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Thursday, 18 October


Embassy Disappearances: Jamal Khashoggi and the Foreign Policy Web "IndyWatch Feed"

Do this outside. You will put me into trouble (Mohammad al-Otaibi, Saudi consul, to Saudi agents, Istanbul, October 2, 2018). It smells, but anything wedged between the putrefaction of Saudi foreign policy, the ambition of Turkish bellicosity, and the US muddling middleman is bound to. Three powers tussling over image and appearance; all engaged in

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NPC "IndyWatch Feed"

From the New York Times: What Is NPC, the Pro-Trump Internets New Favorite Insult? Excerpts:

NPC means nonplayable character or nonplayer character. Its a term, borrowed from the world of video games, for a character that is controlled by the computer rather than by a player. An NPC often advances the games plot by saying scripted lines, or assisting the playable characters in some way.

Late last week, a group of users on r/the_donald, Reddits largest pro-Trump forum, decided to take the NPC meme to a wider audience. They created dozens of Twitter accounts using fictional NPC personalities, the NPC Wojak avatar and bios like fighting against Nazi Racist Drumpf Fascist Cheetofinger. They used these accounts to follow and tweet at one another, as well as at liberals, creating the semblance of an army of resisters mindlessly repeating anti-Trump talking points.

The campaign began as a joke. But a few of the accounts started posting misleading information about the midterm elections, including encouraging liberals to vote on Nov. 7. (Election Day is Nov. 6.)

Evidence suggests that these are mostly just attention-starved gamers looking to impress one another by triggering the libs with edgy memes. But not everyone gets the joke. State officials are already worried that voters will be fooled by deliberate social media campaigns that contain incorrect voting information. Similar types of disinformation spread on social media in 2016, which makes companies like Twitter nervous.

Twitter has therefore barred hundreds of right-wing accounts for posing as soulless, nonplayable liberal activists.

Apparently there were 1500 of them.

And now this video explains it even more clearly:



Wildlife photographer of the year: 2018 "IndyWatch Feed"

2018: Wildlife Photographer of the year

Dutch photographer Marsel van Oosten has won the grand title with his photo of critically endangered golden snub-nosed monkeys in China



Fifty days of ScoMo: a chronicle of our new PM "IndyWatch Feed"

Fifty days of ScoMo: a chronicle of our new PMOur current Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, has been in the top job for 50 media-filled days. Here are a few of the highlights. read now...


Nauru Is this a Mexican Stand-Off ? If not, it will do until one comes along ! "IndyWatch Feed"

There are about 119 children currently detained with their families on Nauru this number fluctuates, as children are often taken from the island temporarily for emergency medical treatment ; many of these children were born on Nauru. Back in 2013, John Key, the then prime minister of New Zealand offered to break the Australian

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Drawn "IndyWatch Feed"

A ballot for one Member's bill was held this morning, and the following bill was drawn:

  • New Zealand Superannuation and Retirement Income (Fair Residency) Amendment Bill (Mark Patterson)
The bill is typical NZ First racism, seeking to make it harder for immigrants to gain access to superannuation. A similar bill proposing a pro-rate entitlement based on residency (rather than simply extending the residency qualification) was defeated in 2015. Though the bad news there is that both Labour and the Greens voted for it. Hopefully they will refuse to vote for this piece of racist shit.


Queensland decriminalises abortion "IndyWatch Feed"

When running for election, Labour promised to take abortion out of the Crimes Act. That promise has been shunted off to the Law Commission for the moment, but while Labour is pissing about and covering its arse, over the Tasman Australians have stolen a march on us, with the Queensland state parliament voting for decriminalisation:

Nineteenth-century laws making abortion illegal in Queensland have been scrapped, in one of the state's biggest legislative reforms.

The government's controversial plan to decriminalise pregnancy termination passed through state parliament with a comfortable margin of 50 votes to 41.

The laws mean abortion will be available, on request, at up to 22 weeks' gestation.

It also allows an abortion to take place after 22 weeks if the medical practitioner performing the termination has consulted with a second medical practitioner and both agreed that "in all the circumstances" the abortion should be performed.

So how long will it take in New Zealand? The Law Commission says they will be providing a response to Andrew little "within eight months of the Ministers 27 February 2018 request", which is around the end of this month. Which means we should see legislation passed next year.


Arseholes all the way down "IndyWatch Feed"

So, National has dumped the dirt on Jami-Lee Ross, revealing a series of harassing, threatening relationships with four women. I've said repeatedly that I'm not interested in the details of MP's private lives. If everyone involved is a consenting adult, then its really no business of mine. But there's a consistent thread here of manipulation, harassment, threats, abuse, and bullying, both in private and in the workplace. It makes it clear that, to put it mildly, Jami-Lee Ross is not a very nice person.

But he's not the only one on the hook for this. Much of this behaviour happened in the workplace environment of Parliament and the National Party. We know from earlier stories that some of the victims apparently complained. And the response of the National Party was to not to act immediately to ensure a work and party environment free of harassment, but instead to sit on those complaints and save them to use as leverage later. Which makes it clear that they are not very nice people either. Its arseholes all the way down.

Ross was a former party whip, so dumping the dirt on the guy whose job was literally to know where all the bodies were buried may not have been the best ideas. But to be honest, they're all arseholes, so why should we care what they do to one another? Burn them all, and we can toast marshmallows on the flames.


Human rights vs The Morrison Government "IndyWatch Feed"

Human rights vs The Morrison GovernmentThere is nothing like a monumentally important by-election, in which the fate of a government hangs in the balance, writes Michelle Pini. read now...

Human rights vs The Morrison Government "IndyWatch Feed"

Human rights vs The Morrison GovernmentThere is nothing like a monumentally important by-election, in which the fate of a government hangs in the balance, writes Michelle Pini. read now...

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Wednesday, 17 October


In which the pond refuses, come what may, to sing Do they know it's Christmas? "IndyWatch Feed"

The pond had aimed to start off sounding all highfalutin' and US Presidential by talking of sundry Horsefaces out and about in the world, but Barners put paid to that with his homely, rustic style, showing hope beats on against the tide


It send the pond into an agony of fits. With the onion muncher now a distant memory, should the resurgent Barners be at the top of the page?

Never mind, once again the reptiles - such an affectionate term, who's heard of newshound, ink slinger, scribe or scrivener these days? - were once again in a Wentworth panic, and were joyous that the Deputy Sheriff had been called back into the fray, and was riding to the rescue, and might stop that enigma dressed as a riddle and posing as a question

Ah, a shape shifter - possibly reptilian - and an enigma in the sphinx mode - and even worse, a closet Liberal ... the Deputy Sheriff will take care of that sort of nonsense

But the splash reminded the pond that today was savvy Savva day, and it's been yonks since the pond paid attention or cared, and yet she's been given the authoritative imprimatur of a Lobbecke, so attention had to be paid


Wentworth democracy "IndyWatch Feed"

Wentworth democracyOur Prime Minister has declared that the Wentworth by-election threatens the stability of our country unless a majority vote for the Liberal candidate. read now...


DNA in Trumpland: Elizabeth Warrens Native American Dance "IndyWatch Feed"

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) made a fundamental error in chasing the coattails of DNA provenance as a response to the jibes of US President Donald J. Trump. She had been derided by the president as an ordinary Pocahontas, and promised at a July 5 rally in Montana a million dollars to your favourite charity, paid

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Why No One Wins a War over the South China Sea "IndyWatch Feed"

Thats the title of my latest piece in The National Interest. (over the fold)The central point is brilliantly summed up in this clip from Utopia.

A recent near-collision between Chinese and US Navy destroyers has focused new attention on the potential for conflict in the South China Sea and led to the cancellation of a visit to China by Defense Secretary Jim Mattis.

Chinas naval expansion in the South China Sea puts it in a position to control sea lanes used transport trillions of dollars worth of goods per year, accounting for up to a third of world merchandise trade. China has militarized islands and claimed most of the Sea as its own territorial waters, on the basis of flimsy historical claims and routinely denounced US naval operations in the region as illegal provocations.

Unsurprisingly, the response to Chinese assertiveness from much of the foreign policy community has been to demand a similarly assertive response from the United States. For example, Robert Kagan has argued that the US must resist the extension of a Chinese sphere of influence in its immediate vicinity.

Backing Into World War III

A realist perspective suggests a more cautious approach, and a more careful analysis of the economic issues. A rational assessment suggests that China has far more at stake in this issue than the US.

The crucial, but commonly neglected, fact about trade flowing through the  South China Sea is that the great majority of this trade flows to and from China. That makes control of the South China Sea a crucial national interest for China, since a hostile power could potentially choke off most imports and exports.  But obviously, China has no interest in disrupting its own trade. By contrast, the only direct interest of the US is in the abstract principle of freedom of naval operations.

Moreover, while the US military is far more powerful in global terms, the balance of forces is much more even in regional terms.  Conflict between powers of comparable strength will generally be resolved in favor of the side with the greater commitment.


The South China Sea is also important to US allies including Japan and Korea, as it is part...


Climate recalcitrance "IndyWatch Feed"

By John Haly Recalcitrant is what Prime minister Keating once described Malaysian prime minister Dr Mahathir over economic considerations with APEC. In this century, recalcitrance has become a term more readily applied to the current persistently pro-coal conservative Government over issues of ecology. On the 8th of October 2018, as I was leaving Korea, I

The post Climate recalcitrance appeared first on The AIM Network.


That has got to hurt "IndyWatch Feed"

So Professor Jeffrey Sachs was on Q&A this week. Beating his own drum:

No, Im sorry, with respect, what I have helped to lead has been a massive decline of poverty on the same side as you, helping to get markets to work, helping to get trade to work, helping to get people to work

but also helping to stop diseases and helping to get children in school. And if you do any professional work on actual budgeting, then I would tell you what youre saying is a glib slogan

not a reality about what development aid is about. And please, Australia, please do your part. Youre a rich, wonderful, beautiful country that can afford to do more. And poor desperate children need it so that they can grow up to be healthy and be productive in our world. And, Australia, really, we count on you for that.


Unfortunately for Professor Sachs he was debating Senator James Paterson:

JAMES PATERSON: Jeffrey, you should know from your own experience about what some of the limitations of foreign aid are. In fact, a UK government review of your recent Millennial Villages Project in Ghana showed that after five years and the expenditure of 11 million of UK taxpayers money, that virtually no progress was made on poverty and hunger.

JEFFREY SACHS: You read the Daily Mail!

JAMES PATERSON: No, I read the report. I read the report.


JAMES PATERSON: I read the report. Its printed out on my desk

JEFFREY SACHS: Frankly, I read the report also, and it said that multi-dimensional poverty was cut sharply and that incomes went up, so you read a different report.

The report can be found here. Lets go to the tape:

The MVP did not have an impact on the indicators of  eradicating extreme poverty and hunger, with the exception of reducing poverty measured using household income data and adjusted by purchasing power parity. The project did not reduce poverty whether measured by the national poverty line or the national food poverty line. There is no impact on the percentage of undernourished children.

The MVP increased primary school attendance by 7.7%, however completion rates did not improve.

There was no impact on the percentage of women engaged in wage employmen...


No podcast this week "IndyWatch Feed"

Apologies for this, I was planning to publish a podcast today about the Wentworth campaign and Victoria but some technical issues mean it wont be happening. I plan to put out a post-by-election podcast this Sunday then well be back in two weeks with a show all about Victoria.


The libertarian conspiracy behind the Ramsay Centre "IndyWatch Feed"

The libertarian conspiracy behind the Ramsay CentreAn educational program with a heavily biased agenda and lack of critical thinking has come under heavy criticism, writes Ross Jones. read now...


Will Labour vote to weaken workers' rights? "IndyWatch Feed"

Labour's Film Industry Working Group has reported back on National's "Hobbit law", which arbitrarily excluded film industry workers from basic employment protections. But rather than recommending that it be repealed, they have recommended massively expanding it to cover all "screen production work", including local TV and internet video and computer games. And while they have recommended repealing the ban on contract workers in those industries collectively organising, and allowing the negotiation of collective agreements with minimum standards, they propose an explicit ban on any form of industrial action - meaning such "negotiation" will be one-sided, favouring bosses, with workers limited to basicly asking nicely. Which is basicly the situation we had in the C19th, before the union movement.

The "justification" for this is that the foreign film industry is "unique" and "internationally mobile". But as we've seen with climate change, every industry makes these sorts of self-serving claims in an effort to gain regulatory subsidies. The foreign film industry also "needs certainty", but they can have that whenever they want it by employing their workers as employees rather than trying to treat them as disposable serfs.

These are not recommendations the government should accept. Weakening workers' rights in one industry undermines them for everyone (as we're seeing with the attempt to expand the law: local TV producers have looked at the foreign film exemption and decided they'd like to be able to legally treat their workers like serfs too please). Rather than enacting these recommendations, the government should repeal the Hobbit law, and then restore the right to strike to contractors. And if the foreign film industry doesn't like the prospect of having to treat their workers with basic dignity, then can fuck right off.


Time to fix electoral donations "IndyWatch Feed"

Jami-Lee Ross' explosive allegations that National Party leader Simon Bridges criminally laundered donations to hide their origin has put the issue of electoral donations and transparency back int he spotlight again. In a background piece, Stuff highlights the horrific fact that the 'least corrupt country in the world" has virtually no transparency at all in this area, with 80% of donations to parties happening in total secrecy:

In 2017, it was reported at least four out of every $5 donated to the two big parties is given secretly.

More than $31 million has been donated to registered political parties in the past six years, most of that to National.

Smaller parties like the Greens publicly disclose who provided most of their funding, but the big parties are secretive. 83 per cent ($8.7m over six years) of the money donated to National is from anonymous donors, and 80 per cent ($2.8m) of that donated to Labour.


The worst offender is NZ First: Most years, it allows every single one of its donors to remain secret.

The reason? Because self-serving politicians set the disclosure threshold at a level where they would hardly have to declare anything, and then launder donations to flal under it to boot.

As for how to fix it, the answer is simple: align both the party and candidate disclosure thresholds (to prevent Bridges' trick of laundering candidate donations through his party), and significantly lower them to a level where we actually get transparency. $500 seems about right - more than any normal person would give a party, but small enough that splitting becomes too much damn work. Plus of course we need to actually enforce the law, and prosecute any party or politician who attempts to evade disclosure.

But of course, we have the fundamental problem: why would those corrupt, self-serving hypocrites in Wellington ever vote for any curb on their own behaviour?


Member's Day "IndyWatch Feed"

Today is a Member's Day, and the long slog through later stages of bills continues. First up is the committee stage of Jan Tinetti's Education (National Education and Learning Priorities) Amendment Bill. Following that, there's the second readings of Gareth Hughes' Consumers Right to Know (Country of Origin of Food) Bill and Simeon Brown's Psychoactive Substances (Increasing Penalty for Supply and Distribution) Amendment Bill. If they finish that, then its more law and order bullshit with Alastair Scott's Land Transport (Random Oral Fluid Testing) Amendment Bill. As the House is unlikely to get any further, there probably won't be a ballot tomorrow.


What the people need to know about emissions and unreliable energy "IndyWatch Feed"

The climate wars go on but they do not engage the median voter who has work to do, family responsibilities and the usual range of social and sporting interests.

The median voter just needs to know two things.

1. We could cut our emissions to zip without making a scrap of difference to the weather.
2. Increasing the capacity of Wind & Other will inevitably increase the cost of power and reduce the reliability of supply.

There is no need to convince 100% of the electorate or even 51%. There is no need to convert or convince people who are rusted onto one side or the other of the debate or people who are rusted onto their political preference.

To avert the risk of a CFMEU/Green government we just need to convert 3% of the people who are likely to carelessly vote Green or ALP (not rusted on) but are not fully aware of the two key things.

Some people and groups are especially vulnerable to rising power costs all the big and small operators who run ovens and freezers, low wage earners, pensioners and the self-funded retirees.

What is to be done to get to these people with a simple and clear message, leaving aside the froth and bubble about the science of warming and saving the planet?

People who are not well informed and can be kept interested for more than three minutes may be interested to learn a few more things in addition to the big two points. Like the way the big CO2 producers have a licence to do what they like for years to come (incidentally burning our coal), there are hundreds of coal-fired power stations in the pipeline worldwide and virtually no nations have got near their Paris promises.

Wind and Other doing 5.5% of demand at 8.30 in NSW. The Data Dashboard appears to be on Queensland time.

Tuesday, 16 October


Climate Change: More bad faith from Labour "IndyWatch Feed"

Remember when Jacinda Ardern called climate change "my generation's nuclear-free moment"? It turns out that she didn't really mean it. At least, that's the impression you'd get from the government's actions in granting foreign oil giant OMV a two year extension on its exploration permit for the Great Southern basin:

The Government has just granted oil giant OMV a two-year extension to drill in the Great South Basin, despite issuing a ban on new oil and gas exploration permits in April.

Greenpeace climate campaigner, Kate Simcock, says the decision by the Ministry for Business, Employment and Innovation (MBIE) to grant the extension is essentially a way to give the oil company a new permit.

The Government is breathing new life into this permit, and the extra two years could be the difference between finding and drilling for new oil and gas reserves, or not, she says.

And drilling for that oil means more emissions at a time when the IPCC is ringing the final warning bell.

If we are to avoid catastrophic climate change and the famine, war and death it entails, we need to end the oil industry - not in twenty of fifty year's time, but now. If the government had refused this extension, that is exactly what would have happened: the permit would have expired in a few months, and (if you take OMV's rhetoric seriously), they would have left the country in a huff, dropping a bunch of other permits in the process. That is exactly what needed to happen. Instead, the government has given them time to organise a drilling campaign, and increased the chance of them finding, exploiting, and most importantly, burning oil and gas - and burning the planet at the same time.

As for what to do about it, MBIE's decision seems prima facie unreasonable given the climate change context, and could potentially be judicially reviewed as such. And if it is upheld, I suspect there will be protests on the water if there is any effort to drill. Because unlike the government, the environmental movement is taking this problem seriously, and will do what they can to stop it.


What a coincidence! "IndyWatch Feed"

Yesterday, ex-National MP Jami-Lee Ross made a series of explosive allegations against National Party leader Simon Bridges, alleging that he had asked him to hide a $100,000 donation from a Chinese businessman in violation of the Electoral Act. But it gets worse - because this businessman was awarded a major honour by National on their way out of office:

Chinese multi-millionaire Yikun Zhang was put forward for a Queen's Birthday honour by the National Party.


The Herald has learned Yikun Zhang of Remuera - who Ross said had done nothing wrong - was among those put forward by the National Party on its way out of office.

Inquiries have revealed the nomination carried the names of current National MP Jian Yang, former National MP Eric Roy and Auckland mayor Phil Goff.

Zhang, who owns $40 million in Auckland property, was made a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit in the Queen's Birthday Honours list.


Normal practice general sees the incoming administration sign off those nominated by the previous government. It is understood most of those under National went through in the New Year's Honours but a number - including the nomination for Zhang - didn't go through until the Queen's Birthday Honours.

This looks ugly, because there are a number of other such astounding coincidences, where people who made significant donations to the National Party are awarded honours. If we didn't know that MPs were all by definition "honourable", you might be left with the impression that they were selling the things to line the party's pockets, and wanted to avoid the obvious link a major donation would cause.


Will Wentworth force the Morrison Government to act on climate? "IndyWatch Feed"

Will Wentworth force the Morrison Government to act on climate?Australias tepid response to the growing disaster of climate change should make every thinking voters mad as hell, writes Stephen Williams. read now...


In which the pond hungers for the reptile du jour ... "IndyWatch Feed"

Well that's one of the comedy items from yesterday done with today, thanks to the prescient Pope, with more papery for papal lovers here

So who will be the reptile du jour?

The pond likes to fantasise that in the crazed quest for attention, the reptiles will go more and more to extremes, like the narcissist Donald, or perhaps like rampant dinosaurs from ancient times or more recently a terribilius part of the horribilus Spielbergian franchise. Or maybe The Hunger Games would be a better metaphor. Theres always plenty of contenders, and plenty of options.

How hard would it be to whip up a column explaining how rogue killers stalked the Saudi embassy and none of the Saudis had the first clue what was happening?


Oops, maybe not today.

And there were plenty of other losers too

Sheesh, Dame Slap giving Jocyie a love hug? Has she lost her mojo or what? The pond almost feels like a retrospective award to the bromancer for yesterday's first class scribbling about teh smarts

Remember this



Australia needs political courage, will and leadership to realise the SDGs "IndyWatch Feed"

The theme of this years International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (on 17 October) is Coming together with those furthest behind to build an inclusive world of universal respect for human rights and dignity. This mirrors the language and ambition of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 17 October also coincides with the first day of a two-day Melbourne symposium co-hosted by Future Earth Australia and the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) Australia/NZ/Pacific on research for SDG achievement.

Since Australia and 192 other countries committed to the SDGs in September 2015, countless Australians still dont understand what needs to be done, have not heard of the SDGs, or question why they even matter. This applies to many colleagues in Australian research, teaching and learning environments. For those colleagues, a good place to start is the guide on how local universities, higher education institutions and the academic sector can get started with the SDGs. Its crucial that Australias educators and the institutes they work for are SDG-cogent, as realisation of the SDG promise will require the harnessing of interdisciplinary critical thinking and research, as well as cross-sectoral and multi-stakeholder planning for inclusive development change-innovation (to support intergenerational equity and prosperity within and beyond Australias borders).

In my view a key reason for any misconception, inertia, or complete lack of researcher or institutional awareness around the SDGs three years on is the absence of a national action plan. Submissions to the DFAT-led Parliamentary Inquiry into the UN SDGs of 2018 show that actors are crying out for the Australian Government to develop an overarching governance, policy and planning framework for SDG roll-out at home and as part of the nations international development and humanitarian assistance efforts from now until 2030. Australias first Voluntary National Review (VNR) on the implementation of the SDGs, lodged by the Government at the UN High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development in New York in July, is a good start. But a national action plan it is not: the S.M.A.R.T goal logic that many government age...


PDTs 60 Minutes Interview "IndyWatch Feed"

Apparently now deleted by CBS but here it is all the same.

The Interviewer thought she had his number, that she would take him apart. But she is dealing with the absolutely best, most articulate president possibly in history. A masterclass, as is every public presentation he gives.

And more than anything else, he demonstrates that the American media is almost entirely corrupt. Angry, bitter and partisan is almost perfect as a descriptor of the media people he has to deal with.

UPDATE: Transcript and some parts of the video if you cannot get sufficient volume on the link above. Sorry about that.


Stuart Robert's litany of transgressions "IndyWatch Feed"

Stuart Robert's litany of transgressionsStuart Robert still owes money to Australian taxpayers as well as an apology and an explanation as to why he should still hold office. read now...


Who said subsidies to renewable energy are finished? "IndyWatch Feed"

How can it possibly be justified for the Australian taxpayer to hand over money to an effective business to rope businesses into renewable energy contracts?

As we are told on a daily basis, renewable energy  is now the cheapest for of energy so no subsidies of any kind are needed.

Of course, the rent-seekers dont really mean this and have their hands out at every possible opportunity.

Here is yet another example SIGH.

It is a real tragedy that ARENA and assorted other renewable energy subsidy generating outfits think CEFC were not shut down when the Abbott government was elected.  Thanks, Clive for nothing.


Australias first Business Renewables Centre to help Australian businesses to switch to renewables

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has today announced it will help build Australias first Business Renewables Centre to encourage Australian businesses to make the switch to renewable energy.

On behalf of the Australian Government, ARENA will provide $500,000 in funding to Climate-KIC Australia, WWF-Australia and UTS Institute for Sustainable Futures for the project.

The New South Wales and Victorian Governments have each provided $150,000 in funding to the Project.

The Business Renewables Centre Australia will be a resource centre and an online marketplace platform designed to accelerate the purchase of renewable energy by Australian business.

The $1.74 million project aims to make it easier for Australian corporates and local councils to purchase or procure renewable energy through corporate Power Purchase Agreements. The initiative will establish an online resource centre and a marketplace platform, and will be supported by face to face events for its industry members.

The goal is to help Australian businesses and local governments procure 1GW of installed renewable energy by 2022 and 5GW by 2030.

The Centre draws on the proven model of the Rocky Mountain Institutes Business Renewables Centre in the USA, to provide members with information, a network of energy buyers and project developers, inexpensive training and advice on power purchase agreement requirements.
Last year, ARENA previously released a report on the Business of Renewables which outlined how Australias biggest businesses were falling behind their global peers in transitioning to renewable energy.


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