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Tuesday, 04 December


MUNGO MACCALLUM: Morrison's and the Adani lesson "IndyWatch Feed"

MUNGO MACCALLUM: Morrison's and the Adani lessonThe future is not on the side of Adani or the PM, as the groundswell of youth leading the charge against climate change clearly shows. read now...


Remember the Warringah Motion ? Neither do the Liberal Party ! "IndyWatch Feed"

The Liberal Party is nothing if not democratic : perhaps its closer to being nothing after what happened over the Craig Kelly preselection for the NSW seat of Hughes. Last year the Liberal party in NSW voted on what came to be known as the Warringah Motion sponsored by Tony Abbott and vigorously supported by

The post Remember the Warringah Motion ? Neither do the Liberal Party ! appeared first on The AIM Network.


How the wind comes and goes "IndyWatch Feed"

A nice day to demonstrate how the wind comes and goes. We have about 5GW of installed capacity at present with a lot more on the way, hard to say how much but it could be as much as 20GW over a couple of years. Just in time to replace Liddell in 2022?

Never mind the installed capacity or even the average provision that might be 30% of installed capacity. It is the lowest points that kill the system and that was clearly not considered before the rush to unreliable energy.

It can never work without mass storage. It is being done backwards as explained by a jovial Dutchman who has crunched the numbers for the Netherlands and Germany. He estimated the number of Tesla batteries required to make the combination of wind and solar work his smallish country. The combination of machine translation and his turn of phrase makes for fun reading. I have the translation but cant find the original link (work continues, it is such a good source).

That flattening of wind-& solar power by using battery storage appears to be rather disappointing. In reality, only 2.66% of the total power requirement can be pushed forward one day. The storage requirement for the remainder is still around 4.1 TWh. The 3 to 4 million Teslas used for this are also directly the maximum. There are simply not enough days when you can save a day surplus to use it the next day.

What about pumped hydro?

By far the cheapest way of power storage are pump-water basins, approximately 2.5 cents per kWh. The free wind current is then used to fill the water basins. To move that current surplus from the left in the graph to the right (the required 4.1 TWh storage) would then cost about 105 per billion a year. or about 13,300 per year per household. Only the storage that is and just apart from the question of where we are in the Delta Netherlands that will build water basins then.

Backwards, as he said!

And this is the story of peaks and troughs in Australian wind power for those who missed it the first couple of times.

GOOD NEWS, this the original link, it is in Dutch and if you dont happen to be able to read it you can get an entertaining machine translation.


What do we want? Trump. When do we want him? Now "IndyWatch Feed"

The left and the complacent do not see that for us the only way forward into a future that will be connected to our own past is via the policies of a Donald Trump. Freedom, prosperity and the preservation of Western Civilisation, never mind ridding ourselves of the left-madness of climate change, are embodied in what PDT now represents. Its catching on. If even the crowds in the street of France are chanting We want Trump! you can see where the sentiment outside elite opinion is now found. The whole story is found here: French Citizens SHOCK Leftists with Chant We want Trump!

PROBABLY LONDON: As noted in the comments, looks more like London than Paris. Same difference. If you are looking to preserve our way of life, PDT is the way forward. It wasnt staged and you will not find it in the media.


Lock them in the clock tower! "IndyWatch Feed"

Three weeks ago, the UK parliament voted unanimously to order the government to release its full legal advice on Brexit, so that it would be available to them ahead of their "meaningful vote". The government subsequently refused to obey, providing only a summary and a Q&A session with the attorney-general. And so parliament is now moving to punish them for contempt:

A cabinet minister is at risk of being suspended from parliament and missing next weeks crunch Commons vote after Labour and the DUP accused ministers of holding parliament in contempt for failing to publish the full Brexit legal advice on Monday.

The fate of the minister likely to be either David Lidington or Geoffrey Cox will be in the hands of MPs after John Bercow, the Speaker, declared there was an arguable case that a contempt has been committed.

Bercow said he would accept a contempt motion from Labour, the Democratic Unionist party and four other opposition parties, allowing MPs to debate the matter on Tuesday before the beginning of the five-day debate on whether to endorse the Brexit deal.

But suspension isn't enough. This is a deliberate and pre-meditated refusal to deliver information in response to a parliamentary command. The obedience of the executive to the legislature is the fundamental bedrock of the Westminster system, and the government's refusal to obey is a direct attack on the UK's constitution. The Minister should be imprisoned until they produce the information, just like any other person guilty of a similar contempt of court. Lock them in the clock tower!

Monday, 03 December


Climate Change: National are still dragging their feet "IndyWatch Feed"

The terrible news on the climate recently - the IPCC report, the UN report on rising greenhouse gas concentrations, and the background drumbeat of places burning, flooding, or otherwise being struck by climate-induced disaster - has caused some to hope that the National Party might finally get it and vote to save humanity when the government's Zero Carbon Bill comes before the House. But if a speech climate change spokesman Todd Muller and regional economic development spokesman Paul Goldsmith gave in New Plymouth last week is anything to go by, National are still foot-draggers:

National are supporting a steady approach to climate change policy based on broad science, technology and a clear understanding of what other countries are doing, as opposed to ideology, climate change spokesman Todd Muller has said.


[National] wanted to ensure deliberations were informed by broad science, and available technology was recognised when sectors transition away from current activity, as well as having a clear line of sight on what the rest of the world are doing, particularly NZ's trading partners, he said.

And then we have the usual excuse-making: NZ's emissions are just 0.17% of the global total, strong action will undermine the economy, we shouldn't do anything until everyone else has. They specifically oppose acting against the gas industry, and they specifically oppose reducing cow numbers.

This is the same old mantra we heard when National was in office. The world is literally burning down, and rather than joining the fight, they're worried about how saving it might upset the status quo and put their donors and cronies out of business. Which means their policy is literally to let it burn.

In the current situation, this is simply not a credible position. And if the government is thinking of compromising with them for the appearance of unity, they should think again. "Compromise" with foot-draggers is actively dangerous to the climate, in that it locks in failure for the long run. Rather than making a deal which is not worth making and which cannot responsibly be kept, the government should legislate a strong target, and defend it at the next election.


NZTA, ANPR and privacy "IndyWatch Feed"

Earlier in the month, we learned that NZTA would be trialling point-to-point speed cameras in the Waterview Tunnel. The cameras are a good road-safety tool to detect speeding, but they use automatic number-plate recognition (ANPR), and depending on how long the number plates are stored for and what is done with them, risks creating a UK-style database of people's public movements. So, I sent an OIA request to NZTA asking them for information about the system and any privacy policy or privacy assessment they had done for it.

The response is here. While they haven't completed the privacy work yet, there is some very good news about data retention:

In regard to the third part of your request, the system is being designed to hold an image of vehicles for the period of time it takes to travel between cameras. A second image will then be taken and only images of vehicles that have an average speed above the speed limit as well as being above the operating threshold (same as static cameras) will be retained by the system, all other images will be discarded. Infringement notices for speeding offences which are recorded by the cameras will be issued by the New Zealand Police.

Which seems pretty good: no storage, no database, so no huge privacy issue. We still need to keep an eye on it to ensure that it isn't subsequently modified to do those things, but if this is NZTA's default implementation of ANPR speed cameras and traffic counting, then we should be safe.


Julie Bishop's bold 'Let them wear red high heeled shoes' statement "IndyWatch Feed"

Julie Bishop's bold 'Let them wear red high heeled shoes' statementIs a pair of red high heels our current most potent symbol of the corruption of the ideals of both democracy and feminism? read now...


In which eel- and Malware-bashing continue as the order of the reptile day ... "IndyWatch Feed"

The pond has to hand it to ScoMo

Feed the media chooks some corn about new leadership rules and there won't be any mention in the media about the onion muncher's blistering attack on the NSW Liberal party and the attempts to subvert the Warringah Motion and the democratic right of Liberal party members to have more power in choosing who should stand for parliament.

Lord's sake, it was only by the greatest display of will power that the onion muncher bit his tongue to save a fellow climate denialist from the baying mob of democrats with the party even if the consequences might not be appealing, and the hypocrisy rampant ...

Crucial if the Liberals are to retain government? (here

Why, entrench the PM in place and all be well, and we can look forward to a new era with a new Ming the merciless and who cared about that jibber jabber about reform, it was really only part of the sport of eel- and Malware-bashing

But enough of high comedy, low hypocrisy and base cupidity (it might not exactly fit 'greed for power', but it does rhyme with gross stupidity), the mood continues positive in the lizard Oz



President Trump Praises Roger Stone: Some People Still Have Guts "IndyWatch Feed"

In a mid-morning tweet referring to Roger Stones bombastic appearance on ABCs This Week, President Trump praised his longtime friend and advisors declaration that he would never testify against the President.

Stone has said for months that he refuses to bear false witness against Donald Trump and has slammed Muellers investigation as a witch-hunt and highly partisan affair. In the same segment, which aired Sunday morning, Stone reaffirmed his pardon push for Black Nationalist Marcus Garvey.

He described the inquiries by Special Counsel Robert Mueller as a legal proctological exam, that has endlessly harassed both his current and former associates. it is rumored that Stone has already spent over $500,000 in legal costs associated with the probe and could see those legal bills push over $1million. You can donate to Rogers defense fund by clicking here.


Jacob Engels is an Orlando based journalist whose work has been featured and republished in news outlets around the globe including Politico, InfoWars, MSNBC, Orlando Sentinel, New York Times, Daily Mail UK, Associated Press, People Magazine, ABC, Fox News, and Australias New Dawn Magazine. Mr. Engels focuses on stories that other news outlets neglect or willingly hide to curry favor among the political and business special interests in the state of Florida.

The post President Trump Praises Roger Stone: Some People Still Have Guts appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


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