminded, how difficult it is to understand politics. I did notice that no one on the Democrat side picked up this suggestion since it really has no potential. There is no possibility for compromise. And it is an oddity that even after all he has been through, that Peterson still thinks there is an ounce of good will on the left side of politics, that there are people who would understand such a compromise and work with the Republicans to find a candidate that would satisfy the aims of both sides at one and the same time.

But you know what? I dont look to Peterson for his political judgement. His is better than almost anyone I know, but its not perfect (and neither is mine nor yours). But what I do know is that ninety percent of everything he says and does is working to roll back the left, from our institutions and from the mind-set of the young. This is hard work which I not only admire him for, but wish that he may long continue his work in these fields....


So the LNP want to help the unemployed. What could possibly go wrong? "IndyWatch Feed"

By Nick Chugg The latest brilliant brain-fart to escape Scott Morrisons (or as I prefer to refer to him ScumMo) orifice is a doozy. As many LNP members have stated, we currently have the smartest most qualified party to ever grace the halls of Australian parliament. Of course, according to Scotty, the LNPs latest

The post So the LNP want to help the unemployed. What could possibly go wrong? appeared first on The AIM Network.


Fake news in The Australian? "IndyWatch Feed"

We expect fake news in the Sydney Morning Herald and we are not surprised by the headline last Monday Eliminate coal or lose the reef, says IPCC. Underneath we read that the report distils more than 6,000 scientific references. Elsewhere we read that the report is the work of thousands of scientists.

We expect better from The Australian but Primrose Riordan reported

The IPCC report was written by over 90 scientists and said global emissions of greenhouse gas pollution must reach zero by about 2050 in order to stop global warming at 1.5 degrees Celsius.

She is a political reporter but that is no excuse for being so badly informed about the organisation that is doing so much damage. Can anyone contact her and any other journalists who they can find to warn them to read the Laframboise story.


Gone dark from end to end "IndyWatch Feed"

Its by David Solway and about my erstwhile home and native land: The Canadian Mind. Were not there yet but enough of it applies to Australia to make you worry, and there is plenty of our own political meanderings to make you worry without such comparisons. A sample, but the whole of it is worth reading through.

Any nation the preponderance of whose citizens regularly elects left-wing political parties; accepts single-payer healthcare; believes in the efficacy of the welfare state; endorses the hoax of global warming; accommodates swarms of third-world immigrants and refugees who have no love for or understanding of a country becoming an open-to-all multicultural tombola with the highest proportionate rate of immigrants in the Western world; has allowed its educational industry, from pre-school to graduate school, to be corrupted possibly beyond retrieval by lockstep Leftism, diversity and inclusion, and social justice claptrap; has caved to the feminist and campus-rape fable; dutifully takes CBC Leftist propaganda as gospel; has fallen for the 16th Century meme of the Noble Savage in its dealings with the aboriginal peoples; extravagantly celebrates a second-rate rock band like The Tragically Hip and names a street after it; reads (when it does read) tedious scribblers like the acclaimed Joseph Boyden and Ann-Marie MacDonald; and gives a complete ignoramus like Justin Trudeau a majority government on the strength of name and coiffure, cannot be regarded as informed, well-educated or in any way distinguished. Unlike the U.S., there are no cracks, to quote Leonard Cohen, where the light gets in. The Canadian political, cultural and academic spectrum has gone dark from end to end.

Safe for now breeds cheap sentimentality and a lack of cautious good sense, but the way we are going, we wontt be safe for long.


CARTOON: Trump on ice "IndyWatch Feed"

CARTOON: Trump on iceWell, Trump is polarising and hard to bear. read now...


Australian society is under threat from the rise of Christianism "IndyWatch Feed"

We are told over and over again that Christianity has shaped our history and our values.  Retired high court judge and chair of the Royal Commission into trade union governance and corruption, Dyson Heydon, had this to say on the matter: The public voices of modern elites are not humble. They conceive themselves to have

The post Australian society is under threat from the rise of Christianism appeared first on The AIM Network.


In sad remembrance of Australia's auto industry "IndyWatch Feed"

In sad remembrance of Australia's auto industryThe history of the rise of the auto industry has rarely been addressed in public debate, writes Evan Jones. read now...


Wither Australian cricket: Is Australian Cricket eating its own tail? "IndyWatch Feed"

Wither Australian cricket: Is Australian Cricket eating its own tail?Usman Khawaja managed to save the test in Sharjah, but is it enough to save Australian cricket, writes John Coop. read now...


Lomborg: spend on TB not unreliable energy "IndyWatch Feed"

Bjorn Lomborg has a really important piece in the Weekend Australian so retrieve it from the bin and have a look. Then circulate to your green friends and relations.

I dont have time to do justice to the amount of content, simply to say that he produces the numbers to prove that the Paris farce is absurd even on its own terms, while a fraction of the money could generate massive cost benefits (in addition to reducing suffering) by addressing TB. Didnt realise TB is an issue? Find out more!


Banks, insurance companies and other corporate failures "IndyWatch Feed"

Banks, insurance companies and other corporate failuresIn the end, it is not companies that perform well or badly. It is people. read now...

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